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For a while now, the Mac’s game library has become quite extensive. With the addition of Steam and the Mac App Store to the Mac’s arsenal, many great games have been added to the library including plenty of iOS ports. From the slew of games added, it is hard to find the true hardcore experience that a lot of heavy-hitting gamers are craving for on theirs Macs. Thankfully, for those trying to find serious hardcore experiences, we have compiled this extensive list of hardcore games.

The following list contains a broad range of video game genres from RGP, Stealth, and RTS, to Action, Racing, and Puzzle. All serious gamers with Macs should definitely give these titles a try in order to fulfill their Mac gaming hunger.


I’ve always been a big fan of tower defense games. However, until pretty recently I had stuck to the web or my iOS devices to play these types of games. I recently began the search for some different tower defense-type games for the Mac and found a pretty decent variety.

This round-up features eight of the tower defense games that I enjoy. Some are traditional land-based games, others are more futuristic and some are a simpler and more accessible type of game. Read on to learn more and see which is right for you.


This post is part of a series that revisits some of our readers’ favorite articles from the past that still contain awesome and relevant information that you might find useful. This post was originally published on April 19th, 2011.

Steam is perhaps the best platform for buying and playing games online and for enjoying a social gaming experience. Although there isn’t exactly a great deal of competition, Steam has proved to be a reliable platform for gaming on both the PC and the Mac.

Last year it was announced that it was headed for the Mac OS, and since then we’ve seen many releases on our favorite platform. Here are some of our favorite games available on Steam for your Mac.


Are you ever in one of those moods where you want to solve a puzzle, but would rather play a puzzling game? If not, maybe you feel like playing something that will really turn your brain on and exercise it. I’ve been browsing the Mac App Store quite often lately to see if there are any great new games/apps that I’d actually enjoy playing.

Sure, there are a lot great games for this stuff, but the main problem is that there are too many of them. You’re probably looking for a short list of the best ones so that you can spend less time reading the list and start playing. Keep reading for ten great games that will really give your mind the workout that it’s been asking for.


When you’ve been working hard, it’s always great to take a break. Some like to check Facebook, others like to read a real book. I’m a big fan of playing a quick game of some sort. Usually, I play a game on my iPhone. It’s fast, the games load in no time and there are tons and tons of games that are really easy to only play for 5 minutes at a time. Lately, however, I’ve been leaving my phone in a different room or turning it off so I’m not distracted by calls when I need to work. As a result, I decided it was high time I found some games for my Mac that are worthwhile to play for just 5 minutes at a time.

During my search for games, I had a few requirements for each of the games. They had to boot quickly, be entertaining, easy to pick up and to put down, and I wanted free games. I’ve put together a collection of 15 of my favorites (although there were at least 15 more that I thought about including). These games meet all of my requirements, and while they’re not always the most attractive games, they’re free and generally addicting. Read on for a few classics and several games you’ve probably never played.


This post is part of a three-part series of roundups dedicated to finding apps for your home and family life. In part one, we’ll focus on fun and educational apps for your kids.

So you’ve bought your shiny new Mac, and you’ve got it all set up on your desk, ready to go. Even the kids can sense the wonder and awe emanating from behind those office doors. Surely you can find some time in between all of those important projects to let them play, right? But what will they do? You don’t want to set them loose on the vast expanse of the Internet, but something tells you that they’ll find your Numbers spreadsheets a bit less than exciting.

Fortunately for you, I’ve rounded up a handful of fun and productive apps that your kids will enjoy using on your Mac, and I will introduce them to you in this first part of our series on Mac apps for your home and family. Disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for children hogging the family computer.


Back when the Mac App Store launched we gave you a roundup with all the great games available in it. Things change pretty quickly, and tons of new games have been added since then to the App Store. So, we decided to give you a second iteration of the roundup. Here we’ll cover everything from casual games, to more in-depth hardcore games.

11 more awesome games available on the App Store that you should play!


Are you looking for a good way to have fun on your Mac but don’t really consider yourself a gamer? Perhaps you’re nostalgic for the days when playing a game involved a couple of dice, a colorful board and some interestingly shaped pieces to move around that board.

Well you’re in luck because there are a ton of board game apps out there for Mac. You can stick with the classics (there’s at least one version out there of every big name board game you can think of) or you can try some board games that you might not often find in physical form. Those are less common, but I’m going to take you through the classics and then point you in the direction of some you might not have seen before.


I love my new Mac, but I still enjoy using old hardware too and there’s nothing quite like playing retro games in the environment they were intended for. Assuming you have a PowerPC Mac lying around, there’s nothing stopping you from installing either OS 9 or OS X’s ‘Classic’ emulator and turning that aging Mac into a retro gaming rig!

Still need convincing? Read on after the break to take a look at my pick of 9 great retro OS 9 games.


Platform games were among the first games to be designed (after, of course, the simplicity of Pong). Ever since, people have been playing platformers for their low learning curve and, in many cases, their sheer addictiveness. Just because some of the best platform games are more than two decades old (I’m looking at you, Super Mario Bros. 3) doesn’t mean that developers aren’t still doing some impressive and innovative things with the genre.

Today I’ll take a look at eight platform games available on the Mac App Store that are either traditionally rock solid, or bringing something entirely new to the table.


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