A Showcase of 40 Spiffy Mac App Icons

It’s been over a year since we started reviewing Mac apps here at Mac.AppStorm and in that time we’ve come across some pretty damn nice looking app icons. I decided to go on a quick trawl of our archives to put together the cream of the crop for a super quick showcase of great icon design. Check them out below and of course if you see something you like, just click through to see our Mac.AppStorm review!

And while I’m here, a few stats for you: Mac.AppStorm has now reviewed over 120 Mac apps in total. We’ve had over 80 roundups and 60 How-To posts about using Mac Apps. We’re now receiving some 350,000 visitors a month and based on RSS numbers the site is the biggest dedicated Mac Apps blog around! And of course the site has spawned two sister sites in iPhone.AppStorm and Web.AppStorm. Well done to our editor David Appleyard and his team of app investigators!

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VoodooPad Undercover
Times Timeboxed
Tapedeck Souschef
Daisk Disk Delicious
Xscope Socialite
Snowtape Slipcover
Scribbles Prizmo
Postbox Pixelmator
PDFPen Money
MailPlanet LittleSnapper
Involer MindNode
Renamer Fontcase
EyeTV Espresso
Espionage Deskshade
Delibar CSSEDit
Cram Coversutra
CodeCollector Coda
CleanMyMac Things
Cha Ching
Bento Bean


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  • sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    i like them. big.

  • Mac apps have the most beautiful icons in the world. Mac apps have the best websites in the world. Mac developers have the best apps in the world.
    Macs are the best.

    • you’re an idiot…you shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet

      • …and YOUR “intelligent” comment should be deleted!

      • That’s not very nice. What he says it true.

      • “You’re” is used correctly in Ivan’s sentence, and “your” is used correctly in Michael’s sentence. Different words.

      • HAHAHHAHA Seriously, great argument :P

        This actually made me laugh.

      • To AppStorm: Please don’t allow these kind of comments to remain – it should be deleted. It ultimately brings down a web site’s “forum” every time. As soon as I start seeing these kind of comments on a website, I stop bothering to look at comments or participate.

        I appreciate criticism and disagreement – but simple personal attacks like that comment have no business here.

    • …. you sound a bit extreme, my friend …. but, the point is, how can I disagree with you?! *lol … isn’t life just WONDERFUL!!! It is PERFECT!

  • Hey guys, your copy of the Times icon appears to be cut out from somewhere. You should use this one instead: http://acrylicapps.com/company/images/times_512.png

  • Very sleek and refined looking icons I must say.

  • CleanMyMac have new great icon.
    Why You use old icon here?

  • DaisyDisk has a newer icon as well.

  • Hey, just letting everyone know, we’ve actually updated the Cram icon a few months back… check it out: http://simpleleapsoftware.com/cramIcon/512.png

  • At AppStorm: Thanks for sharing the stats. Congratulations!

    I’ll just take this opportunity to say that I did the mac “switch” about a year ago, and AppStorm was one of the first sites I found for discovering great mac software. The web site overall has been a great way to discover great software.

    I’ve also greatly benefited from user comment recommendations – thanks to all who participate here.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Wow, these icons are so good, I would actually consider buying the apps without even knowing what they do or how well they are at doing it.

  • I really like the icons, they have some really neat high definition features. I particularly like the chef hat and the compact disc case looks pretty cool.