50 Hot Designer Mac Desktops

Your search for that new wallpaper just got a whole lot easier! Everyone loves a great wallpaper to up the visual awesomeness of your machine. So here’s a collection of 50 of the best I’ve found on the net! Thanks to these wallpapers, your desktop is guaranteed to kick much more ass than before. So relax and pick a design that you suits you!

Archigraphs Sheep Wallpapers

By Cyberella74


By Pete Harrison


By tommyhev

Romantic Cottage

By zero


By Administrator

Forgotten Games

By Jaziel Valladares

Night Scape

By Adi

Aurora Borealis

By kiddik

House on the Field

By Adi


By Richard Mohler

Route 66

By blue

Orange Days

By rekfoto.se

Massive Stars Resolved in the Carina Nebula

By Jesús Maíz-Apellániz

Conquer the World

By Dawn42


By MasterChief

Kari Nebula

By casperium

Blue Mountain Lake

By The Wallpapers

Heart Of The Universe

By freelancah

Pier to Nowhere


Love in a Cage

By kharax

Paris – Eiffel Tower V WP

By superjuju29

Curious Ostrich

By Adi


By JoeJesus

Look What I Ate

By Sunira

Apple iGolf

By Adi

Heart of Ice

By fridaythe13th

The Opal Lake

By Macindows

Visitor Wide

By relhom


By Rodrigo Zenteno

Bloody Fog

By nucu

The Mountains Of Guilin

By roncc

Fort Jefferson

By Tangata Manu

Falling Star

By Administrator

The Dancing Nebula WS

By casperium

Tree of Life

By parki


By zueuk

Moraine Lake

By pat1926

Croatian Boat

By Philippe Clairo

Field of art

By Iunewind

Blue Forest

By keman

Magic Space

By Dany


By emats

Metalicious Wide

By relhom

The City of a Thousand Minarets

By dpainter

Venetian Cat

By saturos


By artush


By Zilla774

House of Grass

By Adi


By Macindows

Dream Stream

By Matthew Turner


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  • How are these images OS X specific? Did someone get payed for this article?

    • Of course someone has got payed for this article Patrick, people at Mac AppStorm got to eat too. I agree with you that it doesn’t have much to do specifically with os x.

      • We do need to eat! And eating while looking at any of these wonderful wallpapers would be a pleasure. I hope you enjoyed them – whether you’re a Mac user or not :)

      • Well they just look better on a Mac. More stylish.

    • You’re right in saying that these are not OS X-specific wallpapers. But you see..This is a Mac-specific site! :) And it’s not the first time they’ve done this. Look in the ‘related posts’ section on this page.

      On a side-note, is that all you had to say after going through these amazing wallpapers?! lol!

  • In any case though, I have to admit that [i]a lot[/i] of these are pretty amazing

  • You forgot loads of them over at Anuli: http://www.anuli.co.uk/wallpapers

  • Stop the HDR awfulness! please …

    • I agree…it was cool for about 3 minutes, but now it just looks overprocessed and boring.

    • Serriously.

      • what’s HDR? sorry, not familiar with all the new-fangled lingo..

  • They look brilliant on my HP and my netbook. iThank you.

  • Nice wallpapers. But please spare a thought for us dual monitor users. How about some dual screen eye candy?

  • Night Scape looks familiar…also known as “After Midnight.”

    Credit: Manicho


  • Great list, I love the “Pier to Nowhere.”

  • Most of these are just from InterFaceLift… I don’t see the point of this roundup. You could’ve just said “There’s lots of cool wallpapers HERE” with a link, and you wouldn’t have had to pay someone for this article. :/

    • Well lets just assume your first statement is correct that they are mostly all from InterFaceLift, there are many wallpapers and interface lift and pretty sure the purpose of this article is to narrow them down to only a select number. Oh and I forget to tell you that your not paying to read this blog… don’t like, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Quite allot of haters recently.

      • If you don’t like negative comments don’t post your blog; in case you wondered…. you’re on the internet.

    • Negative comments are fine. The more negative they are the more you learn because you won’t want to repeat the same mistakes. :D Since this was my first post, there were bound to be some things not to people’s liking. Live and learn.

      It’s fair to say I’ve had (and dished out) more than my fair share of flaming etc over the internet, so it’s nothing I can’t handle.

  • All of the links to interfacelift are giving me a 404. ._.

    Also, what is with all the gripes about it not being appropriate to the blog? If you aren’t interested, don’t read it… It’s the internet, not a text book.

  • I am always interested in wallpapers, I seem to change it once a week or so. SOme of these I have seen before but this is still a fantastic list of great wallpapers. BTW some of them goto a 404 page.

    • I don’t know what is causing that. It is rather unfortunate because all the links worked when the post was created.

  • I wonder how can someone believe a wallpaper was created by “administrator”. Just in case you missed it the Radiant piece is also work of Relhom, author of several other in this selection.

    • Of course I do not believe that it was created by an Admin. I’ll admit there is an error in the wording there. Everyday I learn something new. I should have put it as ‘From: ”title of website”’

  • :D i like it

  • A Mac should have an apple on screen at all times and not only the wallpaper!!

  • These looks great. I’ll try to contact the authors and see if it’s a fit for our upcoming Wallpapery Mac app (http://wallpaperyapp.commanigy.com)

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