50 Mac Desktops for Maximum Visual Goodness

Having a beautiful desktop background can be a fantastic motivator – unfortunately it can be difficult to sort the great from the ghastly when it comes to wallpaper design. To make the search easier, we’ve hand picked a selection of 50 stunning desktop images for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve split the collection down into a few different categories for easier browsing; Apple & Technology, Design & Typography, Abstract, and Nature & Architecture. Do let me know if you have any other favorites which I’ve missed!

Apple & Technology Wallpapers



The Apple logo on a cold, wooden backdrop.

A Weathered Apple


A wooden, colorful, Apple logo on a simple background.

It’s Like Chocolate


Colorful stripes with a subtle Apple logo and some chocolaty goo!



Simply gorgeous colours with a lens flare effect behind the Apple logo.

Apple Stitched


Ever wondered what it would be like to have an Apple logo stitched onto your denim?

Black Leather Apple


A wonderful leather-y texture for this wallpaper, also available without the Apple logo.

Hardwood Lights


A simple wooden texture, embedded Apple logo, and some spotlights from above

Apple Swirls


Classic and subtle, something you’d expect from Apple themselves.

Wooden Wall


A pack of 11 different wooden Apple styled wallpapers.

Apple Love


A valentines tribute to Apple, with a fantastic play on the iconic logo. I used this as a desktop background for several months, and it’s very easy on the eye.

Leopard Server Aurora


The alternative Leopard wallpaper for the OS X Server – arguably better than the default.

Dream Service Providers


A scary concept, but a wonderful depiction. Dreaming of your Mac could be a sign you need to take a break…

Blue Tie


A simple texture with a small, classic Apple tag in the lower left corner.

Grey Apple Splash


A lovely play on the colorful, splashy iPod adverts with a darker twist.

Conquer The Universe


There are no guarantees that you’ll be able to conquer the universe just by applying this wallpaper. But it will look nice.

Aqua Apple


Aqua-licious, subtle and watery. Ridiculous adjectives but a wonderful wallpaper.

Green Apple Grunge


A refreshing change from the typical glossy Apple desktop.

In The Spotlight


A depiction of what it would look like to Spotlight search for the Apple logo.

Design & Typography Wallpapers



A wonderful type design from the I Love Typography collection.

I Love Typography


Another from the I Love Typography collection – do check out the rest.

My True Love


A great combination of typography, texture and colour.

Bloody Hippy


An old wallpaper, but still looking good and chocolaty.

Freelance Switch Wallpapers


Some cute and curious designs for a freelancer’s desktop.

Design Is A Trend


Angles and warm colours give this one a really unique look.

Clip Art Design


A stab at the clip-art generation, depicted in typical Veerle style.



A design tangle, with a stunning set of colors.



Contemplating a set of design-related words, with a lovely image.

Abstract Wallpapers



A beautiful depiction of colour, smashing into your desktop.

Chroma Wallpapers


A selection of four different styles from ColourCharge



It’s time for some fresh, dynamic colors for your desktop.

Infinity Gold


Wonderful orange swooshes and swirls, in a variety of different sizes.



Depicting each of nature’s elements in an abstract manner.

Inside Rainbow


An explosion of colour.

Jacket Pack


An odd concept, but it somehow works. Keeps your Mac warm too…

Colour Picker


A great abstract rendering, with many more fantastic desktop graphics on the same site.

Aqua Wave


There’s something typically Apple about this one, but with a completely different texture.



I’m not usually a fan of dark wallpapers such as this, but it works very well.



A great lens flare effect with vibrant colors.

Nature & Architecture Wallpapers



Gorgeous photo manipulation, and one lucky tree.

Moody Waters


Can’t help thinking that it would make a brilliant office!

Nature in Style


Nature never does go out of style – great adaptation.

Nature Pack


Containing a wide range of different nature-related desktops.

Mystery Bridge


Wouldn’t mind going for a walk through this place, a perfectly exposed shot.

Little World


Good use of colour, and a great concept.

Vista Wallpapers


Originally designed for Windows Vista, there are some great images in here (go on, at least click the link – it’s not typical a Windows affair!)

Tower Bridge


A great landmark in an abstract situation – particularly patriotic for UK readers.

Blue Moon


I love the attention to detail in this one, a great ‘space’ style desktop.



It really screams ‘Windows’ to me, but the colours are so vivid – it’s a great photograph.

Spectrum of the Sky


Tracking the changing days and seasons – would be perfect if the reflection was a little more subtle…

Hunua Falls


Idyllic, warm and a great distraction from wherever you’re working.

  • http://levitationdesign.com Aaron Leavitt

    Nice collection, and great company to be in. I’m constantly amazed when I see my work in settings like this (Weathered Apple).

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    This is awsome! Its hard to find nice wallpapers!


    • http://tomschlick.com trs21219

      it would be awesome if you set up one of those iphoto photo feeds where like an rss feed it downloads them automatically….! and do this often so it updates :)

  • http://www.mellowbusiness.com David Turnbull

    Absolutely fantastic. I’m using the “it’s like chocolate” wallpaper. :)

  • http://www.jonathanpatterson.com Jonathan Patterson

    Great images.

  • Meromo

    Great desktop images – I’ll be using quite a few of these.
    And I suppose I must be a grumpy old-school Mac user, but back in the old days it was only Windows that put “wallpaper” on the desktop…

  • Edwin

    Nice collection :)

    • http://hkhkjgj kenneth christ

      get better and more pics

  • http://www.ldexterldesign.co.uk/ Lewis Litanzios

    Few here I knocked up you’re free to use: http://is.gd/n1Dl :] Good post, shame I don’t use a Mac :[

    • James Cha

      I Want to get frisky with you!

  • http://www.banzaidesign.nl Thomas

    Wow, these are absolutely amazing. Just got my Mac, so this is a great set of wallpapers to start off with! :)

  • http://www.five15design.com paul

    Love ‘Colour Picker’ big shout out to the designer.

  • ragnar

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  • http://www.rubiocommunications.com RUBIO_Janet

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    I adore these wallpapers. I took the color explosion one at it looks beautiful. Thanks for the fantastic roundup!

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  • http://www.diligentdesign.net Corey Freeman

    Beautiful wallpapers! Sometimes I wish I could use separate wallpapers on different spaces. :)

    • will

      you can just get the bump top app. for macs and it lets you have up to 5 wallpapers

  • http://www.freehillmedia.com Web Design Brisbane Sydney Melbourne

    Very very nice collection of wallpapers, I have them automatically rotating on my office monitors.

    • http://www.windows8tips.net/category/themes Lalit

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    Very, very nice stuff…”Colorsplash” is my favorite one :)

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    Absolutely beautiful, thanks. Hier my pictures
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/gesichter-in-der-natur. Greetings…

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    Really Gorgeous….all of them. I loved the vivid colour of flow and colour picker.

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  • http://coolwallpapers.tumblr.com/ Nick

    Cool selection! I had missed the very first Applewood one. I like it a lot. I will store it in my collection. Thanks,


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  • dak

    I wanted the “Nature Never Goes out of Style” one.
    Then I realized it’s spelled “Nature Never Go’s out of Style.”

    Never mind.

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  • Mac Pro

    oh wow.

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  • eortman

    wowow this is an amazing collection
    my favorite is the small blue house on the water and the round bales
    the country is such a beautiful place <3
    i love to just sit outside and watch such spectacular sunsets while sitting in my feild personally
    its the best thing in the world..

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  • Ithika

    Oh my god! That blue boat house is from Perth, Western Australia!
    I drive past it every day on my way to uni. So nice to see something from Perth on the internet. :)
    Some really beautiful designs, too.

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  • http://www.electricians4u.com.au maik

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    “It’s Like Chocolate”

    And I actually didn’t even notice the apple logo till like the 3rd time looked at it. Which is cool because you see the apple logo so much it gets annoying imo.

  • teddy

    probably the best wallpapers i have seen in a long time. but i have still not seen the one mac wallpaper i have been looking for in months. my friends had it on his desktop and he left the country a while back i never asked him what it was, and now i cant get a hold of him to ask what it is. but i will keep trying until i find it.
    I bet most of you guys will be amazed if you see it. it is one of those wallpapers that when you just look it just looks awesome.

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    I saw an article on Macbooks and they showed a couple of desktop backgrounds…one was such a beautiful place, I HAVE to know where it is! But there was no caption for the image, so I have no idea! It looked a bit like Horseshoe Bend in Utah, but it had more bends. The stone was a warm orange, and the water was a luminescent green – it was a magical place. How can I found out where that was?

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