Winners Announced: 5 Courier Licenses Up For Grabs

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who entered! I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve chosen our five lucky winners, and their names are:

  1. Steve Howe
  2. Hiroshi
  3. Dreadedkilla
  4. Thomas Stark Jr.
  5. Apisit

Congratulations, and we’ll be in touch soon with your free license code.

Old Competition Post

As well as sponsoring the site this week, I’m pleased to let you know that Realmac Software has offered to give away five copies of their latest application, Courier, to a handful of lucky readers (aren’t they nice!).

We wrote a little bit about Courier earlier this week, but essentially it’s an easy way to quickly share files, images, photos, movies, and more with all your favourite online services – including Flickr and Facebook.

Entering is really easy. All you need to do is retweet the following message, and leave a comment on this post with your Twitter username!

Just entered a competition to win a Courier license, courtesy of @macappstorm and @realmacsoftware:

Click here to tweet the message and enter!

Best of luck! We’ll be picking the winners in exactly one week, on Thursday the 30th December. Thanks for taking part!


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  • YES! @MarkHoKane

  • @bioadamsnews

    Looks like a cool app.

  • @AriNguyen

  • @coloradosteve Yeah!

  • @n3wklear

    Great app!.

  • @dreadedkilla ;)

  • @dmartinng

  • Really want this app

    Twitter: cloontang72

  • @wicked271

  • @ujitso
    is hungry for sweet sweet eye candy.

  • @ampc713. Thanks for the offer!

  • @r71312

  • Wow that’s great! @gcontilli on Twitter (status:!/gcontilli/status/17769488887848960)

  • @vander

  • Great piece of software!
    My twitter user is @sgarza

  • Raffael_M

  • yooo! i want one!! send it to @rizkysyazuli

  • @popebot

  • @macappist

  • @GabP yes yes yes!

  • @diegoscl


  • I’m in! @romulaum

  • I want me a license @matthew_carl

  • Courier is awesome, hope I win! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • @TyagoNeres

  • A very slick looking app. Sexy UI. I want it! @sizsick

  • @revjdg great app, would love a license!

  • @XiiroMedia nice app. Crossing my fingers!

  • Hope I’ll get one~
    My twitter username: @lucifr

  • @rmbrice

    Thank you and Happy Holidays Everyone!! :D

  • @nikography

  • @aj016

    Come on free app!

  • @AndrewJayT

  • @northisup wants to win!

  • @dogboi

  • @rudrawesome FTW?

  • @syktek

  • @finn720

  • @ianharrier

  • I heart this app

  • @roggedoggelito

  • @ellihansen

    seems like a cool app.

  • Awesome! @lancecore

  • @MichaelTheGeek

  • @mvo1 :)

  • @InfiniteLoop_

  • @stopdropdesign

    For the win!

  • @spamlaman

  • Pick me! :) @tonykhue

  • Realmac Software Rocks!!! Love Rapidweaver, would love to be able to use Courier!!

  • @ahjek

  • Check…

  • @ashility
    Merry XMas!

  • Courier is great! Upload to multiple online services with just one submission. Colour me interested in this competition. Realmacsoftware are absolute wizards with their apps.

    Twitter: @Vlahn

  • @raphaelwcosta

  • @dleegrooms

  • been waiting for this! (:
    thanks for the offer!


  • really like it!


  • @ivanvidovic

  • @kobier

  • @helvetious: Just entered a competition to win a Courier license, courtesy of @macappstorm and @realmacsoftware:

  • @sphincter_ani

  • @seanlynam

  • @davinc

  • @iMohammd

  • @aharshas

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • @Fotomonster
    let´s hoppe!

  • @MACscreencast

  • eagerly waiting for the app……

  • @manoj313

  • @st_matteo

  • @davviau Can’t wait to use Courier!

  • @everzet

  • Keeping my fingers crossed! I have Courier on my laptop now and loved using it to upload videos to Vimeo :) My twitter username is: @mikeambs

  • @MyMacHero

  • @sunsunych85

  • @jaryre

  • @niguli

  • FTW! @Aaron_Fenwick

  • Choose me!

  • @HOSMiller

  • Nice competition, good luck all.

  • thanks for this competition ! I hope i will have luck because Thursday the 30th December is the day of my birthday !

  • @gaia_studio

  • Looks nifty! @masey

  • @pen_paper_color

  • @jamisonluke

  • @applemanija yes!

  • My twitter username is: alberteddu

  • Yes!!! Go Courier!!! @hilldahrdoh

  • @spdd
    Merry Xmas to all!

  • Cool App! @macbrahms would like to get it…

  • @antoneddu

  • @elevad

  • @iconbakery

  • I’m in. @compilerlove

  • Oh! I want! :)


  • @iuryrusso

  • @ferdianap

  • @uncleserb

  • @quadrifolia

  • I’m in :)

  • Nice! @hirowatanabe

  • @birmacher

  • @WillSyrett

  • @wredniak

  • @dberni

  • @kerekeerwere : come on free app, I know you can do it, a little bit more! :-)

  • @internautka :)

  • @firefoxPL

  • @rikyxxx ;-)

  • @faktory

  • Awesome!


  • @DavidSuiker

  • @starkjr

    Would be great to have a license for this! :-)

  • @ninedaysoff

  • @Dannar

    Really must have app.

  • Hi, please count me in.


  • I won’t retweet! My friends complain about the spam!

  • @mk26s
    Courier is the one app that can make even transferring files a pleasure.

  • @Richard_Silva

    Best of luck to all… :)

  • Looks like an awesome and handy app. @george_elias

  • Done! @fight4fun

  • @torrescreative

  • barni123

  • @yassinebentaieb

    Looks like a great app to have!

  • @Mailia

  • @lexhardy

    excited to enter the competition!

  • @poporinful

  • @laveklint
    Looks interesting…

  • I want it!


  • I want it to! :)


  • @pawelratajczak
    Merry Christmas from Poland ;-)

  • @arksq

  • Did it yesterday but here it the twitter username @nathan_stanford here’s hopin’ :-D

  • @patelaxit

  • I’d love to win this app – looks awesome!


  • @techowl

  • @orenjidesigns

    Thank you <3

  • @_binho

  • Woot! @jalbrecht2000

  • username: @kemaleroglu

  • @qhacefernandez

  • YAH @telters

  • @swburks

    I am getting a new macbook air and would really love this app. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Tweet from: @geekweapon

  • done!

  • Awesome giveaway fancy a courier gift myself

    Twitter ID: steve_howe

  • @tommy_odom

  • would love to get my hands on Courier :-)

  • @m_kalwasinski

    Merry Xmas!

  • Could be useful…

  • …@Dudderly

  • @thewuzz fingers crossed will sit in my dock next to littlesnapper best app I ever bought


  • I’m @koalasthewise!

  • Fantastic tool! My twitter username is @Arilontong

  • I Love Socialite & RapidWeaver.
    Courier is another Great App! from RMS.


  • I love this app, but don’t really love the price. Can I please have a copy?


  • @henryss

    Looks quite promising and usefull! :)
    Me want! :D

  • Looks like a great app. @jamindude22

  • Liked the demo, nice giveaway!


  • Merry Christmas !


  • All the things that Courier does can be done manually, but it is a great time saver and it makes everything super easy.


  • @rose_silly
    just entered to win a Courier license, courtesy of @macappstorm and @realmacsoftware!

  • @machinomori

  • @joniliciously

  • Wow, nice! Great app, for sure. My twitter username is @OTAKUPHONE

  • Thanks! @dalemg

  • @danteal56!! Cool app!

  • @brendon_go

  • @ttttoyaaa

  • liamsaville

  • @liamsaville

  • Yes! @albiracer

  • tweeted @nur_azam

  • i would love to win a copy! my twitter user name is @clivedotcom

  • Oh yeah.. @marekzelezny

  • @soylaACI

  • @evilmeteor

  • @Whiteyez

  • @shakur81

  • @gillesvanneste

  • @philinon

  • @tdalbet

  • Good luck to everyone from @nicolaneri!

  • @omfgjeannie

  • @nusskugeldingsi

  • @nicolengriffin

  • @alexkaessner

  • @phunkidude

  • @turtlepirate06

  • good luck everyone…


  • @jjongcifer

  • Tweeter = DerekCurrie