Early Ad Spots Now Available on AppStorm

One week on from the launch of the AppStorm blog and the site is flying along. Close to 2,000 2,149 RSS subscribers and a little over 60,000 pageviews served already! With so much traffic coming through, we’ve decided to open up the sidebar for advertising at a cheap early ad rate of $160 p/month.

We’ve got big plans for this site both in content and features. So hopefully a few of these spots will go and help pay towards getting the ball really rolling!

You can purchase a monthly ad spot at BuySellAds.com. Thanks for your support!


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  • If I were to purchase an ad, would I be locked into the $160 p/month for as long as that ad keeps running?

    • Hey David! I think the way BuySellAds works is that when the price changes you have the rest of the month you’re up to and then it sends you an email asking if you want to update. So effectively … not really :-S

      In practice though I doubt we’ll be changing the price in the first four months or so unless the site is ridiculously, wildly popular :-)

  • Pretty amazing stats for a blog that’s been active for just 1 week! :)

  • Great to see the site is off to such a great start! I really like the look and feel.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  • What web statistics application are you running on app storm?

  • To date, this is the best Web statistics application I have used. Very detailled and user friendly.

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