Freelance Confidential: Now Available!

We’re very proud to announce the release of Freelance Confidential, Rockable Press’s newest book on freelancing. This book aims to provide the hard numbers on the biggest issues of freelancing and advice on how experienced freelancers can improve their business.

More than just another single person’s view on freelancing, Freelance Confidential contains contributions from the Editor of FreelanceSwitch, Amanda Hackwith, a panel of 10 expert entrepreneurs, and 3,200 freelancers worldwide.

If you’re a Mac-using freelancer, read on for a little more insight into what the book includes!

Last winter, we asked readers of FreelanceSwitch to contribute to a global survey on freelancing–over 3,200 responded! Get those statistics and you’ll learn the real numbers on the biggest questions which revealed some surprising new trends for the freelance industry. Did you know…?

  • Fewer freelancers live in large urban cities than did three years ago. What are the benefits?
  • New referrals from advertising and cold calling has dropped significantly. What’s the best new source?
  • Freelancers with former experience as an employee report the highest level of satisfaction and happiness. Why is that?

What’s Inside

More than just a stats book, Freelance Confidential compares survey numbers to the 2007 survey to see what’s changing. We’ve also interviewed ten amazing success stories like Ed Gandia of International Freelancer’s Academy, James Chartrand of Men with Pens, FreelanceSwitch’s own N.C. Winters, an exclusive interview with founder Collis Ta’eed, and many more.

You’ll learn the current trends and insights on big questions:

  • Where do you find new clients? You’ll be interested to see what source has grown over the past three years.
  • How much do you charge? Think hotshot consultants are able to charge the most? Think again.
  • How do you raise your rates? The numbers show it’s not a steady climb to retirement.
  • How do you stabilize your income month to month? Our experts were unanimous on two necessary steps for success: diversity and marketing. We’ll walk through the best advice for both.
  • Is social media really worth it? Forget the hype, get real and get focus.
  • How to make a successful start? Envato founder Collis Ta’eed talks about what he’d do if he had to start from scratch all over again.
  • And much more on clients, passive income, security and trends for the future!

Still undecided? Check out the Freelance Confidential launch page to download free sample pages and see what others have to say about the book.

Buy Now & Save

We’re really excited to offer Freelance Confidential in four great formats:

  • Buy the digital download in DRM-free mobi, epub, and pdf formats. Book release sale for early buyers! Buy the digital version in the first five days and receive a special sale price–now available for $24, normally $29. As always, all digital downloads come with Rockable’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Buy a full-color print copy on Amazon for $34.99! Bonus: email your Amazon receipt to the address listed inside and receive the digital versions for free!

Let us know what you think, and thanks for taking the time to check out our latest book!


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  • Any ebook price above something like $5 I just can’t take serious. Ok, if it’s really really exceptional, who knows maybe $9. But 2 digits before the decimal point… Who are they kidding?
    And yes I’m sure they will come up with all kinds of reasons like ‘it is worth it’ and ‘it took a lot of work’ and such, but in the end it’s still just something non-physical, and thus not worth it.

    • Wow, whiter, you’re a serious ignorant jerk.

      You think “it took a lot of work” is not a legitimate reason to charge for something?

      People have to get paid to research, write, edit, design, and format this book. Then the publisher that fronted all that money has to spend money to market and sell the book.

      They have to at least make all their money back and hopefully make a profit, to inspire them to continue in this business.

      Would they sell twice as many books if they charged half as much? Who knows? Is the book valuable to the audience it’s targeted to? How valuable? (If someone spends $30 on this book and earns an additional $1000 freelancing this year because of it, was it worth it to them?) These are all questions that go into deciding on a price.

      But to say that “something non-physical” is “not worth it” is simply ignorant and stupid.

    • A website is non-physical, thus should only cost me $5 if I want one.

    • Graphic design is non-physical. It’s just someone’s idea. So it shouldn’t cost anything.

      Even paper book is rip-off. Paper is dirt cheap. It should cost no more than $2.

      ….Enough said. ;)