TheMacSale Bundle Offer

Although the recent MacHeist bundle is now over, there is still another great deal going on over at TheMacSale. You can pick up ten popular Mac applications for $49 – a remarkably low price, considering what’s on offer.

Here are the applications included in the bundle:

  • PathFinder – The ultimate file manager for your Mac.
  • Shovebox – A place to put… everything!
  • Supercard – Application development does not get any easier.
  • StoryMill – Want to be writer? You need StoryMill.
  • MiniOne Racing – Addictive and fun game, Mario Kart for your Mac!
  • inkBook – Great notetaking app, with support for tablets!
  • VideoConverter Pro – Easily convert your movies to watch on your iPhone/iPod.
  • Slideshow – Create standalone presentations for Mac and PC!
  • MacGourmet Deluxe – Hosting a Dinner Party? Avoid a poisoning lawsuit.
  • Finance 6 – Organize your finances and stay in control of your accounts.

TheMacSale is on offer for two more days, and ends on the 15th March. Be sure to get your purchase in before then if a few of the applications included particularly appeal!

What do you think of the deal? Is it one that you’re likely to be purchasing in the next few days?


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  • Hmmm… I’m unimpressed by this.
    What’s so great about the NanoBundle is that even if you only need one app, it’s worth it. Also, there’s the charity thing.

    In this case, none of the apps urge me to buy the bundle. And the design of the website is so inferior to MacHeist’s.

  • Isn’t this the same company that promised free applications last time round – but forgot to ask the actual developers for permission to send out thousands of license codes to newsletter subscribers?

    Sorry but this bundle seems a bit underwhelming.

    • The charity aspect of buying the MacHeist bundle is so cool. I’m sold.

  • I bought the MacHeist minibundle; was only interested in two apps, but was worth it for that, plus giving to charity. This bundle isn’t worth it for me as it costs more and I don’t really need any of these apps.

  • Rubbish.

  • I bought the last MacHeist3 Bundle, and the recent nano bundle, there is no point in buying this one! There’s too many of the apps I already have and DONT use.

  • No deal.

  • Well, if you look in closely, you can find out that almost all applications that are listed here are quite pricey on their own. This is really a wonderful offer especially with the price that it comes and I think that even if one or two apps here won’t be doing much good to many of us out there, the rest of them are really fruitful and a must in our Mac. However, it would have been better if we could choose the applications!