How to Be Awesome at Work!

The best way to make work feel like not work is to do something you enjoy, and do it damn well. That’s why I’m happy to announce the newest Envato blog: WorkAwesome! As you might guess from the name, it’s a site for people who want to be awesome at work. After all, if you’re going to spend eight hours a day doing something, you may as well put some heart into it!

Over the coming months our crack editor Joel Falconer and his team of uber worker writers will be publishing articles on everything from How to Make an Effective To-do List to How to Prepare for a Layoff! We’ve got a brand new comic strip coming from the extremely talented NC Winters, and we’ll be opening up for contributions so that anybody and everybody can share their tips on how to be more awesome at work!

So head over and enjoy the new WorkAwesome site, subscribe to the RSS feed and follow @workawesome on Twitter!


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  • This is great, I am about to finish university and now I could use advices from sites like this one. Good work!

  • Above statement is absolutely right. I agree by the statement that the way for someone feel that he or she not working is by learning to love what he is doing. Sometimes, this is what majority of most worker forget. Most are just doing things because its there obligation to do so. However, the best way, for each worker to have an awesome outcome of certain task is to enjoy..

  • True..Enjoying while earning is much more better…This is why, don’t accept certain task if at the very beginning you are sure that you don’t like your work. Having passion to your job will make every task successful. So, I agree with the statement, “make work feel like not working at all” and you will be surprise you got your job done very well.

    Anna Marie
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