Cha-Ching Acquired by Intuit, and Alternatives

Financial megalith Intuit, the company most famously know for its Quickbooks application, has picked up independent financial mac app maker Midnight Apps and its popular Cha-Ching product. What does that mean for Cha-Ching users? It’s not altogether clear yet, but given Intuit’s history with their users after the acquisition, you’d be forgiven for thinking things are about to go downhill with Cha-Ching.

TechCrunch reports today that in fact Intuit managed to hire Cha-Ching’s team some months ago and is only now wrapping up an acquisition of thieir code and graphics.

Meanwhiles the Cha-Ching website has switched to a notice site pushing people to Quicken for Mac or the web alternative

Other Mac Finance Apps!

Fortunately there are lots of alternative Mac Apps for Finance and Money Management, and you can read about some of them right here on Mac.AppStorm, including:

What’s your take on the acquisition?


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  • Interesting. I wonder why they acquired the Midnight Apps team and Cha-Ching? It’s a really solid product, but Intuit already has some great desktop apps. My only qualm is that is still largely “stand-alone” – none of Intuit’s desktop apps integrate with Mint.

  • Bah, they basically bought a dead horse. This app was dead for at least a year, with no sign from the dev team. I doubt it will get any better now… Unprofessional team, unusable and eternally alpha software. Midnight Apps/Cha-Ching disappearing in an acquisition might be the best thing to happen to the team and the app.

    • @patrick – I agree. They made a tidy profit when it was bundled with a software bundle (either MacHeist or MacUpdate) and then after that offered loyal users zero support, zero updates and promises of redevelopments which never appeared. Their stock reply to everything was “we’ll have an update out shortly”.

      Glad I switched to MoneyWell when I did. Good to see all the rotten eggs in the same basket now. As for dropping support for non-US users, well that explains just how narrow-minded this company had become.

  • Oh cool, seems Quicken essentials for mac and Mint are both only supported in the US, thanks Midnight Apps !

    Love. Canada.

  • Interesting. I have used IBank for the last six months, and have finally decided to switch back to Quicken for WIndows. The reasons? I like to be able to track my budgets in different categories, that Quicken does, but Ibank does not, it is also easier to keep track of investments.

    But more importantly, Ibank is so dang slow…and using the Iphone app is almost worthless due to the time it takes to sync the data.

    • You might want to check out the iBank 4 beta, Ive been playing with it a couple weeks now and its pretty slick, envelope budgeting is way cool!

  • “megalith”? Perhaps you meant “monolith.”

    • Oops you’re right! Although I just googled and apparently megalith is a big stone, so I’m going to leave it in there :-) Intuit the big stone company :-D

  • jeez, no support from Mr. Alvarez for about a year, just ignoring the people buying Cha-Ching for iPhone and waiting for a beta never to be released. what a disgrace ! It happens that this person is already working months for his new employee !

    Cha-Ching: worst support experience ever despite the good looks of the iPhone app

    I made a choice for a MoneyWell on both iPhone and Mac. Very fine people and great support.

  • Great, first they fuck us as paying customers and now this crap? What the hell? I’m not going to waste any more money on these guys, even if they go to Intuit. MoneyWell, here I come.

  • Any aquisition by Intuit is bad. Their sheer disregard for the Mac market, most notably the Canadian Mac market, is unforgivable. I hope the Cha-Ching gang turns out to be a corporate plant by an unknown conspirator with the sole goal of taking down Intuit.

  • Developers like Midnight Apps give the Mac community a bad name. Their software is buggy, in eternal alpha and they show no respect at all for people that bought their apps.

    Good riddance, even if I really liked Cha-Ching. Off to MoneyWell.

  • I feel the same a lot on this comment board. As much as I liked Cha-Ching just because it got bought by Intuit doesn’t mean I’ll be switching over.

    I was with Cha-Ching for a reason because it was NOT Intuit (Quicken/windows like).

    If I go for another money management app, it will be MoneyWell too. For now Im not using anything because I feel burned by the people at Midnight Apps.