MacHeist nanoBundle: 7 Apps for $20

MacHeist, known for their regular “bundle” sales of OS X software, have announced a new nanoBundle. This offer consists of 7 applications, usually priced at over $260, for $19.95. Here’s what to expect from this year’s bundle:

  • MacJournal ($39.95) – A good choice for any amount of writing, whether that’s just a quick note, an in-depth blog entry or a full-on book. It recently featured in our note taking app roundup.
  • RipIt ($19.95) – We recently reviewed RipIt, a DVD ripping application. An all-round winner, and a gorgeously designed app.
  • Clips ($27) – Featuring in our recent clipboard utility roundup, Clips helps you better manage copy-and-pasting on your Mac.
  • CoverScout ($39.95) – A well-designed and useful application for quickly locating missing cover art in your iTunes library. I’ll be purchasing the bundle for this application alone!
  • Flow ($25) – Flow is an FTP app that we have reviewed in the past. We really liked the range of features it packed.
  • Tales Of Monkey Island ($34.95) – The obligatory bundle game, this one promises six episodes of pirate-filled adventure. Unlikely to be the “killer” app that makes you purchase the bundle!
  • RapidWeaver ($79) – Unlocked after a certain number of bundles are purchased, RapidWeaver is a brilliant web design tool for the Mac. Check out our review for an in-depth look at it’s feature set.

You have seven days to purchase the bundle and, as usual, the final two applications are only unlocked after a certain number of sales are reached. Don’t worry – the target is always met!

What’s the verdict? Will you be picking up the bundle for $19.95?


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  • Bought! Mainly for Flow and Clip.

  • actually, I think ToMI is /THE/ App in the bundle. And I already own that, so I pass. It’s a pitty, I never passed on MacHeist bundles before… but this might just be the start to a new Heist experience anyways.

  • Already bought. As a relatively new Mac User it will def. help me out. Especially looking forward to Flow and Rapid Weaver.

  • Anyone else unable to open the MacHeist page in Safari ?… keeps locking up for me.

  • Got teh mac bundle last night. Have to say that Monkey island and ipod rip it is what persuaded me.

    Also RapidWeaver does not hurt, it seems like a chopped down version of dreamweaver. I am actually a coder who uses text wrangler all the time, but unfortunately am the stereotype that some coders do NOT make (good) designers. I have a feeling this would be a great tool to do two pages in rapidWeaver then edit and add in dynamic portions in text wrangler.

    BTW for monkey island, 50,000 people need to buy, not just for rapid weaver.

  • Tales Of Monkey Island ($34.95) – …Likely to be the “killer” app that makes you purchase the bundle!


  • I was agonizing over whether to pass this up, as I already have RipIt and plenty of games I don’t play. Then I realized, it’s just $20, FTW!

  • why does an app that finds album cover art regularly cost almost 40dollars? absolutely ridiculous.

  • won’t bother tbh. seems like a few junk apps that you can do easily with free alternatives.

    Macjournal = Textedit with inverted colours. If you want more features go with pages.

    RipIt = decent app, but how often does anyone rip DVDs?

    Clips = Notepad in dashboard, ok so it can’t do pictures, but just copy the links.

    Coverscout = rip off, just use iTunes and google.

    Flow = great app agreed, but you could just use cyberduck

    Tales of monkey island = it’s a game, another crappy mac game.

    RapidWeaver = worth it, but I don’t do any web editing, and I suppose the people who actually do already have a decent program.

    • To tell the truth:

      -) Macjournal and Pages (or Word) are quite different tools

      -) Tales of monkey island has got a very good reputation. Both among Mac and PC users.

  • On the fence: Don’t keep a journal, don’t rip a lot of DVDs (and Handbrake works great when I need to), Clip is definitely interesting, CoverScout is a waste (there are free utils that do the same), Flow is nice but I use Forklift already, ToMi might be good for my daughter, and as for RapidWeaver, I’ve always preferred text editors for coding (and I especially like Espresso), but maybe it could be useful for quick mockups, dunno ‘cuz i haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. So, so far, it’s looking like a pass.

  • I’m probably going to buy this because of Monkey Island, which I was going to get anyways. I’m glad I didn’t already get it because $34.95 for Monkey Island alone compared to $20 for Monkey Island alone is a significant difference. Even if I don’t use any of the other 6 applications I’ll still feel good about it.

    As for the other 6 applications I already have Ripit and do use it to add DVDs to my Plex HTC. I also already have free and paid alternatives that do what the other 5 applications do but I’ll give these applications a try to see if they’re better.

    Sidenote: After purchasing the last MacHeist bundle and the last MacUpdate bundle I promised myself no more bundles unless there’s something I really need or were already planning on buying. Neither of those bundles had such applications – only some applications that I thought could be useful for me. As time passed what first looked like unbelievable deals eventually settled into barely worth it, meaning ultimately I actually only use enough of the apps in each bundle to just about equal the price of the bundles. That said, unless there’s something you really want or were planning on buying anyways I highly recommend using almost the entire period of time such bundles are on sale to download and thoroughly play around with the trial versions of each application. This can go a long way in determining whether or not a bundle is worth it to you. Remember, unless there’s some special deal for the first X-number of buyers then it makes no difference whether you buy on the first day or last day.

    In this case Monkey Island does it for me by itself so no trial testing needed. It doesn’t hurt that we’re only talking $20 as opposed to $30-$50. :-)

  • I just bought it and already configured MacJournal. I want to give it a try, maybe it will replace my WordPress Admin Area for writing new posts. And I mean, 20 bucks? C’mon that’s not much. And it’s for a great cause.

  • Bought it. The receipt I received shows I paid $17,95, don’t know what caused that.

  • For 20 bucks?! Worth the price to demo the software. Even if I only end up using one of the seven.

  • I’m definitetly going to pass this time. I too agree that there are free and solid alternatives for the apps that are sold on the bundle. I was waiting for something amazing like last year’s Macheist, this time around it’s dissapointing.

  • Passing on this one. Nothing outstanding in there that wasn’t in other bundles (Macheist Maczot, MUpromo etc) already in the last year or so. Hoping for a some heist in the near future though.

  • Great deal – and I like that they’re raising money for charity.

    I’m planning to pick up the bundle. I already own RipIt and RapidWeaver (both great apps)…though apparently it’s possible to gift up to two of the licenses.

  • I just Bought it.

  • Grab it earlier today! Oh yeah. :)

  • I purchased the bundle for the only purpose of getting CoverScout. In addition, 20$ is like nothing :)

  • Maheist has just added 3 more apps to the package. Including Tracks by Conceided Software (Clips) and two more games. Customers simply have to follow Macheist on Twitter and post one tweet about the bundle.

    greets, Janik

  • Last day today. now with Tweetie for Mac (+ extras) –

    “Sound good? It gets even better next month
    Why? Because Loren’s hard at work at Tweetie 2 for Mac, bringing it to feature parity with Tweetie 2 for iPhone, adding a spiffy new interface, and more.

    The cool part is all MacHeist nanoBundle customers will get an exclusive sneak peak of the future of tweeting, plus a free upgrade to 2.0. We’ll email you with more details when the time comes. :)”

    Roll on next month. i just bought for Tweetie 2 alone!