Winners Announced: 15 SaneDesk Licenses Up For Grabs!

Winners Announced

First of all, I’m pleased to let you know that SaneDesk have given us an extra three license keys to give away, bringing the total to eighteen. We’ve picked the lucky winners, and they are:

  1. AndyTheJoker
  2. Steve
  3. Erik Rasmussen
  4. Marius Stuparu
  5. Hiroshi
  6. Pieter
  7. Andrew Dilger
  8. Stephan
  9. The incredible Frank
  10. Niels K.
  11. Andrew S
  12. Dennis Nieling
  13. Selene
  14. Jaryre
  15. Animaster84
  16. Revell
  17. Cardiac7
  18. Andy Hutchins

Old Competition Details

We’re kicking off another competition today, this time to win a copy of SaneDesk. We’ll be writing a full review of SaneDesk in the next week or two, but I thought that you’d love a chance to get your hands on a copy for free!

SaneDesk gives you more power and control over your desktop, letting you set up different views and configurations so that your desktop appears differently depending upon your current task. It’s fairly powerful, and definitely worth giving a go if you often find yourself wading through a sea of cluttered desktop icons.

Entering is really easy. All you need to do is a post a comment below. The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick fifteen winning comments at random on Monday 4th October. Best of luck!

  • Niels K.

    Sounds like an interesting app. I’d like to join the contest :)

  • Donovan

    Great, I’m joining! :-)

  • Andy

    Looks very nie and interesting! Cheap, too,

  • Toastedtoast

    I’m in. Love new Concepts of Desktop Managing

  • Mohamed Shareeda

    Really would like to get my hands on one :D

  • animaster84

    Here i am!!!

  • Sairam

    I want in

  • libelcom

    It looks great! Please let me get my hand on it:-)

  • Henrique Azevedo

    SaneDesk: your desktop under your control

  • Dan

    Please count me in :)

  • Nice app!

    Nice app!
    I hope to get one :)

  • Immanuel Jungheim

    Just thought about a icon-desktop related issue last week this app promises to solve. Would be great to see if it does.

  • Chris

    Hey there,

    looks like another very interesting app. I don´t use the desktop at all right now as it always gets cluttered so fast. maybe this is a great solution to switch between different work environments more easy.

  • Paulo

    Very nice one, I’m in :)


  • Diego Homem

    Count me in ;)

  • Claudius S.

    Yay, I love comment-contests :)

  • go


  • Donnyd

    sounds great to me.

  • Tom

    Pick Me.

    Pick Me!


  • Barry

    This looks interesting. Its seems similar to Hyperspaces, but a bit more powerful. Could be a handy addition.

  • Eg

    WOW, great stuff! I want it!

  • Angus90

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’d be great to have this to keep my desktop more organised!

  • David C

    Hi, Good competition. I use my MBP out at client’s premises to deliver presentations and this looks like a great way of keeping different sets of shortcuts, etc set up relevant to the work/presentation while hiding my, erm, clutter ;)

    Good luck everyone!

    David C.

  • Saneef Ansari

    Hmmmm… Different Desktops itself. Interesting. Need to try it out first.

  • Gary

    Count me in!

  • wredniak

    I want it! I want it!

  • Sebastiaan Swinkels

    Looking forward to a review =)

  • Khaled

    Looks interesting,

  • AndyTheJoker

    I’m joining :D

  • Florin Matinca

    I’m in ! Cheers !

  • Roderik van der Veer

    Looks like a useful app, count me in!

  • Boltzmann


  • Craig Paterson

    Looks like a good way to keep my desktop organised now that I have taken the time to unclutter it.

  • WilsonZaiZai

    Nice app , and im looking foward for the review too

  • Kino

    great. any difference with hyperspaces?

  • Revell

    Sounds really useful!

  • Edu

    Great App, I’m joining! ;)

  • Macwitty

    Seems handy – I’m in

  • mazi

    want one licence please:)

  • Robert

    This app looks really neat! Count me in!

  • Michael X.

    Looks pretty nice and useful!


    Great app. Im joining :)

  • Mark Avey

    Looks like a very useful app, so count me in :)

  • yoose

    This looks great, might be just what I have been looking for. Hopefully it allows independent control of monitors for multi-screen systems

  • Marcel

    Hopefully I’ll get one :)
    Sounds like a useful app.

  • Chris Steurer

    This app seems really useful, I’ve been waiting to get my hands on something like this for my Mac! Count me in!

  • The incredible Frank

    I like Desktop Managing solutions too. I actually use SizeUp.

  • Pascal

    Nice :)

  • maxolino

    Wonderful app, must be mine!!!

  • Christopher.Davod

    I am joining… For sure. I am in the market for something that will manage/maintain window sizes and orientations for certain apps… Hmmm.

  • Andrilo

    I’d love to give it a go!

  • eXo

    Hi mac.appstorm!

    The apps looks promising, but does it do better than Spacés? I couldn’t wait for your review next week.. or later. : ) Hope it does wonder like what stated in the website.

    Goodluck everyone!


  • Eevoh

    Looks like a nice app. I’m in.

  • Tyago Neres

    Looks like e useful app…would love to win a license!

  • Piotr

    You can do it on MAC!! 0_0 I would really love to get 1 =P 10x

  • George

    I don’t know about this app, but hey… its free

  • varun dogra

    interesting concept..seems good..

  • Alex

    WOW, Great App!

  • Steve

    Since I don’t have another monitor just yet, using something like this could prove useful. Looking forward to the review.

  • Corey

    surprised this hasn’t been done before, excellent concept

  • Taavi

    I’m joining!

  • Carlos Vargas

    Looks nice!!

  • Robin Lundgren

    Good stuff, I want it :D

  • hellopanos

    Sounds great! Want it! Thanks!

  • Stefan

    Sounds really usefull. Count me in :)

  • Kev

    i like it…joining

  • James Mondon

    Cool. I’d be up for a copy.

  • BenJ

    Fresh concept, I’m joining ;)

  • nv

    Thanks for that! Count me in ;)

  • Dogboi

    Anything that increases my productivity is welcome, I’m in.

  • Egon

    WANT! :D

  • Tanner Smith

    I’m joining.

  • Ross

    Here’s for winning. :D

  • John Clarke

    Went and read a couple of reviews on the application, and have the trial running at the moment. Definitely worth it :) And if I can get a free licence, hey, why not? :P

  • David Ferguson

    Looks like I’m late to enter, but hoping to still have a chance

  • Ing

    Cool! Spaces are not good enough for me.
    Good luck guys

  • Stephan

    Please count me in! That is one slick app. Good Luck to everyone!

  • Ben

    I’d certainly give that a try :)

  • Frankdj

    Would be nice to win a price!

  • Gregory C.

    Had a look at their website, and it seems like something that could come in handy to organize my desktop. (Sure wished there were some more screenshots on their website though…)

  • Arthur Corenzan

    Yup dee doo :P

  • Jem

    Looks really useful for people who do the whole work/study/play thing on the one laptop.

  • minakshi radhakrishnan

    Looks cool, would love to try it!

  • Jason Fontana

    I’m joining ;)

  • Pier Luigi

    Very interesting!!! Hope to win :)

  • Martin Haakansson

    Looks promosing. Would love a license :)

  • L-E Shumaker

    Love the idea of this! Hope I may be chosen!

  • Fabrizio Lodi

    Here there is the winner :-)

  • Bryce

    I always love a new desktop manager! Count me in…

  • goldfish300

    Great, I’m joining! ^_^

  • darylim

    I’m putting my name down for this. Desktop management is key to ownage to M$

  • leesui

    I’m in! thanks for this great contest

  • James Walker

    Looks helpful….I’m in!

  • Ranjeeve Beenessreesingh

    i’ll join as well :)

  • syphadius

    sanedesk for a “insane” desktop, this might just do the trick for me!

    good luck everyone.


  • Chris B

    Great contest! Looking forward to the results and the review!

  • Chris

    I would love to trick out my desktop with SaneDesk.

  • Ay

    Seems interesting.

  • Max

    Hey, looks cool.

  • baf

    I use Spaces and would like to improve its functions with SaneDesk.

  • Hector Lee

    Sounds like it can help me a lot. Especially with my 13 inch screen.

  • Justin Edge


  • ólafur örn

    I´ll take one…

  • kev k

    :D, that could be very useful..

  • Kevin

    I’d love one of these!

  • Jaryre

    Please.. Let me win this god-awesomest app!!

  • Fred

    Please count me in :)


    Sounds great, all I need to be Sane now is get it!

  • Poporin

    I’m joining.

  • Rob Weber

    This app sounds wonderful and actually really useful. Thanks for this giveaway!

  • Vlahn

    Looks great. Always looking for something to improve productivity and focus.

    I’ll join this competition. Yes please. ^_^

  • Florian Taltavull

    Looks pretty nice! Happy to be in. Can’t wait for the review.

  • Greg

    This looks interesting. I’d love to try it out.

  • wetspiz


  • Luke

    Looks good. Count me in!

  • Marcel

    wow!! It looks a pretty useful app !!! Currently I use Spaces to separate my workflow, so in each Space I have opened the apps I need to do some task but SaneDesk can improve Spaces!!!

    I will start to try the app right now!!! I hope win one license!

  • Tony Stark

    Fancy looking deal, that is. I like it. :D
    I agree with Barry up there, though.

  • Dimitris S.

    Let me in!

  • Juan

    Oh, oh , oh…right here please! I would like a license. :)

  • Ed

    Winning a SaneDesk license would be InSanely great!

  • Cardiac7

    This is a great idea, especially for those who use the same computer @ work as @ home!

  • Mario

    That sounds exactly what I needed. I’d love to have it…

  • suVasH

    sounds interesting ! would love to have one !

  • Andrew Dilger

    Sounds good.

  • Bryan Lewis

    Interesting! I think something like this could be beneficial if done right.

  • FG

    Sounds like an interesting app. I join the contest.

  • T24G

    Looks pretty cool to me…

  • Marko J

    Let’s try!!!

  • Robert

    Count me in. My desk is insane!

  • Wes C.

    I’d love one!

  • Ovidiu

    Looks like a usefull tool…. I take one license, thanks. :)

  • Brian

    Seems pretty cool, would love to give it a try

  • Lhowon

    Sounds nice.

  • Grasjeroen

    Looks cool, so I’m in.

  • Konrad

    Sounds awesome.

  • Mathies

    When it’s this easy – count me in! :)

  • Studer

    I hope I’ll win it. It looks so nice !

  • Gene Ronquillo

    I’m joining as well. Best of luck!

  • Richard

    I get bored easily, so changing my desktops would keep me “sane”

  • Teo Farro

    Nice App!

  • sansotto

    I’m in!

  • studiomohawk

    I’m in!
    I also looking forward to read your review.

  • matthias

    a nice extension to the spaces.

  • Jacu

    Just for the heck of it! ;)

  • neko

    Shiny! Count me in

  • Lucas

    Looks Nice!

  • MJ

    Nice app! :)

  • LaRonn

    Seems like a useful app I would love to have it!

  • Robert W

    This would be great feature for my app addition for productivity. I’m in. Thanks.

  • Rudra M

    ::crosses fingers:: PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!

  • Brian L. Isaacs

    Count me in!!

  • Adam

    I would love to get one of these licenses! :)

  • Dania

    Looks great :D I’d definitely be interested in playing with this app! Considering my desktop is always a mess xD lol.

  • Joonas

    I can has license?

  • Rjet

    Leave your comment here!

  • zenstealth

    I can haz a copy?

  • Samuel Wejchert

    Looks cool! Hope I win!

  • Selene

    Ooh! Could really use something like this for schoolwork!

  • Dan

    Sounds pretty cool!

  • Joni

    Great! I’m joining as well… :)

  • Adam

    SaneDesk looks great! Thank you for all of the amazing content.

  • shawn

    Looks cool!

  • Sherman

    Ooo Oooo Pick Me Pick Me!!!

  • Huw Martin

    iyers :)

  • Kyle

    Looks like a pretty sweet app. My fingers are crossed.

  • Stephen Chiu

    I am in!

  • yeld

    Yes! Yes! I’d like that.

  • Carly

    Ooh, this looks handy! Especially considering the number of contexts I work in on a daily basis…

  • Roman

    Nice application, can’t wait to use all of it features

  • Darrin

    Sounds interesting…

  • James

    I am a Mac Lover but forced in my business to use Winblows…would love to have this app.

  • Nathan

    This software looks great, thanks for the recommendation.

  • Steve Shead

    If this is going to make working, playing, designing, coding, hacking, auditing, surfing, testing, scanning and gaming infinitely easier – I’m in!

  • LaToya

    Sounds cool!

  • rusty

    Sounds like a deal. Sign me up.

  • Geoff

    Count me in!

  • Andy Hutchins

    Looks very interesting. I am always curious about new ways to keep my desktop tidy. I will have to put this in my “software to tryout” list.

  • Matt

    Can’t wait to see the review, and hopefully win the app!

  • Viktor

    Count me in!

  • Ian

    Nice app, got used to using a similar product in Windows but never got round to getting a Mac equivalent.

  • Skye

    sounds cool. I’m in.

  • NextMemory

    Sounds interesting, will read the review.

  • Ankit

    oh please please please!! I have been waiting for this for sooo long….

  • Simon Kelly

    Nice app. I’m in

  • Zamir

    Wow, this app looks really good!
    I’m definitely done to try it out!

  • Iyan lim

    Looks like a great app. Hope it does better than spaces

  • Esben Meincke

    Looking forward to the review :)

  • Hiroshi

    It seems to be a great way to organize my desktop.

  • Jash Sayani

    Annnd I’m in!

  • Ryan

    Looks pretty slick. Sign me up!

  • Crazyhunk

    nice app,
    count me in … :)

  • john tiber

    I need that!!!

  • Natalia Ventre

    Spaces is good, but having multiple docks definitely better. Count me in!

  • Andrew

    Yes, please!

  • Piman

    Looks very cool, and helpful! I’m in.

  • James Carrington

    count me in!

  • faisal

    i’ll go insane if i don’t get sane(desk) ….

  • Catherine

    looks like a cool app. I’m in!

  • David

    Looks great. I’m in.

  • WPyuzu

    I have actually heard great things about this app–I would be very interested to try it myself. :)

  • Axit Patel

    Count me in :)

  • Rohan Modi

    I like winning

  • Chris

    I’d like to join in!

  • Jacob

    Count me in !

  • Reizuberflutung

    I hope im gonna win!

  • Keehun

    Wow! Sounds great

  • Erica S.

    I tried Dock Spaces once to achieve this effect but it was a little buggy. I would love to try this one out.

  • Rafel

    Great! I’m joining too!!

  • Lee

    Would love to win!

  • Justin

    I WANT! :D

  • fellowweb

    Thank you for the giveaway, I’m looking forward to your review!

  • JayDemo

    have i just posted a comment, oh, erm so now im entered? XD

  • Jeannie


  • Adam

    Sounds like a great app I’d love to have a copy.

  • Topy

    Great! :) I want to win

  • Ivan

    This looks like a great product, add me!

  • Isaac

    I wouldn’t mind winning a copy ;)

  • Kyle

    This could definitely be cool in my workflow. I’m in.

  • MiG-29M OVT

    Hope to win :) Good luck all!!

  • PSlinky

    Seems simple enough

  • Aaron Trostle

    My desktop needs help! Save me Sanedesk!

  • Erik Rasmussen

    I wanna win! :) Also, I just want to be more productive. ;o

  • Tod

    All good Ecphorizers need clean Desktops to remain Sane.

  • Lissa

    Would love a copy! Hope I win! :)

  • Leland

    Sounds like a great app, I hope I win

  • Rook

    Joining~ Been waiting on a review for this app for a while!

  • Gail Bassett

    I need help. Will this really work for me? I can always hope.

  • Ari Arsyadi

    This would be highly useful for me. I imagine how easier my design process will become with this app.

  • Evan

    I want to win!

  • Tony Wang

    I’d like to join too :]

  • Fäb

    I’m getting (in)Sane, waiting for my winnership =)

  • MattP

    This would solve my problem of “what should I remove from my dock today?”

  • Phantz

    I’m in =)

  • Phantz

    I’d like to have the apps =)

  • Jiro

    I want! I’m getting inSANE at my DESK!

  • DeepBlueNine

    Great app. I’m playing!

  • Bo Bogan

    This looks like a really well-built App. The website for the application is also very well done. As someone who uses 9 spaces daily, SaneDesk looks like a lifesaver. It’s a good thing there’s such an active dev community for OS X and iOS, Apple [and their products] wouldn’t be the same without them.

  • Bo Bogan

    This looks like a really well-built App. The website for the application is also very well done. As someone who uses 9 spaces daily, SaneDesk looks like a lifesaver. It’s a good thing there’s such an active dev community for OS X and iOS, Apple [and their products] wouldn’t be the same without them. Awesome job, SmartCode HQ!

  • Renee


  • Stuart Crane

    I’m in

  • anonymous ‘pert

    Look’s super useful

  • Emiljan

    I’d like to win!

  • kev


  • Daniel

    I’ll take it ;-)

  • David

    Can I haz one? :)

  • WL

    Great app!! Would be great to get a copy.

  • DPL

    Looks really good!

  • Luc Bélanger

    Wow that’s great! Hope i Win!

  • Karl Johnson

    Well this has to be the simplest contest to enter ever. I love it!!!

  • Joskinson

    Sounds interesting, I’m in

  • Houdini

    I’d love to have the app ! :)

  • Karel

    This app looks awesome, I’d like to take part in this contest, thanks :P

  • Kyle

    I’m game!

  • Vitor Hugo

    I’m ready to add this app to my Aplications folder :]

  • Ryan


  • Mihla

    Throwing my hat in the ring!

  • John

    looks great thanks for the contest@

  • goochisan

    Looking forward to seeing what SaneDesk can do!

  • Tony

    Another great giveaway! My excitement only lasts so far until I see the number of submissions before me…

  • Dimitar Topalov

    Incredible app!
    I’d love to have it.

  • Marius Stuparu

    Yey! Great app!

  • Daniel

    OMG!! Awesome!! I’d like to win :D


    Sounds good, i want one! :)

  • herman


  • Pieter

    Always in for a good app! Thank you.

  • zubajw

    me!, me!, me! :)

  • Edward M.

    I’m in, hoping to win it.:)

  • Daniel Linthwaite

    would most definitely love to try this.

  • marcsumm

    great app! want it!

  • Kendra

    Just got a new Macbook Pro, would love one of these licenses to make my life more sane!

  • Dennis Nieling

    boobshaboob i’m in!! just got a mbp 17″ i7 8GB, these licenses would rock!

  • Elizabeth Wang

    I’m in! :)

  • Henry Bennett

    Sounds very handy!

  • sannyd

    im def of the tribe that puts everything on their desktop in special sections and locations. projects for work. here. stuff im researching for home. there…and all the bits in between going everywhere! lol
    so ill throw my hat in the ring too. if you pick random gonna say 56 but if its 1-10..ill say 3
    pick a random word that is close to what you are thinking? doppleganger or juice. (i couldnt decide)
    if all that doesnt work. then cookies in the mail. you have to provide your own milk.

  • Jeremiah

    My spaces and desktop can become so cluttered. Help!

  • Nick

    I’ll give it a try.

  • Jeff

    Looks pretty awesome! :)

  • Ubieoc

    No try, no banana…

  • Brendon Go

    Hurrah for random commenting!

  • Tim

    Looks useful… I’d love a copy.

  • Paulo XTG

    This actually looks pretty nice, and it’s not that expensive!
    i wonder how much RAM per desktop this eats…

  • Josh

    I’d love it!

  • Nick GD

    Id really love this! it would help :)

  • Joseph G

    Man, this would be great!

  • Matto

    I’m in too!

  • Tan Jia Hui

    Cool! Just downloaded a trial to test it out! Pretty much just what I needed. Thanks! :)

  • Alfi Dallaway

    I like girls

  • Christophear

    These apps come in handy for any web designer indeed…

  • Dave B.

    Never even heard of the app but have an addisitic impulsivity for trying out every new app that’s released so… here’s to hoping I finally win one of these contests that I’m ALWAYS putting in for. haha

  • Vanyel

    Sounds like a cool app. I’d definitely like to give it a whirl.

  • manfred

    would be lucky to get one!

  • Eva

    I am in! :D

  • Dr. K

    Looks interesting, count me in!

  • Billee D.

    I can see this being really useful for a “clean slate” desktop as well as keeping the things I’m normally working on right at hand. I abuse my desktop, but this could help me keep things in their proper place and still have a clean desktop when I need to concentrate.

  • Andrew S

    Seems interesting, definitely look forward to the review and possibly getting a license.

  • DanO

    Sounds like a neat app! Count me in for the drawing, please.

  • sloan sparger

    Man, this would be great!

  • German


  • Selwyn

    Good on ya, Mate! – Multiple desktops – at last!!!

  • oscaput

    I’d like to try it!

  • Ellen

    Lots of potential here. I have tried and rejected Spaces because it was somewhat confusing to set up. I have and don’t use Hyperspaces, but it doesn’t really allow me to configure the desktop the way I want. But when I enabled all three of these, I get n (in my case 4) spaces with Spaces/Hyperspaces and 4n (in my case 12) different desktops. Wow. That’s a lot of configuring to to! But collectively, they give me all the power to control my workspaces. Choose me! Or I might have to purchase it.

  • Brendan

    Now this would be a great treat to win!

  • Everest

    Love the app, would love the full version. Count me in, I will do a review if I get it.

  • PsychicNoodles


  • Mellexx

    Sounds sweet


    Looks interesting. I want to win.