2001-2010: A Mac Odyssey

Apple have come an incredibly long way over the past decade. From the release of the very first version of OS X, right through to the iPhone 4 and iPad in recent weeks, the change we’ve seen both in technology and Apple as a company has been remarkable.

We’re paying homage to this fascinating journey today with our very own infographic, highlighting the rise of Apple over the past ten years!


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  • Makes me wish I invested in 97!

    • me too buddy :(

  • Wow, time has gone by fast. http://bit.ly/af4ALg

  • I’m not sure it’s the decade of the Mac as it seems Apple hasn’t been paying too much attention to the Mac lately. They are more concerned with the iOS than OSX. I am, of course, saying this purely on their last 6-9 months of activity. Once they release a new version of OSX, iLife, FCP, etc.. then I’ll have more confidence in the Mac.