The Mac Sale Launches

With all the hype centered yearly around MacHeist, it’s common for other bundles to be easily overlooked. One great deal announced yesterday is The Mac Sale, offering ten highly acclaimed applications for $49.99.

The software included in the bundle is:

  • Flux – An all-in-one web design app which handles CSS, WYSIWYG, coding, debugging, publishing, and even basic image editing (see our review)
  • Scribbles – Whether you want to sketch a cartoon, draw a birthday card or jot down some design ideas, Scribbles can help bring your imagination to life.
  • Interarchy – An advanced file-transfer system for OS X, including a brand new protocol built upon SSH.
  • Iris – A powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution for all your photo editing needs.
  • WriteRoom – An application which takes a completely different approach to writing, stripping away all the distractions you commonly find yourself faced with when using a Mac (see our review)
  • REALBasic – A software development tool for creating high-quality applications.
  • Houdah Spot – The bestselling file search tool for the Mac, unleashing the full power of Spotlight.
  • Stuf – The professional clipboard manager built for the modern Mac.
  • TaskPaper – A task manager that recognizes and automatically formats projects, tasks, notes, and tags.
  • MarinerCalc – A powerful spreadsheet that can “turn data into information” with powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share.
The Applications on Offer

The Applications on Offer

The sale has started already and will continue to run until the 18th August. An asking price of $49.99 is a real bargain for the applications on offer, and I’d certainly recommend taking a closer look to decide whether the bundle is worth snapping up.

Disclaimer: Although The Mac Sale are one of our advertisers, this is not a sponsored post. We just think it’s a great deal!


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  • Coda would be perfect! : ) I’m going to buy after my trial finished!

    • Espresso was in the MacHeist Bundle this year. Coda was in the MacHeist bundle the year before that i’m pretty sure. And TextMate was in the bundle the year before that.

      I may be wrong about the past 2 years, i diddn’t buy those bundles, but i did buy the one this year so i’m sure about Espresso.

      ….but what does that have to do with this post? lol. I have Flux also… not really a big fan of it thus far. There are way too many bugs in Flux2 and it slows me down rather that speeding things up. Hand coding in flux is a pain in the ass.

  • Gotta say, the MacHiest Bundle is waaaay better than this. Must try harder Mac Sale.

    • I’ve gotta agree. I’ve bought several mac bundles in the past, a good 90% of the bundles offered suck horribly though.

      Not even half of the applications in this bundle have been written about here on this blog, but alot of their better alternatives have been.

      I’m a fairly impulsive buyer and buy software sometimes on a whim, but this i can’t bring myself to even consider.

  • Really wanted this to be good, but there is not one program there I would use.

  • Certainly there is a substantial saving buying this bundle, but in my opinion the included applications are not so interesting when you compare them with other bundles like the ones from MacHeist or MacUpdate.

  • I’m not satisfied anymore with any of those App Bundles. Really liked how MacHeist I and II was. But then this Bundle thing started to get creepy.
    With every programmer trying to push his product through those Bundle sales. (And Apps being added to the Bundle which you can only update once.)
    Wouldn’t buy this.
    Flux → Coda
    Interarchy → Still exists?
    RealBASIC → For Home people?!

  • Compared with MacHeist, this offering was poor. The apps are geared more towards niche needs, whereas MacHeist had something for everyone. There was win-win with MacHeist too – money to charity, free apps if you ‘tweeted’ the deal, and significant cost savings. Bring on the next MacHeist!