Winners Announced: 5 Copies of ColorSchemer Studio Up for Grabs

Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce that the winners of our ColorSchemer Studio competition are:

  • iBenn
  • Sonal
  • Thor Adam
  • Greg Pipkin
  • Tyago Neres

Thanks for taking part, and we’ll be in touch with your license code shortly!

Old Competition Post

We have another great competition for you this week, offering the chance to win one of five licenses for the excellent ColorSchemer Studio!

ColorSchemer Studio makes it fun, fast and easy to find the perfect palette for your next creative project. Whether you’re designing a web site, magazine layout, picking wedding colors, or painting your living room, get your colors right the first time with ColorSchemer Studio.

It’s a really versatile piece of software, and one that we reviewed last year. ColorSchemer is well designed, fun to use, and it takes the anxiety out of coming up with effective and professional color combinations.

Entering the competition is really easy. All you need to do is leave a comment below, letting us know what you’d like to design a colour scheme for!

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick five winning comments at random on Thursday, 31st March. Best of luck, and why not take a look at ColorSchemer Studio on the Mac App Store while you wait for the results?


Add Yours
  • I’d love to win because I really, really, really suck when it comes to picking out great color schemes.

  • i would use it to get color scheme for my app!

  • I’d love to use something like this for UI/Web design. It’ll also be great to understand visually how color schemes “work”. Pick me :)

  • Would use it for Web Development.

  • I’d like to use ColorSchemer to create juicy designs for the web. :)

  • I’d love to win a copy. I’d probably use it for website color schemes — I always seem to have trouble with those.

  • I’d love to be able to use ColorSchemer for my projects. ColorSchemer’s QuickPreview makes designing a color scheme a cinch – it’s too bad my trial has long since expired.

  • Anytime I’m doing web development there seems to be a need for me to find the right companion color and this would make things much simpler.

  • I’ll use this to re-design my wife’s website.

  • I would like to use ColorSchemer Studio! for web delelopment.

  • I’d like to update my logo and website and using an app like this would make the process SO much easier!

  • I would use ColorSchemer Studio to help design lots of cool projects, but the first thing will be the color scheme for my soon to be newborn baby’s room.

  • I’d use it for some website color schemes! Hope I win!

  • Sweet. Im in.

  • ColorSchemer Studio is an amazing and useful application for web pages, but I’ll use for more accurate color and harmonics in my page templates and keynotes.

  • i’d love to have one, i love colors

  • Would love to use this for my web design projecs.

  • I need it to design site colors and colors for my future mac app.

  • I would love to get my hands on Color Schemer Studio because I am a palette junkie, color is what makes design good, in my opinion.

  • I’d love colorschemer for several websites I have planned as well as a few iPhone / Android apps! I could use it first and foremost on my long-overdue blog though!

  • Would use it for WebDev.

  • una de la mejores herramientas que cualquier diseñador grafico debe adquirir. Facil de utilizar, una interface muy sencilla….

  • one of the best tools that any graphic designer should acquire. Easy to use, simple interface ….

  • i can see it being used for web development.

  • My friend is moving into a new home next month and I’d love to use ColorSchemer to help her design and do up her new apartment!

  • I’ve been really wanting to make a color scheme for mockups of jerseys for teams of the new football league (the UFL) that is gaining popularity with the NFL in a labor dispute. The uniforms and logos for the league are hideous and I want to bring some inspiration to their designs with exciting new schemes!

  • redesign my site!

  • Oh man! I could use this to come up with a cool colour scheme for my 3 year old son’s bedroom as well as thrall we’ll have in June! Then I could use it o make sure we’ve got great collies throughout the rest of the house!

    Then of course it would get put to good use coming up with colour schemes for website designs, business cards, posters…

    I would scheme my life! :)

    • Good grief! I should win just for the ridiculous typos in that comment!

      “thrall we’ll have in June” = “the new son we’ll have in June.”

      “great collies we have” = “great colours we have.”

      Pick me!

  • Wow this would be awesome to add to my toolbox when prototyping website ideas.

  • I’d use it for developing a color scheme for my house!

  • I’d really like to use ColorSchemer for creating some awesome colour palettes for my clients’ web sites. Nice to have that professional touch and all.
    Thanks heaps.

  • I’m actually hoping to redesign my blog soon, and a colour scheme studio would be terrific!

  • I would use this to design color schemes for my digital scrapbook pages.

  • im really trying to finish my to do app but im kind of on a low budget as its my first app and i could really use ColorSchemer to design my UI

  • I’m a freelance graphic designer and photographer, and I’m always looking for color schemes to inspire me with my work. I’m getting ready to do a shoot/wall design for a local youth group and ColorSchemer would give me some great ideas!!!

  • I really need some help picking my color scheme for my portfolio revamp at the moment…

  • I’d like to use ColorSchemer Studio to find a color scheme for a website I’m going to design!

  • For a new jewelry e-commerce. I still have no idea about the colors. And the client… Well… He doesn’t either… I’m sure it will be useful as heck.

  • I’d design a spicy, color-coordinated dish of lentils and shredded clams.

  • I’d love to make a color scheme for my personal website!

  • Currently restoring an old house, ColorSchemer would be nice to combine paints.

  • I am working on creating a new website for our student organization. And this amazing app would help me a hell lot in creating a great user experience…

  • I’d like to remove my stickies forest and save many innocent trees ! Colors are différent from one custode to annoter and I need to access them anytime. Save the Green planet !


  • I would use it to design user interfaces color schemes and to give them a unified and brighter look

  • I will use this amazing program to design my next template for themeforest marketplace

  • I am beginning graphic designer and want to create some nice layouts for websites as well as icons, etc. The main problem is that sometimes I need to spend a lot of time thinking what colors to use, to make that all good lookin’. App like ColorSchemer Studio could speed up my work a lot :)
    Also, I am a poor student, so please, pick me ;D

  • this is super useful especial when you in the career of design.

  • Hi! I’ll love a copy cause I use tones of schemes everyday for web sites.

  • I’m in ! I will use it to design websites from France!

  • I’d love to get this app to help out with color schemes for my personal site.

  • Hi! I’m currently redesigning our studio website and I’m a colour lover! Colorschemer could be very useful.

    Ciao and thank you from Italy!

  • If i suck at anything it is at creating colorschemes manually, especially for websites. Working on a magento theme at the moment and while the standard blue / white combo is somewhat working i’d love to try something else as well.

  • Hi! I’d like to use it for web/ui design!

  • I’ll use it in web development.

  • Well spank me with a wet fish! This is EXACTLY what I need, god knows how tired I am of using that kuler thing on the web :) My sites would just be sooo much better with ColorSchemer!

  • I’d love to use it, when I go to art school next year.

  • Got a few apps in the pipeline and I keep repeating the same color schemes,,, It’s time for a change!

  • Life is so colorful… so I need a place to store all these beautiful colors and grab them to create collage of all these colorful moments – to design a lovely oeuvre and all these little parts. :)

  • Well I’m going to use ColorSchemer Studio for a few projects I have in mind. One of my projects is a new application for Iphone

  • I’d like this to design color schemes for the website I’m making for my bookclub ;’)

  • i’ll use this great product to design my printproducts

  • I’d like to design a colour scheme for my new iPad app!

  • I need this to design my slide presentation. Choose me please..

  • I’d like to use it for computer generated scientific images. Interested people can always have a look at for ideas and more info :-)


  • I’ll use it for updating a few logos and web site designs.

  • i would use it to get a color scheme for the iphone app i am developing for my bachelor thesis =)

  • Awesome idea!! It would very useful work. Right now I use their site.

  • Colour blind + print & web developer = Interesting.
    solution – colour schemer would help tremendously in my print and web design schemes. currently only designing in black and white and shades of grey.

  • I´d use ColorSchemer to help my customers find the right scheme for their website.

  • I’d use it to help with my freelance work!

  • im graphic designer, i need this tool.

  • oh, I’d love to make a color scheme for my current project – webapp. and ColorSchemer is a really great app and I’d love to have it :)

  • I would love to use this tool to help me with my colorization projects (turning black and white photos to colored ones. Here’s an example of that:

    It would also be a major help for my retouching projects as well.
    I hope I win this, I’ve been obsessed with color lately.

  • I’m a freelancer, I design logos, posters, and some commercial stuff, and I would really like to use the colour scheme for an easier way to choose the right color for my projects.

  • I have a few sites I’m working on I need to nail down a colour scheme for including my new music artist website, and one to honour disabled people in our state of Queensland. Non web-related I’m also looking for a colour scheme in the kids room for our new baby coming in July! Looks like a great app for any colour matching.

  • Well, I remember when you reviewed ColorSchemer last year – and then I thought the app looked very promising, so I’d love to give it a try :) I’m a freelance web designer, so it would be really helpful for my current and future projects in general.

  • I always choose the worst color-combination for the small websites i design. . .
    This could be a savior

  • I would like to study color and color combos for a year! Thats how bad I am at it. My logo is currently black and white and I desperately need a new logo. Would love to win :p

  • I would use it for the Website of my upcomming iOS App.

  • Love to do compositions with pictures and drawings. This will be a dream tool.
    please, please, please :D

  • I’d like to make beautiful colorschemes for several websites and apps. Also i’d like to use it for illustration purposes. It looks like a handy piece of software.

  • My number one use would be for website design. Having an attractive color scheme not only looks good, but gives the visitor confidence about your site. This would be a huge timesaver!

  • Being aesthetically impaired, it’d be great for those case in web development where there is no budget for a designer (yes, I hate it too)

  • For me, depending on the light in a room, shades of colors can become obscured. Sometimes it’s much easier for me to choose colors a little more scientifically.

  • I would use this to help myself pick out clothes to wear.

  • I would use it for choosing colors for furniture design!

  • Using it for Websites would be cool.

  • I would use it to give my face a brand new color :-)

  • I would definitely use this almost every weekday for all of my motion graphics work and website work!!! Would LOVE to have this!

  • I draw comics and cartoons and would like to use ColorSchemer Studio in my work.

  • I’m looking into getting my Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone painted but I still haven’t decided on a color yet. Once I do know, I’ll give them all the same color and I’ll like look an iPimp.

  • I really need to create a new website for myself, and my father. I am stuck on the colours for both, and the app would be a really helpful tool in choosing the correct colours for the jobs.

  • We would use it for theme development for SiteValet.

  • I would design a colour scheme for my curling club’s website, that and for experimentation sake.

  • I would use ColorSchemer Studio to design my Ph D thesis! I really need it!

  • love it for designing UIs where I work. We keep things very simple, and use color themes as part of differentiating each web application.

  • I´ll create a color scheme to apply in the web interface i´m developing this week!

  • Well it would be usefull to easy to save a scheme per project and the nice preview of this app. For others trying to decide what color to take have a look at

  • Designing a color scheme for kids tshirt with a color everyday and mix it with letters and numbers. Like a ambulant calendar color schemed.

  • I would like to use this app to get a colour scheme for my concept products and concept designs that I am building or thinking of in school. I always get stuck which colours I should use with my products as I don’t really understand how colour schemes work.

  • I’d use this app to help my website along. I’m forever opening photoshop to check the hexadecimal code, or find a better color. I’m sure this app will be faster and better.

  • I’m moving into a new apartment soon, and I’ll need to recover furniture to match the new carpets. :-)

  • and also you can try on-line alternative

  • Picking colors is like choosing candy–SWEET!

  • Our organization is heading into a season of design: brand, team blogs, website overhaul. ColorSchemer would be a really awesome tool to have in my arsenal as I lead the web development side of these projects.

  • I’m going to make awesome interface for cool web apps with this!

  • I have a license for an older Windows version — Color Schemer is awesome. I use it for web development almost daily.

  • I would use Color Schemer immediately to re-design my portfolio! This would be an incredible tool to take my designs to the next level!

  • Color Schemer will be a great tool to improve and speed up my creative workflow.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed! : )

  • I would use it to create a color scheme for the new iPhone App we are working on!

  • I’m redoing my portfolio website and will need a reputable tool to assist me with color scheme.

  • I’d love to win this App, as it would aid me when designing web templates which require multiple colour variations :)

  • This great app i would like to use for designing web pages. I like it!

  • my dogs new website ;)

  • I’d like to use ColorSchemer for my next illustration!

  • Time! My kingdom for some time! Save me time please. Every WordPress or Rapidweaver site I do needs custom CSS color changes.

  • As a teacher and a teacher of teachers across the nation, I do a lot of visual literacy based training. ColorSchemer Studio would give me another tool in my tool belt for being a better communicator, demonstrating color theory, inspiring others, and helping convert small nations from ruthless dictatorships into models of creative beauty.

    eerrhh, maybe I should drop that last phrase…

  • Doing sites for childrens non profit charities most the time does not allow me the extra funds to purchase such cool tools as this.

    After all, at the end of the day, it’s all for the kids…

  • It would assist me in “being” of greater service to my clients… at the end of the day, that is what really counts! Thank you for the possibilities.

  • I’d love to use this for web design.

  • Hm-m-m-m perhaps I should have read the other comments first as I now see that Tron and I used the same words, “…at the end of the day” It feels that we’re both passionate about what we do, responding from heart and being of service.

  • I would like to use it for making website layouts that are colorful.

  • Generating internet memes without the right color schemes’ hard.

  • For DTP and web design!

  • I’ll use it to redesign my company.

  • I am helping with a friend’s wedding and making their invitations. ColorSchemer would be great to use with designing this project along with others in the future.

  • I would use it to make a 1970’s color scheme for my Motorhome Office of Design and Technology! Gotta keep it funky while ya work!

  • nothing for the moment actually, I’d just like to win some free stuff =p

  • I’m color blind. Nuff said….. *pssshhhh not really*

  • I would use it for designing company brands and color schemes.

  • I’d love to have one! I’m architect-designer and this tool will be really handy in my interior design works, sometimes it is very hard to pick interesting color schemes for my projects :(

  • I’m a Mograph Designer and I’d love it to help with picking out the right colors for my clients.

  • I design sites occasionally, in these times mostly medical and educational. Sometimes I use my own graphics. So I need to recolor pencil or pen pictures after scanning and choose sites color schemes. I think proper color scheme is 1/4 of design success. And comfortable color picker is also important thing.
    My last designs had to combine modern and ancient look.
    I’ll be glad to get a ColorSchemer copy. Thanks!

  • Dr00l. Okay, I’m a software reviewer, and I love Mac Appstorm. I recently (under a fortnight ago) wrote a review on Fuel Collective’s Pochade, another color picker and would like to review ColorSchemer as a kind of comparison. I’d be happy to link back to you guys and mention you briefly in the review. Please feel free to check out my blog, which is updated regularly.


    Panah Neshati

  • I got not one but many projects to use it…
    It’d be a good investment giving me one of these…

  • i would use it for desiging all my work. From print to web…

  • I would use it to get color scheme for my next iOS App!

  • I <3 ColorSchemer.

  • I have played with this before and really liked, but just could not justify the price for it at the time when Kuler was working well for me. However, now that it is only 9.99 in the MAS, I am excited to give it another look. Oh, and winning a free copy would be great as well ;) !

    • Well I went ahead and took advantage of the 80% off deal on the app store. For $10 I just couldn’t resist. Please do not consider me for the prize so someone else can get it who needs it.

  • i really need colors

  • There’s always room for improvement, and while I’m currently developing a “Wu-Tang Clan” blog of sorts… I will be continuing that journey through various entertainment genres. From music to film, the addition of color not only ignites the mind and emotions, but also separates itself from the stagnant “standards” typical web designers/developers would use throughout their careers.

    Plus my bloodshot eyes need something more than black, white and grey…

  • I’d really like ColorSchemer for my web project about exploring the universe.

  • I’ll use it in many school and business projects, I can’t tell just one for now :)

  • My work is all about colors so I’d love to add ColorSchemer to my workflow. First project would be my own website portfolio redesign! :)

  • We besides designing newsletters, ads and clients special projects, my wife is redoing our kitchen and we need to figure out the right color scheme.

  • I’d love to win ColorSchemer, going to use it for Web Development.

  • I would love to win ColorSchemer to help with web app designs!

  • I will use it as a complement to my web dev small business and be able to provide color schemes for customers along with the proposals, themes and layouts.

  • I need colors in my life. (and my work)

  • This would be very helpful….. It is so much harder to do this any other way! I want to make cool stuff, but my colors end up looking, well, bad.

  • I would use ColorSchemer Studio to design my first web site.

  • Would love to use this for web design!

  • I would love to use ColorSchemer Studio to make interfaces for Mac apps :)

  • I would love to have a ColorScheme Studio and for sure it will make my Dev Life Colorful. :)

  • This app would be great for web design, I like it a lot.

  • I would like to use it in my designs for web.

  • I would like to use it in web design.

  • I would use ColorSchemer in web design.

  • I would use ColorSchemer to design artwork for skateboards.

  • Great giveaway, I`d love to get one.

  • I would use this to design the color scheme in my new apartment!

  • ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆

    I would like to design Websites and iOS Apps with this nice software


  • I struggle to get the right complimentary colours for my virtual photo frames. I’m sure this will help.

  • I need some love when it comes to color!

  • I would use this app in my everyday web development, I find Photoshop or Illustrator far too bloated for the simple task of generating colour schemes and frankly it is my first port of call when starting a new web job.

    People often forget the subtle art of colour scheming and I often find myself snapping photos of colours I like…. little known secret, I keep a scrap book of colour samples I’ve collected from hardware & paint stores :P Pantone has nothing on those guys.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  • yes please!

  • ColorSchemer Studio would allow me to get the ideal color palette to create great web design and graphics!

  • I’m bad with colours and quite fond of freebies! There, I said it.

  • i would use it for my lighting designs!

  • I would like to use “ColorSchemer” in my daily webdesign and development workflow.

  • This would be great to help with colour arrangements for my AppDev

  • I really love creating websites. Therefore it’s a great app for me. I don’t need to open Photoshop every time I need the Hex code of a color. Although it’s major feature – creating color schemes is just awesome for every web and graphic designer.

  • i would love to win color schemer

  • As a graphic design student, color is an important thing for sure. When i like a particular color, i always try to remember the hex code, it’s not easy when you like a lot of colors. So, a software to pick a color theme or just to organize my favorite color collection sure is nice to have.

    I’ve tried ColorSchemer once, and i quite like it. Its interface is simple, it can also pick colors from photos directly, it has gallery to organize my colors. But too bad i can’t afford this software.

  • I am planning on running a business which is actually a facility for Creatives. I could really use ColorSchemer to pick out the palette.

  • I would love a copy of ColorSchemer, I used it a lot at my old employer and always have recommend it as a purchase but I don’t really have my own copy at home.

    It really does make the job of color picking a lot easier :)

  • IF I win a license for the program, I’ll maximize it’s features to make my life as a designer easier. I can do more work in lesser time. Pick me. Thanks.

  • Not sure if my last comment was posted but a million thanks if you pick me.

  • I’m Colorblind (with Deuteranopia) and a freelance designer. So I guess this explains how ColorSchemer would make my life really easier :)

  • ColorSchemer would be great for designing my wedding album. I won’t even tell you how many years it has taken me to get started…

  • Would be great to improve my photo stock.

  • I’d use this to find the colors that will cure sadness.

    —Nah, I’m just messin’ with you…

    I’d use it for projects that make me look cooler. (As in: the cure to my sadness of being uncool.)

    Win me some!

  • Of course for making our company new VI (visual identification).

  • I would use it for picking the right color for everything :P

  • will love to have it to put any color on my life! :)

  • Use it for my work at school

  • I love to color code stuff for organization. ColorSchemer Studio would be an awesome tool to help me put together some color schemes for my DIY calendar prints. Thanks for doing this promo!

  • Great app to mix with my nature photography to choose color schemes for websites.

  • Handsdown the best color picker!!!