Cleaning Up Your Music Library With Tagalicious

Do you still buy and use CD’s? Have you moved your collection of CD’s into your iTunes library? If you have, then surely you have realized what a time consuming task it is to tag and update all of the songs and albums that you have with the correct information.

When I first transferred all my CD’s to my iTunes library, I had to manually label everything and put the right information in every album that I transferred to my computer. It took me a good week from start to finish.

Luckily, we now have amazing apps like Tagalicious that can do all this tedious work for you, and they even do a better job than you. Interested? Read on to find more about Tagalicious.

What is Tagalicious?



Tagalicious is an app that can recognize songs in your iTunes music library and compare them to their database through a sound recognition system, so that it can tag the song with the correct information such as artwork, lyrics and album name and date.

Have you noticed that sometimes you can have the same artist under a bunch of names that seem to be identical on iTunes? Well, this app helps you fix that. And all of this is done easily and effortlessly.

As soon as you run Tagalicious for the first time, your music library will be automatically shown in the app, split up into smart playlists. Some of these include songs with no artwork, or songs that you haven’t “tagged” fully.

The interface is simple and very Mac-like. You have three columns – one where you can navigate the different playlists in your library, one where you can see the songs or albums in said playlist, and a third one where you can see details of the selected song.

Cleaning Up Your Library



If you buy the app you get unlimited “tagging”. The trial is limited to a total of fifty tags. Ideally, if you buy the app, you would go to your “No Artwork” playlist or your “Untagged Music” playlist, select all the songs in that playlist and “Tag” them.

Tagging something basically means looking up the information for that song or album. When you select a song, you’ll be shown the current data that your library has for that song. If you double click the song, Tagalicious will find a match in their database, and display the new information found for that song. You’ll see both the old and the new information for the song compared side by side.

When you’ve tagged a song, it will be moved to the “Tagged, Needs Updating” playlist. This means that this song has been corrected, but it has not yet been sent to iTunes. You can select all of these tracks and send them to iTunes in a batch, where they’ll then display with the updated information.




I was not surprised to come across a few artists that Tagalicious could not find info for. These were mostly independent local musicians that I honestly wasn’t expecting to be found. However, there were also some “major” artists that Tagalicious could not find, which was a touch disconcerting.

The developer says it takes a while for new songs to get uploaded to their database, and that seems very plausible, as most of the issues centred around the most recent tracks in my library.

Compared to TuneUp

You might have heard about TuneUp from the numerous websites and podcasts that they sponsor. It is a very similar, and popular app. I used it for a while, but my experience with it wasn’t exactly pleasant.

I found it to be too intrusive, as it runs as a sidebar to iTunes. It had plenty of features, but it was just too annoying for me. I much prefer a separate app like Tagalicious that I can use whenever I feel the need to, and that doesn’t take a lot of space on my iTunes window. I guess TuneUp has more features and allows for more customization than Tagalicious, but to each their own.

TuneUp is also more expensive than Tagalicious by about $10, but you also get access to a bigger library, as I don’t remember having any problems with it not finding songs when I used it. They also both use “audio technology” to recognize the song that you are trying to find info for.

I guess it really only comes down to how much you’ll use this app. If you are going to be tagging songs every day, then TuneUp could be a better option. If like me, you only have a use for this app once in a while, then Tagalicious is probably a more elegant solution


Tagalicious is a promising app. It still has a few niggling issues, but the service that you get for the price that you pay is pretty great. It does a solid job of bringing simplicity into its category, and unlike TuneUp, it is a pleasure to see and use.

The music library needs some improvement as it doesn’t include most new songs, but for an average music listener, this app might be more than enough.

Have you used TuneUp, Tagalicious, or any similar piece of software? What has your experience been like? Join the discussion in the comment section!


Tagalicious is an app that can help you get information for the songs that you have on your iTunes library. It's simple, well-designed, and easy to use.



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  • Wow; great find. My iTunes Library is a mess. I found Tune Up really annoying as well. Hope this works a treat.

    Thanks Jorge.

  • How does this compare to things like SongGenie and Coverscout? I use those right now, but if I could integrate it into one app, that would be cool

  • One free word: tagr. It might not use musicbrainz (I believe that is what most of these programs use to find album info) or any other database, but it allows you to quickly and effectively clean up your music collection…and free

  • SongGenie 2 is way better!

  • I’ll only use Picard by MusicBrainz.

  • wow My iTunes Library going well :)

  • You obtained a really useful weblog I have been here reading for about an hour.

  • Keep crashing on me when i try to tansfer more than 20+ tagged songs? quite annoying. When it works it is awesome…I want STABILITY.

  • I think tuneup is a more mature application but tagalicious shows promising signs!

  • Tuneup is the best application. I enjoy it.

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  • I hope that is working well

  • I respectfully diagree. My experience with Tagalicious has been mostly negative. I have owned it for quite some time and am I also a Beta member. As a lover of music I tend to have numerous programs to do multiple tasks. I also own TuneUp and find it to be a superior program. While it does cost more, it provides, as you stated, more options, preferences and abilities. And as to the issues of it being intrusive, you are able to both minimize, detach and disable it from showing up. I find that for my large music library (around 10k songs, I run some online radio stations, and since CDs don’t necessarily add all the needed data, programs like this come in handy) Tagalicious would crash if I tried to correct more than 10 songs at a time, however TuneUp easily takes on 1000 songs at a time and all the while I can listen to music.

    • disagree*

  • Thanks for the tips,I will try it…I hope that will working for me.Very nice blog,I like it.

  • I used tune up it never found original albums… it always changed songs that i had the artist of to various artist and had one of the Now thats what i call music for the album art… it also slowed my computer down a lot i do NOT repeat do NOT recommend Tuneup tagalicous is cheaper for 15 bucks im gonna try it out