Safari 4 Beta Released

Apple have just released a new version of Safari. It brings a whole host of improvements including noticeable speed enhancements, new ways to browse and search sites, and a range of interface changes. A few new features to look out for are:

  • Very noticeable speed improvements
  • Top Sites – a way to browse your most commonly frequented sites
  • Cover Flow implementation throughout the browser
  • Tabs are now placed at the top of the window (akin to Google Chrome)

A full list of changes has been posted on the what’s new page. I’m really pleased with the speed improvements, and feel that it’s a worthy Version 4 release. Head over to the download page and let me know what you think!


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  • So far.. I love it. Very nice.
    It seems faster and I like the little intro video.

  • It’s been running really smoothly thus far. I’m really pleased with it and will move off of Firefox for the time being.

  • Loving it till now. I just imported my Firefox bookmarks too. I hope that would be a great switch after a long time!!

  • Firefox is better IMO. It’s still a nice browser.

  • Hmmm. Seems like I’m going back to Safari. If just someone would make a Firebug kinda plugin, though the inbuild Inspect is still quite good.

    Speed increases are great :o

  • Looks really nice, I love the new things!

  • 1Password doesn’t work with this beta. :(

  • It’s still fresh, 1Password will be updated soon.

  • I like it overall, had it crash on a few times and then mysteriously start working again. Other than that it’s really nice. I notice that it’s quick and I like the Chromish tabs.

  • I really am liking it so far. I like how you can finally CTRL + TAB between your pages now and I like the speed. I wish you could determine your own Top Sites but thats about all I don’t like about it.

  • I’m definitely gonna test it, but I’m in love with Chrome on my PC, so I think both Firefox and Safari will have to step aside when Chrome comes to Mac.

  • This is an awesome update to Safari, I’m really liking it. They just need to make extensions available like firefox!

  • Okay I’ve just tried it for some hours now, and I really like. You will notice that it’s still in beta (it crashes at. But that’s rarely, and I almost forced it to :p)

    The two things you probably will notice first is that tabs are on the top like you’ll see in Google Chrome. I’m not currently sure if i like this or not, but as someone said before me you can CTRL+TAB to change between tabs, so I have to learn these.

    The other eyepoppin’ feature it the Top Sites. You will find it next to your “Show all bookmarks” icon in the bookmark menu, and when you open a new tab. I haven’t yet found a GUI way to change your top sites, and thats could might be a little annoying if you visit NSFW sites often ;) You can change your Top Sites in ~/Library/Safari/TopSites.plist. Open it with TextEdit and it’s easy to do the rest.

    I experienced Safari to be faster, but not as fast as many said.

    Oh and yes guys you now have a new tab button. Happy :D

  • A quick addition – to put tabs back to normal, open a Terminal window and type:

    defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO

    To put the loading bar/progress meter back, type:

    defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool NO

    defaults write DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool NO

    • Thanks for the last one! I can’t live without that, I even have an Addon for Firefox that does just that :p Again thanks

    • Thanks for these fixes, I hated sitting here wonder how far the page had loaded! The only problem is that you lose the refresh button, but now you have the ability to add it back into the toolbar as you wish. Thank again!

  • What does the blue corner on some of the top pages mean?

    • It means you’ve bookmarked that page.

    • As i know, it means, that the site has been updated since last visit.

  • Oh it indicates new content since last visited.. NICE!

  • FireFox is way too slow for me (start up time), so Safari is the only browser I use. This is a great update!

  • I’ve installed it, and now uninstalled it. I’m not sure where we went wrong, but it was slow, buggy, and caused Mail to crash while installed. One of the biggest drawbacks was that my javascript for changing windows sizes (whilst doing web dev) only worked with one tab open.

    I guess I’ll give it another go later when I have time to play with it a bit.

  • It’s been working awesome for me. I like the new web inspector, feels closer to what Firebug has been able to do. There should be a web inspector button, but the kb shortcut will have to do, or programmable mouse.

    Top Sites is nice, but I think needs a GUI for editing them better, not just where they are on-screen. Having to click the x buttons until you get the sites you want isn’t fun, and the more time goes on they change unless you put the “tack” in them. I’ll have to edit the Top Sites plist for now until they update it to edit nicer.

    But overall, very nice!

  • I downloaded and installed this a few hours ago. So far, the tabs at the top have thrown me off – they’re very different and I often find myself clicking where the tabs used to be. Ah, well. I’ll get used to it. Cover Flow is very nice – allows me to quickly get to the site I want. The only thing I don’t like so far is the refresh button built into the URL bar, and the inability to remove the ‘+’ button for bookmarks, which I now hit by accident instead of the home button. Overall, I’d give it 8/10 compared to version 3, which got 8.5/10.

  • Love the new developer tools.

  • I Love it, and if you look in the help tab (on mac) there is a option called “Installed plug in”, I have never noticed this before. So maybe room for firefox like add ons? Or I may be totally wrong.

    I hope so, been browsing with safari on my mac for a while. This has just put a smile on my face.

  • Any word on it’s support for CSS 3.0?

  • I can’t get used to those tabs being on top, and the start screen being that wall of pictures.

    • It doesn’t have to be. It shows that the first time you open it, then after that you can have your homepage back. (:

  • Safari 4 has made me come back from firefox. Which i never thought would happen.