MacStories Festival Giveaway

Mac software developers are incredibly generous when it comes to giving something away free to the community – whether in a competition or a bundle. Federico got in touch yesterday to let me know about MacStories Festival, a 10 day giveaway of more than 130 different software licenses. That’s an awful lot of free software!

The MacStories Festival includes a variety of popular apps such as:

  • Tweetie
  • Fontcase
  • 1Password
  • Pixelmator
  • Master Of My Domain
  • Layers
  • Twitteriffic

Almost 35 different apps for Mac and iPhone are on offer, and 130 licenses are up for grabs. It’s a big party, created with Apple lovers in mind! Head over to the competition announcement to read more and enter. The giveaway closes tomorrow, on Wednesday 7th October. Good luck!


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  • sounds awsome !

  • Thanks for the heads up, David!

  • Nice idea. Twitter and social “word of mouth” advertisement is what matters today. But is that right, fair way?

  • Did you just say “a 10 day giveaway of more than 130 different software licences offered by Mac software developers? That is way flippin’ cool! I say thumbs up to those who had come up with this marketing strategy for this will surely bring in people to experiment on the software for the first time and it will more likely double up the number of Apple patronizers.

    Mark from échasse urbaine