We’re Looking for Writers!

Do you love Mac apps? Are you always on the look-out for the latest and greatest software to work faster, be more productive, and enjoy your free time? Are you an awesome writer who can wield prose like a pro? You sound like the type of Mac expert that we’d love to have on our team!

We’re always on the look out for fantastic new writers across the AppStorm network, but we’re particularly wanting to find a few new contributors to Mac.AppStorm over the next few days. All our writing positions are paid, and we’ll work with you to choose apps to review and suggest article ideas.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. Read our page on writing for us and register your interest here, and we’ll be in touch!

Should You Apply?

Before you shoot us an email, keep in mind that this is a writing position. We will only consider applicants who show experience in communicating their thoughts in clear, understandable language. If you don’t know the difference between a complete sentence and an incomplete one, this isn’t the job for you.


Add Yours
  • If you don’t know the difference between “different” and difference, I guess you all do need some writers! ;)

    • And some good dictionaries as well!


  • I also hope (along with previous commentors) some irony or humour was intended in the hyphenation of the word “incomplete”?

    • Slow clap… of course I’d make a huge typo when ranting about correctness. Well done good sir, well done indeed.

      • Joshua,

        it is a law of nature, isn’t it? I assign no blame to you!

  • If this gets people’s attention, and they want to pursue the subject, the best book I’ve found so far is “Applescript 1-2-3″ by Sal Soghoian and BIll Cheesman. Sal’s in charge of Applescript at Apple and Bill Cheesman is the god of Applescript writing (and I hear he’s a pretty good attorney).