Bargain Software in The Mac Sale

We thought that we should let you know about a new Mac software bundle that’s gone on sale today. The Mac Sale is back for a second time, offering a range of different software for the bargain price of $49.99.

Here are the different application on offer:

You can even receive an extra 5% off the bundle if you use the code “TMSAPPSTORM” when purchasing. Let us know what you think of the bundle, the price, and the applications on offer in the comments!

  • Matto

    IMO it’s much better than the bundle.

  • dave

    To many of the same apps. The macfreindly budle was actually pretty good just run like crap, macsnapper was one I’d been wanting but was never in a bundle. That god macheist is starting so we can get some good apps.

  • Russ

    Has anyone used that CrossOver Games app? If so, how is it?

  • lockwesmonster

    In other news, there is a new mini mission up at .

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