The AppStorm Freelance Mac App Bundle is on Sale!

Over $330 of Value for Just $49!

I’m incredibly excited to let you know that we have just launched our first ever bundle! The Freelance Mac App Bundle is an unbeatable deal for freelancers, giving you eight awesome Mac apps, three bonus files from the marketplaces, and two inspiring eBooks – all for just $49!

Which Apps Are Included?

We’re featuring eight awesome applications that can make your life easier, and more enjoyable, as a freelancer. These are:

  • Billings – Powerful time billing and invoicing for anyone (Usually $39.99)
  • TextExpander – Save time and keystrokes with frequently used “snippet” abbreviations (Usually $34.95)
  • WriteRoom – The best distraction-free writing environment (Usually $24.99)
  • Radium – The easiest way to listen to internet radio on Mac (Usually $9.99)
  • Arq – Online backup built especially for the Mac (Usually $29)
  • LittleSnapper – Build up your own versatile design scrapbook (Usually $29)
  • 1Password – Have you ever forgotten a password? Never again (Usually $39.99)
  • Alarms – Prioritise and track your daily tasks (Usually $16.80)

Each of these is a piece of software that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, and every single one would be a great addition to a freelancer’s arsenal of apps. This week is your chance to get your hands on the whole package for a ridiculously low price!

But That’s Not All!

In addition to the above apps, we’re also throwing in a few fantastic Envato marketplace items that can help spruce up your personal website, manage clients more effectively, and craft a funky business card to promote yourself:

One More Thing…

Finally, we’re excited to let you know that anyone can grab a free copy of Smashing Magazine’s Successful Freelancing eBook, worth $9.95, just for sending out a tweet about the bundle! Head over to the bundle page to find out more, and grab your free eBook.

Don’t Miss Out! Grab the Bundle Today

This awesome offer will only be available for just over a week, so don’t miss your chance to bag your collection of fantastic apps and resources!


Add Yours
  • Very nice! Can we get the software via the apple store?

    • Unfortunately not – you’ll never get a deal along these lines through the Mac App Store, as there’s no way for developers to discount their software in there.

      It’s hard to argue with grabbing all these apps for the price of one or two of them individually :-)

      • That’d be yet another reason why I’d hate to see all software be only sold through App Stores. I think the App Store is a great move forward, but I’d hate to think it’d ever be the only option!

    • Same question

      Can we get the software via the apple store?

      • Question: Are you stupid?

  • This is such an awesome package! love it!!! but for some reason my license for billings is invalid, any suggestion as to why?

  • Im not buying anything what is not in Apple store

    • Why? Where did you buy your software pre-AppStore? o.O

      • Where did you look things up pre-Internet? o.O

  • Very surprised as to see what’s inside this bundle as it’s pretty crap to be honest and not what I usually expect from the Envato team.

    As pretty much all of these apps have been in A LOT bundles recently and I’ve got most of them because of the other bundles.

    Also surprised to see very little in the way of resources for websites etc, like more themes, UI elements, textures, icons etc etc.

    Shame seeing it’s from such a web design focused place. I for sure won’t be buying this.

    SO far no bundle has beaten the Valio Con Bundle that was released a couple of months ago now.

    • Sorry to hear you think that, Thomas. In our opinion, these are some of the most useful apps available for freelancers out there.

      It’s our “dream collection” of software for freelancers, and we wanted to offer this specific selection despite the fact that a few apps have been included in other bundles before.

      Unlike previous Envato bundles, this one isn’t focused on design resources – we’ve done these in the past, and I’m sure we will again in the future!

      • I think the bundle is great, but i never bought a bundle before. I would buy this one if i hadnt bought 2 of the most expensive apps YESTERDAY. Altho, if the apps have been in a lot of bundles i understand what thomas is saying, there is a big chance that alot of people who are buying bundles already have them. Im looking forward to the next bundle and i will not buy a single app until then (please dont include coda, i bought that too yesterday hehe ;)

  • Same here – only the Billings license is invalid, everything else is fine.

    Fantastic bundle!

  • Sorry to those of you that are having a problem with the Billings license code. We’ll be receiving a new batch from the developer in a few hours, and will re-issue all these automatically.

  • Billings, Radium and 1Password make this a great value bundle for me. Nice work!

  • Can I install the apps both on mu iMac and MackBook Pro?

  • Thanks for the great opportunity to pick up all these great apps!

    How will you be re-issuing out the new batch of Billings License Codes? Just wondering because I’m most excited about this app ;)

    • Licenses have already been sorted and re-issued now!

  • Thanks for the bundle, but i already have most of the stuff. I only need LittleSnapper, but this bundle is too expensive for one app.

    The bundle holds great value since i use most of the apps in it.

  • I feel a bit disappointed, as all these apps are regularly in various bundles. I really expected envato to pull something awesome out of the bag considering the huge following and weight it has behind it’s sites. Don’t get me wrong for someone new to Mac’s then it’s an excellent offering.

    I was hoping to see something different though software like: Scrivener, Fantastical, TextMate/Coda/Espresso, Alfred Powerpack etc could of made this the best bundle ever.

    pp.s It says Radium is usually $9.99 but right now it’s $24.99 on their own website which makes it seem like there over charging people.

    • Yup, have to agree. It’s not much of a “freelancer” pack either. The lack of apps to actually create/develop content (‘cept writeroom) sticks out. I myself was hoping for assets like icon-packs, fonts, etc.. stuff that you dont get that often in bundles.

      I think the disappointment comes from the name of this bundle. If you are a Freelancer, chances are you already have something to write bills with. You already track your time somehow. etc.. So for a bundle targeting freelancers you would expect something beyond that.

    • We’re not overcharging anyone. $24.99 was Radium’s price since last November, and the pricing error on the bundle page is purely editorial.

  • And there it is! Too bad i too have most of them. Have to pass. Great Bundle tho!

  • Wow, I think its a great bundle its actually less than what I paid for Billings and 1Password (I love these two apps).

    I almost know the answer but I will ask anyways.

    Is it possible to replace these to app with something else :)?


  • Ok, no problem :(

    If I buy it can I get the Windows version of the 1Password?

    How often do you guys are planning to do this kind of stuff (bundles)?


  • Fantastic bundle! I wish there was a way to “gift” some of the apps you already have to other people. I already have 1Password (that alone is worth the price of the bundle), WriteRoom, and Little Snapper and would love to be able to share those apps with someone else.

  • oh f*** me! I bought billings and little snapper yesterday :(

  • I was considering purchasing the bundle but saw this fineprint at

    “Due to the discount nature of this bundle, Envato Marketplace Files bought in the Mac App Bundle will not be eligible for updates or support from their authors. This is an ‘as-is’ purchase.”

    Eligibility for updates is critical for me, especially with OS X Lion coming soon.

    • Could do with clarification but from the wording “Envato Marketplace Files” suggests it’s explicitly talking about the extras from Envato:

      Highlight WordPress Theme (Usually $35)
      Ultimate Client Manager (Usually $20)
      Translucent Business Card Template (Usually $6)
      Rockstar Freelancer eBook (Usually $29)

      And not the software.

  • Too bad I only need Arq.

  • Too bad I only need Arq, but it’s a super nice bundle. :)

  • Hay i Am Not well idk for wat to say :) hahahah

  • I want this bundle again please :) !!!!!!!!!

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