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This week has, again, been a fairly quiet one in terms of app news but I’m sure we’ll have plenty to report on come next Wednesday (we may even see some Mac-related gear being announced) after Apple’s announcement! We will of course bring you a full roundup of all the new products just after the announcement but in the meantime, feel free to sink your teeth into this week’s news findings. (more…)

MacTuts+ is the superb new site dedicated to teaching people how to use their Mac, and OS X, more effectively. We’ve got you covered for apps, but combine that with an in-depth knowledge of OS X and you’ll be unstoppable, limitless!

This is a quick roundup of the best tutorials from MacTuts+ in August, from mastering Mountain Lion to taking control of your Mac’s clipboard!


Welcome to our (slightly) overhauled app deals for this week! We have decided that, from now on, we will no longer exclusively feature apps and deals available on the App Store, as we all know that not every single Mac app is on the Store and we don’t want you missing out on any great deals!

So, without further ado, here’s our pick of this week’s best Mac app deals. Enjoy! (more…)

Our sponsor this week is Logoist, an app that makes it simple to design high quality vector logos. You can use it to make everything from logos to book covers, photo collages to website banners, you can design anything you want with Logoist.

Designing high-quality vector graphics doesn’t have to be difficult, but it often can be with most graphics apps. Logoist is designed to make it simple to make exactly the logo you want. It includes the features you need to be productive and creative, with advanced layer and blending support, a sophisticated path editing tool, and touchpad gestures. You can easily use any font and transform the text shape, then apply effects, gradients, and shades to make the text your own. Then, with over 3,000 vector clipart images and 150 patterns, as well as over 200 preset effects, there’s enough features in Logoist to help you design a logo from scratch or quickly make a unique one with predesigned elements.

When you’re done making your logo, you can easily use however you want. Logoist lets you export up to 600 dpi in a variety of formats, or you can even export in Photoshop PSD format and keep your layers intact.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to make logos, banners, and more without spending hours in Photoshop, Logoist might be just what you’ve been looking for. You can download a free trial from their site, or purchase it directly from the App Store for just $19.99, as it’s currently on a 50% sell off it’s normal price of $39.99. It’s a great time to pick up a copy of Logoist if you’ve been looking for a way to make logos easier!

Think you’ve got a great app? Sign up for a Weekly Sponsorship slot just like this one.

There sure is no shortage of “simple writing” apps for the Mac out there. Just recently we’ve reviewed (and praised) apps like Grandview and Free, and we’ve also had a few roundups where we’ve taken to compare all the options out there in the “distraction-free writing” app field.

Today we’re presenting to you an app that could fit in with any of the mentioned above, but it has a little twist to it: it imitates the look of Mac OS’s Launchpad to create a very cool native-looking app. It’s appropriately called Launch Write; want to check it out?


Our giveaway is now closed, and congrats to Asaf Bendor, Sean Sykes, ck, Dimitrios, and Guy Einy, our random winners of this giveaway. Stay tuned; we’ve got new giveaways all the time!

Keeping up with your bills can be so difficult, and it can be rather stressful to know how badly one missed bill can affect you. That’s why Chronicle is such an exciting app. It’s designed to make it easy to remember to pay your bills, with push notifications to make sure you don’t forget, and an integrated browser so you can pay bills without even leaving the app.

Chronicle has been recently updated with retina graphics and more. We love it in our latest review, and think you’ll love it too. That’s why we’re excited to have 5 copies to giveaway for free to our readers!


Tweet to Enter

If you’d like to win a free copy of Chronicle, all you have to do is click the link below and send out the resulting tweet (or just copy and paste), then leave a comment below with a link to your tweet. That’s it! We’ll then randomly pick 5 winners when we close the contest.


We’ll announce the winners next week on September 12th, so hurry and get your entry in today!

Envato staff or people who have written more than two articles or tutorials for AppStorm, however, are ineligible to enter.

If you have a Mac, chances are you didn’t even consider other computers because you wanted one that runs OS X. Apple makes great hardware, but it’s the great software with great hardware that makes a Mac. Even still, there’s many times you might need to run another operating system. From running an Access database for work in Windows or testing out a Linux server config locally, there’s many reasons you still might want to run another OS on your Mac.

Thankfully, there’s many choices. There’s the built-in Boot Camp, which gives you a free way to run other operating systems directly on your Mac. Then, there’s a number of virtualization tools to let you run other OSes on top of OS X, including the newly updated VMware Fusion and Parallels desktop, as well as the free open source VirtualBox.

That’s why we’re curious: how do you run other operating systems on your Mac? Or are you just fine only using OS X? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Have you been staring at the same drab wallpaper for weeks? Are you starving for some new wallpapers and backgrounds. Do you need something to spruce up your iPad and show off the gorgeous screen? Look no further.

Here are some fantastic wallpaper roundups, there’s something for everybody!

Mac apps have gotten away from being highly customizable, sticking instead to a curated set of defaults that often lean towards clutter-free interfaces like most writing apps, or the skeuomorphic designs Apple prefers today. But the highly customizable apps aren’t gone completely.

Today, we’ve had the chance to interview the team behind Calendar Plus, a highly customizable calendar app for the Mac that’s been surprisingly popular on the App Store. Read on to hear their thoughts about developing for the Mac and designing customizable apps. (more…)

This week has been yet another busy one in the world of app news so without further ado, let’s get started!

Happy reading! (more…)

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