Winners Announced: 3 Forklift Licenses Up For Grabs

Old Competition Post

Most Mac users will find a need for an FTP client from time to time, and there are plenty to choose from. Forklift is undoubtedly one of our favourites and the latest incarnation in version 2 brings a fantastic range of new functionality.

Forklift will connect to any server you can throw at it (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, iDisk, SMB, AFP and NIS), can synchronise browsing between local and remote folders, split/combine files, mount remote volumes as a local drive, and much more. Usually priced at $29.95, we’re giving three readers the chance to grab their own copy completely free!

All you need to do is leave a comment below, letting us know how you use your current FTP app. Is it to manage your website? Backup files to Amazon S3? Or to connect to other computers on your network?

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick three winning comments at random on Wednesday, 20th April. Best of luck, and happy FTPing!

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following three winners, who will shortly be receiving their Forklift license!

  1. Laurence Wilks
  2. Geoffrey Schumann
  3. Robert in SF


Add Yours
  • My current FTP program is used at work to pass files up to our servers when our clients give them to us.

  • We use this for It would be grateful if we have this :)

  • We current are using FileZilla and sometimes it crash so we would like to try forklift. We use this to transfer script, plugin, etc into our server.

  • Mostly for websites/web applications and eventually s3 storage.

  • I use transmit right now to manage my websites and cyberduck to manage my cloud files… would love to consolidate!

  • Building a new Video hosting site, file upload is sooo slow. Forklift would be a breath of fresh air :)

  • I use it to upload files to my website.

    Hope I win! :)

  • Currently use Cyberduck to transfer stuff to my Android phone via FTPServer. I am looking forwards to shift to this highly rated ForkLift.

  • Forklift is the best file manager for Mac. It has ALL the features I need to manage my local files and to upload my websites’ files. But I have no say that I love: dual pane view, easy hidden files viewer toggle and application uninstall tool. So nice.

  • An FTP client is essential when uploading to my personal website (hello terrible web interfaces).

    Also for clients who have stupid email size limits or over-zealous IT policies.

  • i wanna win! forklift me!

  • I would love to win a license for managing my website.

  • To manage my server/websites.

  • I use mine to upload files to a consultant group who have to review my company’s work for approval….it’s a mess.

  • I use FileZilla to manage all my websites, but mainly use Coda to edit files. It would be great to have Forklift in my dock!

  • I use FTP clients to upload websites which means the synchronisation would be very useful :)

  • I use my FTP client to update my websites and access my iOS apps. :-)

  • My FTP client of choice right now is split between Cyberduck and Filezilla. I primarily use Cyberduck for connecting directly to my web host – I like using it for that purpose because Cyberduck conveniently has a button that allows me to edit any file in a external editor ( is my favorite). I use Filezilla to manage what shows to watch on my HTPC – it’s a lot more convenient to upload/download a huge batch of files in Filezilla.

  • I use my FTP app to manage my website!

  • I use it to manage my websites :)

  • I’d use forklift to hand-pick my “special” backups out to s3. Those files are really big, and I cannot afford to always backup them. Right now I use the command line, but an UI app like ForkLift would be very appreciated.

  • I use my current FTP client to manage my Web site, because it seems that RW has a lot of file overlap issues.

  • I don’t store a lot of stuff on my host, but I do use an FTP app sometimes to manually install or back up WordPress installations. My IDE usually takes care of code stuff. I’ve also used it w/ S3 at work.

  • I guess I’m the only person still using Interarchy? I transfer large audio and video files around, as well as doing web site maintenance, as I’m running Linux as well as OS X. So mostly SFTP, but also some regular FTP. I also like using Interarchy for bulk-downloading files from the web, so I’m curious as to whether Forklift is any good at that.

  • heya,

    I use SFTP to transfer data between my EC2 instances.

    I only really use FTP for updating new ROMs to network gear or printers, tbh…lol.


  • This looks like a great app.

  • I use Cyberduck to deliver my final audio files/mixes for clients on my FTP server. I would love to try a new client. Thanks!

  • I use Flow, my current FTP program, to manage my website, a PiWik installation, and a ThinkUp installation.

  • Currently, I use Filezilla to connect the Mac, PC, server, and NAS in my home. I have also found it extremely useful for sharing files with clients, family and friends. I would love to use Forklift.

  • I use an ftp client basically to update websites. Occasionally, I use it to transfer large files to other people that I could not using an email.

    I currently use Cyberduck but I am looking forward to change to Forklift!

  • Use cyberduck to manage my websites

  • I use FTP clients nearly every day to connect to my web servers using SFTP. My current FTP client of choice is Flow, but I’ve used everything from Filezilla, Cyberduck, Transmit, and even an older version of Forklift. Would love to win a copy of Forklift 2!

  • I use FTP to download audio files for speech transcription! I’m currently working on improving the current standards of closed captioning systems!

  • I use Finder now to manage my research data in the SMB server in my department, and Cyberduck to manage my backup in remote server.

  • My FTP app sees plenty of action moving files to my university WebCT courses for students using WebDav and to the home AppleTV by SFTP. Indispensable.

  • I use Transmit from Panic. Inc
    I use it not only to manage my website but also use it to backup files to Amazon S3 and MobileMe. I generally satisfied with the UI and the features of Transmit but there are several bugs and errors that Panic Inc. hasn’t fixed since 2009.. I surely want to try ForkLift!

  • I have a very small SSD so I use FTP (flow) to move files between my NAS and computer.

  • Like others, I use Transmit. Its a pretty solid product -but there are definitely some bugs. I would love to give forklift a try, and would switch if its a good product. I’m a web developer, so an FTP program is something I use everyday.

  • I use Expandrive to mount other machines on the LAN. Love the feature. I hear that ForkLift is the fastest FTP transfer app. Would be good to speed up the transfers.

  • My FTP app is used to my website.

  • I don’t use FTP clients but I love appstorm’s competitions and I want to participate to win this app!!!


  • What do you think? Why do people use ftp clients? To transfer files over networks i would say. And i use cyberduck which is:
    1) Free
    2) Stable
    3) Complex enough as a FTP

    I don’t need Transmit and i don’t need Forklift. These 2 programs are just done to WASTE money you could actually use in some other, probably smarter, way.

    So, stop licking the ass of software developers and let’s says thinks as they are: 30$ for an FTP client like forklift are just a robbery, simple. I didn’t try forklift (yet) but i’m pretty sure it’s just a usual client, nothing special in it and no reason to pay even 1$. Wake up people. Stop to behave ike bitches.

    • Being a FTP client is just one of the features that Forklift offers. Actually Forklift is a very robust file manager with tons of other nice features (much better than Finder of Pathfinder for example). Just check their website for a short list of what Forklift has to offer and try it out for free. In fact, this piece of software is a money saver, since it replaces several other softwares that do just one thing.

      By the way, I don’t work for Binary Nights. I’m just a happy user!

  • I mostly use ftp for managing archived project and fetching code from those project to reuse them.

  • i use FTP to transfer to my website, but I would like to use Forklift for that and to merge folder structures and it’s contant from my hard drive to my external that have similar path structures.

  • I use FTP to access a backup-dedicated computer on my network :D

  • With my current FTP App (Yummy Ftp) i manage all my websites.

  • using ftp app to manage synology diskstation and forklift is great as finder replacement.

  • I use FTP to upload files to web servers and personal server as well as accessing S3 from time-to-time.

  • Forklift is the best file manager for Mac and I use it to update my website.

  • I am playing around with S3 using FireS3

  • I currently use cyberduck to manage my website, client websites, and backup my files.

  • Usually I’ll use an FTP program to submit graphics and other elements that are too large to email.

  • For maintaining websites and managing remote files! :)

  • I use my FTP app (flow) for uploading client websites and retrieving large files :)

  • Amazon S3 all the way!

  • I would love to move over to Forklift! I use my FTP client for *everything*… managing websites, backups, connecting to our clients remote networks and keeping local and remote directories synced. I especially like the look of the Droplets feature in Forklift.

    While a lot of our sites are managed with Git and deployed, nothing beats making a small change to a static site than using an FTP client.

  • Hi! (:

    I use for manage your website!


  • I use FTP access to manage my list of clients and personal websites

  • I use ftp to connect to other devices in my local network, Forklift looks amazing, i hope to win.

  • I use FTP to connect to a file server at work (website and lan files) and to do some file sharing at home.

  • I use ftp and especially Sftp to manage my vServer. Aside from that, i’m doing some backup on amazon s3.

  • All of the above!!!

  • I use my FTP client (currently Transmit) to manage/update multiple websites, as well as transfer files to and from clients and vendors.

  • I use Flow to manage my Website. I don’t use it really often but par example this folder-sync thing looks pretty good.

  • I use FTP for transferring files via file transfer protocol. . .

  • I currently use Cyberduck to manage my portfolio and themeforest demos, as well as client websites.

    Having a upgrade like this would make things just so much easier. :)

  • I need this. I use CyberDuck to update my website currently and would love to use Forklift. :)

  • I would use it to manage my websites files

  • I currently use it to keep my numerous personal and client sites up to date.

  • I use Forklift 1. I utilize it to upload files to and from my website, but that’s not the only thing I use it for. I also use it to manage files around my mac. :D

  • I use my current FTP client (cyberduck) to backup files to manage google docs connect to other pc’s and to ssh into my ipod.

  • I FTP stuff to websites mostly.

  • I currently use Cyberduck to manage a range of FTP accounts and manage website content. I love the functionality of Forklift from what i can see it looks like it would be a great addition to any designers tool kit!

  • I use FTP to share my latest finds with friends. Little bit of iDisk maybe?

  • I use Transmit for managing my shared web server!

  • I just want it in case I ever decide to do anything with it.

  • I use FTP to manage my website!

  • I feel in love with the tabs and the syncronize function. The two columns UI make me more productive. Good luck!

  • I use FTP to transfer web templates to our offshore development teams in India

  • I use it to manage websites and to connect to my home server. I would love to use Forklift to make that happen:).

  • I use my FTP program to update my site: my illustration work.

  • I use Cyberduck currently , but i hope to get this awesome Forklift.

  • I currently use Transmit for managing my websites and accessing several remote servers I regularly need to transfer files between. Also, I use it for iDisk access since the Finder isn’t particularly reliable in that regard.

  • To download files from remote storages.

  • I use it for managing my website! Hope I win.

  • I use Cyberduck for transmitting files to my server. I also use it to teach to my students what an FTP Client is and what it allows.
    I hope I’ll be able to show them the extended possibilities of Forklift!

  • Using Cyberduck to update 3 different websites and up/download photo’s shared with others. I’m also using the integrated FTP-function of Coda when i’m developing websites.

  • For my ftp connections for website updating I use Cyberduck, however, since recently, I’m in the need to connect to an smb server to store data. Forklift would simplify this new step.

  • I used Transmit for last five years and it works great. Forklift would be nice to have…

  • Good luck!

  • I don’t use FTP.

  • I use Transmit4 to connect to OnlineServices like Me.Com or Amazon S3

  • Using FTP to transfer files between servers and laptops

  • I use FTP to manage my websites and share files with friends!

  • i ftp mostly to get/upload/sync/backup experimental data… not very optimized procedure but works :)

  • I am using my FTP Client for uploading many documents to the Website above. It’s about our catholic commune near Frankfurt/Main in Germany.

  • I use Cyberduck for connecting to my FTP.

  • I use FTP to upload and download songs/audio/videos for my clients. Working in a recording studio rawks!

  • Few ftps and sftps, syncing my websites.
    And as always, if there is more free space, for fast dropbox-like file sharing.

  • I currently use Cyberduck to upload files to my collage network.

  • I use Transmit to manage my server and multiple client servers

  • I use forklift as my main filemanager and FTP manager. Great usability, fast work with files and fast start. I love it!

  • I use Transmit right now for uploading print media on FTP to other advertising agencies.

  • I use Cyberduck currently to upload pictures to my website. I hope to get this neat Forklift.

  • I use ForkLift 1 to manage my websites. An upgrade to Version 2 would be very nice.

  • I use FTP for managing my websites…. currently using Coda, but looking for a dedicated app. Maybe forklift is the answer!

  • I’m an IT student and I use ftp a lot. During my class I work on a remote server and almost every day I sync my files between my local Mac and this server.

  • I currently use Transmit for all my FTP needs, using it to not only move files to web servers but also to manage my personal S3 account which I use to share files.

  • I use Filezilla to manage a couple of remote servers mainly website content. Forklift looks quite nice I must say! G’luck to all ;)

  • I’ll use this to manage my websites.

  • My work files are flying from my workstation to client servers every day! Forklift would help me a lot doing things faster and in a new way :)

  • will be really useful to manage all my websites with it… can be a pain in the ass without a good app … :)

  • At the moment I use Transmit to manage all my websites and my S3 environment

  • I used FTP to connect to other desktop/laptop. Just use free cyberduck

  • I use FTP to manage my WordPress blog. Mostly modifying my theme and stuff.

  • I’m webdeveloper, all day long at work I use flow which I bought with some bundle. Forklift would be a nice replacement.

  • hey i am using cyberduck for managing my websites,.. but would be very glad to receive a licence to switch to forklift :)

  • I currently use Transmit but after just buying a shiny new Macbook Pro (and my first Intel Mac!) I am looking forward to the big wide world of Snow Leopard apps!

  • I am using Flow as my primary FTP client to a) upload my videos to my Apple TV, b) upload my documentations to a server at work, and c) transfer files between computers via SFTP.

  • I use FTP to upload files to my office server in Moscow, since I to the work remotely from Asia.

  • I use Cyberduck to deploy to different servers and to exchange files with other people via webservers.

  • Yeah would love to replace filezilla for my website with forklift. Heard great reviews but never managed to get myself to fork out the Monet. ;)

  • Sending files to homeserver and quick editing them, also updating and creating websites and forking them…

    what else? sending files to Android phone…

  • I still use LeechFTP (old school WinXP client) to get my files onto my webservers. Mainly pictures and php/html/css files. Would love to do this on my Mac though with a nicer interface =)

  • Well, uploading files to websites for me. But shifting files around without Finder is growing on me. ;-)

  • I use Fetch for uploading to websites for work and personal use, also use it for transferring files to iPhone as well as to my older mac that i use as a desktop

  • I use Flow at the moment to manage several different websites and to connect to my computer in the lab and transfer files. I had a go with the Forklift trial, and was mightily impressed with it – having a license to it would be fantastic!

  • I use my FTP app to update my websites. Looking for another easier program. I know Forklift would be a good replacement!

  • Man, I’m using the command line. Updating website and moving research data onto my work machine, mostly.

  • I use FTP to manage files in my website

  • I use Cyberduck to manage some web sites and personal web storage.

  • I use them to connect to S3 to manage backups but as well to connect to my build in FTP server in my router.

  • I manage my websites with transmit. want forklift

  • Here I am!

    • I use Cyberduck at the moment, but it would be nice to have Forklift too ;)

  • FTPing computers all the time

  • websites mostly

  • I use an older version of Forklift to maintain multiple web sites

  • Currently I use Cyberduck to help me with my mini wordpress blog ;’)

  • Hei, I’m going to use it to replace my actual app (Flow) to be more productive and more efficient with multiple web sites. Big Up for Binary Nights team!

  • Uploading files to websites and some web apps via sftp.

  • Managing my website, sharing files with friends, file-operations that are easier with two panes

  • I currently use Transmit to handle all of my clients at my job as well as my freelance work.

  • I’m a designer, JUST bought a mac. NEED THIS SCHMIZ.

  • I am using mine for managing files for my site but am looking into keeping files backed up due to a mishap a little while back causing the loss of some photos and psd files I needed.

  • I use transmit 4, by panic. Don’t really want a forklift license, cause transmit is a lot better.

  • Currently I use Cyberduck to manage my private website. What I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have a dual-view window with the remote server on one side and the local desktop on the other.

  • I use a basic FTP for transferring files on my network

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Using transmit or yummy ftp here

  • I use FTP for backup and uploading files to wordpress :)

  • I use mine for my web development clients, Amazon S3 and it’s not Forklift…

  • using transmit for websites files, cyberduck to manage cloud files that transmit can’t do, using native file sharing to access SMB server.

    Could appreciate if there’s 1 application that’ll do this well.

  • Awesome! I’m currently using filezilla to access my websites files and folders, but would love to use Forklift instead…

  • I like lifting my fork

  • I use ftp to access my files at college, would love to use Forklift. Thanks!

  • I use my current FTP (Flow) client for website management mostly.

  • For uploading client websites and retrieving large files.

  • I use CyberDuck now. We have that “showcase” server where Clients can see current version of their projects. Forklift can be nice addition to my toolbox :)

  • One of the best programs i’ver ever used on mac, of course i want to enter so i can win a license!

  • I use Cyberduck currently to save all my work to Strato HiDrive and upload websites to servers for customers.

  • I’ve seen Forklift in action on a friends machine….now I want it!!

  • Manage my website & connect to macs and pc’s on the network!

  • Use it to manage websites.

  • I currently use Transmit. Being a freelance web developer, I practically live in an ftp client.

  • Use it to manage my website and upload files to envato’s videohive!

  • I use my FTP client to upload pages for my two websites I run! Got a third site coming soon, been meaning to upgrade to a better client for a while now.

  • I use my FTP apps for uploading to web servers, taking backups and to connect to our offsite server.

  • The practical reason I’d like Forklift: transfer client files to and fro.
    The real reason I’d like Forklift: the awesome icon I’d have in my dock!

  • I use FTP clients to upload newsletter I create as well as large videos for the medical field. This one sounds like it might fit the bill

  • I use FTP a lot, for home networking, and using it to upload/ download files for a class I am taking

  • Graphic Artist: currently using cyberduck to transfer all files to my, and my clients’, ftp sites and receiving the files they send back to me. Not real happy with the way it keeps changing and the info it shows me, but it IS free after all.

  • So far I use Midnight Commander via Terminal for FTP upload/download transmissions. I manage passwords in netrc. Not really happy with interface.

  • Currently using Transmit to manage websites

  • Well, i’ve been using FTP clients to manage my websites. Too much web-sites = too much work for an FTP client :)

  • Currently Iam using Cyberduck, but it’s not so beautiful than Forklift!

  • I currently use Transmit – primarily for connecting to various servers and devices at work.

  • im using my current ftp app to mod my xbox classic =D

  • I use my current FTP client to work on websites.

  • I use at the church I work at to upload podcast files and maintain the website.

  • Is use FileZilla for Website Administration + Uploads

  • Currently I use SFTP to manage websites for work, the local university, and to transfer files between my work computers and a hacked TV :) Also been playing with S3 storage and a couple other little things!

  • I use my FTP client for putting up schoolprojects on my server and other work-related stuff :)

  • I currently use CyberDuck to manage a couple of websites. and As well as files on Amazon.

    I’ve been wanting to use Foklift for a while but can’t afford it.

  • I use my FTP app for uploading client websites!
    And I will start using the S3 Amazon Storage

  • I use my current FTP to transfer files to my web hosting server. I have used Fetch in the past, but looking to do more

  • I use cyberduck to store my files on server. Would love to get Forklift

  • Currently using CyberDuck to update my websites. Would love to try Forklift.

  • I use FTP to manage my websites and backup to my account on Dreamhost.
    Forklift 2 looks great!

  • Use transmit now that I’m on a mac, formerly used Filezilla on PC — I’m mostly working with S3 via transmit these days.

  • Syncing, wesite, photos, and S3. I would love Forklift :)

  • I am currently using Filezilla to upload and download files between servers; but I would love to use something like Forklift

  • I use fileZilla to update my personal website and for my customer site. I Could use a free copy of forklift…

  • i’m using cyberduck at the moment to maintain and work on online projects. would love to give forklift a shot though!

  • I’d love to use it to transfer files between my phone and mac.

  • I use it for work and to manage my own personal websites as well :) Thanks for this opportunity to win it! *crosses fingers*

  • I download and upload files for the websites I currently manage. I also use FTP to send large video files to the server at the office when I decide to work from home. Would be nice to be able to use Forklift =)

  • i use mine to manage files from my own server at home.

  • Mostly the time I’m copy files to website servers only. Lots of small files to copy and don’t want to lost anything.

  • I usually upload websites and images to web servers.
    I had trouble with some ftp clients that copied the small images really slow…

  • I’m currently managing my sites through Coda’s built-in FTP client.

  • I use flow to share image files.

  • I currently use FTP to manage a website.

  • I actually use it for documents management and is essential to my workflow. Maybe someday Apple will understand that a dual pane Finder should be standard!

  • Forklift 2 is F****g awsm! I have used it for semi live website updating, an app deleter and even prefer it to finer as a file manager.

  • I currently use FTP to handle client sites, I WISH it supported S3!

  • I use ftp in a normal way – I use Cyberduck now to upload files to a web server – pretty typical.

  • Currently using Filezilla when developing and updating multiple drupal sites

  • Using Cyberduck right now to update various Websites.
    I tried the Forklift Trial and was really satisfied but can’t afford the full license right now since i’m a college student.

  • i use it to get file over my ps3 and my mac, as well to manage and small website and personal ftp sever.

  • Using Cyberduck, a great FTP, but lacks of features when you wanna browse both the mac and the server, I use it for managing every website im running and doing remote transferring between servers on my school, and would love to be able to sit on 2 servers at same time instead of copying to my computer and upload again, Problem is that I’m a student so don’t have moneys to buy full license tho :/

  • I use cyberduck to update my website. I have looked at forklift and it looks awesome!

  • I use my current FTP app to maintain files for clients, manage websites and save data to my cloud. Forklift would be really great to manage all these tasks :-)

  • I currently use an FTP to upload and transfer large files between clients and the printers as quite often their mail clients can only accept a max of 5MB.

  • Currently I FTP to my hard drive connected to my home network. Also have a second hard drive connected to a server that I can access via WebDAV. Third, I manage a couple websites on my college campus that I access via SFTP. Would be nice to see how the free options I am currently using compare to Forklift

  • I generally use my FTP editor to work on my website/build random php projects!

  • I use FileZilla to manage web sites.

  • I use Firefox Addon called FireFtp for uploading and updating websites onto the web server. It works like a charm, and the best thing is I dont need a seperate app running for ftp.

  • I use it to update my own website!

  • Currently using ‘transmit’ for pushpull files to and from my webserver. Mounting remote sites so all applications can access via sftp just like another disk-mount.

  • I operate a VPS with about 20 sites on it currently. Business sites, blogs, and personal file storage…I need a flexible, fast, and powerful FTP app to manage my sites.

  • Want!

  • I could totally use a free copy of Forklift!!

  • I currently use transmit, primarily to manage websites but also to transfer large photo files that cannot be sent via email due to size restrictions.

  • I use FTP to transfer files to and from my personal website, as well as my clients. Would love to try out Forklift!

  • My current FTP client is transmit and I use it to work on client sites for my design business.

  • I would love to use forklift to have access to several backends here at work as well as personal web sites.

  • I am a newbie and trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can with regard to a web presence – I am faffing around at the mo with Cyberduck and have downloaded a trial of Transmit but would love to just win something in my life i.e. Forklift – settle on it and then just get on with things.

  • I use mostly for managing my own and my clients’ websites :). Forklift looks really great, would love to have a chance to use it

  • I use it for my website.

  • Use FTP tool to transfer data from computational fluid dynamics simulations.

  • I use yeallow duck, its quite nice, but not perfect :), connect with my ftp server and clients servers.
    I have tried forklift and that was wow – much better ;)

  • I manage a number of websites and ecommerce-sites and use YummyFTP and (less frequently) CyberDuck to work the files.

    Forklift has been on my wishlist for a quite a while. I like the idea behind it to integrate a finder-like environmant with FTP-functionality.

    I also appreciate that the forklift devs seem to be eager to continously enhance the app and seem to provide good support. Something well worth considering when using software for professional means.

  • I still use the previous version of Forklift but it would be time to upgrade. I hope it will happen :)

  • I use FTP client to manage personal and client sites, and to exchange files between computers.

  • I transfer work related files between workplaces and home and Forklift will be a wonderful tool.

  • Current FTP app is used to manage websites.

  • I use FTP to access my website.

  • i use cyberduck to upload files, and dropbox to transfer files between computers

  • I use Cyberduck to manage all my websites (personals and some clients). It would be great to have Forklift in my dock and use this!

  • Use my current FTP app, Transmit, to manage my website.

  • Currently, I’m using cyberduck + total finder to develop sites and add functionality to finder…I’d love to replace them both with forklift!

  • Constantly using S3 and scp. Automated backups/syncs to s3. I use sshfs and s3fs a lot, but also use command line tools. Sometimes I’ll use Filezilla if I’m using a GUI.

    Would love to start using Forklift, though..=)

  • i want to manage my site with Forklift!!!!

  • I constantly use the Forklift. Very easy to use program with an intuitive interface, even for novice users. House has raised with freenas ftp server to which are connected only by the Forklift. Just to upload files on ftp site server for your domain using only the Forklift. Sinc function for me is simply indispensable for the rapid transfer of missing files on external media
    At checkout GO detected a problem with a permanent network for the simultaneous fall of three employees, it is probably due to the legacy switches, which is they same. What is missing is the connection to the drive MobileMe and move file functions (

  • I use Cyberduck to transfer and work on files. I also use it to set recursive rights and to sync folders. For simple up- and downloads I sometime switch to ExpanDrive. Forklift appears to be a solid FTP Solution. I would love to get a license to switch.

  • I need a new FTPClient for my webspace. As you can see on my page, i couldn’t find a good – and working! – client so far ;-)

  • I use my current FTP app to manage my website. Forklift looks so powerful, hope I could win!


  • primarily use cyberduck for SFTP & webdav.

  • I currently use Forklift 1.0 for ftp to my website and Amazon S3. I have tried many others…but Forklift is the best combination of functionality, speed, and UI for me. I would love to get a license so I can upgrade!

  • I use Cyberduck for years.
    Use it for web projects and to connect to other work server.

  • I usually use ftp app for managing websites, also for backing up.

  • I’m using it for my websites and to pass files to my ftp-server.

  • I use my current ftp client, Cyberduck, mainly for my website, but also to have access to my local files when not at home.

  • For my website:)

  • I use to manage my website and web apps. Would be great to have forklift to help me out!

  • Hi!
    I use it to update and put onlines websites.

  • I currently use cyberduck and I use it to push updates to my code to my college’s dev server.

  • I currently use Transmit and Cyberduck, both for web development and general file transfer. Always been curious about Forklift. Looks like a great app.

  • I want to win Forklift because I can’t live without dual pane windows. It’ll boost my productivity.

  • My current FTP client is Cyberduck to access remote files on work servers.

  • Currently using Flow(amazing App by the way) for mostly Webstuff.

    I really would like to give forklift a try.

  • I use it to transfer files to my webpage and access my iDevices! Forklift would be AWESOME!

  • I use it to transfer files to server

  • i use cyberduck

  • Like many others here, website management.

  • I use ftp mainly for website management and for uploading files to fileserve

  • I use it mainly to upload website-related files, and occasionally to move files from one box to another.

  • great initiative guys ! I would definitively use a forklift licence :)

  • I’m currently using CyberDuck but I’m not having a really good experience with it. I do lots of work that involves FTP and other protocols, such as: Java Server Pages programming, web development and design, and many other stuff. In the bottom line, I want it soooooooo bad… I need it sooooooo bad… Pleeeaaaaseee XD

  • I use my ftp program to upload to various servers for work and my personal site and forklift looks like it would work well for me!

  • i use forklift 2 still. #amazing

  • Folklift FTW!!! I love that application! ;)

  • I use an FTP app to manage my website’s files. With Forklift 2, I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing much, much more than that. :)

  • I use cyberduck to manage an help organizations website here in Sweden. We give help to self-help for substance abuse, homelessness and other such flaws in society.
    Musketörerna i Sollentuna (Musketeers in Sollentuna).

  • well, i never use FTP so far. either upload/download via http or SMB. but it looks like a very nice finder replacement for file manager stuff.

  • Currently, I use Cyberduck to upload file.
    Forklift would be a nice replacement. Thanks :)

  • I use FileZilla to upload files to the server. Would love to win this and use it along side Coda. :)

  • A good FTP-Client which syncs a remote to mounted volume is exactly what I need..

    experimenting currently to replace dropbox with something that is under my control..

  • On the Mac, I’ve always used Transmit. I use it to access the plethora of WordPress & Joomla sites that I run. I am unhappy that I can’t access the Amazon Cloud. I have .mac & .me account and it would be nice to have an app… that does everything that I want/need it to. I’d blog the heck out of all the features if I won :D

  • I’m currently using Cyberduck and muCommander. Both work, but it is no Forklift! Forklift combines both into one killer app!

  • I use Cyberduck for quick and dirty off-site backups.

  • I ‘ll use it to manage websites and to connect to other computers on my network.

    Good luck everyone. :)

  • I use Flow to manage a personal website!

  • I use Flow on daily bases for all the sites I design and build.
    It’s nice app, but forklift is far more better.

  • I usually use FTP app to manage website files… Sometimes to upload really big files I want to share.

  • I use iWeb built in FTP capabilities for simple websites and Cyberduck for more complex projects or to access remote FTP to send big graphic files.

  • I use FTP client to keep my website and blog alive. Moreover, I upload a lot of files and download as well from my ISP. We have a hub of FTP server for ISP users where we share lots of stuff. Good FTP client like Forklift will be a great tool!

  • I use Cyberduck as a website file manager. Folklift looks great !

  • I use FTP client to manage my websites as well as downloading stuff. Would like to try out forklift!

  • I use Filezilla to transfer both big files (>30MB) and large numbers of files to our Cloud-based enterprise content repository.

  • I’m a graduate student and FTP clients are probably amongst the most used pieces of development tools I use. From accessing file server, to managing code on school machines. I use Fetch as it is provided by our college to students, but I’ve been wanting an FTP client which allows me to mount them onto my desktop for easy access through editors like TextMate. Will I be lucky this time?

  • Happy with Forklift but would like the upgrade.

  • I am a freelance web developer and and do a lot of management of live sites which includes editing and uploading files to sites I manage. I used Forklift once (on a friend’s machine) and it was so easy and made my job so much easier (transferred files from one ftp to the other directly!!). However then I had to settle for free clients like Filezilla and Cyberduck but still the experience of using Forklift eludes me (that design!….sigh). Would love to have this as it’s so freaking amazing! Please choose me!

  • I use Cyberduck to update my websites and manage my google docs. Forklift looks really full featured, although I’d miss my rubber ducky in my dock…

  • Like most people I use Cyberduck, mainly to access other computers.
    Foklift looks awesome, I’d be cool to park it on my dock.

  • I use Forklift for my websites.. Before this app I have used Filezilla, which has not like Finder interface, so Forklift was very useful for me..

  • I use FTP to upload files to my ministry website/blog.

  • I use Filezilla to upload files

  • I use my FTP client to manage my website.

  • Thanks for the generous giveaway! I’d love to win as I have come to love Forklift 1. the upgrade to version 2 would be wonderful!

    Forklift is great for me not only as a FTP or S3 client (both for backing up critical files) but also as a wonderful Finder replacement for local file management.

  • I use my current app to manage my websites.

  • I currently use my FTP app for:

    – Upload Websites
    – Backing Up
    – Connecting to Home Server
    – Mounting directories on FTP so I can save images directly to the server

    Thanks :)

  • Hey! I use it for managing my home server files remotely from any laptop in the house! it’d be awesome to have Forklift in my life!! :D

    Keep rockin’ AppStorm!!

  • I mainly use FTP to manage websites.

  • I am a web developer and I have long being looking for a mac equivalent of Directory Opus for PC. I used Opus as a pimped out Windows Explorer replacement, but also for FTP and appreciated its extra features like file previews.
    In Switching to mac, Finder is great in comparison to Window Explorer but there are a few features which really should be added to finder, like the option to ‘merge’ two folders when copying, show hidden files like .htaccess and FTP connection would also be handy.

    Currently I switch between Cyberduck and Filezilla for FTP but think the interfaces are lack-lustre and find them buggy.

    I trailed forklift and found to be everything I was looking for and more. All the feature I found missing in finder plus a fast FTP. Love the ability to add more folders to the sidebar favorites and the interface is slick!
    Trialed a few other finder replacements and found them to be resource heavy and quite slow in comparison. Forklift was the pick of the litter for FTP and Finder replacement. Will also be a very handy program with the upcoming move to cloud storage.
    As handy as it was, I never ended up buying the trial, as OSX Lion is on the way and I thought I’d wait til after the the new OS just to be cautious.

  • I use it to connect to my dev VM and hosting server.

  • Currently I usually only use Coda for FTPing into my sites and updating content. But a standalone app would be awesome!

    Pick me! :D

  • I use FTP for maintaining both company and personal websites (a half dozen or so).

  • FTP is used for managing website. I’ve been looking at Transmit and Forklift for a while now…

  • I use ExpanDrive for SFTP to my host(it feels natural to do file management in Finder) and Cyberduck for managing my cloud files(Google Docs,S3, FTP to my HTPC), would be great to consolidate all that in one app :-)

  • I think they forgot about this competition…

    • This happens in every competition they make. They say they will pick up a winner on a day given but I don’t know why they end up picking 2 weeks later.

  • I’m still in time? I’m iiiiin (I hope).