An In-Depth Look at the Apple iPad

We’ve been waiting, preparing and speculating about this product for – quite literally – years. Shrouded in secrecy, it’s been the main focus of the Internet rumour mill for far too long. Today, Apple finally unveiled the product they’ve been working on – The Apple iPad.

In this article, we’ll be outlining several of the most important and impressive features of the device, and getting you fully up-to-speed (complete with some gorgeous pictures!). Are you as excited as we are? Read on for all the details!

The Apple iPad

The Apple iPad

The Physical Hardware

The iPad itself has a 9.5 inch screen (height), and looks similar to an oversized iPod. The screen has a 1024-by-768-pixel resolution – perfect for browsing the web and reading eBooks. It comes bundled with either a 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive, and this determines the difference in price. It only weighs 1.5 pounds, or 1.6 for the model with 3G.

Though many people are calling it simply a large iPhone, this really isn’t the case. The larger screen size has been put to good use in applications across the board – particularly in Mail, which would seem to be far more user friendly than the iPhone version. The large software keyboard appears easy to type on, and is almost the size of a standard laptop keyboard.

Other hardware features include an accelerometer, digital compass, built-in speakers, an ambient light sensor, and a microphone. As you’d expect, it’s very environmentally friendly.

The Operating System

This was the main undecided factor surrounding the iPad, and one that remained a mystery until its unveiling today. It isn’t running OS X as we know it, and resembles the iPhone OS we’ve come to know and love. This means that all applications will be distributed through the App Store, in the same way as the iPhone. Good or bad news for developers, depending upon how you look at it.

It’s capable of running almost every iPhone application currently available – either in a scaled down mode, or resized to fit the full screen resolution. Hopefully this will mean than an app purchased for one device will also work on the other.

The iPad OS

The iPad OS

Connectivity & Syncing

The iPad has a standard iPod dock connector, so you’ll be able to connect it to sync with iTunes as normal. Two different versions are available with wireless connectivity – one solely with Wi-Fi, and another with the addition of 3G. The model with 3G is slightly more expensive, does not require a contract, is unlocked for any micro-sim, and will be shipping 30 days later than the Wi-Fi only model.



Data plan pricing for the USA has been announced as $14.99 for up to 250mb per month (a seemingly awful deal, aimed at those just reading books), or $29.99 for unlimited data. These are with AT&T, though you’ll be able to use any data package from any carrier. The iPad also contains Bluetooth, which will let you connect to wireless headphones, or a wireless Apple keyboard.

The iPad also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a VGA adapter will allow you to connect it to an external display.

Battery Life & Charging

Battery life is quoted as 10 hours, though this is likely a “best case” scenario. It will vary dramatically depending upon what you’re using the device for – playing games will obviously drain it faster than reading an eBook.

If you don’t use the iPad at all, it will last for one month in standby mode.

That's thin.

That's thin.


One of the major new features introduced today was the iBook Store, and the associated iBooks application. This is Apple’s eBook reader software, and it looks excellent (with several design cues taken from Delicious Library:



The accompanying book store will allow you to purchase and download eBooks directly onto the device. It’s creating a direct competitor to the Kindle, and adds welcome competition to the market. The app has numerous options to change the font and layout of your book.


Apple also announced a completely redesigned version of iWork, created specifically for the iPad. It’s capable of viewing, creating and editing documents created in Numbers, Keynote and Pages. Everything is done through drag-and-drop multi-touch, setting a new standard for what can be achieved with a touch interface.

These apps are priced at $9.99 each, and will be available through the App Store.

iWork on the iPad

iWork on the iPad

Other Features

It does everything you’d expect. Mobile browsing with Safari, gorgeous multi-column email in Mail, Maps, iTunes music and video, Photos, a stunning interface to YouTube, Maps, Notes, a completely redesigned Calendar, and Spotlight search across the whole device.

Apple have a great video that I’d recommend watching to gain an overview of how the device works, and what the interface of each app looks like. You can also read an in-depth look at each feature on the iPad Features page.


A number of different accessories are available, most notably a keyboard dock, and a case. The former is a dock for charging your iPad, integrated with a full-size keyboard. This will make typing on the device a far more enjoyable experience – particularly important considering the iWork suite is available for the iPad.

The case also looks interesting, protecting the iPad and holding it in a position that’s more appealing for typing.

iPad Accessories

iPad Accessories

Pricing & Availability

The iPad has come in at an unexpectedly low price, starting at only $499. This price increases if you’re looking for more storage, or would like 3G connectivity:

The iPad with Wi-Fi only will be shipping in around 60 days, with an additional 30 day wait if you’d like the 3G version. This is fairly reasonable, and hopefully Apple will be able to meet these shipping dates (and the associated demand!)

What’s Missing?

As with any product announcement, we’re bound to feel hard done by in a few areas. These would seem to be:

  • No camera or video conferencing
  • No multi-tasking
  • No super-cool fingerprint security (I can hope, can’t I?!)

What Do You Think?

We’ve waited a long time for this gadget, and it’s certainly going to gather a huge amount of press and media attention in the run-up to it’s launch. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one and trying it out, but what do you think?

Is your Apple gadget lust satisfied, or are you left wishing that the iPad had turned out to be something else entirely? Most importantly, will you be handing over your hard-earned $499?

Please share your thoughts!


Add Yours
  • I’ve been holding out for a good e-reader and this one wins, just a few hundred dollars more for something that can replace a Kindle, iPod, and a netbook.

  • Give us a pen to draw on it! C’mon Apple don’t wait for somebody else to get cash out of your stuff!

  • Eh, it’s a nice, shiny new toy from Apple. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple and all the shiny new toys they throw at us. I’m just a bit disappointed.

    I’m sure I would feel different if not for one thing. I’ve spent the last few months lusting after the Axiotron Modbook. If I’m going to have a touchscreen Mac, I want one that will compete with my Macbook Pro.

    • I must concur, I am very disappointed. This is correct me if I am wrong… An iPod touch that got a UI makeover. I like apple to, their computers are great, I was hoping for a small computer, not necessarily an oversized iPod. It sounds terrible, but I got bored watching the keynote.

  • I think that some things are also missing the capability to store files. You can use this one to work also, and store files on the go. (I guess an App is coming for that)
    Also can it be modified? 4 icons sitting in the dock looks ugly, I have space to have at least 12 icons… (I guess there is a jailbreaker coming for that)

    • Yea ur right, they totally ruined the homescreen! I’m not really impressed by this device, it feels like they could have done this alot better. I was really hoping for a macosx based tablet, thick as a macbook pro but with the same power, just imagine using illustrator, photoshop or any other design application in touchmode. Well I hope someone will jailbreak this so it can live up to its full potential!

      Will I buy it? yes.. :P

  • The Amazon Kindle is still very good and I’ve brought one. Why do I need an iPad if I have a laptop. It’s just wasting my money on something I already have. If I could buy the Apple A5 processor and fit it in my laptop and get it to work, that would be good.

  • Very cool. I really appreciated the live casts.

    A, I am unsure of the name. The first thing that came to me was that it is VERY close to iPod… and is that a good idea to create a product that sounds very similar to such a masterpiece as the iPod? I am not sure.

    B, Interesting this time around, the surprises about this product, were already out and said beforehand. I find *that* very surprising in itself. Especially the fact that knowing Apple, nothing leaves in terms of trade secrets.

    Very interesting to say the least.

    C, Who is this targeted to? I mean will this seriously be “another gold rush” as Ives said it would be? Considering how many people *need* a cell phone and how many people use an iPod (which created the market for the AppStore), will there really be a market gold rush to the iPad?

    I suppose only time will tell.

    My 2 cents!

  • Hmmm, $500 US for base model = $1299 Aus (as it usually goes).
    I’ve been looking at the Archos 9in and, it seems to be a mini computer rather than a large iphone.
    Very 50/50 on this one Apple. I’ll wait till I can play with one at the Apple store.

    • Google says: “500 U.S. dollars = 555.617291 Australian dollars”.

      • You have to remember taxation and importing costs, which can add up to quite a bit in the end. The same applies in the UK – where I’m from.

      • Even though 1 Euro = 1.4015 U.S. dollars, we stil pay nearly the same amount here in the Netherlands ($1199 MBP costs €1150)

  • It didn’t hit me until I read the specs you listed above, but what good is a built in compass without GPS?

    • ask that question to a pirate ;)

      • pirate, same question!

  • I’m very happy with the way the iPad has turned out. It’s an evolution of the iPhone so it still retains the “everything in one device” perspective, but now with a much larger screen. Totally kicks The Kindle to the kerb. My only disappointment is the storage capacity, 16GB level entry is kinda low all things considered. That’s not enough for most people’s iTunes and iPhoto libraries For a non-laptop, interactive device that you can use around the house AND on the go, it’s way ahead of everything else at the moment. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this develops and evolves over the next few years: Front and rear video camera for photos and video chats, Blu-ray player for HD movies on the go etc… But all in good time. :-)

    • all in good time… but not on this one. As an early adopter, I don’t like the hardware upgrade waiting. I want video conferencing NOW. It’s a deal breaker for me. It’s the one feature I really wanted. I don’t ride the train enough anymore for the current features to be useful enough to me these days. Video Conferencing… I’d pay twice the price.

  • “iBooks available in the U.S. only.” sort of kills it for me I’m afraid.

    I was waiting to see what this was like before buying an ebook reader, and it looks like the ebook reader will be the way to go now.

  • Yes, I’ll be buying one. The only thing I’ve yet to decide upon is wifi only, or 3G. Seeing as I have an iPhone already – I’m kind thinking wifi only, to keep the cost down, thus increasing my storage option. What do you guys think, wifi only, or with 3G?

  • I don´t like it much. It´s just a bigger iPhone, but has no cell phone, so I still need to have my iPhone around. Its big like a laptop, but it is not a laptop because it only has the mobile os, so why would I have this thing with me anyway? What does it do that the iphone/macbook doesn´t? For me it is only a toy…IMHO.

  • Hi.. I was hoping to see a camera, for as you mentioned (video conferencing).. That said.. in the “Event” that the iPad was announced, I would have liked to see an iPhone firmware bump.

  • Also missing: telefon

  • What’s Missing #4: A pen! :'(

  • iPad and iPod are so going to be confused by people who are not really up to date of the latest technology :D

  • I want! You guys going to do a giveaway? God I want one so much….

  • Well it doesn’t have fingerprint security, but it has “Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating”.

    See it here:

  • This is exactly what I was looking for!!!! As a traveller it’s a definite improvement to having having a kindle, DVD player, music and a laptop for presentations…Finally!!!

    • it does not have a DVD drive…

      • And yet, you can download movies onto it!

      • With the speculation of iTunes moving to cloud data storage, and the ability to store 64 gigabytes of films music and apps a lack of a dvd player is hardly an issue :)

  • Hmm… good point Gustavo. if you already have an iPhone and a MacBook – then why would you really want one of these?

  • Great article. Sums it up well. I really wanted a webcam, so I guess I’ll be forced to wait. I also was hoping for a version of Finder so apps could access files outside of their own file structure.

    I wonder what jailbreakers will come up with! :)

  • I was hoping for computer, not bigger iPhone without a phone, but I like it.

  • I own an Iphone and a Macbook pro, the iPad is useless to me, i won’t be buying it just for reading books !

    But i think it’s a great alternative to netbooks, for those people who only email, look at their pics and videos, and watch movies, and there’s a great majority of that in the world !

    It will be a huge success, stealing Kindle customers (unless amazon lowers their prices) AND stealing Netbook users !

    Still, this looks like the first version of the iPhone, cool but missing it’s **thing**.

    The iPhone got it’s appstore soon after launch, which made it VERY interesting… What will iPad get?

  • I’m trying really hard to care. An extra large iPod Touch seems a little underwhelming. Leave it to Apple to super hype something that’s pretty much worthless until the 3rd Generation feature set.

  • Yawn… it’s a 9.5 inch iPod touch. That’s about it.

  • Just like with Barry, the iBooks US almost kills it for me. The main reason I would buy it: to watch movies with the girl in a place like the bed which where no power outlet is close enough (and I don’t like watching on a laptop).

    We can only hope that in the future certain things get improved (multitasking is a must for this device, I can understand the thing for the iPhone but not for this). The ability to use 3G is nice but rather useless if you live (again) outside of the US: I must pay a monthly fee of €30 to have a mere 200MB a month of data traffic.

    Probably third party software for eBook will be available after some time but will likely not take off since, well, it’s a smaller company behind it. If a leader like Apple controls it there will be a standard (ePud). If in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) iBook wont be available then a number of apps will see the light and you’ll have to start searching where you left that book.

    I’ll be making a wild guess here: I see the possibility that a client will call me tomorrow. Probably to change the way his app will look and feel for the iPad. It’s a great app already while it’s in the tube, it’s a bit buggy now but with the current features it would be loved by a select amount of people (which they’re aiming at). If only I could get my hands on that thing to start working on a version specifically for the iPad.

    Lets hope they fix the international iBook issue. Can’t wait till March!

    • I’m sure that the books will be available internationally very soon after launch. It’s one of the main features of the device, and Apple will know how important it is to people.

      I’d guess that international eBooks will be available, if not in time for the launch, within a month or two afterwards.

  • Hmm, well the iPad is certainly interesting alright, but the iPhone style OS is a let down. I don’t like the fact that you can run iPhone apps, they should build a new OS, the iPad looks, at the outset, like a big iPhone, that not what I want. People, as a whole, want a tablet, not a glorified iPhone, I am still buying one.

  • Nice write up. As expected some will think it’s under-specced or over-priced or a disappointment. I think it looks great, will work great, will integrate nicely with my MBP & ipod touch, and I’m getting one. And when they bring out v2 with those better specs, dual docks, cameras and whatnot I’ll probably get one of those and my wife or daughter or son or mum or someone can have my V1.


  • I can’t believe they didn’t add a file system or a USB port (or did they?). I was really hoping this thing could be a competitor to netbooks, but it just doesn’t do everything I would need a mobile computer to do.

    • It doesn’t help either that it doesn’t support multitasking. Even my zune has trivial multitasking ability!

    • When you plug the iPad it, you’re able to drag and drop files to it. Whether this counts as a “file system”? I’m not so sure.

      Hopefully there’ll be a way to hack it to work with Dropbox :)

  • It’s not just an oversized iPod, it’s overpriced too!

    • Touché!

    • It really isn’t overpriced. I understand people complaining about the specs, OS etc, but you can’t moan about the price. It costs the same as the original 10GB iPod!

  • Nice post! And it was up REALLY quick!

  • Meh, no multitasking. All that power and so many limitations. I’ll wait for version 2.

  • This is the biggest disappointment i have received from apple, I mean all those patents and that crap, and the device turns out to be a big ipod touch, thats all. It may sell well, since the kindle dx is around the same price as the cheapest iPad. I mean i don’t really disappointed…

  • Honestly…I love it, but it makes me wonder if I will still want my iPhone or will want to get one that actually works. I can’t see having both.

  • Great overview!! Appreciate you guys doing such a great job of summarizing the event.

  • I am thoroughly disappointed…so many no brainers they didn’t include. no multitasking itself is a deal breaker.

  • I personally wouldn’t go for this – not a chance. I am way to sober to buy another ‘gadget’. I’ve got a phone which offers me plenty of options and a laptop when I need more. Apple is focusing on all steps in between those two. Smart, you might say – since it áre gaps in the market and therefore a good segment to focus on.

    Bút, what I strongly dislike is the fact that if that would be the main reason to start on such a gadget, than Apple would not have done it. It are hypes/trends Apple is starting to rely on – and it’s working of course – their marketing approach isn’t a lose aspect, it’s been tight from the start.

    But for me, personally (again), I will not go and buy something that I will never need, in any way. And money isn’t the problem, it’s called sanity ;-)

  • It’s a big iPod Touch…
    Which means, you’ll still need to bring your phone with you, and probably your laptop too. If it had a camera on it, i could see it working for business meetings and what not… but no camera. So who is this for? And how is it revolutionary?

  • It’s a shame that there’s no Flash. For something that’s ultimately a web device there are going to be many a web page visited with a broken plug-in icon!

    • There’s no Flash because Apple are trying to be the big industry player that makes publishers move away from a closed format to something such as HTML5’s video support.

      It’s an inconvenience now, but I’m delighted they haven’t caved in to support Flash. We’re already seeing sites such as YouTube serve video through HTML5, and it’s a great thing for consumers in the long run.

      Time to break Adobe’s stranglehold over online video, and move to an open format.

      • I have to agree with this – I am extremely happy that Apple did not include support for flash.

      • HTML5 is the future, Flash is the present.

        I agree that flash is a pain, but then if I am buying a device that is primarily for the web, I’d rather have a device that works for me now rather than 3 years in the future. HTML5 is a long way down the line and will be for sometime, until then we are stuck with Flash and until we have that and multitasking, this won’t be replacing netbooks.

        Apple are trying to be the big industry player that makes publishers move away from a closed format
        Not really! It’s not because Apple is against closed formats, they champion the use of proprietary H.264 over OGG Theora, in HTML5 open video. h.264 is closed and needs a license from MPEG LA. (Apple is a [founding?] member and gets a cut from this licensing fee.) Apple really is afraid of Flash because it runs interpreted code, provides a richer development platform (at least on laptops) and has the potential to replace most of the paid apps with free ones already built on Flex/Air. This means less $$$ for the App Store for Apple.

        I love Apple, but I think Steve let us down big time and the stock performance reflects that.

      • Ha! what a joke you are. So, you’re saying Apple is for open standards and consumer choice? You mean the same company that forces you to use their technology to create programs, which you have to then submit to them for approval, which can only be sold in their marketplace, and which can only be used on one (now 2, when Ipad comes out) device? THAT is the company that you say is pushing for open marketplaces?

  • It is lame. This is the biggest disappointment I’ve experienced with a major Apple announcement. I wouldn’t pay $100 for it, much less $500. No camera, no multi-tasking, no microphone… its a glorified iPod Touch. I am a huge Apple fanboy, but this product sucks. And the even BIGGER disappointment… Apple is still dealing with AT&T… unbelievable.

    • Just quickly – I don’t think Apple will announce any sort of Verizon support unless it’s also announced with the iPhone, otherwise all sorts of people will start complaining about how “The iPad has it but not the iPhone”.

  • I think no multi-tasking just killed it. Also, it’d come with a pen, to be used like a drawing tablet too, would be great.

    After all I don’t think it’s worthwhile so soon.

  • To me its a disaster of a product. First disappointment from Apple since Jobs came back. Its an enlarged iPod Touch, people. Nothing more, nothing less. Thats it. Apple lost creativeness. Hire new people before everything sinks…again… :/

  • I think it is an excellent first generation production. Imagine how cool this would be if we hadn’t been familiar with the iPhone. Expect V2 of the iPad to be much better.

  • I feel like it’s like MacBook Air again: a technological feat, beautiful industrial design (as usual), very niche, and just kind of not powerful enough. I don’t feel like Apple solved the problem of “If I have an iphone and a laptop, why do I need this?” I don’t see how this is going to be a huge hit. It can still be a nice addition to the overall line of products, but it won’t be huge. I would still like to see it do well.

    Also, I am absolutely baffled as to why there is no camera.

    I could see it in school settings and being used by doctors, nurses, etc. with the right apps. Perhaps in warehouse and shipping environments as well.

  • What is missing ? Snow Leopard is what is missing imho. I was really hoping they outdid themselves again as they did with the iPhone.

    This however is just a supersized iPhone, with probably the very same OS/Firmware but just to accommodate a larger screen and a different CPU. Other than that it’s just a bigger iPhone.

    Personally i’ll take one the second they decide to up their game to a full blown OS X. Sure reading PDF’s and e-books on a 10″ screen is nice and the accelerometer and multitouch works wonders there too. But really who would buy something like this ? An iPhone is just a replacement phone and a MacBook (Pro) is just another laptop (no offence intended), both very large markets where Apple really pushed the limits.

    This iPad however isn’t all that, it’s in a market that isn’t all that big and probably isn’t going to get very big either. It’s not replacing anything, it’s not pushing the limit of what we know already. It’s trying to find a market that just isn’t there yet. And by limiting the hardware to just 64GB and the iPhone OS, they’re not really keeping all their options open either.

    Sure i can find plenty of excuses why i “NEED” (read crave) to have an iPad, i just can’t justify spending $500-$900 on a device i wasn’t looking for in the first place.

  • This works perfect for me as I was already going to be buying a laptop when meeting w/ clients. I already have an iPhone as well so would I be able to teather my wifi? If not, would I just be able to take out my sim and place it into the 3g model? Trying not to get charged twice for the same thing.

    • Sorry Bro. iPad uses a Micro SIM and not a regular one, which means you shell out another $30/month to AT$T. I also read that the 3G model wonrks only on AT$T’s network, so it means when you opt out of 3G, $130 goes down the drain, since you can use 3G from another provider even if you want to.

      This works perfect for me as I was already going to be buying a laptop when meeting w/ clients.

      You also made one of few +ve comments about using iPad over a laptop at work. It will be real helpful, if you can you share what do you do and how you plan to use the iPad at work without multitasking/cam/mic? Just curious. Say even when meeting with clients (showing them your website may be?) You cannot easily switch programs to say jot down their comments in another app (like Evernote). And I think there is no file storage either.

      I am trying to justify buying this over a netbook and any of your thoughts is much appreciated!

      • I’ve never seen anyone making a presentation from their computer and then switching out to another program to take notes. It would be very distracting and annoying to the viewers and do you really want them to see what you’re saying about their comments? This is a ridiculous case for multi – tasking. Maybe you want to listen to Pandora too while you’re giving youre presentation.

  • Then again…
    As a Motion-Designer i have to think that this would be a pretty cool “Digital Portfolio”… No more showing up to interviews with a book full of printed stills.
    I wonder if you could put a Keynote on this thing…hmmm

  • If it was capable of running multiple applications at once, and had a pen / stylus option with at least ONE application (even a friggin’ note pad) that took advantage of it I’d be sold.

    As it is now… it IS a very large iPod Touch / iPhone. I think this will be GREAT as a niche device for people who work outside the office quite often and need something a bit larger than the display their smart phone offers. But if you add a stylus, a camera, and multi-tasking you’ll have something well beyond a niche device.

    Add those and imagine how awesome it would be for college students.

  • A) The browser has no Flash support. As they say on 30 Rock, “That’s a dealbreaker, ladies!” Well gentlemen too. It’s the internet in my hand…but without Flash. I can live with that issue on an iPhone since it’s a more mobile platform but there are cheaper netbooks with Flash support.

    B) $500?!? I get that that may be an aggressive price point considering the hardware but I won’t pay that when I already have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro. Those two devices cover any base that this product aims to steal.

    C) This is going to cannibalize some part of Apple. Either the iPad won’t sell or it’s going to take market share away from laptops or phones which Apple has a foot in.

    There are more issues but those were the ones that stood out right now.

  • 1. No flash support- who cares. Flash is getting old.

    2. $500- nice price especially if you don’t have a Macbook, but need a portable computer that runs OS X.

    I think all in all it will help apple. It will help the people that think Apple is to expensive get in to an Apple and experience the user friendliness that we have all come to love.

  • I haven’t made a decision as a consumer yet, but as a designer, I think it’s a must-have. I really think it will change the design world and the development world more than any.

  • It wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. Then again, what is these days.
    Also, good job on the naming fail Apple.

    But nice article, it was very detailed.

  • I’ve been in the market for an e-book reader, was interested in getting a kindle dx, but I think this will better. There is a kindle app for the itouch/iphone so kindle books should work on the ipad.

  • Sub standard device wrapped up in standard Apple bling.

    I can pick up a small Acer note book (one of the tiny ones) for a fraction of the cost and guess what it does all that and more.

    The ida of paying Apple for standard free web based services in the form of Apps is close to comical.

    I admire Apple’s zeal but cmon it’s a step back, not forward they did the same with MP3 players.

  • Sub standard device wrapped up in standard Apple bling.

    I can pick up a small Acer note book (one of the tiny ones) for a fraction of the cost and guess what it does all that and more.

    The idea of paying Apple for standard free web based services in the form of Apps is close to comical.

    I admire Apple’s zeal but cmon it’s a step back, not forward they did the same with MP3 players.

  • Love it. It’s like Apple ripped the screen off a Macbook and put a computer init. Hits the sweet spot in every way but the missing camera for video chats. Love the unlocked, no contract data plan. Love the take it or leave 3G like the iPhone/iPod Touch differentiation. This should have been announced on Valentine’s Day, because that’s how much love it brings.

  • I feel like I have wandered into a crowd of zombies. People are repeating over and over again, “it’s a big iPod Touch,” as if that was a bad thing. Do you people realize that the iPod Touch is a really good and popular product, and that people actually buy them for many different reasons, and that the iPad has advantages that the iTouch doesn’t? Obviously, it is not a power user’s device or a productivity machine, but it would be perfect for sitting around and browsing the web, reading a book (or, dare I hope, some newspapers and magazines as well), using a social network, or loading it up with TV shows/movies and taking it on a plane ride without having to open a big laptop or having to deal with a tiny iTouch/iPhone screen, etc. You know, ordinary tasks that people do every day, but for which they use an over- or underpowered device. It has what people need and omits the unnecessary. It also has some obvious application for people looking to do presentations, with the Keynote app. In other words, it is almost certain to appeal to a casual user who wants a beautiful, dead simple device that just works and does what they want. This is not a bad or disappointing product. It’s only disappointing if you had a bunch of unreasonable expectations.

    • my thoughts exactly. it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less. fits right in between the iphone/touch and a lappy. great for the business user or the frequent traveller

      also, hopefully someone will find a way to tether the iphone to it so no need for the 3g version

      • get the wi-fi version and pair with a mi-fi device like the Sprint Overdrive. a bit more $, but 4G instead of 3G.

    • Spot on! Couldn’t agree with you more.

    • It’s also good for users with an iMac and an iPhone – the iPad is perfect for watching movies, surfing the web and reading books from the couch!

  • As always, I’m sceptic about new Apple hardware. To me it seems it’s just an oversized iPod with some features of a regular laptop. The problem with this is that if you have an iPod touch and a Macbook pro, like me, it would be completely useless to buy the iPad.

    As Erkenntnis already said, it actually isn’t bad that it is an “oversized iPod”. People are used to working with the iPod/iPhone so bringing out a new device with the same UI/design.

    The one thing I’m afraid of is that all the Apple fanboys out there (and there are a lot of them) will just buy the iPad because it’s shiny. Please don’t.

  • Oh i love the way it looks, but it’s the things it’s lacking that actually makes it very uninteresting.

    No flash is a real dealbreaker. Not being able to run every normal OS X application isn’t really all that great either. Sure it runs iPhone OS apps… but who really needs a 10″ screen for a 3″ app ?

  • It has no USB ports and it doesnt support flash. IMO that kind of makes it fail as a netbook.

  • Well I already have an iphone and a 17 in macbook pro. I just started lugging this thing around with me all day and boy does it get heavy. when I’m at home I am doing a lot of heavy duty photo editing in Lightroom so I need a lot of power, but having a device like the iPad would be great. when I’m out in the field I could offload my pictures onto the iPad and view them on a much bigger better screen than on my camera, and I don’t need to carry around a bunch of memory cards. plus sometimes I just need to browse the web and edit word documents ant the integration of iWork sounds perfect, especially with the keyboard dock.

    The problems are that in apples efforts to make this product slim and stylish, they left out things like a USB port to connect my camera and maybe even more powerful speakers. I was also hoping for an even more powerful possessor, I know its new and fast, but its not that much faster than my iPhone. I know there are those accessories but those add even more bulk and they can be lost or broken.

    I think this is a great device, but I already similar tools, buying this would just make what I own less useful. I just hope apple comes out with a keyboard for the iphone. thats that I am hoping for now

    I also think that a 16GB version is silly, I have 12 GB worth of memory cards. I don’t think I could even get away with the 32GB version. I also wish they put some shortcut buttons on the device, the shortcut button just looks so lonely.




  • I think that this is a great review. And I think that Apple is incredibly smart when it comes to generating revenue from new markets. The reason that most of these comments are more negative than positive is because the ipad is obviously not necessarily geared toward meeting the demand of the CURRENT Apple customer. If you have the money and need something sleek and nice to use in the future, then I still think that the ipad is going to be useful. However, it seems that Apple was trying to get to the people who don’t have at&t or people who want to purchase an Ereader for almost the same amount of money. Eventually they will put out another piece of equipment that will satisfy the current customer base, but they will wait until finish gaining market share.

  • LIpstick on a Pig.. So much potential .. so much excitement …just a glorified Kindle killer.

    No USB, No true High Def, No Vmware, No Stylus, No (Verizon / Sprint).

    The only thing that was great … we may see some High Speed Data cost go down with this
    device having a $30 dollar unlimited price… (damn a 5GB limit for $60).

    Please bring out gen 2, real soon Apple .. this was so disappointing.. Man I was expecting
    more … LIPSTICK on a PIG !!!

  • In one word disappointment. i really expected more than that. i don’t see the big difference between this and the iPhone except the fact that the battery last longer. i dont see myself buying one of them at the moment.

  • I have to agree with alot of people on here. It’s just not that useful, nor inspiring. all I can say about it is… it just lacks. As a designer, I can honestly say that I don’t think it merits notice, let alone purchase. Maybe future versions will change that?

  • doesnt do anything for me. I am a big mac fan but this fails bigtime.

  • I’ve been waiting to find an alternative for the Kindle and that might be it. I am just concerned about the glossy screen making it diffcult to read on – need to see it before I believe it’s not impacted by sunlight. I think the price is compatible to the Kindle, considering I get the freedom to watch Video or play games while at it.

    Also, if the battery life is anywhere close to the advertised 10 hrs it’d be golden. None of my gadgets even make it through a transatlantic flight, so that would be neat.

    As to the iPad replacing a netbook – not really. The no multitasking really shot the thing down. That’s a major problem, that shouldn’t have been an issue. What were they thinking. It’s the most annoying problem of the Iphone/iTouch.

    Overall, potentially a good eReader, but no replacement for netbooks/laptops. If you have an iphone and a Kindle you are already there.

  • If you’re interested, I’ve posted an in-depth response to the iPad criticism circulating at the moment:

    • Good article, except for the section about Flash. It’s funny how people will use the “Flash is proprietary to Adobe!” argument, while in the same breath supporting an Apple device in which absolutely EVERYTHING is proprietary.

  • Just watching the quicktime stream now. I think it’s exciting, fascinating but falls short in a few areas:

    1. Bezel is too large.
    2. No SD port for expandable storage and file exchange.
    3. Closed platform (difficult to port the Office suite, essential for 95% of consumers)
    4. Multi-task absence (should be able to run at least two or three apps simultaneously).

    The future all depends on what apps are developed specifically for the device. Their success will deem the iPad’s future.

    The main problem I foresee: it fits between the iPhone (or other smartphone) and the Mac (or any laptop). Unfortunately, most people already own both.

    • Just thinking about this. It’s crazy that you can’t sit down on your sofa, open up Radio Box/Pandora, get some music playing and then switch to iBooks and open up your latest novel for a nice read whilst listening to Classic FM.

      Also, what about playing a radio app, then catching up on your social media for a little while? You should be able to sit and browse safari whilst keeping an eye on your twitter stream and facebook account. Now, the only way to do that on an iPhone is too browse mobile safari whilst listening to the iPod and waiting for push notifications from third part social apps. This is a workaround and I’m not sure possible with the iPad- will it have the constant connection with Apple’s push servers?

      Rev,B will change the game. For now, I’m sidelined.

  • Clearly the iPad is more about viewing things than about creating things. For that reason it has a lot of potential for creatives as a presentation device. Client pitches, demonstrations of design work in-progress, portfolio, a way for photographers to view photos as they shoot them without having to resort to a full laptop or the teeny screen on the camera… the list goes on.

    It’s not perfect in this regard, though. The web designer in me would want the iPad to be able to run MAMP so that I can have a local development environment on the machine and show clients project progress in-the-browser without having to put files on a remote server.

    Being able to colour-calibrate the screen would be another big plus when it comes to showing clients work destined for the printing press.

    It is also far from clear what happens to your data if you de-install eg. Pages. Do you lose everything? How does the work you have produced on your iPad get back to your Mac (and vice versa?)

    Lastly, I *assume* that it presents PDFs in all their lovely glory complete with access to bookmarks etc, but I saw no explicit mention of it. As someone with quite a few reference books in PDF format (eg. Sitepoint books) the iPad could be the perfect way to read them, especially whilst travelling which is when most of my reading gets done, but I’d want to confirm that before I slapped down my credit card.

  • I think the perfect user for this device isn’t me, resident geek and owner of a smartphone and a laptop, but someone like my 72-year-old grandfather, who actually already uses a touchscreen-enabled computer with just a few apps on it at work. He says that to him, this is much more intuitive than using a fully featured laptop or desktop computer.

    He doesn’t even understand what a file system is, let alone that he would miss it. He doesn’t care about multi-tasking — one app at a time is more than enough complication for him. And the best thing for Apple? He’s part of a tough crowd as adoption of new technologies go, but he may very well be interested in something like this.

  • One crucial issue does not make it into discussion. With a max. storage of 64Gig I can neither upload all songs (200Gigs) nor all images (80Gigs) which are located on a NAS.
    Can anyone give an outlook on making use of a local NAS with this unit. Otherwise it is completely useless to me.

  • One crucial issue does not make it into discussion. With a max. storage of 64Gig I can neither upload all songs (200Gigs) nor all images (80Gigs) which are located on a NAS.
    Can anyone give an outlook on enabling the iPad to access a local NAS?

  • I came over here to comment after reading Didnt seem to have the ability to comment on it there so felt it was justified here.

    At first the point about flash sucking and Apple wanting to somewhat force the use of HTML5 etc seemed appealing to me as im a web designer. Then a glaring problem in this logic occurred to me. Apple isn’t a web standards company and has no business dictating what the common practice on the web is. When i cant go to and use or or the countless other sites whos main headline area features flash, this is a serious problem. these are major sites who have key content of the day listed in animating windows that the iPhone cant do. as it stands i surf the web while on the couch/in bed while at home on my iPhone and only get up to do heavy lifting on my comp OR, when something has flash. the iPad would be great if it was usable in that niche. not having to go to where my computer is but to do what i need right there.

    on top of that, who freaking knows when flash is going to be eclipsed by those other formats. and while i admit i dont know much about those other formats bc currently theyre not standards and its not yet worth my time, correct me if im wrong, but arent they just various ways of playing video? not interactive? you cant do an interactive ad with html5 like you could flash right? you cant do the days featured stories like on in html5, correct?

    it’s almost as if Apple is insisting everybody do what they think is best, no more flash video, while completely ignoring that flash is used for many other things.

    i hate flash, i think its terrible. but the fact is many sites use it, designers in my advertising agency love it, and it could be many years before its gone completely. and whats to say now that Adobe owns flash it wont rework the encoding from the ground up and make it incredible before it’s even able to be over taken?

    im sorry. not running flash is a deal breaker for me and no multi tasking is a BACK breaker. I cant listen to pandora while checking my email? give me a break. dont dare try to tell me the feeble minded Apple engineers couldnt find a way to make the iPad comparably fast while having multiple apps. unacceptable.

    Its also becoming a point of aggravation that apple for some reason insists on sticking to their 32/64GB HD’s. I can now get a Terabyte HD for the price i paid for my 150 external. It’s time for a capacity upgrade on the mobile apple products. $700 for a 16G 3G model is absurd. i dont care how many pairs of rose colored glasses you insist on wearing when viewing it. that is ridiculous.

    • Really? A 1TB solid state drive? I don’t think those even exist yet.

  • It’s definitely a cool start, but… instead of having all of the features of the many devices it would replace, it has all of the limitations of these individual devices.

  • Another thing that’s missing is a finder app and a real file system.

  • For all the people who say Flash in unnecessary and iPad replaces netbooks/Kindle please try this for 1 month in your computer:

    1. Setup the desktop like the ipad/iphone home screen from where you launch 1 app at a time.
    2. Disable flash (or silverlight) plugins/addons.
    3. Do not run software that does not have a very similar ‘ app for that’ (meaning you can use Evernote or drop box but not vlc)
    4. Remember: Don’t multitask one and only one app at a time. No apple key+TAB please :-)
    5. (Kindle users) Try reading an eBook for say 6 hours on an LCD (my eyes were burning after staring at my mac’s lcd for 3 hours.

    Let us know how the experience is. I tried and failed in a day that seemed like hell. I am an apple fan, but unable to justify an iPad purchase in lieu of a netbook.

  • I’m not impressed by Apple at all… 4 iPod Touch ducktaped together basically. Or a huge iPhone that can’t be used as a phone.

    The only reason I would buy one is if I have loads of cash to spend and the fact that the products Apple produces is shiny and good looking.

  • Great product, comparing with a netpc. Do a same basics things, but i think that multitask is necessary.

  • Hey, great coverage … but ‘Missing Stuff’ you mention about the fingerprint and Apple claims that uses a anti-fingerprint coating.

    If you wanna learn more or as much, here is a video :


  • It’s a king size iPod Touch….no USB ports WTF?

  • no multitasking?

    are we somehow back in ’89

    this serves absolutely no purpose in my eyes..

  • Great product, but we still need a PC..

  • I like the iPad and already ordered my to be shipped to South Africa.
    We where all expecting something nice, but I have some issues with this product.
    A huge fuss has been made about the printing industries involvement in this project, especially the magazines and future Digital Reading Experience in the form of a 3d page functionality. But this device doesn’t support FLASH (swf). All the software and 3d books available like on is bases on Adobe Flash Player. Without Flash support … I have to agree with the most comments – It is just a big iphone / ipod touch. I love the size, shape and weight and everything else.

    Just a little bit frustrated due to the lack of Flash support.

    Does anyone know what will be used in the future to support flash based apps on the iPad – Java, JSON ?

  • I was really hopping for a tablet form of a macbook. I really don’t think that the iphone OS scales up good enough to be marketed on a “computer.” This kind of shatters my hopes of video and image editing on an apple tablet.

  • Nah, nothing but a beautiful super sized iPod. And so restricted – what if I want to use an app that I’m used to and I love?
    Furthermore, I own a mac already, I’ve had an iPhone too, but this device?!?!? I don’t understand why would I want to own it, when i already have this functionality.

    And then again I guess that Apple’s idea is to sell this to a non-tech, non-demanding consumers who are just searching for a beautiful way to send e-mails and look trendy in the eyes of their non-techy friends.
    This then is not us:)

  • I need a web cam in it, so i could use Skype. Or should i wait for the version 2 and upgrades? Why there’s always some little but important feature missing. I’m tired of this kind of “marketing tricks”.

  • We need a Macbook touch. Please Apple. You can really do it instead of selling this “inbetween” device to us.