Reader Project: Showcase Your Setup!

After showcasing a selection of fantastic Mac setups earlier this week, we thought it would be an interesting idea to showcase where our readers work! We’d love for you to upload a photo of your desk, office, or computer, and we’ll feature them all in another roundup next week.

We’ve put together a simple form to send us your photo, and are really looking forward to seeing where you work. Just click through to upload your image!

  • Henrik = WIN

  • Gray Stockton

    Can’t wait to get home to pic it.

  • Devin

    I will put mine on later.

  • Hans Waasdorp

    So far a lot of minimalistic setups…..back to basic kinda feel..;D

    • Nick

      Isn’t simple the motto of Apple…After “Think different.”

  • Felix

    I’ll put mine here, its not really that sexy.

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