50 Unusually Awesome Icon Sets for Mac

Icons provide the basic means of interaction on your Mac. A well designed set can ensure you always know what to click on, and at the same time experience an attractive visual interface. Icons are extremely easy to customize on a Mac, so we’ve gathered together a collection of 50 exceptionally beautiful sets.

Talented icon designers aren’t always that easy to find, and I hope you enjoy being pointed in the right direction towards some really brilliant collections! They’re classified into Apple Hardware, Metallic & Professional, Photorealistic, and Sketch & Cartoon.

Apple Hardware

MacBook Pro


MacBook Air


White MacBook


Black MacBook


iMac 2008


Mighty Mouse


Apple TV


Metallic & Professional



G5 System




Ived Drives


Aperture & Light Room








Aqua Neue (Graphite)


External Drives


Dashboard Collection


Titanium System


Black & Blue




Milk App





Agua Apps


Matrix Rebooted


Matrix Documentations








Mission Impossible






Doctor Who


World of Aqua 2


Xtra Homes


Battlestar Galactica Vol 4


Kill Bill


Nintendo Wii Icons


Sketch & Cartoon

Eat Me


Sticker Pack 1


Sticker Pack 2


Sticker System




Somatic Rebirth


Son of Somatic


Litho Extras Vol 5




Inauguration Hope


Smooth Icons 13


Smooth Icons 14



As you can see, there’s no shortage of stunning icons when you dig around sites such as Iconfactory, Pixelgirl Presents, Interface Lift and Deviant Art. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, one of those sites should certainly satisfy your icon needs!

If you’re particularly fond of an icon set not featured, feel free to link it up in the comments.

  • http://otherskies.net Kim

    Aw, this includes my favourite icon set – the sticker ones. I re-iconned my entire system with that set; they’re gorgeous.

    • Appleyard

      The sticker set is cool.

    • nothing

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  • http://none Thomas

    If you need an icon of the new mac book (not the pro one) check out http://twinware.deviantart.com/art/New-MacBook-2008-Icon-100808649

    Cheers, Thomas

    • http://austinpcexperts.com Austin laptop repair

      Best icon set I ever seen before. All are hot and amazing.

  • http://www.seraphimcollective.com Seraphim Collective

    Nice drop! I was just about to hunt for some new icons. You saved me some time. :0)

  • Nathan

    Decent. Most of this list has been posted on countless other design and mac blogs many times before. “[X amount] of [Adjective here] Icon Sets”.

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  • http://miguelmachado.net Miguel Machado
  • http://adrianherritt.com Adrian

    Whoa. Nice. Thanks;

  • http://twitter.com/pritthish Pritthish

    Im surprised Jonas Rask’s Pry didn’t make it to the list O_O

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  • http://www.brizk.com Kai Brach

    I’m so tired of these lists….

  • http://www.brandingyp.com CPB

    This is a long list.. was tired going through it.

  • http://ebook44free.blogspot.com/ bluesea

    the only thing could be said is WOW!!

  • http://www.lorettesamuel.be Samuel Lorette

    Thanks a lot for all thoses great sets!

  • http://joaoramos.org/ joão

    Oh boy, what a yummy pack of sets ^^,
    I love the first MBP & MB ones <3

  • http://twitter.com/iTomath Thomas Furlonger

    Seen all these on other Apple blogs and websites.. also come across them in my own searching. – But good effort.

    Deviantart has some of the best icons.. my favorite though has to be the Pry System ones from here: http://jonasraskdesign.com/downloads/downloads.html

    I know a designer who is about to release some mind blowingly awesome icons soon.. he doesn’t have a site at the moment though so I can’t post the link.

    – iTomath

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  • James

    I noticed you had some Apple hardware, but no iPods.

    What about these?


  • http://dailybbg.blogspot.com/ kevinbbg

    I thought I had all the best Mac icons but I actually found 4 on here to download. Good jhob!

  • Lance

    BS! how could you not include Buuf?


    • http://new-homes-austin-tx.com/ Austin New Homes

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  • quincy

    For those of you who are still on Tiger and use Shapeshifter, this also opens up and installs iContainers, and I’ve found works more smoothly than both Candybar and Liteicon (with which I’ve experienced crashes and/or unsuccessful icon changing). Didn’t even know Shapeshifter did this–just stumbled over the feature. Ctrl-click on the iContainer and choose Open With > Shapeshifter Proxy. This will install the icons in Shapeshifter, and then you can choose font sets from the same menu that you choose themes, desktops, etc. Works like a charm, and it’s one less app to worry about.

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  • http://torley.com Torley

    Saw this on Lifehacker! Thanx for the compilation!

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  • lizzyshoe

    How do I get these to work with LiteIcon? Would love to start messing around with these but I can’t seem to get the icons I download to be recognized by LI

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  • http://nickheer.com/ Nick Heer

    Quick correction: The “Ived Drives” are actually called “Ive Drives”, after the Apple designer.

  • http://www.bloqhead.com Daryn St. Pierre

    I think it’s a nicely compiled list. You can find a whole load of icons like these on http://interfacelift.com. That’s where I get all of mine.

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  • shit

    pfff… what a shit post. Anyone of you who had already visited sites like iconfactory or deviantart should know the icon sets mentioned here.

    I am tired of this kind of posts: 30 awasome icons, 23 fantastic wallpapers, 40 shitty shit…etc.

    You have not chosen the icons, just look some of the top downloaded sets and pasted them here, what a shity post.

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  • http://inguyenvu.com Vu Nguyen

    Amazing icon sets! Thanks

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