Winners Announced: 10 Copies of SideFolders Up For Grabs

Great news, we’ve randomly selected our ten winners! Here’s a quick list of the commenters (based on the names they gave) that will be receiving a copy of SideFolders for Mac. If you won, you’ll be receiving an email shortly with more information.

  • Eddie
  • Jeannie
  • Tio Istivi
  • iMac
  • Hok
  • Tomas
  • Kevin
  • duckzila
  • Robert Sarudy
  • Mike Diaz

A huge thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more great giveaways and awesome coverage of all things Mac!

Original Post

I’m pleased to let you know that we’re kicking off a competition to win ten copies of SideFolders. This app aims to give you quick and easy access to your recent, and regularly used, files and folders through a useful sidebar panel that appears on your desktop. We recently reviewed the app, and this might be a good place to start if you’d like to find out more.

Entering the competition is really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment on the post. That’s it! Let us know why you’d like to win, tell us a funny story, or just have a short rant about your complex sidebar needs…

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick ten winning comments at random on Wednesday 8th June. Best of luck, and be sure to check out SideFolders in the meantime and download a trial copy!


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  • Man, I’d really like to win this app. It would be really useful for me in my every day work.

  • I agree with Robert! This would be a great tool for work. Good luck to everyone :)

  • Looks like a great productivity tool. I’d like to win a copy.

  • This app is amazing. I would like to win a copy. Good luck everyone!

  • I’ve always wanted to use this app. It’s very well designed and attractive. Hoping for more function in the future.

  • Would be great!

  • this is awesome!!, i hope i win a copy :)

  • Wow, this really looks like a great productivity booster for your recent and favourite folders.
    I’d definitely like to win a copy :o).

  • Crazy, I was literally just starting to search for a better way to launch things, as my dock is getting a little crowded. I did a search on the App store with no luck and then my growl reader notification popped up with this! Unlikely story, but true! Looks like a great app.

  • I would really like to win one copy of this application. It looks pretty simple and useful for our needs.


  • This app looks very interesting… I’m in!

  • Awesome app, makes you feel like you’re in the matrix you can find things so fast.

  • It looks like a nice Tool. I need to win to try this one out :)

  • Interesting app indeed. I’d like to join the competition.

  • I wouldn’t mind a copy :)

  • I’d like to win one too !

  • :D

  • *fingers crossed*

  • I’d like to win a copy of SideFolders. I want my files to be organized but I also access a number of files hidden among folderssssssss. It’s a hassle. I want to put files I usually access in my desktop but I want my desktop clean so I have to stay with having to open folderS before I can access ’em. SideFolders will really help me in this.

  • SideFolders stops the need for incessant clickin’ and scrollin’. The demo was great but the pricetag was too hefty. A free copy would solve that problem!

  • wow…thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of sidefolders! :)

  • I can already imagine using it ;-)

  • Being a proud owner of an 11” Macbook Air I know the importance of managing screen real estate. Having a tool such as this would help me accomplish this task!


  • I bought side folders a week ago and i love it. its the perfect companion for overflow (which i use mainly as program-starter).


    is there a reason you didn’t review fontcase 2 yet?

  • Whom do I ‘sidebar’ with to get a ruling in my favor? ;)

  • Nice

  • Would love to win a copy!

  • I’m not going to claim this app would change my life or increase my productivity, *cough*, like so many other people have. Hell, I’m just in-it to win-it.

  • Having such an app would be a wonderful increase of productivity, not to say a massive way to get a wow-factor going when working with friends :P Therefore here’s my competition-entry-A.K.A.-comment!

  • I would love to win this! I read MacAppstorm everyday!

  • Looks like it would perform extraordinary in my workflow. I’d like to win, too.

  • Looks great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love this website. I always come back here every week or so to see what new in the world of mac apps. I have found many great tools and tips from all the writers here. Ever since I first read about this app i thought it was a brilliant idea. Convenient place for all recent files instead of trying to decide if i want to go to the dock or look through the finder for the files and apps that need. This app is just another reason why mac are superior to windows. Good luck to everyone else. I root for you guys just a little bit less than myself.

  • Love this app. Ever since I first read about this app I really wanted it. Its a great tool for recent files and apps instead of trying to decide if I want to search through the dock or search through the finder to find what I want. Good luck to everyone else. I root for you just a little bit less than myself.

    • sorry about the second reply. i couldn’t get the first comment to appear.

  • I’d like to win a copy. Looks like a great utility

  • Would really love this app! Time saver there. Here this one is For The Lolz (FTL!) –

  • I need 10 copies of SideFolders so I can put SideFolders in my SideFolders.

  • I hope I win!

  • I’d like to win! I’m a super organization freak and hopefully, having all my files in place will finally help me do well on my finals ~_~ Studying is hard when you don’t know where everything is!

  • Love this kind of apps. Tried couple of them and this one look really promesing :)

  • I have been looking for an app that does exactly this.

  • I don’t particularly need this software, but it would be cool to win and actually it just gave me this good idea for this website I’m designing…. must go code now #geek

  • Awesome… Sounds a kool idea…

  • Man, I feel like this would speed up my workflow so much. And I don’t even have a very heavy workflow.

  • If I won this, I could tell everyone who sees this awesome app on my mac that it’s the first thing I’ve ever won and it came from Mac appstorm. See, instant advertisement for appstorm. Then, that person tells another person, and that person tells three people and the next thing you know 500,000 unique visits to the site. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  • WoW!, interesant App, i like it

  • I like it!

  • Have your important files right by your side.

    SideFolders gives you instant access to your devices, places, shared folders, downloads and recent files. But also to files and folders you have added to SideFolders.

    Just move your mouse to the edge of the screen and SideFolders pops out.

    Stop looking for the same files over and over again. Just add them to SideFolders and access them at the flick of your wrist.

    SideFolders allows you to drag and drop files to and from any application without loosing focus of the application you are working with.

    Organize your files in a logical hierarchy independent of your filesystems hierarchy.

    Yah i want to win this :)

  • I’m rather anal when it comes to organization on my Mac, so this app would make the process nearly painless.

  • Because i havent even got a Mac… Yet.

  • Wow it’s SideFolders! I hope I win a copy. I’m sure it will really make working easier and quicker for me. :)

  • do you really want to know why i want to win?
    I tried the trial version by my Twitter account and my email
    And created 6 new email accounts only because of the trial version :'(
    how pathetic is that? :(

  • Wining !

  • Looks like a great app!
    Good luck to everyone :D

  • great app!!
    good luck for everybody!!

  • Wowwwww it slidessss! Will it make me slip AND fall AND crack my head???? ^O^

  • Excellent applications for multiple files work!

  • The need for speed
    This app solves indeed
    It saves a click
    and makes tasks so quick
    I could buy it with cash
    But no need to dash
    I may win it for free
    I’ll just wait and see
    Thanks for sharing
    And being so caring

  • Any app that can help me access my documents and files faster is always good in my book. I’d love to win a copy of this app. Thank you for this great opportunity! :)

  • Much folders, one place…

  • Looks like a great application. I’d love to win one and give it a try.

  • I would definitely be able to use this app regularly… it would help my workflow insanely

  • Over the years, I have fallen more and more in love with Mac’s. I didn’t think it could grow until I met my current love, Dropbox. Ever since, I scour the feeds, trying to find a new fling. When you reviewed SideFolders, she made me double take a peek. I would love to give her a chance.

  • That’s so cool :-)

  • I want to win! mostly just cause I like winning stuff and I haven’t won anything in awhile. {wow I have actually been sitting here trying to think of the last time I won something. Yep still nothing…} Pick me! Pick me! I want to win!

  • While I like using Spotlight to search for my files, it helps to have a handy sidebar where I can easily access my stuff. I have a lot of folders I need to be able to open really quickly. This will help.

  • I need this app! My girlfriend’s computer has the printer access and she has her own file organization scheme. So my print files and multi-media files get scattered. This app should keep the peace between us.

  • I’d be very pleased to receive a free copy of SideFolders. A free copy would be much appreciated.


    Panah Neshati

  • I find myself frustrated because I want a faster access to my files.
    Release me from this pain!

  • Pick me! Pick Me! Newbie Mac convert.

  • yes! yes! yes! i want it.

    pick me uppp!!!

  • I tried the trial copy a month or two ago and loved it, but never got around to buying it. If I won a copy I wouldn’t have that problem. Good luck everyone! And thanks for all the great giveaways!

  • Great little Gem!

  • If I want a copy I’d rather spend $5 than suck up like these guys. However; I love the blog and at $5 it’s quite reasonable.

  • I would love a free copy of this app.

  • These pretzels are making me thirsty!

  • This would speed up my everyday activities so much! Such a great app!

  • Why isn’t something like this a part of the OS X core already!? :)

  • this would be so useful!!

  • seems like it could come in pretty handy.


  • Man, this app would be so cool. It looks really useful, and definitely help clean up the limited Finder uses. I’m sure Finder will be improved a bit on Mac OS X Lion, but this SideFolders looks really impressive. I read the review, and now I want it.

  • Awesome app. Hope to get me a copy. :)

  • My job requires viewing data from entirely way to many people all day long. I view docs, excel, pdf’s, indesign, and html files and its MADNESS! :)

  • Nice app. This is a MUST for me. But I lack money :(.

  • Oh-my-agawd, this app would complete my life. PLZ

  • Hi,

    I’m the developer of SideFolders. The winners have been announced and should have received their promo code by now.

    If you weren’t among the lucky ones check the website we are giving away one license every week.

  • I think there was an error in this competition Eddie posted his comment on the 9th of June and the deadline was on the 8th of June. How can it be posible?