Winners Announced: 10 Copies of Tagalicious Up for Grabs!

Winners Announced!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone that took the time to share their thoughts and suggestions about the site. It’s amazing to hear your feedback, and we’ll certainly be taking it on board.

I’m excited to let you know that we’ve gone through and chosen the competition winners! Congratulation are in order to the following ten commenters:

  1. Barry
  2. Robert Hoppe
  3. Steven Griffiths
  4. Antonija
  5. Dario
  6. Ryan Quintal
  7. Josh H.
  8. Thomas Furlonger
  9. T24G
  10. Thomas Wylie

We’ll be in touch soon with your license codes!

Competition Now Closed

I’m excited to let you know about an awesome competition kicking off today, with ten licenses of Tagalicious up for grabs! We reviewed this app last week, and it’s a fantastic way to clean up your music library and ensure all your tracks are correctly tagged.

Tagalicious automatically finds the right information and tags for songs in your music collection, and the information Tagalicious finds for your songs is seamlessly updated in iTunes.

Not only does the app add tags, but also album art and song lyrics. In no time at all, your music collection looks richer everywhere, from Cover Flow in iTunes to the Now Playing screen on your iPhone.

Entering the competition is really easy. All you need to do is leave a comment below, telling us one thing that you’d like to see change on Mac.AppStorm. I’d love to read a little bit of feedback about how we could make the site better for you!

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick ten winning comments at random on Thursday, 10th March. Best of luck, and I look forward to reading your suggestions in the comments.


Add Yours
  • I’d love more articles on open source software – love the stuff!

  • More open source (or fairly cheap) utilities for the mac.

  • More articles about switching from PC to Mac… i’m a PC guy and i gonna buy my first Mac this month, and i’m always searching for switch articles for new users.

  • More articles / interviews about workflow and how people use their macs. Much like this article from Frank Chimero:

  • Nice to see,

    I would love to be able to look at review and sort the software by it’s rating, that way I can look at just the stuff you guys think is great.

    I also think AppStorm is ripe for a iPad app to suggest apps and get the reviews on the go. Something with a different interface from the website. In fact, I’d love to help with that!

  • I like discover new applications. So more reviews.

  • I’d love to see more articles featuring comparisons between similar products (e.g. different uninstallers, different photo editors, different text editors, etc.)

    Please keep up all the great work! Thanks.

  • I love to find new software… Have like an App Of The Day sorta.

  • More reviews, and an easier way to sort through the ratings system.

  • I would like to see more video reviews because I think in that way the reviewed application can be “felt” more, since each application has its own “movement”. Also, it would be nice if we can get larger size preview of the pictures within the post.

    Thank you.

  • Tagalicious seems wonderful.

  • I would love to see more application reviews. Maybe a daily segment of short reviews for new submissions to the app store.

  • Weekly “Best in the App Store” section that reviews current top apps.

  • We have a great community of readers; I think it would be great to have some sort of forum to chat and help each other.

    An IRC channel would be a cool addition as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win tagalicious, I’m crossing my fingers. :)

  • More reviews on new apps and round up of apps for us!

  • Awesome Contest :D

    More articles about switching from PC to Mac. ;)

  • More reviews, tips, tricks about soft and hard.

  • Tagalicious Up for Grabs!

    a finer grained navigation, maybe?

  • A “new (and cool) on the mac app store” feature, to present new stuff. As the MAS grows, this will be needed more and more.

  • More articles about switching from pc applications to mac.
    For example : total commander -> forklift etc.

  • More iPad app reviews.

  • I would like to see Boom

  • More Reviews & Giveaways

  • To me it seems app-storm mostly reviews apps that you guys are interested in your selves, since the ratings always are in the 7 to 9 range. I just like to see more reviews from all kind of other apps and software, maybe ones that you don’t like.

    I know it’s not the most positive comment, but I’m in for a Tagalicious license ;)

  • More tips of Mac application

  • ..i bit more detailed summary for the apps would be nice sometime (so i can see where rating points come from)

  • More open source utilities for the mac would be awesome!

  • I’d love to see some tips on app workflows. Like how to use them with most benefit and some tips ‘n tricks.


  • I would love to see xcode and iOS dev based content (from beginner to advanced)

  • Would be nice to have a selection of good and free apps for Mac :)
    They exist and some are pretty good!

  • Would love to see more articles showcasing discounted apps.

  • Hi from Italy! I’d like to see periodic polls on specific arguments to create top 5 lists of software based on real use, i.e. by vote from people really using the softwares.

  • I would like to see more articles on how to’s and maybe integrate those into software that you have reviewed. Give us some use cases and how you use these tools. Give some examples of how you use them in conjunction with other mac apps or ios apps. I love hearing how someone else uses Evernote, drop box, or Scrivener and then incorporating it or taking ideas from it into my own workflows! Thanks.

  • I would like to see more of such awesome events :) It keeps the viewers alive

  • Direct comparisons between apps and more reviews as well :)

  • Reviews. But I’d like to see not only the new apps but older too.
    And maybe your own movies on hot to use those apps.

  • Content-wise it would be great if these “100 different tools for doing the same” articles would provide a bottom line recommendation to the reader. It would add great value.

    In addition, it would be awesome if you could integrate email notifications upon replies to one’s comment. I rarely have the chance to realize if someone referred to a comment of mine. Comment RSS feeds for every articles commented on are a bit cumbersome.

    Keep up the great work! Your reviews are very valuable!

    It’d be great to win one of these Tagalicous licenses as I soon would like to merge the iTunes libraries of my girlfriend and mine. Tagalicious would be of great help there for sure. ;)

  • Almost nothing. Maybe more Grabs for all of us. And more “Tricks” on how to storm-use those Apps.

  • More app reviews especially comparison of apps! :)

  • i’d love to see video reviews more often :)

  • Well, I’d love to say-more open source programs, more free apps e.t.c, but what it actually mean is – let me have paid software not paying for it, which is not very fair. That is why I will not say it.
    What I will say is – will You give me just this one small piece of software for free?

  • I would love to see more great small utilities

    Thanks for the contest

  • I’d like to see more utilitirs review @macappstorm for mac rather that for the iphone. your site kicks ass!!


  • Tagging is awesome ! I’d like to get a free license.

  • I’d like to see more video reviews

  • I would like to have more open source articles

  • I’d like to see video tutorials for the apps that you reviewing, so I could easily learn how to use them and see their functionality in video

  • i would like to try it….. seems really good and useful

  • ignore previous post….
    i would like to see more app reviews…. ;D

  • Would be cool to see some screencasts

  • I like trying new apps, so more and more reviews :)

  • I would like to see more technical articles and tutorials about development for Mac OS X.

  • I would love to see more articles about upcoming new software releases so I can discover new exciting apps as well as apps that have been around that I haven’t discovered yet.

  • Hi. I agree with many of the previous comments…
    But something I’d really love is more reviews that compare applications for the same purpose.
    It is very useful to have many possibilities when looking for an app.
    It would be great with more polls too, as somebody said, made from people who actually are using those applications.

  • I’d like to see more app tutorials!

  • Not much to say about change. I like the one review a day and I have really utilized this site when it comes to downloading. Keep up the good work.

  • Oh, I love more giveaways. I would love even more if I win those!!! :P

  • I would like to see more free software reviews.

  • I’d like more reviews of quality applications found in the Mac App Store, as I have completely lost track due to the enormous amount of new apps.

  • I would love to see more updates. You don’t have to keep them all about software, but a tips update or other things RELATED to software (shortcuts, easy ways to accomplish things, etc).

  • I miss the little brief previews of apps. And I would also like to se more developer baised posts.


  • I would like to see more app reviews, easier ways to find apps that have been discussed, and a way for users to add their own reviews as well. Either by sending short articles or just “rating” the app on a star level.

  • More tutorials!

  • I’d like to see more comparisons

  • would liek to see more development, games and freeware/open source

  • Hi! I would really like to see some comparisons of apps and groups of apps. Like comparisons between video converters or media players or (like with tagalicious) music library organizers. I think it would be cool to see some of the other options out there that I may not have known about before!

  • I’d love to see more in-depth tutorials on how to do stuff with your latest recommended programs!

  • I’d like to see more tips and how to’s relating to Garage Band specifically.

  • A special series or articles about the change from PC -> MAC (general stuff) and PC programs -> MAC programs (normal stuff that you are so used to do in a PC program, like the usual text editor, how to do that in the MAC version (example, how do I insert an image from the web in a document, in MAC).

    • copy and paste…?

      or drag it if you’d like.

  • Searching reviews for apps by their price (ie. free apps vs paid apps).

  • I like to see a special section for iPad Apps

  • Ability to browse for apps by genre on a more specific level. Ie, for mind mapping apps, you would have a page that lists all the mindmapping apps and summarizes your reviews to date.

  • I’d like to see cheaper apps as well as some nice freeware. More giveaways like this are nice too.

  • Definitely more daily updates. In comparison to a site like MAC LIFE there aren’t as many updates or new content. ;) Great job though.

  • This is a weird one, but I would love to know how to manage one’s own account. No idea how to do that. As far as the site is concerned I think it would be cool to have system/UI tweaks as an occasional feature (not just desktop pics). More features on using your mac as part of an integrated home (and the apps to grease those wheels). App design and usability discussions could be an interesting avenue. How about more interviews with designers and app developers? Just a few ideas…

  • I would like to read more and extensive comparisons between similar apps, with tests and feature charts.
    But great job!

  • I’d like to see some articles that introduce the terminal and open source alternatives for the mac

  • I think comparisons would be great and I’d also really like more how to guides.

  • Hi,

    I would like to read more roundups and more about graphics software.

  • I would like to see more software comparisons – reviews are great, but sometimes we really need to know what the options are!

  • My suggestion: Change nothing. I truly love this site the way it is today. Awesome news to read during my day while I’m in the train or just chilling on the couch…

  • I would like to see a “mobile” version of macappstorm.

  • I’d like to see something like top 5 lists for apps that fulfill a certain need. Like: Top 5 Gmail Apps, or Best RSS Readers. Along with brief reviews on why a certain app is recommended.

  • Bought my first Mac 6 days ago. Stumbled upon this site 5 days ago. Since then I’ve been on this site every day. I can use more tutorials though.

  • I would love some more advanced “tips and tricks”! I love finding out new things about the software I use every day

  • I’d like to see some posts about free or open source alternatives to popular (paid) software. I’m a big fan of “free” :D

  • Improve the reviews by including video clips and larger screenshots. And a more organized way to peruse the ratings system.

  • Make it easier to leave tips and story ideas. Thanks for the chance at winning.

  • More on open-source softwares.

    Move the rating from the bottom of the review to somewhere more easily accessed, like the top. Allow sorting the reviews by rating.


  • I’d like a slight improvement to the site made: a next and previous article button made, so that it’s easier to navigate from one article to the next… and of course I’d love to see more give-a-ways! Thanks!

  • I’d love some more Android to Mac help. That would be so dope!

    But you guys are awesome, so keep up the good work.

  • What I’d like to see in Mac.AppStorm

    Please make reviews more detailed rather than just regurgitate the marketing material released by the publisher. Use he application for a reasonable amount of time to get real work done and talk about the good points and the bad. Also maybe sometimes provide shoot-outs between two applications that do similar things and do a compare/contrast.


  • Hey appstorm team! I can’t really think of any groundbreaking changes, but it would be nice if there were a compiled list of all the apps you’ve reviewed. Maybe something like a page with the icons and names of the apps laid out in a grid with their ratings beside them. This would make browsing for, and finding, new apps that were reviewed a while ago much easier.

  • It’d be great if the site had more than the two or three posts that I usually see each day in my rss reader. I’d also think it’d be really great if you did a post on daily deals like does, I got my copy of little snitch 2 for half price because of that which I was really grateful for.

    The site’s pretty good on its own though, it’d just be great if there were more posts each day.

    Also, i’m not in the habit or reading the appstorm webapp site but it’d be good if posts that had some kind of crossover could somehow be made obvious to me here.

  • I way to view all of the apps in a specific category (or sub-category) that you guys have reviewed in some sort of tile view. It would make it easier to figure out what is recommended by the experts. ;-)

  • I would love to see the best deal of the week. I ‘m always on the lookout for discounted apps and accessories for my apple devices, some new bundles and such. That would be sweet!

  • I would like it if the link to the product and the price and rating weren’t all the way at the bottom of the review. Sometimes the product isn’t linked at all in the review and I had a hard time finding the actual link to the product’s webpage.

  • More links to cheap promotions for software, previews of upcoming software

  • More free apps for your mac! Hope I win :D

  • I always like seeing free alternatives to popular apps and reviews of new/beta apps :)

  • Have a link of similar apps at the bottom of each review =D

  • Maybe you should just have an (Mac) App Store section dedicated to quick looks and reviews of apps highlighted by Apple (on the front page). It is more like reorganizing some of the existing related articles so that is more App Store oriented.

  • I’d love to see more video app reviews.

  • More coverage on android apps.

  • More iPad app reviews! Love the site, though, anyhow.

  • Maybe a little more head to head kinds of things with mac apps.

  • App reviews are solid, but would also like to see more open source alternatives posted with each public review.

  • I get alot out of the reviews however when I come back to find a review, it’s tough to find what i’m looking for via the site search. That would be my improvement suggestion. Other than that, i’m a big productivity apps fan.

  • tag….I’m it

  • I like to see more articles that showcase free alternatives to popular paid software as well as comparison articles that review competitors to give me a better idea of the pros/cons of each. Sometimes the trial isnt enough time.

  • I for one would like to see two things happen:

    a) this catered to more ‘advanced’ users with more interesting tips, apps, etc.

    b) more open source and/or unknown software that are spotlighted. I want to see new, exciting possible startups that have potential to grow and be great!

  • More in-depth reviews, and tips people dont know about the software they are using every day, like some shortcuts etc

  • i like the themed app round-ups, but would appreciate recommendations for the top app.

  • I like it just the way it is.

  • Well, I’d like to see some kind of comparison or “battle” between two (or more) apps. Maybe you guys could do it once a week.

    Another idea is take one great app and show some obscure details or functionalities that most people miss it.

  • I’d like to see roundups (five or six apps to a category.) Compare them by features, costs, usability, etc. Once a month would be find for that.

  • A new app a day quick review, and users vote on it if they would like a more detailed review.

  • I would love to see more reviews of graphics and web content and design software. Otherwise I really like your site!

  • I think one of the sites strengths is its ability to gather all the best apps and compared them side by side. So going with that theme, maybe more visual tables or graphs for fast comparisons of various aspects of the apps would be nice.

  • I’d really love to read more compiled app lists towards different lifestyles, such as college students, music producers, etc. Also, I’d love to see more reviews on new freeware apps. Other than that, MacAppStorm is a great website :)

  • Great site and awesome reviews. Maybe a short “review/summary/tag” at the end of each article like:

    Compare to:

  • I’d like to see more tips for the mac… automator, terminal… and keep the mac app reviews coming!

  • I really love the site at the moment though it seems like many options are missed. Maybe having somewhere where we can ‘bump’ suggestions for apps to be reviewed in each category

  • I also would like more open source reviews. More things related to atv and video would be welcome.

  • I’d like to see some charts (Top Ten Twitter clients, etc.)

  • Definitely more reviews. Maybe round-ups of beautiful UI’s, list of apps, must have Mac apps. And these lists would need to stay up to date.

    It would also be great to highlight deals of the week from the app store or something like that.

  • i´d like see other theme i don´t like this


  • How about app-bundles or discounts on certain apps on a regular basis?
    That I’d like.

  • More reviews would be great, but longer and more in-depth reviews would be better. For single-application reviews and multiple-application comparisons get the views of not just one reviewer, but try to get 2-4 reviewers’ input to get a more objective outcome.

  • I’d like to see more comparative reviews of a certain app category, e.g. task managers, calculators, flashlights (okay, scratch the last one). Give us the strenghts and weaknesses of each app in the field and don’t be afraid to pick a favorite. Other than that: great site, keep up the good work!

  • Can you please do more reviews on all day tools that can boost productivity?
    I have been looking for a replacement of the Address Book but didn’t find anything.

  • Mac AppStorm has become a leader in app reviews. Keep up the good work. I would be interested to learn more about MOVIE tagging apps that sync up with iTunes. So far, I have only discovered MetaX that ties in with HandBrake.

  • I think more in-depth reviews would be better. I always check appstorm first when looking for details on an app before buying it!

  • Funny. Just a week ago I downloaded Tagalicious, plus another similar iTunes app whose name I shall not mention right now out of respect to the Tagalicious post. I really loved Tagalicious’s elegant interface. And you’re giving away 10 licenses? Awesome!

  • I live discovering new Mac software. Please add more reviews, especially including clever comparison with competitors.

  • More roundups and giveaways.

  • I think this is one of the few places dedicated to Mac apps and their reviews. I have 2 suggestions

    1) Advanced Series – It’d be great, however, if you could start a more advanced level series where in you take up tutorials for the making Mac apps, or nifty articles on what went on behind the scenes of an application’s development process. I think it’ll create a more holistic appeal.

    2) Systems – A series of posts where in you look at various applications working in tandem towards a specific goal. For instance if you’re trying to get your Mac organized you should use Xmarks, Evernote, iCal etc. to simply get more organized. My DIY reminder system uses free software like iCal and Mail. I set up a reminder in iCal with a link and an email reminder. That’s it. My to do list is ready.


  • Nice job!
    One thing I would like to see is a user rating system, perhaps just underneath the /10 score.

  • i’d love to see much more productivity, utility and music apps reviews and less games and non sense software :)

  • This site is really awesome!
    I don’t know what to make better here. (More Giveaways? :P)

  • I’m also voting for more open source application reviews!

  • I’d like to see more apps from Mac App Store.

  • I like the Editor question/answers. Always good answers, indications and suggestions.

  • I would like to see more detailed tutorials on mac apps including aperture, final cut etc. Not just your average tutorials that can be found on the web but ones which show you how to create cool but different effects with your photos and videos (and other files) that users or editors of mac.appstorm may have found themselves.

    I feel we use software we have at hand in our own ways because of what we want to achieve. Sometimes sharing experiences can reveal how others use the same software and often provide you with nice surprises and quicker and more clever ways of producing results you are interested in. You will probably even learn about something new your software can do that you never knew about!

    This will help mac.appstorm become the place to go to for something different rather than just another place that has some tutorials.

  • This sounds awsome!

  • I think that we can see some software and application rating from Envato and from Users, so we can compare the features and also how the soft is at the end user side.
    Also I think you can layout the different section of app.storm (mac, iPhone, Web, andriod, etc) into tabs up above so it can be faster to switch looking for some specific content.
    I hope to get one license!! :)

  • I like the website very much, but some more game reviews were amazing!

  • I’d like to see some video reviews, and some interesting how-to articles for power users… Apart from that, even more app giveaways! :)

  • Hmm, what’s to change on an already brilliant site?! Well, a little more one-to-one product comparisons would be nice:D

  • I would like to see more Tip ‘n’ Tricks on automation, applescript and dropbox. Thank you!

  • more competitions and reviews!!!!!! :)

  • I’d love to be able to sort reviews of new mac software by date and by star rating. This will make it easier for me to find great software in less time.

    great site ! glad i’ve found it!

  • More software comparisions.

  • HI Guys. I love your site! The only thing I’d love to see more of is Mac App Store reviews / New Items / Price drops. It’s just too darn easy to buy apps from the MAS so I’d love some help to know what I’m buying!

    Also – latest info on bundles is always appreciated.

    You guys rock!

  • I’d love to see even MORE Mac app reviews!

  • You should make some promotions together with the different app publishers. For example if you could get them to give mac.appstorm readers a temporary discount on the app reviewed here that would be a good one.

  • More cowbell. Just kidding. The app roundups are great, but I feel like we need to pick a winner or two out of the mix.

  • Mac.Appstorm is great already, but more articles for students and teachers would be neat!

  • I think it would be interesting to have a few more free apps reviewed. I know you guys need to keep the money flowing in, but I think it would be good to at least label free app reviews with some kind of “Free app” label or something.

  • a Most-Commented-Posts section would be great for quick checking of whats fresh and popular!! it could be a daily, weekly or monthly chart!

    Keep working in your way. great job!

  • I always look forward to the email from Appstorm. I would like to see more reviews of free software. The last couple of years have been pretty tight on our budget to get new programs. We are in the CD and DVD replication and packaging business and i have found several very useful programs through your emails that help me in my day to day work at the office. Thank you guys for your attention to detail and for finding these jewels so i dont have to :)

  • More roundups please

  • It might be nice if people can post reviews of the product you guys reviewed. Or like a user rating system on different critics like “user-friendly” “price-quality rating” etc.

    I’d like to see comparison of similar software. Give the advantages and disadvantages of each app in a simple graphic or text.
    When you review a software you have to pay for, it might be nice to give a free alternative with it’s advantages and disadvantages.

    I think you guys are really doing a great job! I love your website!

  • I’d like to see sections broken down by app genre, so that if I’m only interested in, say, Productivity Apps, I can see what’s new for that genre only.

  • I would like to see app selection by paid/free and filtering of mobile apps by paid/free and universal/device dependent. I would also like to see more Round Ups, especially those targeted at new Mac users (I work in IT and it would be great to just send a ‘getting started’ round up of free apps to people).

  • Hi, This blog had been a eye-opening experience since long time ago, and one of the great things that I found here was a really funny comic. What happened? I really miss it.

  • More competitions like this!
    Maybe the ability to tag an app review if we use it. That way other users would see if it was an app widely used by other readers of the site.
    Maybe a “return to…” type section where you revisit apps you’ve reviewed after a longer period of use to see if you are still using it as part of your workflow or not, whether you stopped using it, if new features have been added, tips to get the most out of the app etc.

  • When you dona review, I believe you should add a 5 star rating. Then you could add the option to organize the reviews from best rating to worst.

  • I would like to see more comparison of apps…

  • More reviews about free apps (maybe less heard of, but incredibly useful ones) and maybe some (in-depth?) information regarding terminal usage on macs

  • a section with the best rated apps of all time, quarter year or month…. or something like an editor’s choice. this might be especially helpful for new Mac users.

  • I’d like to have an RSS feed/email subscription to only “Best of Mac Appstorm”

  • I would love to see more articles, with more reviews and recommendations, more frequently.

  • A nice tag map of all the articles to easily find related stuff. I love the reviews and the roundups you do.

    Something that might be nice is an easy way to pull up various reviews in a side by side comparisons like your shoot outs only in an easy to pull up split window feature comparison.

  • I’d like to see reviews done by scantily clad ladys.

    Failing that some Video reviews :)

  • Id love to see video clips/introductions to reviewed software
    Also maybe a ‘best releases’ for the app store and mac store weekly

  • More reviews about, especially on productive apps.

  • I actually quite enjoy this site, so first off, keep up the good work! Perhaps change isn’t the word, but “continuous improvement…”

    One of my favourite parts is your application reviews. From a user experience perspective, I do always find myself skipping down to the end of the review first, to gauge the cost of the application while I read about the features, pros, cons. Your RSS feeds for reviews don’t give the application cost (which isn’t a problem; my work flow habit usually leads me to reading the review on your site anyway…) but it’s something to take note—application cost in the rss feed…

    As well, I would appreciate more field context. What are the app’s competitors? How does the pros/cons stack up against the competition that you’ve previously reviewed? I appreciate the “related posts” toggle in the summary box, but don’t really find it meets my needs.

    Maybe for reviews, field some crowd-sourced questions? Present the review, but post a followup or update based on questions from your readers about the application. I do quite like appstorm to gauge a program before I buy it, but your review may not quite give me all the user answers I’m looking for.

    Anyways, thanks. And as I say, keep up the good work!

  • I’d love to have something like this. My iTunes Library has been getting a bit sloppy.

  • I would like to see a static round up of apps, something at the front page on the side or a link to a section that has a round up of all the top 2-3 apps for select categories, for example mac utilities. Have the best Free, Mid Priced and High Priced apps. Just so people get a good overview of what you guys think is the best in show. VS having to trudge through old post and trying to figure out if they are still relevant.

  • More free stuff! I usually skip over an article if the app costs something

  • I’d like your articles to have a print option (though I use services like Readability and Print Friendly, and Safari’s Reader). If it’s there, you’ve hidden it so well I can’t find it! :) Also, more extensive tagging of articles would be nice. And consider adding RSS feeds for comments.
    What else, what else… Oh! More software discounts! Yay! Such as, “Only for our readers, for the next 48 hours, if you use the code _____ you can get a 20% discount on this AMAZING app!”

  • I would love to see more video reviews. It usually go deeper into the software feature I think.

    Hope to win ;-)

  • I also would like to see comparisons of similar apps, like camera apps for iPhone, RSS reader for iPhone and iPad, Twitter apps, etc.

  • Awesome. I’d love a copy. :)

  • I’m pretty sure this has already been mentioned, but I would really like to see a lot more open source applications. I currently have no income so it would be extremely useful to hear more from the open source world.

  • Could you touch on more open source or free applications? i’m sure they are great ones out there! it’ll be great for those without spare cash :)


  • I would like to see more application reviews as well as offers of free licenses for reviewed apps.

  • More developer interviews! Those are some of the most interesting, insightful articles.

  • I’d like to see more reviews of applications and some more in-depth “meta”-articles like an in-depth version of “The Sate of Sync” which shows different options and ways to keep your Macs and iOS-devices in sync with its advantages and disadvantages.
    And Flattr-buttons would be nice, too (

  • It would be great if we could select how many posts per page can we see; if I don’t come to the page in some time it takes forever scrolling through the pages.

    Also, more giveaways :)

  • This may be premature or preemptive: Ovi apps. :-)

  • Provide a way for the visitor to change your website’s background color – it is more of a personal thing, but I prefer light backgrounds. Or even better, bring your website’s design to be more consistent with other Envato sites. I really like how clean the other sites look like.

  • all programs of the littleappfactory are great

  • I’d love to see more stuff about actual mac apps, not iPhone/pad. I have an android phone so unless they’re on both its kinda useless :P. Also freeware and maybe some tutorials on how to make good icons for apps? I’d love to learn me some aviary/photoshop more. I’m kinda good but would love to learn more if you know it. Lastly maybe some youtube video reviews on some of the apps? That would be great too! :D

  • yep, more free apps please

  • I’d love to see more interviews with app creators!

  • I would Love to see more Tutorials, a forum where people would share their things, maybe not a full forum but just to have the necessary things, similar-like competitions, like best looking desktop for this week, another great thing would be good to see could be the best picture of the month of MAC based theme, taken with you cellphone or digital camera, don´t know if i made myself clear…
    If not you have my email…

    Cheers m8

  • It’s really hard to tell what improvements could be made here, which speaks for you and your work, I’d say.

    But maybe use less space per post in the list view when one visits the site. I think it would lead to a better overview. So much for the design of the site. The rest of it is very appealling to me.

    Considering content – maybe (and I know this is a very delicate topic) throw in one or two of the more relevant rumors about Apple? That’s at least something which would be wildly discussed in the comment section. :)

  • I’d like to see more application comparisons. Head to Head reviews or top 10 reviews. I know you’re all about the apps but integrated application/hardware reviews would be great as well…home automation systems, etc.

  • I’d love to see more tips and tricks centered topics and possibly some video reviews.

  • Longer reviews, more intensive how-tos (such as the great applescript one you guys did a little while back)

  • more open source would be nice

  • i would like to see more reviews on games for Mac, and how the macs perform for games

  • More reviews on free or cheap useful software and all sorts of games for any kind of gamers.

  • Please add Web Dev Reviews more regularly…its a long time between drinks.

  • I like Mac AppStorm the way it’s. I think nothing hast to change. This blog is perfect!

  • I’d love more articles on open source utilities!

  • I like finding about applications that are both good looking and useful at the same time.

  • I think it would be great if MacStorm could begin implementing a regular (daily, weekly, etc.) lesson/tip that is dedicated to advancing the skills/awareness of the beginner–or even expert–Apple/Mac user (I vote Mac OS only).

    For example, showing shortcuts or even merely explaining what advanced skill–sets are needed to utilize certain Mac applications/protocols/commands and or the best ways to obtain the aforementioned skills. Because, while I feel as though most Mac apps are very user friendly, I also think it in *some* ways and with *some* apps–NOT ALL (for both ways & apps)–this handicaps users from learning more advanced apps/coding/macros/protocol/commands and/or necessary skills to not only advance/unleash the true power/ability of the software/hardware/user.

  • I would love to see a new membership system, where users can manage what they want to show to show in their feed (such as Mac, Android, and Web). Along with this allow us to rate apps and with these ratings create a new sidebar widget that gives us recommended apps (like Genius in iTunes or Netflix).

  • More social features, like for applications. Otherwise, fantastic group of sites!

  • I think it’d be interesting to see what the writers/editors/whathaveyou personally use on their machines, considering the amount of apps they’ve gone through and reviewed.

  • I’d like to see the TLAF Software Passport to include Grappler as well.

  • I like your roundups, and would welcome more of them. Perhaps refreshing the existing lists on a yearly basis might be useful? There is always some new app making it into the list…

    Anyways, thanks for the Tagalicious heads-up. I find TuneUp too annoying, and Tagalicious looks more like Tag&Rename, which was my favourite tool for tagging MP3s while I was still running Windows.

  • Hi;

    Use light color vs Black Color on background of website .


  • Interviews with some programmers, designers, etc.. about their specific apps of choice and workflows that they use to optimize their productivity.

  • Screencasts showing some of the main features of the apps in daily use in addition to just reviews. Would be cool to see how they actually work. Would be especially useful when comparing two similar products, and trying to decide which is the better one. Screencasts would allow us to figure out which has the better usability and application to our daily uses.

  • A site with a list of tasks versus the currently best app(s) for it – for quick finding (and comparing).

  • Improvement? I’d just like to see more posts. Great site!

  • great app!!

  • Maybe a new section for free Mac apps. And more comparisons of similar apps would be great. Also the comment from Michael J. Young sounds really interessting.

  • A mobile version of the site.

  • I would like to see a mobile app of mac.appstorm if possible….

  • Screen casts for reviews. I’d love to see the app being demo’d and actually see what it does as opposed to just reading about it.

    Great site though!

  • An easier way to navigate through past entries, possibly by application. For instance, google software/additions/addons (etc), itunes software software/additions/addons (etc)… and the ability to comment and review the cateogory as a whole, a sort of forum window to compare those within the category.

  • Hello It would be cool to an integrated automatic update of applications from Mac apps Ciao

  • I’d really like to see (as many have said already) a section for user reviews, perhaps even some kind of voting (if even just more polls maybe attached to specific apps) so that users can express how they use apps and any road blocks they may have come across.

  • For me at least the order of the navigation buttons on the bottom of the homepage could be improved. It seems more logical to have the ‘next page’ button between the ’30’ and ‘last’ buttons, rather than ‘5’ and ’10’.

  • you should make the links that you put in the articles to open on a different tab or window, and it won’t leave yours

  • I’d like to see more user-contributed content. Much like what you have done with the weekly poll, but you don’t have to be that strict with the timing. Do a poll whenever yo feel like it, encourage the users to comment and participate, giving reasons, and do a round-up presenting the most popular opinion, comparing the statistics.

  • I’d like to see more reader involvement, such as a Reader Tip of the Day and/or Reader App of the Day.

    I’d also like to see a “throwdown” comparison between multiple apps, especially now that there are sooo many on the App Store now that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with what’s out there. Having 4 or 5 similar apps with side-by-side comparisons would be great, particularly if they compared the apps features with regard to where each version could be found (eg. iPhone, iPad, Univ, MacAppStore).


  • More reviews of apps, and more tips and techniques.

  • I would like to see more animation on buttons in the side panel to make it look more exciting. Also I think you shouldn’t have a whole blog list on your homepage but have your biggest latest stories there as it looks very congested and have an easier way to navigate through the blog items.

    Hope that helps!

  • OMG I’ve won :D


  • Thank you so much! I love a clean iTunes Library as much as the next guy. It why I still come to you guys instead of just going off reviews on the AppStore.

    Keep on Keepin on!