Coda 2 Coming May 24th

Here’s a date for your diary, people.

This coming Thursday, Coda 2 will be available for download, which is a massive update featuring a completely overhauled interface, tonnes of new features (over 100 in total, according to the developers) and a few surprises thrown in for good measure as well. The update will be paid however any customers that have purchased Coda in the past month or so will receive it for free. The developers are also running a 50% off promotion for the first 24 hours of sale as well.

Coda 2

The new interface of Coda 2, which is due to be released this coming Thursday.

Coda 2 brings a whole new kind of web editing with code folding, a much requested feature meaning that you can still focus on subsections whilst still managing large portions of code and a new smart complete function for auto-completion of custom variables and functions. There are also workflow improvements, such as automatic indentations and a new find and replace system, an indispensable tool for most developers.

Smart Complete

The new Smart Complete feature in action in Coda 2

The user interface of Coda 2 has also been given a significant overhaul with an all-new tabbed interface and a customisable dock for your tools. The update also focuses on better site management, with iCloud sync for your sites and clips (if purchased from the App Store) and a new MySQL editor with a full GUI.

Alongside Coda 2, Diet Coda is also being released for the iPad, meaning that you aren’t tied down to your desk if you want to make a few quick tweaks to your website. Another groovy feature for Diet Coda is AirPreview, meaning you can view the changes to your website directly on your iPad without having to save and go into preview mode first, which is a definite bonus for developers.

Diet Coda iPad

Diet Coda will be also available this Thursday as well, allowing developers to make quick changes to their site wherever they are.

Of course, you’ll have to wait until Thursday to find about all the new features Coda 2 has to offer and We will, of course, be doing a full review of it when it is released so watch this space!

Coda 2 will be released this Thursday on the developers’ website as well as on the Mac App Store and will be priced at $75 (upgrade pricing).


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  • I am VERY excited for the launch of Coda 2! I will admit, looking at the screenshots it does appear slightly cluttered. I will try it out on launch day regardless!

    • I agree, going by the screenshot the interface looks cluttered, mainly due to the document thumbnails on top. Thankfully you can scale the toolbar down until they become text only tabs.

      I will definitely try it out, but it will have to been really awesome to get me to switch away from Espresso 2.

  • Yeah, this interface looks pretty bad when put side by side with the previous version.

  • Coda was my first editor in the mac for web development, and was one of the reasons of buy a mac instead a pc. But… there’s nothing now. I have quit coda for textmate, and textmate for sublime. Now, i’m very happy with sublime. All features listed here, i can do quicker with sublime.

    Anyway, when the demo comes out, i’ll give it a try, but i think it arrives to late

  • I own Coda 1 and the latest Dreamweaver. The Coda 2 feature lists and screenshots leave me feeling bored about the product and thinking, “Is that all?” I really want to like Coda 2, but it seems like Panic’s idea of improvement is to cram more features in with a mess of sidebars, icons, and popups. I would rather have seen refinement of Coda 1. I do think Coda 2 will be a huge success, because there is apparently a market for such an all-in-one tool with lots of eye candy and gee-whiz UI “features.” How does that help me get work done that pays my mortgage? In my opinion, TextMate, SublimeText, Chocolat, and MacVim are far more elegant. I have never understood the appeal of all-in-one apps that perform none of the functions half as well as the standalone counterparts. For me, the best tools are the least noticeable and help me get results. There’s very little mental/visual friction with minimal tools. Take TextMate or MacVim for instance. It is *all* about the code. Coda 2 seems so “in your face” that using it is more about, well, Coda.

    • I agree. The UI is very distracting from doing the actual work. I use Aptana, a great “all-in-one” IDE and have been very happy with it. The UI may not be all that, but it focuses on coding so well, my workflow is effortless.

  • The upgrade is NOT free for people who bought it from the app store. Considering I just bought Coda v1 only 20 days ago I think that sucks that I will have to pay full price to get the upgrade. Worst Mac software purchasing decision I ever made.