8 Unmissable Games Available on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store provides a great platform for game developers to reach customers that might not be familiar with paying for games frequently. It has a bit of everything – some casual games that would belong better on an iOS device, and some other games that are targeted more towards the “hardcore gamer” Mac crowd.

Whichever camp you fall into, I hope you’ll enjoy today’s roundup of our favourite selections in each category. These fun and addictive games are the perfect way to kill a little time at work, or delve into a full-on weekend gaming session!

Part 1: Time Wasters

Do you have some time to waste in the office? Want to play a quick and simple, yet completely engaging game? These are some of our favourite options:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

You might know Angry Birds as the game that blew up last year on the iPhone. It grew quickly and it has remained as the #1 paid app on the iOS App Store for a while now. Now, it has versions of the game for the Mac, the PS3, the PSP, and Android.

The mechanics of the game are simple: you have to slingshot screaming angry birds towards a bunch of green pigs that have stolen your eggs! You only have limited birds, and the pigs are covered with wood bars and all sorts of materials, so it’s not an easy task…

Angry Birds is probably the most addictive game that I’ve played on my iPad, and the Mac version sure seems to be very much like that. In fact, it’s the exact same game that you enjoyed on the iPhone version, so if you have one of those, you might want to give the desktop version a miss. After all, the Mac version is $5 while the iPhone one is $1.

Flight Control HD

Flight Control

Another port from the iOS, Flight Control was one of the most popular games on the iPhone a few years ago. It is a simple game where you have to guide incoming planes to their landing spot, without having them crash. If two planes collide, it’s game over.

The game is very simple to learn, and fun for a while. It’s a great one to fire up quickly and try to beat your own records for a few minutes. Again, just like Angry Birds, this is very much the same as the iPhone version, so if you already have it there, this might not be worth it for you. This one is also $5.

Pinball HD


Pinball HD is yet another port from the iOS platform, but this one actually plays better on the Mac than it does on the iPhone or iPad. It is a very simple Pinball game, but it has 3 maps, 3D graphics, and a pretty cool physics engine.

Remember how fun the Windows XP Pinball game used to be? Well, this one is much better than that — I find it to be the ultimate game to procrastinate to.

It’s a tremendous amount of fun, and one of the cheaper games available on the Mac App Store at $3. The only thing it needs is a high score list, and that is said to be coming in an update.

Super Mega Worm

Super Worm

Super Mega Worm is a super-fun game that has seen moderate commercial success on the iOS platforms recently. You control a worm that has to kill all humans, because, you know, they messed with Mother Earth! It’s retro looking, with pixels and all, and has a great feeling to it.

The complete bizarre concept is what makes it so fun. It’s ridiculous, really. Seeing little pixeled humans run for their lives while you control a giant worm that wants to eat them is somewhat satisfying and it will surely keep you occupied for a while. It’s also a steal at $3.

Part 2: Hardcore Games

Are you looking for something more in-depth and a little more difficult to master? These games are more complete, and suitable for experienced and/or intrepid gamers:



Bioshock is a first person shooter that was released back in 2007 to wide commercial and critical success. It has had a sequel come out recently, too. This game brings you back to an (apparently) empty underwater city, and it is set in an alternate reality in the ’60s.

Most of the game’s success is due to the mystery behind the story, and the feeling that the setting of the game evoques. The world that the developer Irrational Games built in this game is really a piece of art.

I played this game back when it came out for the PS3, and I wasn’t very much into it, but I can understand why a lot of people liked it. You can really get lost in the story, as it is very good and immersive. This one, like most “hardcore games”, comes with a price tag of $40.



Borderlands was released a couple of years ago to great acclaim on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Today, we can play this addictive game on the Mac. It is a first-person shooter, role-playing game with a great leveling system. The maps are huge, the quests are long and plentiful, and there are so many guns that you’ll never tire of finding new ones.

One of the great features of Borderlands is its co-op online functionality. Throughout the game, you can join another 3 friends or random people online to complete the quests together. Each one can get their own level ups and guns and they can keep those once they get done with the online session.

If you haven’t picked this up, I would highly suggest you get it now and play it with friends, since it is infinitely more fun if you do so. You can get the Game of the Year edition, which includes four add-on packs, for $50.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Call of Duty 4 has been called “one of the best games, ever”. When it came out back in 2007, it revolutionized the shooter genre, and most shooters that have come out after it have taken elements from this game. It is a first person shooter, and it has a great multiplayer factor. In fact, the best part about the game is the multiplayer component.

I haven’t played it recently, so it might seem dated if you try to play it now, but back when it came out it was pretty amazing. Since it came out it has had 3 follow-ups (only one of them direct, that being Modern Warfare 2), and each one of them has managed to improve on what the last game has done.

I’d say, if you don’t have a console and have never played any of the newer Call of Duty games, you should get this for your Mac. There will be at least a couple months where you will only think about this game. You can pick it up for $50.



Braid is in-between the hardcore games and the arcade classics. It is complex and it requires a lot of thinking and practice, but it’s also hard to think of it as a full on game. I first heard about it when it came out on the Arcade games of the 360, but I didn’t get to play it until it was released for the Mac. It is a platformer game, but it has a twist to it. You can manipulate time.

Throughout the game you have to get a bunch of puzzle pieces that are spread out over the levels and to do so you have to use ingenius techniques using your ability to go back in time, which brings a sort of trial-and-error aspect to the game. It’s short, but it’s also cheap ($5) and lots of fun.


Gaming on the Mac has always been tough. Recently we’ve seen more games come out for the Mac OS at the same time as the Windows versions, but the gaming scene on the Mac still needs some improvement. As you have seen, most of the games available now on the App Store are old games ported to this system, or iPhone and iPad games brought to the Mac platform with just a few changes.

Then again, the Mac App Store is a platform that helps bring “casual” customers into the app and gaming market, so most of them won’t be familiar with these games or the fact that they came out a few years ago.

Perhaps someday the Mac App Store will fill the spot of a true store for gamers, akin to that of Steam. Right now, I’d say Steam is for hardcore gamers, while the Mac App Store is made for casual gamers, or even people that aren’t gamers, but are getting into that market because of platforms like the iOS and Mac App Store.

What do you think? And which games would you recommend? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Just FYI – if you are looking for quote “hardcore” games, you’d likely be better off looking on Steam.

    Example: bioshock was quoted at $40 in this article – it’s $19 on steam.

    • Steam all the way.

    • but you can’t get it for mac, windows only! ='[

      • If you go to :http://store.steampowered.com/about/, under the download says also available for mac.

      • Nope, defiantly windows only. if you go on the buy bioshock bit then there is only a windows icon and the system requirements are all windows…

  • Dude,

    Great wrap up, but please don’t tell me you think Bioshock is actually set in the 60’s?

    Do some research on your time periods! :)

    • Hey Will – If you check out the Mac App Store description, you’ll find that it is (apparently) set in an “alternate 1960’s”. Go figure :-)

    • It is actually set in the 60’s. The music is what gives it away :)

    • It is set in the 60’s :)

    • Actually, the description does say that the story takes place in 1960, however, the fonts, graphics and music in this game are far more reminiscent of late 40s/early 50s. Not to mention some of the weapon design, which has a WWII flair to it.
      In fact, if you read more on the back story, the city of Rapture was built in 1946.

  • Don´t forget “Raptor: Call of the Shadows!

    One of the worlds best games according to me! =)

  • BioShock is a great game!

  • Will, it is. According to the story in the game. So alternative 1960’s sounds pretty darn correct to me :P

  • McSolitaire is the best card game I played and it’s available in the MAS for free.

    For hardcore gaming, Steam or Blizzard are both good.

  • Luv the super mega worm.. The mac version is much better than iP… versions. It’s a best game I had chance to play this year.

  • Another great game is civ 5 on the Mac store. I havent played it for years but is quite addictive.

  • Also: The Incident and Osmos.
    My two favourite games currently on the App Store :)

  • Braid is an incredible game whose praises cannot be sung highly enough. Call of Duty 4, however, is not nearly as good as the hype. It’s a multiplayer game, so the single-player was shunted and suffered very much. It’s called “Modern Warfare”, but the only thing modern about it is the weaponry: enemies still pour out of spawn-rooms, rushing you in human-wave style reminiscent of the early failure of tactics in World War One. It’s basically the same game as Call of Duty 2, only with a more ridiculous storyline and M4s replacing M1s. The *only* reason to like the game is for online multiplayer, and if you ask me, that’s a totally empty experience across the genre. All you get is people running and jumping as fast as they can, tossing frag grenades and making headshots with pistols while calling you a n00b and masturbating to their loneliness. You can tell I have strong feelings about this.

  • ROME: TOTAL WAR is another great option!

  • Yay, another list mentioning Angry Birds. What do people see in that game?

    • Birds? ;-)

      Seriously though, I have NO clue!

  • The problem with all these games like BioShock and Borderlands are the developers cheaply ported them over to the mac with with a cider rather then rewrite them for OSX.

    Unlike Valve’s games Portal, Half-life 2 series and more which are available on steam for mac they rewrote them all in Objective C and to use Open GL and are not cheap ports just to make more money.

    What’s worse is these developers are putting out these cheap ports and for 3+ year old games and selling them at brand new prices compared to the PC counterparts which sell for $10 – $20 bucks.

    If you guys want to game on a Mac download Steam and stick to the indie games like braid and Valve’s games which are always the some of the best quality games you will ever play.

  • I tried shooters and I’ve tried them all, COD remains a force to be reckoned with!

  • Angry Birds Rock!

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