OS X 10.7.3 Released, Featuring Safari 5.1.3 And More

After spending the last couple of months in the testing stage, the third update to Mac OS X Lion has finally been released to the public through Apple Software Update. OS X 10.7.3 is a recommended update for all Lion users and features a small number of tweaks and fixes aimed at smoothing out those niggling creases in Apple’s core operating system.

OS X 10

Apple has released OS X 10.7.3 through Software Update on Lion

Apart from Safari 5.1.3, the update has provided support for more languages in Lion (including Catalan, Greek, Thai and Ukrainian), fixed a graphics performance issue in iMacs that utilise ATI graphics and sorted out a couple of other issues, such as WiFi connection issues and smart card authentication issues. OS X 10.7.3 also fixes “compatibility issues with Windows file sharing” (some Apple users have been waiting for pretty much since Windows came about) and adds RAW image support for a select handful of digital cameras.

Apple also quietly released a security update for any users still on Snow Leopard, although the change list for this has not yet been published.

To grab the new version of Lion then head over to Software Update where it should be ready and waiting for you. Always remember to back up your machine before updating should anything go pear-shaped, however!

The full change log is available on Apple’s website here.


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  • Does everyone have the new odd hand pointer on links? It looks so strange with the pointer finger angled to the left…

    • Screenshot please!

    • Yeah, Im getting the little Mickey Mouse glove pointer finger too, Im not sure how I feel about it…
      @Hawk- Just hover your mouse over a link, you should be able to see it :)

  • ‘Resolve a Wi-Fi connection issue when waking from sleep’

    The update didn’t fix my issue with the Wi-Fi connection, still doesn’t connect to my preferred network after the sleep mode. Also emptied all my preferred networks. Anybody else with the same problem still?

    I have the mickey mouse finger as well, doesn’t bother me too much though.

  • I was holding my fingers ceossed for only one functionality restored: swipe beetwen apps and spaces whilst draging a file. It misteriously disapeard in the previous update and now… IT’S BACK :)

  • Word Of Warning

    If you are on a MacBook Pro do not install this update. This update is completely breaking the OS and making it unuseable, apps crash the moment you open them. The buttons are being replaced with “CUI” text etc. You can read more about it here:


    • Your mileage may vary. Absolutely ZERO issues with my 13″ MBP.

    • No problems on a MacBookPro5,3

    • Fine on my ancient MacBookPro3,1

  • So far so good on my MBP, no issues

  • No issues with MacBookPro5,5