10 Impressive & Beautiful iTunes Visualizers

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably long forgotten about iTunes Visualizers. Right now you’re trying to remember what they are aren’t you? For whatever reason they were something that we thought were great at one point, but they have since lost their luster.

They aren’t directly useful but can be a great addition to a party, or just something cool to look at while listening to some tunes!

There aren’t many folks out there dabbling with Quartz Composer churning out new visualizers so they are a little tough to come by these days. They aren’t the most popular feature of iTunes by any stretch, but it is a pretty fun feature and there are some amazing ones out there. I went searching for some of the best.

Screenshots don’t really do this visualizers justice. The only way to really get the full picture is to download the plug-ins and give them a try. It’s easy, each one listed below even comes with an installer.

High Particles

High Particles

High Particles

This visualizer is fairly basic, but sometimes that can be an endearing quality! The best way to describe it is that there are particle bursts all over the screen. It does match up with the music quite well – at least it throws more bursts out during the loud, more intense portions of songs!

There are a couple versions of this one. One displays the song playing in the corner with the band name and album name floating around, while the other omits the text all together.

Download High Particles.

Fountain Music

Fountain Music

Fountain Music

Fountain Music has a really interesting interaction with the music. It is essentially a fountain of particles that look like the are bursting out of water. They change colors and burst patterns depending on the music.

It is about the most visually minimal visualization here, but it is pretty great to watch and can be quite relaxing actually. One of my favorites.

Download Fountain Music.

One Day

One Day

One Day

This visualizer is very serene and peaceful. It gives you a sense that you’re flying around in the sky – and even into space. This changes depending on the pace of the song. You’ll be soaring through the day sky with the sun in the distance during a quicker paced song.

A slower song will take you on a night time flight with the moon in the distance. Other than that there isn’t a ton of interaction with the music.

Download One Day.




The easiest way to describe this one is to say that is is a three-dimensional equalizer bar, floating around in space. It is a really cool one and has as much musical interaction as any of the other visualizers – it really does look like an equalizer.

The bars shift up and down and change colors depending on the song. A nice touch is that you’ll see a block with the cover art of the current album floating in the middle of the equalizer. Pretty basic look to it, but a really fun effect.

Download Cubism.




Another Aeon

Another Aeon

Aeon is a bit different in that there are customization options available. You can adjust the scene that is shown and then set the interval that it switches to a new one. There are further options to toggle within each scene as well.

I was only working with the trial version and the range of possible combinations is pretty impressive. The paid versions will unlock more options. You’ll also see notices pop up letting you know that it is a trial version (if you go that route).

With a paid version it would probably be safe to say that you wouldn’t need another visualizer.

Download Aeon (all versions).




Another Whitecap

Another Whitecap

Here is another customizable visualizer. The options with Whitecap are even greater than Aeon. There are backgrounds, shapes, and colors to chose from. And even more customizations from within those areas. Again, it is staggering to think about the variety of possible combinations.

Download Whitecap (all versions).




Another commercial visualizer, but this time the trial doesn’t come with any customization options. The visuals do interact with the music quite well and produce interesting effects even in the trial version. You can tell that there are an insane amount of different shapes and colors and combinations available.

The trial version basically just cycles through all of the different possible shapes and views. The paid version of G-Force even comes with its own toolbar. I’ve seen this one dubbed as “the only visualizer you’ll ever need”.

Download G-Force (all versions) here.




This visualizer is noticeably different from the others discussed here. This one will display the album cover and song information floating around the screen in a three-dimensional grid arrangement. It is pretty visually interesting to watch and it’s great having that album and song information available in such an interesting way.

The movement does have some connection to the music, but it isn’t too noticeable. The normally white background will fade to black in-between tracks.

Download Figure here.




There are more exiting visualizers available, but AquaFlow is certainly one of the most mesmerizing ones available. As the name would suggest, there is a definite “flow” to it. Lines move fluidly across the screen which gives you the feeling that it is moving.

The “flow” action is slow and smooth, and even though it doesn’t seem to have much connection to the music playing it is still very interesting to watch.

Download AquaFlow.




I’ve saved the most interesting one for last. You might also call it the creepiest one as well… Dragon will show what looks like a dragon slithering around. You never see the full dragon. You just see a close up view sliding and twisting around in front of you.

This one is very different from any visualizer that I’ve seen. I’m not sure it would last on my display for too long, but definitely worth checking it out. It is pretty darn cool!

Download Dragon.


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  • Whoa, the Dragon visualizer is somewhat disturbing! I kind of jumped a bit when it initially loads on my screen lol

  • Need to make it 11! You missed Disco Brick!

  • 12: Led Spectrum Analyzer

  • I love the dragon one!

  • The Dragon is epic, also a bit disgusting !

  • Visualizers had become a bit of an outdated concept to me, but these have sparked my love for them again. Going to try these out now!

  • Cool, I love watching visualizations when listening to music, it makes it more interesting. Also, nice taste in music, The Black Keys are one of my favorite bands.

  • Visualizers are so 1998. I honestly probably haven’t even used one too much for over 5 years. Sure maybe once every year but I’d rather just have better music.

    If you forced me to choose my fav tho, I’d say “Cubism”

  • I’m a big fan of iTunes visualiser, does anyone know how to get it on to the iPad2 or even better played to a projector or TV?

  • Jiv3d is on of my favorites.

  • hi there what is :are so 1998 ?
    for all user if you know the free visualizer in win amp .sorry but this is real
    mindblowing culture for free.
    i miss it since i changed from PC to Mac
    apple is cool but the itunes visuals are really boring and really 1998

  • I downloaded “one day” because it looked like a nice visualizer. I hated it, and the uninstall directions are useless, either outdated or never helpful at all.

    In short, I just uninstalled my entire quartz composer plug-in, the quartz composer visualizers in itunes are broken, and the #### is still in here somewhere! Anybody want to help me undo everything I’ve done in the past 2 hours?

  • I think Morphyre should be on this list – see http://www.morphyre.com

    It’s got a great selection of different scenes, and it’s free! You only have to register if you want more control over which scenes are shown…

  • About that G-Force and it not being customizable in demo mode – oh contraire!

    Q or W keys change the color-maps up or down the internal list and E toggles the color-map slideshow on/off.

    A or S keys change the delta-field (background pattern now called the ‘flow-field’ – Oooooh, I just dated myself with THIS program BTW) up or down the list and the D keys toggles the slideshow on/off.

    Z or X keys change the wave-shape up or down the list, and C sets the on/off toggle for the slideshow.

    P key turns on or off the Particles, which are images that ghost through the display.

    + or – keys change the response scale of the waveshape.

    Shift+T turns on or off the track listing of what’s playing..

    H is the help list which has the key commands that go back the days when G-Force was a stand-alone that you could download for free.

    It’s all there, including the documentation to learn *how* to write your own text scripts to make your own wave-shapes, delta-fields and color-maps.

    One of the BAR-NONE most customizable iTunes visualizers on the planet. I’ve been using it since the beta of version 2 that came out in 2000 and ran on OS 9.

    If the demo reminder isn’t a bother, this IS the last visualizer you’ll want.

    The benefit of the paid version is the toolbar, which *appears* to be all the key commands tucked into a window – which in my mind has always seemed to defeat the purpose of the visualizer, in that the only thing on the screen should be the dancing colors and shapes – not a grey box with buttons!

    Actually, I *think* the full paid version of G-Force comes with a greater list of resources – colors, shapes, sprites and particles AND the standalone stuff if you use sound inputs other than iTunes.

    WhiteCap ALSO has key commands to change up or down the list of waveforms and colormaps, but it always gave me issues and seemed the poorer cousin to G-Force, so I pretty much stopped using it well before version 4.

    Aeon and SoftSkies – well those are the new kids on the block and I don’t really know much of them – but check them thoroughly out – if they are at all like their predecessors, there’s key commands to customize the patterns you get in demo.



  • How do you download im having a terrible time please help :)

  • Thanks a lot for this nice compilation. The only thing I don´t understand is why anybody should buy the Soundspectrum Visualizers? For instance, even if you buy Aeon (which I nearly did), the license agreement does not allow to use it for “public display” which means, it can´t be legally used on YouTube videos etc. Here´s the except: “Any public display, performance, or commercial use of Aeon is strictly prohibited unless written permission is granted by SoundSpectrum.”

  • Also checkout the dance dance!

  • I started rediscovering visualizers when I connected my Mac mini to my TV and made an HTPC out of it. Now it allows me to watch TV without watching TV. The one that comes with the current iTunes is impressive.

    I would like to see more visualizers and open source. Even better would be a common interface, so they can be used no matter what my music player is.

  • Not a comment on the article, but does anyone know of an oscilloscope visualiser or any oscilloscope visualisation software? I can’t seem to find one.

  • ugh. none of these are working for me. wtf.

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  • discobrick is definitely enough for the mobile DJ !

  • hi, i have downloaded some effect and my stock bar hide for a second everytime when I start listen new song… and windows of my safari go to foreground.. how to uninstall all effect ?

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  • Thanks!