Announcing Two New AppStorm Sites!

It’s a big day at AppStorm HQ today, as we’ve launched an exclusive preview of two new sites that are due to kick off in the New Year. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming both Android.AppStorm and Windows.AppStorm to our growing family of sites!

As a die-hard Mac user, I know what you’re thinking… Windows and Android? Well allow me a minute to explain our thinking. After all, even the most dedicated Mac user has a reason to boot into Windows from time to time, and it’s difficult to ignore the storming success of Android in recent months!


With Windows 7 restoring some lost Windows pride, it’s time PC users had a place to find awesome apps from both small indie developers and the big powerhouses. Plus I’ve been hearing really good things about the new Windows Mobile, so you can expect to get a dose of non-desktop apps too! To kick things off we have:

90+ Incredibly Useful Windows 7 Apps & Tips

If you’re interested in checking out what’s available on the other platform, be sure to take a look! Perfectly happy with your Mac? Don’t worry – we won’t be inundating you with Windows content here at Mac.AppStorm and you can stay in your beautifully designed Mac bubble!


Lately Android has been appearing on all sorts of devices. With a few different app stores and so many incredible developers making apps for Google’s open source platform, you need a trusted place to get the low down on Android Apps. So head over and check out the new site!

I know plenty of Mac users who love their Android phones, so hopefully this one will be useful for quite a few of our readers. Our first bumper post takes the form of:

100+ Absolutely Essential Android Apps & Tips

The New AppStorm Homepage

Last, but not least, we have a brand new AppStorm homepage over at This offers a central place to find out about all the different AppStorm sites, and we’ll be expanding and improving this over the coming months.

Thanks for Reading!

Thanks again for taking the time to read our sites every day. I hope you enjoy the teaser posts we’ve launched today, and I’m really looking forward to getting into full swing with both sites in 2011.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments, along with any suggestions for content you’d like to see on the new sites!


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  • Nice work guys!

    I don’t use Windows or Android, but it’s great to see that Appstorm is healthy and growing.

    Keep it up, fellas. :)

  • yay for android <3

  • this kills everything I used to love about appstorm. no longer will i be coming back

  • Awesome stuff! Not much that I will have much use for, but AppStorm articles are always an enjoyable read!

    Congrats on the new baby twins, Mac.AppStorm and the gang!

  • sorry this is just bad idea, the only reason I took time to view app storm was because it was mac centric. I know it’s all about money but I now have no need to read this site or to tell others about it.

  • Why? One of the valuable things about Appstorm is (was) that it focused on a single platform. Now you’re going the way of cnet and others. Now I’m canceling my RSS subscription. Also, aren’t there already enough sites devoted to Windoze? Why another one to simply repost and retweet what all the others are saying?

    Buh-bye Appstorm. It was nice while it lasted.

    • Seriously? You do know that each of the AppStorm blogs has a different managing editor? And you don’t have to read all of them…

  • I agree, bad idea… You should always keep in the direction of Apple. Instead of these two, i think that it would be better if it were and Screw that non-Apple shit.

  • I’m a little disappointed. You’re now devoting time, resources, and money to people that aren’t your target audience. I see no reason to stop coming to the site like some others, but it defeats the Apple-Centric focus of a site maintained by Apple fans.

  • Should be interesting how you keep your website nice looking with nice big screen grabs of ugly programs. I <3 Mac + iPhone, but I guess the Windows people will be happy :). Great job guys!

  • Awesome, a great resource is now even more thorough and compelling.

  • Android is ok, but Windows? Windows???

  • yeah i’m a long-time reader of appstorm for the great mac software news and reviews, but this is disappointing. think i’ll be removing it from my list of daily feeds and sites to visit. =\

  • I think it’s because of the new Mac App Store. One worries of the unknown. Will it make a site like this obsolete? I definitely don’t think so. They are covering their bases, and of course it’s all about the $$$$$. No interest in Windows nor Android. I’ll still visit for the Mac Apps though. Maybe…Most likely…ok I’ll still visit…reluctantly. LOL.

  • You guys seriously need to lighten up. While AppStorm has been a cultural reference for Mac fans and users over the past few years, times are a-changin’. Programmers can’t be tied to a specific platform, not in this day and age. We need to broaden our scope to other applications and platforms and make their users feel accepted.

    Accepting a swarm of Windows fans looking for a beautifully designed and simple website is VERY good (trust me), because it’s not easy to find one as it is if you’re a Mac user.

    As for the Android platform, the same principle stands. iOS still is the dominant OS for mobile devices that this site caters for, but the growth shown in recent months is really amazing and therefore we should turn our egocentric and mono-system mentalities to other platforms and see what they have to offer.

    My motto is: I don’t care if I have to use Mac, Windows or Linux. I use the OS that gets the job done faster relative to my specific needs at the time. In most cases, Mac does win, but others you have to let the others join the fray.

    If you’re not a programmer and just a Mac enthusiast or elitist, well, then, stick to the Mac section only, I guess. No one is making you venture into Windows or Android, now are they?

    TLDR: Lighten up, be more open towards other platforms. Don’t hate on Windows, even if Mac is indeed superior, it still deserves some credit. Same for Android.

    • You’re right. I’ll stick to the MacApp version. I ventured into the Windows site and got sick to my stomach. Just a knee-jerk reaction I guess. Used Windows for Too many years. Will Never go back. Ever…Just me…we’ll and others…ever. Never ever. Not sure if I mentioned I’d Never go back to Windows Ever.

      • P.S.
        Bill Gates pushes dirty vaccines to 3rd world countries in the name of helping the unfortunate. Well their all unfortunate now. The vaccines have thimerosal, cancer viruses, polio and who knows what else. Yeah he says if we do a good job with vaccines, we can reduce the population. Does that even make sense to you? It does if you’re a eugenisist. Did I mention Ever? Ever, ever, ever.

  • instant-subscribe to android.appstorm =]

  • The people that are complaining about this are all joking, right? If the Windows/Mac sections were combined then I would understand…. but they’re separated. Which means you don’t have to read the Windows/Android part if you don’t want to.

    I use both platforms, and I really prefer OS X because of the UI and the awesome apps. But some of you “Apple fans” scare me. Sometimes I wonder if Apple is ever embarrassed by how foolish some of their devout followers are.

  • I have to say this subscription has been one of the three I read every day. Like others above I’m concerned about the logic of taking time and resources away from a well thought out, reseached and targeted feed, to dedicate, esp. Windows, to areas already well covered. I can’t imagine the people behind this site are of Google or Apple dimentions: being small, directed and streamlined is GOOD. Trying to corner other areas is a huge risk.

    It was only a few posts back I read over at MinimalMac about overloading the reading, overloading sites – it’s free, say, Hay, let’s put MORE in there. What I’ve enjoyed about this place is it’s feeling of sincerity, mission, and depth- Don’t loose that.

  • Finally, I can now visit your beautiful site without erasing the cache in IE10 alpha, on my Windows 9 PC!!!

    You all know how nobody in my family is allowed to have any relationship with the Mac world… and I JUST LUV IT! :)

    Cheers all!

  • I’m so happy I have a reliable and quality source for android now! :D