Announcing iPad.AppStorm! (And Win an iPad 2)

Over the last twelve months the iPad has literally taken the technology world by storm. Apple has carved out a brand new niche in the industry, establishing the iPad as the best tablet computer available on the market. And the momentum behind this gadget shows no sign of slowing down…

Since the launch of the iPad, we’ve received countless requests from readers for a new site that’s completely dedicated to the device. I’m incredibly excited to let you know that today marks the launch of a new member in the ever-growing AppStorm family – iPad.AppStorm!

iPad.AppStorm is Alive and Kicking...

iPad.AppStorm is Alive and Kicking...

Don’t Miss Out: Subscribe Now!

We have some absolutely fantastic posts lined up over the coming week, and we’d hate for you to miss out… There are a few different ways to subscribe to iPad.AppStorm – hopefully one of the following options will work for you!

Win an iPad 2!

To celebrate the launch of iPad.AppStorm, we’re going to be giving one lucky reader a brand new iPad 2!

This is the latest and greatest piece of hardware to emerge from Apple HQ, and today you have the chance to get your hands on one completely free of charge!

It’s a marvel of technology, and would be the perfect way to browse the new iPad.AppStorm site! Find out how to enter.


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  • Done!


  • god, totally misunderstood the whole thing, LMAO
    whatever, i did subscribe ;)

  • Love it, but please remove the Windows and the Android websites. Like The Oatmeal said: ,,No one uses that crap”. I’m looking forward to following this, and all other Apple-related sites!

    • Thumbs up

    • Second That.

    • Why do you think Windows and Android are crap?

    • Easy guys – Plenty of people love Android, and it would be a miserable world if Apple didn’t have any competition!

  • Wonderful! Not many great sites for iPads nowadays. Looking forward to finding great content from you guys!

  • Thumbs Up!!

  • Great site. Looking forward to more posts!