New AppStorm Feature: Quick Look

We’re announcing a new type of post on AppStorm today: Quick Look. These short application overviews will give you a description, a few screenshots, and basic information about a particular piece of software. They’re sponsored, so developers pay a small fee to have their app featured in a Quick Look post.

At the end of each post we’ll have a poll for readers to vote in. If you like what you see, you can vote for us to write a full (completely unbiased) review of the software in question.

It’s a great way to find out about new applications you haven’t come across before and a great way for developers to get the word out about their new app. We’ll have a few of these posts appearing over the course of this week so you’ll be able to see how they work.

Quick Look posts will be in addition to our regular publishing schedule here at AppStorm. So you’ll continue getting the same great reviews, roundups and guides, plus you’ll now get Quick Looks at new and interesting apps!

We’re very excited by the prospect of showcasing more apps, finding AppStorm a new revenue source to help us grow, and giving developers a promotional tool to market their work. We’d love to hear your feedback on this addition, so feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.

Promote Your App on Quick Look

If you’d like to have your application featured, Quick Look posts cost $49 and will help you reach an audience of people who love their Mac! Fill in this form to reserve a post.


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  • I’ll reserve judgment until I actually see one, but it sounds like you’re walking a very thin line. I appreciate the need to get paid, but it needs to be very obvious what’s “paid” and what isn’t. Blur the lines of journalism and advertising, and my guess is that things will end badly.

    • You know, I really don’t have any problem with that. I go to sites like Mac AppStorm to learn about great apps, I click on many of the ads on the side and some more detailed info on the site would be nice. My only fear is that some free apps may not get Quick looks. May I so kindly suggest a free quick look for some great free/open source apps that need more expose. If you did that, it would be great!

    • Hopefully you’ll find the system OK when we publish the first one this week. We’re treading carefully, and being very transparent about everything we do!

  • Why don’t you just call it Adverts?

  • I suggest you change the name to maybe “App Quicklook” or something. I immediately thought it had to do with the Apple OSX Quicklook functionality. A little confusing.

    • @ David Taylor it’s obviously meant to parody that.