5 Copies of the iUseMac Bundle Up For Grabs!

Bundles still seem to be all the rage in the Mac software world at the moment, and today marks the launch of another popular bundle – iUseMac. This one is priced at $29 for a whole range of handy Mac apps in different categories including Picturesque, Renamer, and TypeIt4Me.

Read on to find out what’s available, and discover how you can be in with a chance of winning the whole bundle!

Winners Announced

Congratulations to our five lucky winners! We’ll be passing your details on to the bundle organisers, and you should receive your license codes soon. I hope you enjoy the apps!

  • Amy Sloan
  • Karin
  • Charles T.
  • Moiz Izzy
  • Tim

What’s On Offer?

The applications available in the bundle are:

  • Labels & Addresses – Labels & Addresses is a home and office tool for printing all sorts of labels and envelopes. The program helps to design and print envelopes, postcards and diverse labels, such as address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels.
  • Clean Text – Clean Text performs many useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing unwanted spaces, removing tab characters, converting smart quotes, tabs, returns, and more.
  • iFlicks – Using iFlicks you can easily import your video collection into iTunes. This gives you the ability to watch your videos directly in iTunes or transfer them to your iPad, iPod or iPhone.
  • Picturesque – Picturesque is a simple app with a simple goal: to make images more beautiful. Whether you are in web or print, your images can benefit from a touch of Picturesque magic.
  • Renamer – Renamer allows you to rename and number many files at once. If you’ve every tried to rename a large set of files by hand and thought there must be an easier way, then Renamer is for you.
  • Syncmate Expert – SyncMate is probably the only sync tool which allows you to sync your Mac with multiple devices simultaneously (Windows Mobile devices and Nokia S40 phones, other Mac and PC computers, a Google account and online storage, Sony PSP and USB flash drive).
  • Proview – Proview provides a wide range of tools to edit existing PDF documents, or build new ones. So whether you need to edit PDF bookmarks, add page numbers, add attachments, or crop pages, you’ll find Proview can help.
  • MacCleanse 2 – MacCleanse is a small yet powerful application geared towards purifying your system. In only seconds, it can perform over fifty tasks which would take nearly an hour to perform manually.
  • TypeIt4Me – Available since 1989, TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac OS. Any time you enter text in your Mac by typing it at the keyboard, TypeIt4Me can help you do it faster and more accurately.
  • And a secret utility…

If you subscribe to the iUseMac newsletter, you’ll also receive Running Applications and Digital Sentry completely free!

How to Win a Copy!

I’m pleased to let you know that we have five copies of the bundle available to give away. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post, letting us know why you’d use some of the applications featured above. After all, although we all love a great bundle deal, it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it!

We’ll pick the winners in one week, and will base our choice on the people who seem to have the best genuine use for the applications on offer.

Good luck!

Not satisfied with just one bundle? You should check out The Mac Sale, which also kicked off another discounted pack of applications recently.


Add Yours
  • I’d love MacCleanse for obvious reasons and SyncMate would be great for syncing between my macbook pro and my android phone. Also, renamer could be great for naming event photos.

  • I need this one like crazy! Thanks for promotion. Syncmate is wonderful!

  • Renamer is something I really would need to organize ton of my files (photos, video…)

  • Great bundle!

  • The labels and addresses app would be really useful for me as it’s coming up to christmas! Being a student and into amateur design loads of the other apps would also come in handy on a day to day use! I can see renamer being incredibly useful, especially for use with large batches of photos.

  • I would use Type it for me to type out long search strings in TaskPaper.

  • iFlicks – I have a lot of media that cannot be dragged and dropped into iTunes, I think this application might help me a lot. I have an old apple TV that cannot play half the media.

  • I would definitely make good use of a lot of these apps. I work for a non-profit called The Shining Stars Foundation and work from home. I spend A LOT of time cleaning up text in files that I’m given, because presentation and typography are both very important to me. I clean up unwanted spaces, lines, hyphenation, quotes, you name it! It would definitely increase my efficiency to have a program capable of doing it for me. I also take a lot of picture for said non-profit but never have time to clean up the pictures with so much else going on, so I am really in need of a program that can give my pictures some TLC and make them look nicer.

    I am also stuck working across multiple devices, with my iMac at home, and my laptop for when I travel, and also other computers at the headquarters office, and my iPod Touch being carted everywhere also. I’ve been struggling to keep things synced between all the devices and am always switching methods trying to make it easier but it’s been no picnic. Having a syncing program to help would be wonderful!

    I am sadly lacking a system cleaning program at this time but have been wanting one as I work with a lot of files and spend A LOT of time on my computer and know that it’s been needing some maintenance and all I’m able to do is clean up the permissions every once in a while. It’d be great to have a well oiled machine to keep things running smoothly.

    So those are just a few of the ways I’d make use of these programs. Back to work! :-)

  • Labels and addresses would be great!

  • I think that TypeIt4Me would soon become invaluable to my day-to-day productivity, I find myself repeating many terms and phrases daily in documents and think this would be a great time-saver.

  • Hi,

    I would like to use Renamer because I have a lots of movies and TV shows that should be renamed to suite with subtitles.
    Also, MacCleanse 2 would be great to keep my new Mac in good shape. I am from poor Croatia so I don’t have much money to buy original apps so this bundle would be so nice to have.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I would use Picturesque and Renamer probably the most right away for a batch of photography touch ups I’ve been waiting to do. Hope I get it!

  • I don’t need any of it. So that’s not why I’d be using any of it. I’d be using it all because I love experimenting and playing around with new software. In the end, that’s my job: trying software and recommending what’s best!

  • had i flicks till they upgrades to the new version and my serial was no good miss it heaps mac MacCleanse would be sweet my macs a little slow these days after three years of trying every app i hear about

    also never seen before but Proview sounds like it could be sweet

  • Cleantext and Picturesque would be really useful for me.

  • Wow, what a great bundle! This is definitely THE office bundle. Editing PDFs, Clean Text, and TypeIt4Me! Loving it.

  • I’d try to use Proview to replace Apple review (workable) and Adobe Acrobat (horrible, but sometimes necessary).

  • Some of these apps seem useful for my stay at home job. My work deals with a lot of documents, .zip files, and .pdfs. I’ve never really heard about these apps but they seem useful.

    Renamer – I would use this to of course rename all the 100s of files I get every day for better productivity.
    Proview – Edit all the PDFs I get
    Clean Text – I’m not big into programs doing the editing for me but I guess I can get into it
    Syncmate Expert – I have a mac mini and macbook pro AND a lot of files I like to share
    iFlicks – I like to watch videos
    Picturesque – I have yet to find a lightweight app to edit my photos

  • This bundle sounds great! :) I would use Label & Addresses for combining the old fashion way of writing letters with a modern way of printing addresses on the envelope – i like both, the analog and digital way of getting letters and labels to perfection. And it’s great that it supports over 50 countries…
    Furthermore I would like to try Renamer for a better organization of some files and TypeIt4Me to getting faster in writing formal stuff – to set free more time for individual words and phrases…

  • I do alot of scripting. I need typeit4me to allow me to quickly add bits of code I use often. Syncmate expert would be a dream come true for my android phone. I am so sick of working so hard to keep it in sync with my mac. Finally, renamer will help me organize and rename all of my photos!

  • Hey Mac.AppStorm! :-)

    As a 16-year-old student, times are tough for me. Being told my only reliable source of income is to be taken away by the new UK Government (http://saveema.co.uk/), I don’t have the cash to spend on software, especially these Apps that’ll help me productively with my studies.

    So take a look at how useful the bundle products would be to me!
    – Labels & Addresses, for keeping my textbooks, notebooks and things organised, and for correspondence with teachers and in extra-curricular activities I’m involved in
    – Clean Text would be an amazing help when quoting things in homework pieces found online
    – Picturesque would help me add an extra flair to assignments
    – Renamer for keeping my files organised
    – TypeIt4Me would really speed up communications
    – iFlicks – because after a hard day at school, sometimes I just want to relax with some videos ;)

    Those are just a few examples of how helpful this bundle would be to me.

    Thanks for the great opportunity to win – cheers, keep the great content coming! :)


  • of all the applications featured i need the proview application perhaps the most. i am a graduate student and needless to say i use a lot of pdfs and a lot of book and article scanning into pdf. acrobat is too expensive to buy, and too “professional” to own it. some of the other apps like renamer also will be handy as i have a lot of pdf files that i already have scanned and have been un-neatly labeled and tagged.

  • I’ll have some of that, just for the surprise app alone :P

    To be honest though Renamer and Clean Text are the best ones in that package for me as I have a huge amount of text files that need sorting out, all of the time that get handed over to me :(

  • Well, Syncmate Expert has my main interest. Synching between my Mac and Google isn’t really handy (Mac-like), and I’m sure Syncmate can solve my problem. And further: right now I’m using Spell Catcher, not to correct my spelling, but because I don’t have TypeIt4Me. Having TypeIt4Me I could finally de-install Spell Catcher. And at last: MacCleanse, Proview, Clean Text and Renamer. All very specific software I won’t be using on a daily basis, but they’re good to have in my Application-folder, because I will be using them.

  • I rename files all the time, and need this app, Thanks for the contest

  • I could really use CleanText to remove the double spaces in between sentences that apparently no one realizes have not been necessary since we stopped using typewriters.

  • Good Collection of apps.

  • I’ll definitively use iFlicks for my never-ending growing iTunes collection. Great bundle! Good luck everyone!

  • It’s ‘Clean Text’ for me. If I have to ‘find and replace’ double spaces and multiple tabs from client-supplied text one more time … why, I just can’t be held responsible!

  • At last a software bundle that is stuffed full of useful applications to make life easier

  • I love iFlicks, is perfect for convert media and get metadata about it.

  • I’d use Proview, Syncmate and Cleantext for my work, exams and notes from college, and iFlicks to organize my huge movies and tv shows collection into iTunes :D

  • I have been wanting MacCleanse for awhile. I love the ability to clean my system out.
    I would love renamer since I often have to bath large groups of photos to a new name..anything to make the process easier! Clean Text would also be amazing as sometimes I get nasty documents from clients that need to be cleaned up.

  • Cool! count me in

  • I think the reason why I’d best use/need this is describable in one word ‘iUseMac’ ! Every day! For work, university, life, sending out cards and printing photos.

  • Oh ! Syncmate expert and MacCleanse 2 looks great !
    Syncmate can be very helpful since i’m using a lot my pc and mac.
    (wonder if it can be a alternative to svn)

  • A lot of the applications can help my in freelancing, such as Labels & Addresses for doing mailings, Clean Text for programming, and Renamer for normalizing file names before uploading them.

    Probably the most helpful app will be Proview, since I do a lot of work with PDFs (splitting and combining, editing, signing, etc).

  • renamer is a great app and i would like to have it — and other, as well… ;-)

  • MacCleanse 2 and Renamer is awesome for my iMac. thanks this bundle

  • for christmas i need labels and adress. please make me happy and let me win.

  • To help me with school work and as a Christmas present :-)

  • Renamer seems to be the perfect upgrade from Name Mangler which I currently use. Got loads of TV-series on my harddrive in need of proper names, and pictures alike.

    Clean Text will make my sloppy life much easier. And note and quote texts of the web, and I really need to clean it all up!

    Syncmate Expert will be an excellent tool for syncing with my USB-drive and PSP :)

  • I would use Renamer a lot. It looks great and I have heard good things about it.

  • I would love to win this software! I’m starting college in two months and my budget is so tight i don’t know if i’ll have money for these things or not.

  • i only have a few mac applications and i’m always searching for great apps. now i see the wonderful bundle of all great apps of all different categories. i love them. just for example, i always rename my files manually instead of going to my wonderful girlfriend, i think you understand the problem..

  • I would love to use Syncmate to sync my Windows phone (lame, I know) with my Mac. There are very few options available for someone with this combo! I’d have an iPhone if I could afford it…

  • I want Renamer. I have been handling lots of files and screenshot recently and need something easy to use.

  • I’m just in the process of redo a site to be powered by wordpress and I can see a lot of use for this apps

    Picturesque as I need to redo all images. Seems very handy to get them look good in an easy way.
    Clean text to be able to copy-past from the old without getting formations
    Lable & Addresses as we are going to send out both email and, hopefully, nice card to people when reopen the site
    Proview to make the pdf better

    then for my own computer use
    Renamer would be handy – have to much of photos with file names that don’t say anything about it content so it’s hard to find the right one when needed
    SyncMate – then I can at last clean up my usb memories without loosing any original file – they are in a mess today.

    Secret utility – to keep me happy!

  • Picturesque will be useful for all my oversea pictures! I want to have an easy time making them look better

  • As a photographer, I would love Renamer for bulk renaming all my pictures by shoot. I would love the features of MacCleanse 2. I need Proview because I deal with a lot of PDF forms in my work and school. I don’t want to list every single app’s use, but I promise they would all fit into my workflow nicely ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hi, AppStorm!!! First of all, I just want to say thanks to you guys. You might be asking yourself why is he thanking us? I’m thinking you guys because you give us “the public” opportunities to grow. Most sites don’t care about who wins what etc etc… but it’s times like these that makes AppStorm stand apart from those other sites. Enough of my emotional breakdown, let’s get down to explaining why I would be a good candidate for one of these 5 bundles. I’m just going to go down each app and explain how I’ll be using that app and etc. Let’s go…

    Labels & Addresses:
    Ok, to tell you the absolute truth, I’ve never heard of this app. This doesn’t mean it’s bad but the category it’s in could be the reason why I haven’t heard of it. I don’t print a lot of labels anymore. I do envelopes from time to time but nothing in a grand scale. Maybe when I start my new company up I’ll use something like this for barcodes and labels but just to be honest I’ll probably not use this app too often.

    Clean Text:
    This is a must have app for any web developer, IMO. I know from my past experiences that I’ve ran into problems with returns, tabs, and spaces. Tons of minutes have been wasted trying to delete spaces or even removing special characters. This app will definitely be one of my dock apps because I do web developing everyday. I could’ve even used Clean Text to write this post if I had it, to ensure proper spacing. hehe

    This app just blows me away. For one, I’m a movie addict and guess where I watch all my movies from? Yea, my iPhone. I hate when I have to convert my movies to be able to play them on my Apple devices. It’s just a pain in the butt. Not to mention when I do finally get everything converted, all the metadata is missing. What’s the point of that then? Oh!!!, and the cool thing this that you can use applescripts with this app…how cool is that…very cool if your a app dev like myself. I would hate to say it but this app would also join my dock with my other elite video converting apps. Who knows, those elite video converting apps just might get removed.

    This app does what it says, trust me. I’ve tried the demo and it rocks. I actually used the demo to make a quick reflection for something a while back. I was torn between buying Soulver and this app but I ended up going with solver which I use at least 2-3 times a week. I <3 Soulver and why would I expect anything less from picturesque. I could actually see my self opening this app instead of PS to do quick pic mockups. My favorite feature of this app would have to be the curves feature. I hate when I have to make icon like images with masks in PS. This could be the solution to my hassle.

    At one time I was about to buy this app. I had over 500+ images with generic names. I decided to be cheap and just to do it manually but just think of the time I would've saved if I had bought this neat app. I don't think there's one feature in this app that I wouldn't ever use. It's almost everyday I run into the "htm" and "html" extension problem. FW loves to default to the "htm" extension and I have to change them. My favorite feature of this app would have to be the insert characters feature because I would seriously use this feature daily to label certain project files so I could easily find them in spotlight. Oh…how nice that would be.

    Another app that I haven't heard but is something that I see myself using. I would definitely use the sync with another mac feature. For one, I hate it when I use my laptop and all my safari bookmarks aren't there. I could also see myself using the USB flash drive sync feature. I love my flash drives and keeping it in sync just makes it even greater.

    This may seem a bit odd and I admit it's odd and I should look into another way to provide previews and examples to my clients but I can't stop doing it this way. Usually what I do for my clients is make a pdf file containing previews of logo's, content, and etc pertaining to their project. I add text to them to explain certain designs and etc. I encrypt them and send them via email. The only problem is that there is no way to actually remove content or even crop pages with the apps that I use. Proview has plenty of features that I would use like for instance the merging of files feature and the shift contents feature. The shift contents feature would be a big advantage for me because when adding text into certain areas it can get crunchy. I love the inspector window, you get to view everything about the pdf file. You can even change the creation and modification dates which IMO is really impressive because usually you have to use separate apps to achieve this. I would consider buying this app for sure but it's price is surely too high for me.

    Only if I had this app a few days ago. Just a few days ago I was running real low on storage on my local hd. It got to a point where I had to resort to clearing my caches in my web browsers, lol. Finally, I just moved things to my ext hd but it took my at least 2 weeks before I got around to transferring everything. I had to go through all the menu preferences and delete the caches. It was really frustrating and time consuming. This app makes those things much easier and anything that makes my life easier I like.

    If it's anything better than most text expanders then count me in on this app. I've tried several text expanders and use them daily and for some reason they're buggy sometimes. I don't know what their problems are but they really make me mad sometimes. Somedays they decide to not expand promptly and somedays they do. This app could be the replacement I've been looking for. The other text expanders lacked features or didn't work period. I don't think I'll have to worry about this app not working considering they've been around since 1989. right? Very impressive!

    Well folks, that's all I have for you. Thanks AppStorm for the opportunity and hope to see more competitions in the future. Good Luck to everyone. Oh, if there's any offset in spaces or returns ignore them, I don't have Clean Text. ;-)

    • you should get it

  • I’d use Label & Address and Rename frequently for my frequent shipping of documents and those batch file names for photos. Great Bundle

  • I could really use MacCleanse and Clean Text. Please pick me.

  • MacCleanse would be good to cleanse my Mac.

  • Great giveaway! I could really use and take advantage of Pro View and Clean Texts with my workflow and projects, that would be great!

  • TypeIt4Me looks like one amazing app that would surely be helpful to me. :D

  • Great bundle! Would love Renamer coz I have a lot of photos that I want to organize. MacCleanse 2, TypeIt4Me and Picturesque would be great apps to have too!

  • I would really love a copy of Running Applications and Digital Sentry. Those programs look very handy. I just subscribed to the newsletter in the hopes of winning those two. :)

  • Hi, I have small time office. And I would need the following applications because –

    Labels and Addresses – Most of us in the office use a mac and we have multiple letters to send almost everyday to lots of people. Such as invoices and various letters and we have to make an excel sheet to just print envelopes and that becomes very cumbersome. I have been looking for a way to barcode all my products so that I do not become obsolete. This program would greatly help my business needs and help me stay in competition.

    Clean Text – Most of the official letters are prepared by the staff and sometimes these letters run into many many pages. I like to be eco friendly and do not also wish to take loads of colour print outs. Hence this program could help me save a lot of useful space. Converting complex text for easy upload to my website, also since when they reply to mails they have the habit of using the ugly formatting that remains there and This tool would help make our emails more professional. Would also save me the time of formatting various documents.

    Renamer – I have a huge collection of TV Series and I hate that it is has weird names that makes it difficult for me to find a particular episode. Also I have many word documents that we send to our clients and sometimes when I reorganise them maybe according to date it becomes difficult to rename each and every one of them again. This would be a huge time saver for me.

    Syncmate Expert – This is probably my most desired tool Cause most of my data is stored on Google accounts and even i make new entries only over there cause it is accessible to me from home and office and everyone at office can see it like. Like when i add a new contact or make some changes to dates and meetings etc., and normally I add these entries to my MBP manually and then sync them to my mobile phone. But an application like this would greatly help me keep all my various devices intact and save me the time taken to reenter the data everywhere. Also I could save all my official documents in one place and sync it as and when needed.

    Proview – Truthfully I send a lot of pdf files to my customer that were forwarrded to me by the suppliers but sometimes the suppliers include their information in the files and I have to copy everything onto a word because I cannot send the same to the customer. This would help me just edit and remove that suppliers part and add my watermark.

    MacClense 2 – Well the use of this to me is quite obvious I browse quite a few sites everyday and am a mac fanatic so I do install and uninstall quite a few applications just to test them out especially the ones that come up on Mac Appstorm.. This does accumulate a lot of junk on my computer and it would be nice if I could automatically clean it once a week or so.

    TypeIt4Me – This would increase my typing speeds and perhaps increase the efficience of my staff. Also i could use it while chatting with some clientsm, it seems brb is a little unprofessional when asking a client to wait, but since I have customers here I do not have the time to type I will be right back. Please wait!

  • I’d use iFlicks to convert and import my movie library into iTunes. I collected a lot of TV recordings over the last two years and with my brand new Apple TV there will finally be an easy way to stream them right into my living room :)

  • I think iFlick and Renamer would be good addition for my tools.

  • I would use MacCleanse to get my Mac in tip top condition.

  • cause i need SyncMate for syncing my usb memory with some playlists in iTunes :D

  • MacCleanse sounds like it would be a great help in keeping my Mac clean and lean. TypeIt4Me would be a great time saver. Renamer and Clean Text would come in handy more times than one would think.

  • this indeed is a great bundle compare to those I have seen lately.

  • I especially use Picturesque because it allows me to apply cool effects to my images in just 2 minutes, as the rounding of the corners or the reflection.

  • Because I am a Mac-newbie and want these apps VERY VERY much:-)

  • Because I would use them all!

  • Hi Appstorm!

    I need some of those apps for supporting my works.
    Developing website, make documentations/manuals in PDF, managing and renaming images batch and of course, keeping my mac in best form ^_^

    Thanks alot!

  • Actually, the apps are not for free. You are required to do some advertising on Twitter or Facebook.

  • I use the free version of syncmate and the benefits of the full version will be appreciate ^_^
    I also love renamer. I’ve used it when it was free…
    Finally Proview will be great!!

  • Clean Text and TypeIt4Me sound like a perfect combination of tools for my former job as a proof reader. It is simply amazing what the texts people turn in can look like. And not in a good way.
    I don’t care much for MS Office, but the one thing I missed in Pages was macro support so I could program this kind of stuff in it. I wish I’d known about these utilities back when I still had a job to pay for them.

    Also, I would use TypeIt4Me in my online life – it seems a very useful tool for inserting images into posts (I now keep a small list of often-used images in a clipboard manager, which is a tad clumsy), and of course acronym expansion etc.

    Labels & Addresses I’d give to my father. He has much more use for it than I do.
    Ditto for Picturesque; he takes many digital pictures and could use a simple image enhancing tool. He gets overwhelmed with too complex applications, so this sounds just about right for him.

  • Well I recently shifted to Mac, and being my first time on Mac, I am in process of buying apps but slowly and winning this bundle would actually help me in it, I was looking at purchasing the bundle yesterday itself but left thinking, it would way too much of expense for me to handle. So i would appreciate if I get a copy of these damn great apps, also I had them bookmarked so I could at later time buy them one by one.

  • I would use Picturesque to add nice and quick effects to my photos. Renamer would be great for those times when you need to rename audio files and photos.

    Clean Text could be useful too, maybe I’m very obsessive with text format :)

  • I could use all of them, but the one that struck my fancy is: SyncMate – I have three Macs, one iPhone 4, and an iPod Touch and it would be real helpful to keep them all in sync. Right now it’s like trying to herd cats to keep the all in sync :)

  • I would use Labels & Addresses to organize my file folders, Renamer to rename my event’s photos, Picturesque to touchup my photos, Syncmate Expert to sync across my Mac, Windows, iPad & iPhone, Proview to create PDF documents, MacCleanse 2 to cleanup my Mac, and Clean Text & TypeIt4Me to speedup my typing needs. All and all, I’m crazy about organization and these applications will certainly help me so.

  • Lots of good productivity apps there to speed up work.

  • I’d love to have Renamer, MacCleanse and TypeIt4Me. They’d perfectly fit the way I intend to set up my Mac in the next weeks. :)

  • I could use the apps to boost my web development work.

  • Several of these I would love to have and some I think would be neat. If I don’t win, I will just keep doing stuff the hard way, or probably just not doing it at all.

    Labels & Addresses – This might actually help me to organize all my stuff better. I have boxes and folders and tons of stuff for various hobbies and projects and work…etc, and labeling them would help me a lot. Addressing things? My wife would use that part more than me…I mostly send things through email.

    Clean Text – Ok. I think this would be sweet. I have written quick little scripts that do this over the years… When doing coding, or web design, or anything like that….the way people randomly throw extra whitespace kills me. So a program whose job it is to clean up that text. Wonderful.

    iFlicks – I have a billion movies that I would like to be in my itunes library. More Importantly I have a billion videos of my adorable little 3 month old son (and will have billions more). Being able to easily convert and import them to itunes to put on my phone and show people would be the best thing ever.

    Picturesque – I actually already have this program. And it is amazing! I know a few people that would enjoy it though… So If I win, I could give it to them as a gift. :)

    Renamer – Ok…Remember that part before about billions of videos of my son? Yea, I also have billions of pictures of him. And millions of pictures from my amateur(and occasionally not so amateur) photography. Thinking about going through them and changing the names gives me a headache.

    Syncmate Expert – I would use this to sync between my 3 computers, and my phone. Right now I “sync” by emailing myself things, or I don’t bother at all. I might also use it to sync USB and PSP.

    Proview – I don’t often edit PDFs, but whenever I need to…I can’t. I do have some PDFs I use a lot that moving the bookmarks on would be helpful.

    MacCleanse 2 – This thing doesn’t get cleaned nearly often enough. And when I do bother to take the time, I don’t do everything that needs to be done. I have heard a lot about this program, and would love to have it.

    TypeIt4Me – This would be neat. I often find myself copying/pasting things to speed things up…But this? Seems way better. More versatile.

    So that is why you should give me one of the bundles, or at least half of one. :)

  • I could really use a copy of this. Thanks for all of your amazing work!

  • All I can say is that those apps will have huge impact on my daily routines and are great addition for my productivity tools! Looking forward to it.

  • Renamer and iFlix would be handy beyond all reason for me. Picturesque sounds pretty cool too.

  • TypeIt4Me, Renamer and Labels & Addresses are going to make my everyday life so much easier. I’m a recent Mac convert and the apps on this side are amazing!!!

  • iUseMac

    everybodyUsingMac would like to win this bundle :-)

  • i would like to edit some photo and fic some system files :)

  • I could really use Proview since I work with PDF files A LOT and being able to easily edit them would be a boon to my productivity. Clean Text would also come in handy for the same reasons. And, of course, all the other apps would get their fair share of use, if for no other reason than to simply try them out :-)

  • I am a student and I could really use proview (for all the pdfs my classes use), typeit4me and cleanview for helping me a TON with my classes and homework, I would absolutely LOVE iFlicks because i have an enormous movie/tv collection (approx 1 terabyte) that needs to be converted for playback on my new tv. and finally MacCleanse would really help clean up my overly cluttered system.

  • Something I can think now:

    Picturesque – publish elegant graphics on my blog.

    Clean Text – when writing research papers, to clean text between apps, in plain form.

    Renamer – useless to say, perfect way to rename bunch of photographs.

    Labels and Addresses – soon moving out the dorm, I’ll use it for tagging objects for move out or for sale.

    Proview – very useful, usually pdfs I get are in Japanese, and the formatting is often a problem.

    Typeit4me – for frequently used authors mentioned in a research paper.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  • Most of the family has been using my iMac as sort of a repository for all their digital photos and it’s not as organized as I would like. That’s where Renamer would come in. Picturesque would be used to touch up some of those photos for various family projects.

    I write a lot for assistive technology blogging sites so Clean Text would come in handy for me in that regard.

    And finally I think I would get a good amount of usage out of Proview as I am disabled and thus unable to physically fill out forms. However these days most forms can be had in PDF versions or I could use my scanner to get a form onto my computer in PDF format. Using Proview I could then fill these forms out myself and print them back out if necessary. It could be quite handy!

  • Would be great to have Typeit4Me for code completion in TextWrangler!
    I wish i could win.

  • I would love to use Renamer to change all the German Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) before I can upload them to Droplr. Dropping them with the Umlaute will cause Droplr to display an incorrect download link which is pretty annoying if you send these links to non-techy people…

  • As I need only Labels & Addresses to index my record collection with thousands of records I would pass the other apps of this bundle to other posters here.

  • This bundle would be a great addition to my new iMac. I just bought a 27-incher today and would love to install some great apps when it’s fresh out of the box. All the apps seem really useful and I’d love to grab a copy.

  • As part of my volunteer work with 2 non-profit groups I work on 2 websites & page layout for newsletters, brochures etc.
    I’ve been looking at Clean Text -as I thought it might be what I need to clean up all the formatted text I receive as submissions. It would make the work so much easier.
    ReNamer -is another one I’ve had my eye on to make work easier, especially if it renames the bunches of photos I receive for the newsletters & websites.
    Labels & Addresses -Mail out time for newsletters is always a headache, maybe this would help ;=)
    The other software looks very interesting too for the same reason, making my volunteer work just a little simpler &/or faster. Thank You.

  • This is a great office/utility package, and would go far in helping me organize all the files on my old mac and hard drives, as well as keeping everything in sync between my laptop and work mac. I’d love to get all my photographs and artwork in one place.

  • It is time to order all the stuff that I collected in the last months. Most of the applications in this bundle would allow me to do that in the most efficient way. Winning this bundle would take me from stone age and catapult me back in 2010.

  • This is a great bundle, and many of the apps would be very useful to me.
    MacCleanse doesn’t need much explanation. Making easier to delete temporary files and other task like that is an incredible help.

    TypeIt4Me would be a godsend since i do some coding. Automating that kind of stuff would be really appreciated.

    I would also benefit a lot by being able to edit PDF files and not have to deal with acrobat pro.

    Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • I’ve downloaded and given a try to Picturesque and Clean Text.

    My conclusion:

    1) Picturescque: I work on Photoshop (I mean I earn a living working on Photoshop, mainly as a web designer) but Picturesque will definitely find a place in my everyday work.

    It’s amazing how “short” it takes to get reflections, borders and rounded corners using this little piece of software.

    Vote: A+

    2) Clean Text: Where have you been? :-)

    Do I have to tell you how clients send me the text to insert in my designs?

    – – –

    My next try will be renamer: I’ve got tons of pictures (mostly family pics) to reorder and I’m sure everyone knows what I mean :-)

  • I could not imagine a better and more well-rounded bundle for enhancing my computer usage.

    I am at a place where I have apps to do all the BIG things, but the little stuff really takes it out of me, and this would really make life easy.

  • Currently sorting and tidying mp3 and video collection so would love Renamer and TypeIt4Me.


  • As an editor working on a Mac in a corporate environment (i.e., PC-saturated), I didn’t know half of these tools existed. I mean, think of all the time I could save if I had these at my fingers—
    – Clean Text (for working with ill-formatted Word files),
    – Renamer and Syncmate Expert (because mgmt has yet to implement a decent, non-manual versioning system),
    – Proview (because I don’t know how many hours I’ve lost recoding PDFs), and
    – TypeIt4Me (because, well, it’d be really, really nice to only have to type half as much).

    Heck, using Syncmate alone would save me hours of headaches every week.

    So, c’mon. Hook me up! (And thanks for offering. ;) )

  • Picturesque is nice. Hook me in.

  • I need to maccleanse. I do mess with the files and often brick the Mac!
    Help me

  • I’m getting more into photography, and Picturesque can be a great tool to work with the pictures that I take.

    I also sometimes work with a lot of data for astronomy, and being able to easily rename multiple files would be quite handy with Renamer.

    I blog on my astronomy blog occasionally, and Clean Text would be helpful in writing my posts.

  • Juggling a ton of text back and forth from PDFs (and elsewhere) as a student, I could see having a definite use for the likes of Clean Text, Proview, Renamer and TypeIt4Me. Labels and addresses would also come in handy for folders, invoices and assorted sorting tasks.

    I’m also using my Mac as a TV and have often bemoaned how my current setup makes it a hassle to get my programming to iTunes. Maybe iFlicks could help here?

  • I really need that secret utility. There are so many times that I just need to utilize my public utility with out other people knowing. A secret utility would make my life so much easier.

  • I hope I’ll win it. :)
    I would be happy to use Syncmate, Renamer is necessary for me too, picturesque is very fast at enhance images for the web. MacCleanse maybe sympatic. Until now I use pdfsam to split and merge pdf files, Proview is better integrated to OSX (there’s pdflab too, but I have never tried it).

  • Thank you!
    and thanks to iUseMac
    What a great and nice surprise. This is the first time I am among the winner in a give-away and luckily when the prize was so great!
    Congratulation to the other who got the bundle
    For the one who didn’t got it this time – there will hopefully be more chances for great apps.

  • Thank You! The bundle is super awesome. It will be of great help to me! And This is the first time I’m winning something online… Thank You iUseMac and Mac Appstorm… You are awesome

  • this all is wonderful apps i love to have this all

  • thanks for the information!!!!!!!

  • one reason, awesome apps… there is no other reason why you wouldn’t want these applications. all of these apps has an incredible features everyone would love to have.. the prices worth buying considering the benefit you’ll get.