50 iPhone Wallpapers for Design Lovers

A stylish wallpaper need not be confined to your desktop (though some beautiful ones are available), and I wouldn’t want your iPhone to feel left out of the action. For this reason, I’ve been hunting for a collection of 50 gorgeous, stylish and funky iPhone/iPod Touch wallpapers to use with your device. Many are sized for the iPhone in particular, but would work with any mobile device.

I’ve split the collection down into a few different categories for easier browsing; Apple & Technology, Typography & Design, Cartoons, Photo Manipulation, and Abstract. There’s something for everyone, and I hope you end up with an iPhone sporting wonderful wallpaper attire!

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Apple & Technology Wallpapers

Apple Galaxy


Wonderful Apple imagery, with the Leopard Time Machine-esque backdrop.

Simple Apple Logo


A classic black Apple logo, illuminated from behind

Blue Apple Swirl


A blue swirl, and a bold Apple image

Apple Gift


Giving someone an iPhone for their birthday? Firstly – I hope they know how lucky they are! Secondly, this is the perfect wallpaper for the job.

Think Retro


It’s rare to see this retro Apple logo, but a refreshing change from the stylish aluminum variety.

Electric Apple


A fire and electricity surrounded logo.

iPod Cycle


How does your iPod fit into the cycle of stuff?

Typography & Design



Wallpaper designed by Patrick Devine. Set in Sumner Stone’s glorious Arepo.



A delightful play on the Helvetica branding and Twitter logo.



Wise words, and a re-assuring message to have on your phone

Time & Space


A collection of great typography wallpapers from Veerle.

Feel Script


A gorgeous, flowing typography design

I Love Typography


The classic phrase, beautifully rendered on your iPhone.

TJR Typography


A great worn look, and unusual typeset.



Makes me think of the classic Lionel Richie song…



This one really does look like wallpaper!



Affluent, Prosperous, Comfortable


Before Stardom


Kermit taking part in the evolutionary process.

Crying Monster


Weird, dark, but a funky cartoon at face value!

Google Library


That explains the recent Gmail outages!

It’s a Bottle Jim


A different take on the ‘ship in a bottle’ genre…

Modern Pirates


And I thought using an iPhone with gloves on was a pain! Another witty take on phone usage.

Lick Me


Those are some like-able lollypops.



An idyllic, vivid rainbow scene.

Less Formal


I bet you’d never thought of a penguin as wearing a tuxedo before now.

Female Icon


A classic retro female icon.

Lost Generation


Lost to the insanity of the cartoon.

Grape & Apple


Two questionable looking fruit-y characters.

Kiwi Kiwi


I think this little guy would make a great pet.

Photo Manipulation



Wonderful imagery and colours, with a dark and angry sub-tone.

Mind Tree


Akin to a more sophisticated Mr Potato Head, a great abstract image.

Ikea Couch


A great texture created by a household item.

Times Square, Blurred


I love this type of photo, and the colours are brilliant. You wouldn’t know it was taken in Times Square though.

Fall’s Coming


A beautiful depiction of Autumn – perfect golden leaves.



Adorn your iPhone with the image of a true hero…



Dew-drop-glistening nature, which looks good enough to eat!

Dream of Summer


Beaches and sunshine, with a digital twist.

Liquid Strawberries


A gorgeous high res shot of two strawberries being flung through the air.

Tracks to Nowhere


Railway tracks leading off to nowhere.

Sunset in the Tropics


I wouldn’t mind being there at all!


Is This Art?


Vibrant colours and imagery, with more available via the link.



Grunge, grit and…. charity based gadget re-coloring!

Cracked iPhone Screen


It’s bad enough to be running a windows-based wallpaper! Looks reasonably convincing at some angles.

Dot Wave


An abstract play on angles and perspective.

Broken Heart


It goes some way to describe what your old phone might be feeling, having been replaced.

Pink Abstract


This one just screams ‘sunshine’ – fun and friendly.



Vivid colours and a deep space feel.

Lime Green Abstract


A simple but really well designed background.



Fantastic retro Twister imagery.

Abstract Guitar


A colorful and bubbly guitar image.

Browsing on Your iPhone

If you’d like to be able to browse for and download wallpapers directly from your phone, Interface Lift have created an application which lets you do just that. It’s worth checking out for wallpaper junkies!

If you have any other great wallpaper sources, please do let me know in the comments. If it’s desktop backgrounds you’re after, feel free to check out our recent roundup of 50 Mac Desktops for Maximum Visual Goodness.

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