Winners Announced: 3 Copies of Every Bohemian Coding App Up For Grabs!

Winners Announced!

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve selected all the competition winners, and their details are as follows:

Fontcase Winners
Lestyn Lloyd, Michael Polák, and Riccardo Luigi Varisco

DrawIt Winners
Andrew (@andrewpflynn), Ivan Nikolić, and Schellman

Sketch Winners
RHett, Nur Azam, and Tomas Bartko

SlipCover Winners
Eduardo Partida, WebKarnage, and Aaron Jackson

Congratulations to you all, and thanks for reading AppStorm!

Old Competition Announcement

We have an absolutely fantastic competition for you all today, giving away three licenses of every Mac application developed by Bohemian Coding.

Known for their beautifully designed software, Bohemian Coding have created a series of wonderful apps that you have a chance to win today. They are:

  • Fontcase – Fontcase is a font management application that provides an elegant and powerful workflow to help you organize the fonts you have installed on your system.
  • DrawIt – DrawIt is a vector editing application with support for bitmap-like image filters.
  • Sketch – The most important part of any drawing application is arguably the drawing area, so we’ve just made Sketch contain one big and infinitely large view with no palettes to be seen. That doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on the tools though.
  • SlipCover – SlipCover makes it easy to create custom case icons for all your media files.

How to Enter

Entering is really easy. All you need to do is retweet the following message, and leave a comment with your Twitter username!

Just entered a competition to win Fontcase, Sketch, DrawIt and SlipCover courtesy of @macappstorm:

Click here to tweet the message and enter!

Best of luck!. We’ll be picking the winners in exactly one week, on Thursday the 14th. Thanks for taking part!

  • Pedro Victor

    @pedrovr (OMG…Fontcase, love it)

  • Anshu chatterjee

    Fontcase! Have been letching in it for a long time. @anshuchatterjee

  • errorhandler010

    @errorhandler010 Hope I win :)

  • Claudius S.

    Thanks for the competition!

  • Schellman
  • Joe Johaneman


    Winning would be awesome

  • Jacob


    Fontcase is awesome and I wouldn’t mind giving Drawit and Sketch a good try out.

  • Robert W
  • Oscar

    Fontcase would help a lot in my typography class!

  • John Espino

    This absolutely made my day. Fontcase and DrawIt are stuff I have been eyeing on since they were introduced (respectively)! My Twitter’s @jkespino.

  • Koichi MATSUMOTO

    I’d like to have Sketch!

    Username: @macisit

  • pablohrd

    ooh I need that Sketch license!

    • pablohrd

      Username: @pablohrd

  • Jaime

    @jaimegmh ( drool over sketch! )

  • Vinnie


  • Atanas Kirjakovski
  • Ramón Barrios Láscar

    To get Fontcase would be AWESOME.


  • Rob Adams


  • Kev K

    Twitter – kayslaay

    OMG thanks :)

  • d4rkie
  • Oscar


  • Andy M

    Awesome! @andymcclung

  • Warwick

    Sweet! @wazzarendell

  • Xavier Fajardo

    wow, this is a sweet deal, good luck.


  • Glenn Van Bogaert

    I’ve tweeted:

    It’s an amazing giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway!

  • Oliver

    Thank you for the giveaway! Twitter: @speckartist

  • raptrex
  • Jerry Lu

    twitter account: ravingsushi

    • Jerry

      i mean @ravingsushi
      awesome stuff by the way

  • Tristan


  • Felipe Augusto Dornelas



  • williamjd


  • Kimo

    My Twitter username @qeria

  • Nirmal Rodrigo
  • Eric


  • Phillip Jacobs

    twitter user: @pajacobs
    I sure hope I win this thing! :)

  • Will

    I’m in the running now. Hope I make it. See my tweet @nola_will

  • stefan

    Oh i feel bohemian already. @herrwetzel

  • stefan

    Oh i feel bohemian already.

  • Dimitar Topalov
  • Daniele


    Great giveaway!

  • Evan Relf
  • Lee

    @dleegrooms Yay!

  • Mailia

    @Mailia Yaaay

  • Joachim Molund

    @jmolund – fontcase would be really nice, suitcase just doesnt do it anymore :-)

  • Rico Zuñiga

    Done! :) twitter username: ricoz

  • Mj


    Would love the win!

  • RHett


  • MACscreencast

    Nice one – I’d really love to have drawit & sketch ;)

    • MACscreencast


  • Jim

    Great giveaway, hope I win!

    • Jim


  • Ericzoo
  • Jordan

    @jordanborth! Would love to win some beautiful and intuitive apps!!

  • Anone Saetaeo

    @anonest / my wish-list is DrawIt & Sketch, hope me win. ; )

  • Iestyn Lloyd

    @iestynx would love a copy of Fontcase, the others don’t seem bad either.

  • A Nguyen

    done and done. Pick me!!! @AriNguyen

  • Kenneth Love



  • Chicho


  • Constantin
  • zlawell

    @ZLannie, FontCase, Please!!!

  • Jake Ellexson


  • Roger Dean Olden


  • jaryre

    may luck is with me!! let me win pleaseeee… @jaryre

  • Bjorn Basar

    @peopsquik woohoo

  • Jon

    Thanks :)

  • Peter Steen

    My username is @pshoeg.

  • Daniel Snor


  • webbografico

    here’s my tweet:

    my twitter id is webbografico

  • Ryan


  • Girish Kolari


    Hope I win

  • 7thFinger
  • Sebastiaan Swinkels


    Great giveaway =)

  • Barry


  • Ranx


  • Dreadedkilla


  • yannik


  • Bartlomiej Jablonski


  • arc


  • Eevoh

    Behemian Coding apps are great.

  • Tomas Bartko
  • torstennn


  • David S

    Awesome! @davidsousp

  • Srdjan Basrak


  • Charlie

    Yay! @charlieMonroe

  • leesui



  • Pelice


  • Steven La


  • Donovan
  • notiv


  • iKenny81


  • Jesse


    Although all the apps sound great, if you pick me you only have to give me a license for FontCase and you can give the other apps to other readers! Sharing the prize = more happy people!!

  • Jack Webb-Heller

    Woooh! I entered! :D
    Best of luck everyone :)

  • Henrik


  • dafi


  • Al McDougall


  • Cormac Relf

    I would love to be able to design my own icons in DrawIt. I can’t afford photoshop! :|
    I don’t actually need any of the others.!/cormacrelf/status/26627660513

  • choioOo

    w00t … how great is that :)


  • Neil Mackinder


  • Florian Taltavull
  • dieter


  • Denilson Ruiz


  • Antonija
  • Ady G

    @AdyGould – here’s to a win :)

  • Antonio

    @antoneddu Grat apps! :)

  • SunSunych
  • Lars


  • Robin Lundgren




  • Mladjan


  • Weston M Gallagher
  • Weston M Gallagher

    Totally forgot


  • Martin

    @martinwenk would love to have fontcase

  • Ivan Nikolić


  • RisingPixels

    Twitter: @RisingPixels

    Really nice giveaway! :)

  • Peter Dedene

    Cool, many thanks!! @peterdedene

    I hope to win…

  • Luca

    Tweeted (@lbedeschi) ;)

  • d. bloeme


  • Riccardo Luigi Varisco

    I’m in :-)


  • @ayack_fr

    @ayack_fr !!!

  • Hrvoje Blazekovic

    Sketch and DrawIt are on my radar :)


  • Brendon Go
  • Josef


  • Marcin


  • Aaron Jackson

    bring the awesomeness @arrowj

  • Eutanazie


  • Marko J.

    @markoj This site is hilarious! Thank you for letting me discover new awesome apps every day!

  • Matt

  • Esben Meincke


  • FGF
  • Ólafur örn


  • Libelcom
  • Frederik Vanggaard


  • Jesper Thøgersen



  • Wei Cui

    Always been waiting for a nice vector drawing app and now Sketch showed up~

  • Pier Luigi

    My twitter username is @gotetrunks and here my tweet:

  • Rahul Arora

    I am feeling lucky! @VacuousVertigo

  • Dodie



  • Rizky Syazuli

    i want! i want!! i want these!! @rizkysyazuli

  • Filip De Bot

    I like to win!

  • Greg Wardwell


  • Nuno

    @crookednuno Nice pack :)

  • George Zavadil

    @jirizavadil :)

  • FiZ


  • Daniel Wiklund


  • lhsueh



  • Tom


  • Xavier Yelmo


  • Jack Franklin

    Tweeted – my username is Jack_Franklin


  • Hector Lee
  • narcis

    hope i win

  • Nur Azam

    I just download the demo version of Sketch last night. Oh how I want this pack!


  • Marius Stuparu
  • Joni

    @joniliciously – That’ll be real helpful!

  • Andrew Munro


  • Sérgio Filipe

    Great apps, great contest.

    Twitter user: @sergio_filipe

  • Levi

    I love drawit and sketch!
    username: @levi_io

  • mathias

    count me in ! great giveaway. thx

  • syphadius

    wicked! this is 10 kinds of awesome!

    good luck everyone!


  • Ian Harrier


    Great giveaway! Thanks guys.

  • Art Stiefel


  • Art Stiefel

    Zoinks! @smarterbydesign

  • Veronique


    I would love a license.. Bohemian coding makes great quality softaware, and I’ve been eyeing Fontcase and Sketch for a while now.

  • manolosavi

    Awesome! My twitter is @manolosavi
    Good luck everyone!

  • Jim


    All these apps look great!

  • Sonali Agrawal

    Cool….Can’t wait to win! @sonaliagrawal

  • Jacu


  • Davor

    Win win win

  • Icaro Ferre
  • CJG


    Here’s hoping…

  • Martin
  • LaToya

    fontcase! always wanted to use it :)!/ttttoyaaa/status/26644174753

  • Keehun
  • Mathieu Blais-D’Amours


    FontCase and Sketch! Two awesome apps!

  • Daniel


  • Marcel

    @hipflipwhip – FontCase!

  • agg23


    I so hope I win Sketch ;)

  • Topy


  • Pielo


    Pick me, pick me!

  • Alex Newman

    @thedotmack I NEED FONTCASE!! :)

  • k19s


  • @LazarovDesign

    Just awesome!

  • WebKarnage


    Great chance to win! Brilliant prize.

  • noppatee

    all your license are belong to @noppatee

  • Andrew Easter

    @tintineaster – fantastic competition – here’s hoping

  • Frederick Polk
  • ChrisM


    Pick me! Pick me please! ;-)

  • Dave Metzener


  • grizzly19

    @grizzly19 Thanks!

  • miho

    These applications are really lovely and beautiful! Especially Fontcase & Sketch :)


  • Todd Egeler

    Weird, I was just looking at Sketch yesterday and thinking that Bohemian Coding is one of my favorite indy developers. @XiiroMedia

  • Dania G.


    eep! So excited! Good luck to everyone!

  • Scott

    Bakes has retweeted!



  • David Bradley

    @redsxtreme — let’s do thisssssss

  • Jaime Zuchotzki


  • Teo Farro
  • Leandro


  • Ed


    *fingers crossed*

  • Dan Palmer


  • Sherman

    @ShermanB – Go Me(at)!

  • DixHuit

    Tweeted! @spamMuncher

  • brokentoy
  • Andrew


  • fishCoding


  • Dixon Crews
  • Blaine Moore
  • blachole

    I would love these!


  • Agos

    That’d be awesome!

  • Ankit Sharma


  • Ragnar

    Insane giveaway!

    My twitter username is @OTAKUPHONE!/OTAKUPHONE/status/26659153024

  • @agelias

    Best drawing apps I’d never seen. A must for newbies ;) hope to win.

  • Alejandro

    @alenm88 im excited about DrawIt :)

  • Ariel

    Best drawing apps I’d never seen. A must for newbies ;) hope to win.

  • andrew

    thanks for all the great reviews @plocher

  • Nathan

    @nlunsford – would love to have fontcase!

  • Matthew


  • Meira
  • Jfen
  • Simon


  • Eugene

    Sketch would be nice. @soonwai

  • Mike

    I would love to enter but I DO NOT love twitter.

  • Jimm

    I love Sketch, I want a full version :)

  • Brendan O’Brien


    Fontcase is fantastic

  • Andrew D


  • Stuart Herriot

    @stuartherriot ( Would soooo like to win this!!!)

  • Uno

    Coolness. Twitter: unoam

  • Jack



  • Daft Viking


  • Eigenwill


    Thanks for spreading these apps.

  • Aquaman_Tom

    Love FontCase.


  • eugenio
  • Henry


    Sketch would be awesome! :D Pick me, pick meee! :P

  • Axit Patel

    Its awesome: @patelaxit

  • Jan


  • Ryan Quintal


  • Edvard Vajgl
  • bioadam
  • Stephane


  • jeannie


  • Stephane


    already have FontCase and love it


  • Ricardo Giesta


  • Matt

    Hey, finally, someone is giving away stuff from Bohemian Coding!
    My Twitter: @Mtybz

  • The Eck

    It would be nice if you provided a means for us non-twitterers to enter your contests. Not everyone is able to join the twitter generation for various reasons and contests such as these exclude us. No fair!

  • Bruno Moniz


  • Quinn


    OMG I love all these softwares! What A Dream it would be to own a Copy of all of these!! xD

  • joshua

    @jwilcox09 :)

  • matt


  • Gianni


  • Nick Cotton
  • MacAppist


  • chris
  • dinobib

    @dinobib Will love theses apps, will it be fontcase, drax it or sketch.

  • BizarreRod

    @BizarreRod Bohemian coding FTW!!

  • Erica S.


  • Patrick


    Keep up the great articles!

  • Natalia Ventre


    All Bohemian Coding apps are interesting, but Fontcase would be really useful to me, I have too many fonts!

  • Ulises Bojorquez


  • J. Teague


    Fontcase and Sketch, two apps I’ve been wanting to get my hands on!
    Very awesome Giveaway!

  • Podman725


  • Dana Severance


    This would be so awesome to win. :)

  • Andy Hutchins

    I’m in @7LayersDesign. This is an awesome bundle.

  • Sirirat


    Thanks for fantastic apps ;-)

  • Ricardo Mello


  • Mike Key
  • Bretton L

    totally just tweeted this.


  • Apisit

    Good Luck *•*


  • Chris Gambill



    nice bundle, i want fontcase

  • Thanos Gatos

    Great! @endorfin

  • yowlong


    Fontcase is already in my wishlist. Hope I could win a license.

  • Richard Fang

    @madeforyou tweeted! :D

  • 0606406


    done :D

  • Kiwi
  • yowlong


    I wish I could win a license. Fontcase is already in my “must buy” wishlist.

  • wulan sari

    hi…dear Bohemian Coding that made great masterpiece of apps design^^ Fontcase, Drawlt,Sketch,Slip Cover..i really love to win this competition :O please choose meee:)

  • Miki

    @MiquelDespuig very nice software!

  • James


    I would so love to win this comp! I’ve been saving up for DrawIt and Sketch, but Fontcase and Slipcover would be fantastic too! :-)

  • yeld

    @yeldesigner DO WANT! DO WANT! DO WANT!

  • James


  • tonijn

    Fontcase Rocks!

  • tonijn


  • billm5353


  • Brian

    Great contest!! thanks!

  • Dean


  • Winter

    Thanks for the chance to win these apps!


  • Isaak Kwok


    Thanks for the chance to win some apps.

  • Colin Stark

    @starktweets thanks :)

  • Stefanos Hadjisoteriou
  • Stefanos Hadjisoteriou
  • LGS


    I love Fontcase!

  • Denise


    Fontcase rocks!!

  • Char Reed


    Awesome contest!

  • Swe


  • macloch

    @macloch Yay!

  • David


    Ohhhh, Fontcase I need you so!

  • Adam


    Some awesome apps there! hope I win!

  • Will Steinmetz


  • Juan Carlos
  • Shirley

    Definitely would love to win Sketch!

    • Shirley

      Oops. Forgot my twitter username: @zrwr

  • Mac


    thank for this kool contest.

  • Paul rostorp


    Tweeted ! Hope I’ll win!


  • Tyago Neres

    Hope I win!


  • Vitor Hug Maia

    I really want to manage fonts with style :]


  • Davis John


  • Sairam
  • Rizky

    Wooot! I waaaaaant!! Gimme some of those cool apps! @smu4_2001

  • VK

    All such beautifully design apps! @newtotweeting

  • Lucas Dohmen


  • Mason


  • Daniel Coats

    @danielcoats – This would just be an awesome early Christmas present!

  • Brandon

    FontCase would pretty much be amazing =)


  • Johnathan Barrett
  • Rachel

    Would be awesome to win this! :) I’ve just started using my macbook more and discovered how great it really is.

    I’ve tweeted from @missrachilli :)

    Link to tweet is here, too:!/missrachilli/status/26933157023

  • Jack Griffiths

    @plasticpork :D

  • Vanderson Arruda

    I want Fontcase!!/VandersonArruda/status/26952728543

    Username: @VandersonArruda

  • Michael Polák

    @merovinqian omg!Fontcase!

  • Josh

    I don’t have Twitter but I posted it on my facebook and tagged Mac.Appstorm! Hope that counts anyway :)

    Picture for proof!

  • jim


  • Eduardo Partida

    I would love to get a copy of Fontcase, i’ve been wanting this for yers. Anyways, here is my tweet:!/Xhester/status/26987303690

  • occulusdei

    @ occulusdei

  • axmujica

    Winning would be extremely cooooooooool!!
    Check us out, @mujicaconcepts

  • Jake
  • Mic Pringle


  • Alenanno
  • David

    @dagray you guys are awesome. hope I win. :-)

  • Macwitty
  • Mariusz

    I want Fontcase


  • kyd


    I love Laurent Baumann’s design work with Fontcase — a truly gorgeous app in both look and function that’s indisputably the best tool for the job. Jon Hicks of had some great things to say about DrawIt, and I’ve been meaning to check it for a while. Sketch and SlipCover display all the beautiful UI design that’s a hallmark of Bohemian Coding Apps. Enough said, thanks for having the promotion.

  • Kody

    Gosh it’d be amazing to win DrawIt or Sketch! Thank you guys for pulling this amazing deal off~ Twitter username is “Ktroje”.

  • Adrian Kenny
  • Jason Tran

    Victory shall be mine.

  • John Rowley


    Best of luck everyone.

  • Josh Calvetti



  • @cerjyo

    What a great combination of software.

    The whole line-up integrates beautifully together and each of the applications can be of great usefulness for its own respective purpose.

    I wonder if @cerjyo will be a lucky winner!

  • Alexander

    Very nice!


  • Sam Harding

    Awesome giveaway =]


  • @ayack_fr


  • R

    Many thanks!
    And to everyone who participated: may all your dreams come true!

  • WebKarnage

    Woohoo! I won a free app!

    Not complaining, it just really made me laugh!

    You guys still do a great job. Keep on it!

    with best regards,

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