Mac App Store Now Available With Over 1,000 Apps

Everyone expected an announcement at some point today, and it seems that it’s come a few hours ahead of the anticipated time of 9am PST. I’m really excited to let you know that the latest OS X update (10.6.6) is now available for download through Software Update.

The main addition is support for the newly released Mac App Store, that allows you to quickly find, download and update software on your Mac. It’s a revolutionary new way to handle the process of finding and downloading desktop software, and has received a warm reception from many popular Mac developers.

Read on to find out more about how to install and navigate around the all-new Mac App Store!

Having problems downloading software through the store? Just click Store > Sign Out, reboot your Mac, and you should be good to go!

Download and Install

Weighing in at just under 115MB, the update downloaded and installed quickly for us with no problems at all. After rebooting, you’ll be presented with a new icon in your OS X Dock that looks something similar to the following:

The New Mac App Store Icon

Clicking it will launch the new Mac App Store, and showcase some of the new applications available to download and purchase. We’ll be looking at a selection of these in greater detail later today, so stay tuned to read about some of the best new software available in the Mac App Store shortly.

Featured Software

The Mac App Store streamlines the process of browsing for and downloading software, and splits this process up in a similar way to the existing iTunes Store for iOS devices.

After launching the app for the first time, you’re presented with a page of featured downloads and popular apps:

The Mac App Store Featured Page

The Mac App Store Featured Page

I’m impressed by the range, number and quality of software that’s already available through the store. Over 1,000 applications are available to download right now – a surprisingly high number, and one that will no doubt give you hours of fun flicking through different pages of the store.

Top Charts & Categories

There are two other ways to browse new applications: through the “Top Charts” page, that showcases Top Free, Paid and Grossing apps, or via the breakdown of different Categories:

Top Free, Paid and Grossing Apps

Top Free, Paid and Grossing Apps

Experiencing Download Issues?

Many people are reporting problems with downloading software at the moment, and up to this point, I haven’t been able to succeed with this process on either the US or UK App Store. This could be due to congestion over at Apple servers, or just the process of the whole system gradually scaling up to meet initial demand.

It’s worth downloading the software update purely to browse the Store at this point, even if it’s going to be a few more hours before you can actually download and install new software through it.

Picking Up Your Existing Software

On the whole, it seems that the Mac App Store does a fairly poor job of determining which software you already have installed on your system. I’m a proud user of many of the apps available through the store at launch, but most of them (with the exception of Apple’s own software) do not show up as already installed.

This is understandable to some degree, but it’s a problem I had hoped Apple would be able to find a solution to. Frustratingly, it means that we won’t be able to use the automatic software update service unless an app has specifically been purchased through the App Store.

What Do You Think?

So, after downloading and trying out the new Mac App Store, what do you think? Is it going to be the new way to purchase and download all your new software, or are you still wishing that it had never been announced?

I think it can only lead to good things for Mac software developers, and the general application ecosystem. I can’t wait to download some of the new software that has been announced today, and rest assured we’ll be bringing you all the latest news and updates as we find out more!


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  • just downloaded!!i installed twitter for mac and works great!

    • I keep getting the error 100…if you have any info please contact me!

      • Download a free single from itunes using the same account as App-Store…then restart App-store…and boom you are done…
        worked great for me….

  • All I ever get is…

    We could not complete your App Store request. An unknown error occurred (100).

    Tons of other people on Twitter are getting the same error. Is it working for some people and not others or is it broken for everyone?

    • yeah im getting the same problem, are you from the UK or US?

      • I’m in the US, but after restarting the AppStore about 5 times, it finally started working.

      • Getting the same problem..the solution is quit App Store, Rebooting your Mac, open App Store again, and the problem is gone :)

    • Solution 1: Restart the application
      Solution 2: Restart the computer

    • Log out of your user account or reboot your system and relaunch the app store. That should do the trick.

    • Reboot your Mac. Helped me a lot

  • Downloaded and installed twitter for mac and bought Angrybirds. It all works seamless!

  • my mac is 10.5.8 and nothing is in the software update :(

    • You need to have 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Sorry. :(

      • Ok i understand tht we need 10.6.6 to download the mac app store, but 10.6.6 is not available in the software updates either, how can we get it?

    • Sorry Jack, got to be on Snow Leopard – which is a paid update. Visit your local apple store to pickup a copy for $29.

    • only works on snow leopard (10.6)

  • I cant seem to download anything from the store, i just keep getting (error 100) app store error, please try again later.. anyone else in the UK/US getting this?
    I don’t know whether its a country related problem or if its just because so many people are trying to download?

    • Yep, same for me in the UK. Back to google to see if there is a solution.

      The store is wonderful though, can’t wait to use it. I think this was a very smart move on Apples part.

      • I got it working, i logged out of the appstore and it opened it up again, tried to buy twitter and it asked for my password and then it downloaded. very sleek hope that gets you sorted.

    • Cheers, everything good now. Signout, reboot mac, sign back in – great!!!

  • Whose brilliant idea was it to put Angry Birds on the desktop? Now I’ll never get any work done!!!

    I noticed that some apps I already have show up as installed, but a few don’t.

    Looks like a good start out of the gate, although a little disappointed some of things that are more popular aren’t in there.

    Should really boost what this site has to write about, lol.

  • To everyone that’s having problems downloading software, just click Store > Sign Out, reboot your Mac, and you should be good to go!

  • what about people (like me) that do not have a credit card and would like to get some free apps? The store seems to demand that I have some sort of credit card for me to proceed. :(

    • There should be an option, in the list of credit card types, for ‘none’. Then it will still need a name and address, but otherwise, you’re ready to go!

      • nah, only visa, master card and a couple of other credit card choices appear :(
        Thanks for caring, though :)

  • Cheers David, everything working now ;-)

  • The only thing worthwhile I found to download was Twitter for Mac (Tweetie 2.0). Everything else I kind of glazed over and closed it.

    I’d rather go to the developer’s site.

    • … and hope that the developer will release updates not only in the Mac App Store. (:

  • Got it installed and downloaded a few free apps without a hitch. I have the same problem of some of my software not showing up as being installed (Pixelmator). Also, it does not look like the family paks will be available anymore. For someone with several macs in the household, this is going to be an issue. On the flip side, I do like the ability to update Iphoto without all the rest of the software suite.

  • Love the Twitter app!

  • I though that was going to be like MacUpdate Desktop, I mean that it would update all the app that I have on my computer. I have to buy like all my apps on the Mac store so he can check for the updates. that sucks, I don’t like it.

  • Overall the store is a pretty decent first offering. I’d like to see them resolve the issues around items I’ve already purchased and are already in the store (Billings, MarsEdit…) so that I can update them all together. I’m not sure where the responsibility lies but if I own it I had sort of assumed that it would be pulled into the App Store and get the functions that are there.

    It’s also disappointing that I don’t see blog updates or forum updates from any of the software developers that aren’t showing apps as purchased in the store.

  • About the purchased apps showing up as installed: some of them show up as installed, some don’t.

    Bowtie, for example, showed up as installed after I installed the latest update of that application through the Sparkle framework. I generally found that most of the paid apps I purchased through the developer’s sites did not show up as already installed on my system.

  • For an App to show up, it need the exact same versions. Right now I do have some app that don’t show up on the App Store as installed but the developer has already told me that the only way to get future updates is through the App Store.

    So I’m at the point that I either stop upgrading the app (so I stop using it) or pay again and hope I get the next major point revision (2.0) free.

    • Ah – That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying Stephane!

  • Mac apps can download and install to all Macs associated with an Apple ID.

    “You can install apps on every Mac you use and even download them again. This is especially convenient when you buy a new Mac and want to load it with apps you already own.”

  • It’s awesome.

    Also, the App store does recognize all of my installed apps. It recognizes Things just fine for example.

    • It only recognizes software up to date. So you can’t update software you bought out of the App Store with it, but you can tell which apps need an update by looking if they show up as installed or not.

  • I have OS 10.6.5 and its telling me that there are no software updates available..
    I tried rebooting but no joy..

  • Why the Mac store doesn’t show any of my installed apps that I have on my mac, like things etc ..?? anyone knows why ?

  • if someone could answer this. i had many applications before updating and getting the mac app store. i even installed the twitter app but i dont see it anywhere. where can i find my apps cause i dont even see them on my applications folder/finder.
    the launchpad that they had shown on the keynote. i cant see it anywhere. thanks in advance.

  • Tried it and it works as one would expect from Apple, not sure if I’ve continue to use it though. The idea of allowing the “cloud” access to my production macs is a little scary! It seems to me that a lot of marketing information WILL be collected in the background.

  • I’ve noticed a number of items much cheaper in the app store than on the author’s website. Nullriver’s MediaLink is $20 on their own website and £5.99 (about $9) in the App store. Have I missed something. Same applies to Aperture.

  • You are required to have the OSX 10.6 version running in order to install the Mac AppStore. I am new to Mac and only have the 10.5.8 version running on my MacBook. I can’t seem to find out how to upgrade to 10.6. Is it free or is it charged? Sorry for my bad English.

    • U have to buy an upgrade to newer OS X – Snow Leopard (10.6) ‘cos U currently have Leopard (10.5), even tho’ it’s fully updated up to 10.5.8.

      Upgrade version is quite affordable, so it shouldn’t be a problem for U. Just go to any store selling Apple stuff and ask for it. Installation is also fast&easy, and because it’s an upgrade U’ll end up with exactly the same system U use and know – just a newer one :)

  • Am I the only person who isn’t a fan of the user interface?
    The main body is fine and easy to navigate like the itunes store.
    But it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the applications built for mac.

    It’s the thinner toolbar at the top which makes it strange. It needs a title bar like itunes, safari and the rest have in my opinion. And the misplacement of the traffic lights. Slightly bugging me!

    • I dunno if U’re the only one, but for me the UI seems ok.
      When having MAS window in front U certainly know what app it is, so title bar is pointless (especially since U have „AppStore” name displayed in menubar). Traffic lights are a different story tho’. I think it follows an Apple trend to experiment with them a little before Lion’s release. Personally I never really use them – keyboard is my way.
      Finally, MAS is more like a dedicated browser, not a typical app, so it should stand out a bit. Still, it’s consistent with iTunes Store so everyone should feel at home with it.

      What it lacks for me is breadcrumb bar as an optional navigation aid and short info about the app after rolling over its icon.

  • Mac is becoming supper locked platform… After 6 years of being a Mac user, I’m considering Ubuntu.

    Screw you Mac, you’re not gonna sucker me out of every penny into your locked system. I can even watch movies in Flash from the Internet. Screw you royally,

  • Honestly, I’m afraid of upgrading to the latest OS cause, I might not be able to install .DMG files off the Internet, and forced to always go to the Mac App Store and charge me.

    Now I’m gonna have to jailbreak my mac…. Pffffff

    Too locked of a system… It’s just closed. Look at it from any angle, Apple is suckering you into using what they want you to use.

  • I wrote a blog post (with lots of screenshots) about installing the App Store to help anyone who still has questions: . Hope this helps!