Winners Announced: 5 Copies of Blast Up For Grabs

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve picked the five winners of Blast – sorry for the delay with sorting this one out, and thanks for your patience!

The winners are:

  • Loic
  • Samuel Wejchert
  • MacGeeky
  • Ziogas Chris
  • Dania Gonzalez

Congratulations to the winners – your license codes will be on the way soon!

Today we’re kicking off a new competition to win a copy of Blast. We recently reviewed Blast, and this is a great place to discover just what the handy little menu bar app is capable of. It’s a great way to keep track of the recently changed files on your Mac.

We have five licenses up for grabs, and entering is really simple. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter, and post your username in the comments below!

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the winners on the Friday, 9th June. Good luck, and enjoy your weekend!

  • Konrad

    Like it! Nick ~ konradkolasa

  • Minable


  • tintineaster

    hoping to have a blast! – tintineaster

  • Teo Farro

    Nice app!

  • Cristian


  • webbografico


  • davale


  • achenchik


  • MacGeeky


  • Brendon Go


  • Ozan Kilic


  • Peter


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  • Anthony Augustin


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  • Joseph Hughes


  • Jim Brown


  • Adam Souders


  • nicolasleroy


  • NextMemory


  • Firas


  • leesuiip


  • Jay


  • SC

    I love menubar apps and this looks so nice ! I’m using Fresh for now but this would be a welcome change.

    Thanks !


  • Kris Bulman


  • Daniele

    @gdaniele from italy!

  • anonymous ‘pert


  • nick


  • Poporin


  • Mike Staszel


  • Daniel


  • Xavier Fajardo


  • Paul Meyerson


    always interested in trying new apps. If we like them, we’ll review them on the blog.

  • Loic


  • Chris N


  • Bjørn Torbo

    btorbo – Count me in!

  • BrunO


  • Sacha Cohen


  • Kaishin


  • Phillipp Stengel


  • Lee

    Following as @grooms. Thanks!

  • Sairam

    Looking forward to … @sairam

  • Raspberry


    niceeee :)

  • ayack_fr


  • Matthew Kotarba


  • Seth Wilks


  • Arianne Miska


  • News Cast


  • Braden Keith

    Seems like an incredibly useful app. I’m a twitface @bradentkeith

  • Jfen


  • Joel Drapper


  • Mark McDonnell


  • Martin Cox


  • Michael


  • Jonah


  • brandon d.

    hmm…the tweet went up today, but at the top it says contest runs for one week ending june 9th…

    hope it’s a typo!

    i think i should win 1 for catching it!


    all hail the mighty mac

  • H0efi


  • Ángel Rosario


  • eden

    i am already following you ;) cool stuff uve got here!

  • Austin Grigg

    I’ve been enjoying the reviews you guys do and I really like the clean site design.


  • Dennis


  • Matt


  • Stephen


  • Ammon
  • chris harris


  • Tim


  • Brendan


  • RJ


  • Dan Meyers


  • R


  • Johnathan Barrett

    I’m @johnathan1707 :)

  • mitnworb


  • Niels K.


  • Maximilian Kirst


  • Damon Sharp


  • FG


  • Dennis

    Great app!

    My username: @dennis3484

  • Alonso


  • Hector Lee


  • Carrie

    #carriedrazin – would love to win!

  • Eric

    #thescribe – I wanted to try this.

  • jeannie


  • Kyle


  • simonnickel


  • Connor Crosby


  • Kurban


  • Dodie


  • Meira


  • Janos


  • Juan Carlos

    @juancarlostv :)

  • shakira


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  • Marlena


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  • jaryre


  • cardeo


  • Nico


  • Andrew Dilger


  • Chris

    My username is @HeinzTheo

  • Kyle Erikson

    Awesome- kderikson77

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  • MacAppist
  • benjamin


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  • Henry


  • Michael


  • raizamn


  • Vitor Hugo Maia
  • Matt R.

    I’m @FourMJR

  • Greg


    Looks good!

  • hito


  • Chris


  • Joe


  • David Parsons

    Awesome, thank you for making the contest. Hope I win.

  • Sebastiaan Swinkels

    Been following you guys for a long time now: sswinkels

  • Tony S.


  • Doob


  • guy


  • Steven


  • Adam Cloninger


  • Heather


  • Tim


    Hope I win ! :)

  • Felipe Dornelas


    Follow me =)

  • Krishna Sadasivam


    I make comics. Check ’em out! :)

  • Fernando


  • Ziogas Chris


  • Targoran


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  • Anthony


    Thanks! :D

  • Dave

    Thanks! Percussioned

  • Mari


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  • Connor Williams

    @ConnorMWilliams Woot go MacAppStorm!

  • Positron


  • Yuri

    I like this app, Ipotane

  • Jon T.


    looks like a very useful productivity app!

  • Marc de Ferranti


  • Neil Mac


  • TonyRetrobot


  • Axit Patel


  • Mardi

    Looks like a great app.


  • occulusdei

    others say its cool to have a blast – more than fresh.
    so i need a blast – please!

  • Suaran Sidhu


  • Dayouu


    i’m following you for a long time :P

  • Reyki

  • Michael


  • inspirationfeed


  • Gisli


  • Carlo

    @carlomedina is my twitter name :-) best of luck to all!

  • Adam


  • Samuel Wejchert

    Looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ricardo


  • Richard

    Ok, I follow and retweeted (via @qliq). I guess someone has a sense of humor to give away copies Blast over the 4th….. So have a Blast on the 4th. – Me I am going on my deck and watch my neighbors shoot off fireworks. if I win be sure to send me am email “blast” … :-)

  • Samuel


  • hello kitty


  • Ben Lind

    Cool! I’m @tutwow.

  • Filip De Bot


  • Vili


  • Jeroen Linders


  • Pontus

    Gimme! @ponjoh

  • Dania Gonzalez

    Thank youuu! :)


  • Kody

    How simple, yet productive. Thanks for the giveaway, guys!


  • Aleksi


  • Thomas Furlonger

    @iTomath ( )

    This application looks useful. :)

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  • gez


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  • V1tality


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  • Jack Franklin

    @Jack_Franklin :D

  • Antonija Pek


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  • mila

    would love one..

  • Chris


  • ChaCha Fance

    @socialwebtools :)

  • Carlos

    Man this app looks good… It will definitely help my work flow and make it a lot quicker… =)

  • mobile247


  • Pier Luigi


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  • Shishir


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    Thank you!

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    I’m following you guys on Twitter, @grantdtech. Thanks!

  • propellerhat


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  • Michael

    Have the winners already been drawn?

  • Matthew


  • Samuel Wejchert

    Yay, I won! So the serial code will just be emailed to you? Thanks in advance!