Tips from Web.AppStorm: How to Replace Google Reader

If you’re subscribing to Mac.AppStorm or any other sites via RSS, chances are you’re using Google Reader. Even if you’re using a Mac app like NetNewsWire, Reeder, or any of the newer news apps that have popped up in recent years, you’re likely using Google Reader to do the heavy lifting of syncing your RSS feeds. That’s all going to come to an end this July, as Google just announced that they’re shutting down Google Reader.

There’s a few options you’ve got. First, NetNewsWire can sync RSS feeds standalone already, so it can work without Google Reader integration, only you’ll lose the syncing options. Then, the Reeder team has announced on Twitter that Reeder won’t die, though it’s yet to be seen how it will continue syncing RSS feeds. On the Mac, Reeder only works with Google Reader, though on the iPhone it already works with Fever, a self-hosted online feed reader.

Then, if you used Google Reader online, you’ll just need to find a new app to subscribe to RSS feeds. Plus, you’ll need to export your Google Reader data, no matter what app you’re switching to. Over on Web.AppStorm, we’ve put together the tips and apps you need to make the leap from Google Reader. I personally switched to Fever, but there’s a number of options that’ll work no matter what your needs.

Now, would anyone like to predict what app Google will shutdown next?

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  • First Apple removes feed reading from Mail and Safari, then Twitter removes RSS support from its users feeds, and now Google is killing Google Reader. I don’t get it; I depend so heavily upon feeds that I cannot imagine using the Internet without them!

    Google has been letting FeedBurner rot for quite a while… enough that some speculate it shall get the axe. I hope not, but now, after this news of Reader, I would not be surprised.

    • There are geek tools that are great. But regular users (my wife, sister and my mom) don’t even know what a rss feed. So I think technology services are trying to get rid of the scary part for regular users/consumers and trimming a lot of useful things for the ease of mind of this kind of users that don’t want to create or be more productive. This era is overwhelming and kind of shocking, we have the best technology around and this generation don’t want to use it. Facebook-heads just want to click and get and be entertained. Sad days for our generation.