Winners Announced: 5 Knapsack Licenses Up For Grabs!

Winners Announced!

We’ve picked out five randomly selected winners, and congratulations are in order to:

  • Sean Sykes
  • Poporin
  • Ragnar
  • James Baker
  • Brendan Quigley

We’ll have your license on the way soon!

Old Competition Post

I’m pleased to announce that we have another awesome giveaway this week, offering you the chance to win a license for Knapsack. We’re going to be reviewing this app in the coming weeks, but by way of a quick summary, it’s a great way to plan, organize and document your travel.

The Knapsack website does a brilliant job of explaining all the various features the application has, and I’d definitely recommend taking a look.

We have five full Knapsack licenses up for grabs, and entering is really simple. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, letting us know which part of the world you’ve love to travel to!

The competition will run for one week, and we’ll announce the randomly selected winners on the Thursday 2nd December. Best of luck, and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend!


Add Yours
  • JAPAN!!!!

  • I just love this application because it is so unique. In fact, the is the reason I love macs. Also, if I were to win a license, I would plan a super duper trip to Spain because I am learning Spanish. :) ¡Buenos noches compadres y hasta pronto!

  • Man I just failed… “In fact, that is the same reason I love macs.”

    Proof-reading for the win.

  • So many places but backpacking in Europe would be 1st on my list!

  • Going to croatia tomorrow, london next week, Chicago in Feb and finally norway.

    Need it for a next world tour !

  • really nice organizer for travel . hope can used it for a trip to japan

  • I would love to travel to greece. The home of socrates.

  • I’d love to go in Europe and discover all about it’s history !

    Hope I win. :)

  • I would love to traverse the perilous heights of The Kings Walkway, El Chorro, Spain.

  • I want to travel to the States, haven’t gone there yet…

  • Europe for sure!

  • Hawaii

  • Hey, I’m a college student. I pretty much have to go to Europe. :P

  • Italy!

  • I’m one-quarter Filipino and have lived my entire life in the U.S. My mom’s parents met in the Philippines where my grandfather was stationed when he was in the Navy. The family lived in the Philippines until my mom was 3, and then they moved to Kansas. My Filipino grandmother decided not to teach her kids Tagalog so that they would seem more American; the upshot of this is that, although I know generations of relatives on my dad’s side of the family and in my mom’s dad’s ancestry, a whole quarter of my heritage is alien to me. The place I most want to visit is the Philippines.

    • Cool. I live in the Philippines. I hope you do get that chance to visit. :)

  • Bora Bora baby, the most naturally beautiful place on earth!

  • My ultimate experience would involve traveling to Africa to participate in a safari.

  • I am already planning on a large bike trip across Canada, and I think that this little app would fit my needs perfectly… It looks great.

  • Love to visit Hawaii!

  • I’d love to travel to Japan, and go back to Italy.

  • I would love to explore Alaska

  • Europe!

  • I’d love to try this app!

  • I really want to go to India!

  • looks like a cool app and perfect for an up coming trip to Northern Thailand.

  • My heart is set on a two month trip to Thailand this winter. I’ve wanted to go there for the last three years, but have yet to work up the courage to book it yet.

  • I want to go to Europe :)
    Happy thanksgiving!!

  • I had travel to Japan and USA, I would like to travel Europe, seems this app may help

  • New Delhi, India

  • I would love to go to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

  • I would absolutely love to go to Norway. :)

  • New York or/and Tokyo :D

  • I’d like to go to Ireland! =D

  • Am planning a trip to India for February — would love to try out Knapsack!

  • Australia then maybe to Cupertino for lunch with the apple employees.

  • Japan!

  • Seems to be a popular backpack color. Looks similar to the one for Archiver (old Rucksack). Lime green is in! :-)

  • France.

  • south korea! SNSD girls generation :)

  • Awesome! i would like to travel to Australia, its seems like such an awesome place to travel.

    • And live. Why travel suckers?

      Just kidding. You’ve got to visit the rest of the world just to find out how good we actually are.

      … ahem, sorry, now seriously…

      …Ah, bugger it. We rock. So there. So long suckers!!

  • I would definitely like to visit South Africa! (^^).

    • I am South African and would not in anyway ever recommend going there, life is short enough then to tempt it. Safety First

  • I would love to travel to Japan.

  • I would love to travel to Italy!

  • ive just taken a year off and plan to go around the world..starting from egypt this is the perfect app for me…thanks appstorm!

  • I really want to go to spain!

  • Puerto Rico! So much to see and experience there.

  • I’d love to travel from London to Hong Kong via Rail, taking in the Trans Siberian Railway

  • Looks like a nice app. I’m frequently traveling to the US and around Europe, and I am yet to be organized! Maybe this will help?! Thanks.

  • Cool, definitely want to try it and use it to plan my trip…

  • Germany would be a lovely destination.

  • ¡España con mi enamorada!

  • I have always had a great desire to travel the far north of Canada. Perhaps by car, then fly in to a remote community on a plane with skies equipped as landing gear. Not sure what to expect but the people and how they live is what really draws me. Of course so do dog sledding and northern lights.

  • I’ll be going to the outback steakhouse.

  • To Costa Rica. Again.

  • JAPAN!

  • Definately Germany to visit my friends in Erfurt!

  • Copenhagen for me.

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa!

  • I’d like to find my way home! :D

  • Not only, but also because of the cold outside I’d love to visit sunny California.

  • New Orleans In the US and Melbourne in Aus

  • my next travel will be to … Argentina/Perù and Chile !

  • ohh god no, I dont want to travel. there isnt the thing I cant see on google maps.

  • Love traveling. Hate planning…

  • Poland in Europe !!

  • I’d love to live in California… having lived in Europe whole my life that would be awesome

  • That would be New Zealand.

  • Looks a great programme. Love to travel to Australia and New Zealand with the family (before the kids leave home)!

  • That would be egypt! :)

  • I’d love to go to Augsburg in Germany :)

  • I travel most in south europe, like spain and italy, comming from germany. But next year, with a friend of mine, i travel to Iran, Teheran.
    Give me that Knapsack Rucksack :)

  • A hello from France! I love it here. I’d love to visit Norway!

  • My dream travel would be to Japan.

  • I want to go to Taïwan! Or Silicon Valley :)

  • Laos

  • My wife and I are planning a trip to Scotland in the spring (our first overseas travel since our honeymoon in 2007)—this would be great!

  • I want to go to Africa, west coast with Ghana, Togo, Cameroon …
    Last years trip to Namibia, Botswana and Zambia make it clear for me that an app like this might be very handy when collecting information and plan the trip.

  • Would love to see Vietnam with my girlfriend :-)

  • I would like to visit the US.

  • New Zealand!

  • I would love to visit NYC

  • My next trip will be from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

  • I would to return to JAPAN !

  • I’d love to use knapsack to plan my 31st december trip to Wien!

  • All the ends of the earth and the bits in between! Antarctica

  • definitely Japan

  • The trip I’ve been wanting to do for some time is to trek the Wakhan Corridor in northeast Afghanistan. Not sure if it would make the best use of Knapsack’s ability to search for hotels or parking lots (unless the maps include yak parking), but it would be great nonetheless.

  • Alaska!

  • As a world traveler, I would love to win a license!

    • And my country of choice would be Canada!

  • I want to go down under!

  • Hong Kong

  • I would love to visit New Zealand.

  • I love traveling around in the US. So many different cultures and places to see =D

  • Tikal or Cairo.

  • Great app! Would love to visit Australia and New Zealand next year!

  • I love this app! I used it’s demo to plan my Anna-Purna trek in Nepal (23 days), and leave all information about when I’ll be where at home for family to track.
    Next destination – Huaya-Wash Peru!!
    would love to get this new full version!

  • I love to travel around SE Asia, this app looks quite interesting, it could be helpful

  • Carribbean Islands ^^ I sooo wanna go there, just love the place.

  • So many places to go but I’d choose Australia and New Zealand first!

  • I wanna see Iceland and New Zealand one day, hopefully this app can assist me with that!

  • Australia and Spain. And Japan, I think.

  • i love africa…its definitelly the most beautiful in the world

  • One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California! XD

  • Japan… again… and again, and again. And Australia (again) ^_^

  • Japan and Canada

  • It’s got to be Russia.

  • I’d love to visit Turkey! And Berlin! And San Francisco! And Tokyo! And….
    Well, I really love travelling.

  • Top Holiday Destinations: Scotland, Ireland and Italy. Gotta love the way history is all around you in Europe.

  • Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, and that’s just the beginning!

  • “Somewhere over the Rainbow”…

  • i’d like to discover south america

  • I would really love to go to see Machu Picchu, Perú.

  • I would love to go to Asia, I really like the culture there.

  • I’m italian so I’ll go for a place very “different”: INDONESIA

  • I absolutely LOVE the concept of Knapsack, and the FEATURES seem superb! I studied one semester in Spain, and I was able to visit Norway and France aside from other various parts in in Spain…… It was fantastic, I sort of wish I had something as cool as this to USE!

    I can’t wait to go to Thailand!!

  • I would love to travel to Australia. The land of beauty and loneliness…

  • Mongolia – the people the landscape, also just to escape…

  • I`m going to finish my studies at the beginning of next year and wanna make a big trip to several countries…this piece of software would be really useful :)

  • Definitely Europe !

  • I would love to take my Wife back to the USA. She is always her most happiest there, wide eyed and fill of adventure. Yip, without a doubt.

  • Going to India and Hong Kong next week. Would love to squeeze in a stop in Tokyo!!

  • Thailand!

  • yep…the French Riviera for me

  • I’ve looked at Knapsack to plan our world tour, but we had to postpone our tour :( I would first plan a tour through Africa and later to Australia :)

  • I travel all the time, I could seriously use this.

  • I love visiting my home country Vietnam. I live in Norway which is down to -7 today. Brrr….anywhere warm actually.

  • Damn, this App definitely looks awesome! Looks like the perfect tool to plan my trip to France and Spain. Awesome!

  • Oh ! great apps !
    Hope to win a copy !
    I’ve a trip to plan in New Zealand for january :D
    So far i’ve planned my travel for the north island but not the south island yet.
    After New Zealand i think that i would love to travel in Asia (china, cambodia, thailand…).

  • Backpacking through Europe is definitely on my list.

  • I always wanted to go back to New Zealand where I used to live for some time. And I seriously want to visit Japan!

  • I’d love to visit the whole world!!!!

  • I would like to go to England.

  • looks like a nice app for organizing traveling, I’m gonna use it a lot :)

  • Australia and south america…. just waiting for me to have time ^^ (student)

    thanks appstorm!

  • My dream is to visit Svalvard Archipelago
    Next step will be Greenland :)

  • Hawaii is all you need.

  • Japan too… for the technology and the zen way of life. Wanted to go there as far back as i can remember. i would go with go with a stash of cash and buy loads of gadgets and goodies!

    • and in space of course… it would be an out of this world trip orbiting around the earth! how much are those space shuttle flights again lol!

  • Awesome, I was actually looking for an app to help me plan my trips. Singapore, Australia, Tokyo. ;-)

  • I just like to travel, every part of the world is unique!

  • I’d love to see Africa and India =) Fancy Nature!

  • Malpelo Island — cause it has rocks’n sharks

  • Greenland is top of my list!

  • Ireland :)

  • I would like to travel to Antarctica! :-D

  • I’d love to travel to Rome, or all around Italy really.

  • I would definitely like to finish traveling around Europe, I’ve been in 18 countries so far, so other 32 is waiting. After that, it would be time to visit America and Asia :) Knapsack would help me a lot.

  • I’d love to go to Paris… See the Eiffel Tower, eat the bread… and etc :))

  • I’m from England and would love to travel to Mecca for Hajj. Other than that Turkey or Canada seem very appealing :)

  • I would love going to Italy, to see the city of Pompeji – and walk these ancient streets.

  • Would love to visit the white continent – Antarctica. Have been planning this trip of a lifetime for years now – I am dreaming me, my mac and knapsack on the ice.

  • Kanada ;)

  • I’d love to travel to the far east, just to experience a completely different kind of culture.

  • Awesome giveaway! Just had a look at their web site and it really looks like a great app.
    I personally would love to travel to New Zealand and/or Scotland

  • JAPAN!! would also be my choice… but first I need the money..

  • Australia :)

  • Hey! I’m going to Buenos Aires/Argentina in January 2011. It would be great to research, plan and organize my trip with this app! But I’d really love to travel to Germany in special — and the entire European continent as a consequence, of course.

  • Japan would be nice

  • Ecuador

  • id love to travel to costa rica!

  • First Knapsack, then Ireland :P

  • I’d Love to travel to Switzerland…! I Love the Alps. The Cheese..

  • I would love to visit New Zealand or Australia. :)

  • Definitely Japan. I’ve been interested in going there since a family friend who teaches English there came over for a visit. Then I got interested in various aspects of Japanese culture and the urge to visit grew. I hope to get there soon. :D

  • Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

  • I want to go to Patagonia!

  • Hope Knapsack will help me in travelling to Madagascar next month!

  • Hope to plan a trip to Madagascar next month! Knapsack to the Rescue!

  • Black Hills of South Dakota

  • Would love to travel in East European countries, in Egypt and Japan.

  • Nepal

  • HAWAII for sure.

  • I would love to travel to africa

  • Japan, Sweden and Canada!

  • Italy- to get a sense of Europe!

  • Italy!

  • I would very much love to travel to Asia. Definitely to Taiwan, Japan, China and a few more if possible :)

  • would love to travel around the whole world :)

  • I want to go to Greece with my girlfriend

  • Iceland, Greenland and Alaska

  • I will be backpacking through Europe this february and would love to use Knapsack!

  • I’d use it for my gap year which is gonna start in May once I finished with school and I’m gonna go through south east asia then I’m gonna try to travel along the pan america with a few friends… would love to have this to help me plan !!

  • I recently went on a trip to Vietnam for six days. We visited a lot of places and I really wanted a better way to keep track of all the stuff we’ve done. Next year we’re planning to visit Taiwan & Hong Kong. I hope I could plan better for that trip. :]

  • I’m studying architecture in college right now and I would love to travel to China to study their fascinating architecture

  • My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Spain and Germany.

  • A trip through East Asia would be amazing, visiting China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, … But as my budget is limited it’ll most probably be “only” China with language course :)

  • Italy, Spain, Japan….

  • I would really love to travel to India.

  • would love to return to San Diego… love this place!! so sad that is so far away….

  • Himalayan Mountains!

  • I really like to make the big trip around the world, I do not mind if it will be on foot or by car, airplane or other way… But since cannot leave for that long time I can settle for a US or Europe cross country.

  • I’d love to travel to USA or Hawaii

  • I am actually going on a 3 month long trip to India, planning to cover around 10 – 14 states … this could surely come in handy … :D

  • Wow! Wonderfull app. Love to document my coming travels to Russia and Middle East with it. Me and my girlfriend would definitively love to relive our travels with Knapsack!

  • I would love to travel to London to visit my old friends that I haven’t seen in such a long time it would be great

  • I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia

  • Scotland =)

  • I am from Greece and i have traveled only in Europe. I would really like to travel to New York, Tokyo and Melbourne

  • ” would love to travel around the whole world :) ”
    Me Too ;-p

  • Europe!

  • Turkey would be my destination dream: architecture, markets, food and coffee.

  • I would really love to travel to Ikebukuro one day. Guess I got hooked to Durarara!! and would love to see the LOVE structure that Izaya suffered a punch from Simon.

  • Maldives!


  • Where don’t I want to go! Egypt, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Africa.

  • I want to see more of the USA and Austraila amongst other places.

  • Italia & Malta!

  • Looks great, I would love to go to London.

  • Ireland. Definitely Ireland!

  • My husband and I are leaving for Europe next month. This would be great to plan our trip much better. And I want him to take me on a road trip through the USA one day!

  • I would love to be travelling to Africa. I have thought about it so many times. Going and seeing the Savannah, the plains of Kenya.. Just magical!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica to visit the McMurdo research center.

  • Eastern Europe looks like a nice place to visit. :)

  • Oh my, awesome! I would plan my summer-fixie-biking-trip around the south of Sweden. But also plan my fixie trip from Stockholm to Zürich (Switzerland).

  • I’d love to do road trips across the USA and India.

  • I’d love to see Japan. Never been there, and even had plans to go there a couple of years back, but it all fell through. Sometime in the future, perhaps.

  • South Africa for sure!!

  • Egypt. I want to see my ancestor’s pyramids! :-D

  • French Polynesia

  • I’d use it to plan a east-west USA road trip followed by returning west-east through Canada…

  • Looking to see the South Pacific before I die

  • I’ve traveled a lot in Asia but I haven’t yet been to India. I always try different ways to organize my trips – Knapsack sounds useful for an Indian trip.

  • Canada!

  • I’d love to visit New Zealand and Norway to take some epic photos! So far Mexico is probably my favorite travel destination that I’ve already made it to.

  • I would love to go to Europe!

  • Japan

  • I would love to go to JAPAN. It seems so technologically advance and the pokemon center and Disney Land make it even better a place to go!

  • I’m a Geolocal hunter, waiting for this knife : )

  • Iceland!

  • There are still a zillion places I’d love to see …
    Top of the list? Definitely Syria. The entire middle-east is a marvellous place due to its ancient history. The problems being there are quite known, however …

  • Bora Bora Island!!!

  • I loved every places I went to. Just because I take care about fine-tuning travel and POI’s planning.

  • Hi, i would love to travel to place like Japan and china


  • There are so many I want to get to: Ireland, Scotland, Germany (born there, but left at 9 months), Australia, China…

  • Look a most useful tool, off to India so would be cool.

  • I would love to travel to Turkey with my wife!! :)

  • Snowboarding in Japan!

  • Honestly , I have always loved to take a trip to Africa, to Tanzania. I’ve heard of so many stories and the pictures I’ve seen are incredible. Also my grandfather always talks about it , because he was born there. It would be incredible :)

  • well…i plan to visit the whole world till i die …so i don’t really care…as long its new to me :) …but right now i’d like to see nyc, south america, cuba…

    visit my blog…its for free and u don’t have to pack ;)

  • I want in the Alps, I love mountains:)

  • Planning a Japan trip and it will be great to have this nice software to help.

  • I’d like to get one, too :)

  • italy. italy. italy and then return.

  • i’d love to visite the south of mexico. Actualy, i’m going to oaxaca to work as a volonteer in an orphenage in 8 month. This apps would seriously help me planning this trip.

  • France and Uganda.

  • Japan, seoul or new york!!

  • I’d love to go to Brazil. I’m a capoeirista that has yet to visit the homeland. And Brazilian women are gorgeous.

  • Going north a trip to Iceland, Fareoe Island, Scotland and maybe pop in to Norway and Greenland Lots of planning with the ferries otherwise we might be stucked somewhere with a week to the next connection

  • the Moon. I heard in few years there will be tours to the Moon, so I want to have Knapsack now to start suggesting new features for Knapsack Moon Edition! =)

  • I’ll take one. Thanks very much.

  • I want to visit New Zealand and hopefully catch sight of some hobbits or elves. :D

  • From Italy to Tasmania, on a Vespa… Long trip ;)

  • The fantastic drive down Highway One from San Francisco to Los Angeles is breathtaking. Also love Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Such a beautiful city with a great vibe. Can’t forget my home country of Scotland. Also gorgeous, especially up in the Highlands. The drive from Fort William to the Kyle of Lochalsh is one of my favourites. Fingers crossed for the competition. My fiancee would love plotting all her holidays throughout the years. Mind you, might never get on my Mac again.

  • California. Golden State!
    Partying every day! =)

  • Across Australia by car!

  • Australia

  • My vote is 2 weeks in Sydney, Australia as the first stop, a week in Singapore the second, and a month in Bali for the final destination. At the end of the trip, reverse the order…

  • Nice!!

  • I would love to travel to New York during XMAS!

  • i’ve always been the minimal planning kind of traveler but now i think those days are behind me. i want to plan a trip through southeast asia for two people. a tool like this would help me prove to my travel buddy that i can think ahead and that i care that we have the best time together possible.

    in sum: SOUTHEAST ASIA!

  • I want to use it for an upcoming trip to Panama.

  • Iceland!

  • I’d love to win a copy to plan a trip!

  • Japan and Korea

  • VERY COOL, site and app! I’m a traveller….

  • Wow! Back on the Mac this summer, and apps like Knapsack are what brought me back. Been all around Europe a couple times, and headin’ to Greece next year… woot! Love to keep it all in order with this ;)

  • I’d love to go to Costa Rica and see all the beautiful birds there.

  • I’d love to go to New York just to see the statue of liberty!

  • Boston, MA for graduate school touring :D!

  • I would love to travel “down-undah” to the country of Australia.

  • I want to go to Tromsø just to see the northern lights!

  • Australia!

  • I would love to go to Barcelona, which is a wounderfull town!

  • Rio de janeiro – Brazil

  • Cool! I’m going to Vietnam, Comabodia & Thailand :)

  • New Delhi , India

  • Europe

  • Australia! :)

  • Iceland

  • Been all over the world but never to South America so Peru is my dream destination.

  • I would love to travel to Europe. I have never been there but have studied it extensively. From what I can tell, I would greatly enjoy the culture and the architecture.

  • I recently graduated university and am taking a year or so off to travel. I plan on going to Africa, China, Japan, and Australia. This would really help me plan well!

  • Australia

  • Would be fantastic travel to Argentina. I love Argentina

  • I would like to go to botswana

  • Help me travel europe easily!

  • I also really hope i win

  • Dusseldorf Germany.

    Ive been fascinated with this places since spelling it correctly on a spelling test as a kid lol

  • Italy or Ireland!

  • France. Brittany in particular.

  • Wanna travel to Singapore.

  • Netherlands, UK, France.

  • Italy! love the cobblestone roads:)

  • Tokyo, Japan. This app is fantastic I just read the review. Great interface and it looks easy to use. Best of luck to everyone.

  • japan

  • I’d like to see and visit Africa

  • I’ve been trying this app this week planning a Eurotrip with my girlfriend! It’s so cool!

  • France

  • Excited to try to win this app.

  • This app would be great for planning my next trip to Philippines, off the beaten track and amazing. Love the chaos of Manila in rush hour(s), the tranquility of the isolated tropical beaches, one of the best Asian cultures and they speak English. Nuff said.

  • Russia.

  • Thank you, MAC.appstorm and Outer Level software. I promise I will put the application to the best use I possibly can. Thanks again.