5 MacBook / iPhone / iPad Skins Up for Grabs!

Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our five lucky winners, who are:

  • Misha
  • Ragnar
  • Susan Vincent
  • Josh Baltzell
  • Phil Höfer

We’ll be in touch soon to let you know how to claim your prize!

Old Competition Announcement

Although I’m used to giving away software here at Mac.AppStorm, it’s always good to have a change of pace from time to time! Today we’re giving away five products from The Lucky Labs – you’ll be able to take your pick of any single item in their store, be it for your MacBook, iPhone or iPad.

The Lucky Labs make some really fun-looking covers and skins for your Apple gear, and you’ll be the envy of your friends with a stylish, funky graphic on your MacBook lid…

Entering is really easy – just leave a comment on this post! We’ll randomly pick the five winners in one week, and will send you an email to explain how to submit your request for a free product.

The Lucky Labs are happy to ship anywhere in the world, so this one’s open to everyone. Good luck!


Add Yours
  • Cool. I would like to win!

  • Hells yeah! I’ve been looking for a nice macbook skin.

  • These look great! The monkey decal for macbook is hilarious

  • I hope I win one of those sweet skins!

  • Yo! I <3 luck labs!

  • I’d like one!

  • Oh yeah! nice skins!

  • I could use a macbook cover!

  • Totally digging this new contest! Hope I can finally win.

  • I MUST have the wood panel skins! :)

  • I want one for my iPhone 3GS!

  • Sounds perfect! If it wasn’t for my student budget I would have already ordered something from them :)

  • apple apple apple!

  • I’m a poor student and would love to have a new skin for my Macbook! Thx in advance! :)

  • Nice product!!

  • I can’t afford a MacBook, iPhone or iPad (just have my trusty G5) but perhaps if I go about this backwards and win a case first maybe the hardware will follow. Who knows?

  • I like the carbon fiber looking one.

  • Would die for a MPB skin.

  • definitely could use one of these…

  • Love the skins!

  • These look pretty cool!

  • Ship anywhere in the world? That is awesome. 99% of the contests on tech sites are US-only. Canada shipping can’t be much more, can it! :P

  • Great idea! Happy to hear they ship everywhere as I’m in Tokyo!
    Crossing my fingers!

    Does The Lucky Labs accept suggestions and artwork forn new products?


    • We have been thinking of taking some submissions from people, so feel free to send some suggestions to [email protected]

  • I hadn’t heard of Lucky Labs until now – WOW they look really nice! I especially like the texture skins – hot.

  • Lorem ipsum.

  • I’d guess my chances are slim, but I’d love a skin for my month old MBP.

    Thanks David, Jarel, and Joshua for the great work you do on the AppStorm Network!

  • in for 1! thanks!

  • 凄いですよ!
    keep going Lucky Labs!

  • I want one! A wood grain mac would be BALLA!

  • Who doesn’t like free, cool stuff for our Apple gear?

  • Thanks for a great contest. Hope luck is on my side!

  • Looks like they’ve got some great skins on their site. Fingers crossed…

  • Woo hoo! World wide postage!!!

  • Awesome Count me in this contest

  • Pick me, my lappy could use a change of scenery.

  • would enjoy a sweet iPhone or iPad skin…

  • I’d love to win! Sweet giveaway. Keep ’em coming.

  • Yes please.

  • I’am in

  • I wish to have iPad skin!!! Could I?? ^^

  • Love hands macbook decal!

  • cool !!

  • wish I am the lucky one to have it…

  • These look awesome!

  • I guess a change of skin wouldn’t hurt my macbook :P

  • Kewl, world-wide !

  • Is Banksy getting royalty checks?

  • Pick me pick me!

  • These look cute – deciding which one may be an issue! :)

  • Wohoo!!! I want one!!! :)

    Great giveaway! More power to your site!

  • Me, please.

  • My new macbook pro arrives next week, I’d love to have one of those awesome skins!

  • I want to be lucky

  • My MacBook would look so sweet with one of those skins!

  • I WANT IT~=!

  • I’d love to win on of these skins. I hang out with too many photographers to not have a distinguishing mark on my macbook.

  • Hi, those products are great! Let me in! :)

  • These are awesome! I love the Parudao Wood skins, if I win one I think I’ll have to deck out my other devices in the same so they match.

  • I’d love a skin for my brand new 13″ MBP. It’s sexy already but a skin would give it that personal touch.

  • I’ve actually been looking for a skin for my MacBook. Please pick me!

  • Skintastic!

  • Oh oh oh, me me me xD

  • Well, I would really like to try out my luck with this giveaway.

  • That is so cool!

  • Cool – count me in.

  • A macbook cover please!! :)

  • Looking to spice up my iDevices!

  • Skin me please

  • Hey MacAppStorm !! .. I need an iphone case!!

  • I love this site (….whaaa? I’m not sucking up ;)
    anyways, ENTER ME!!!
    Any case for me will do, I am starting a review channel on youtube, and after I review it, I will most likely give it away.

  • Very nice, I’m constantly worried about scratching my MBP lid when it sits closed on my desk. With this applied the lid would be a bit safer.

  • I wouldn’t mind one ;)

  • Yay, pimp my iGadget!

  • Sweetness. Hope I win!

  • Awesome give-away! First post too? How cool…

  • Would love a macbook skin.

  • Really nice cover! I’d like!

  • would love to have a MBP skin…and The Lucky Labs design was awesome..

  • My iPad replaced my MacBook and now needs a skin.

  • Shipping worldwide? I want a skin for my macbook!!

  • Wow, cool. Need one for my iPhone.

  • I hope I win one of those sweet skins!

  • I love Mac.Appstorm!

  • Wow, they have so many to choose from. Awesome products!

  • The wood skin looks sick ! I would love to grab one!

  • Those skins are great. And I’d say so even if I couldn’t win. But I want to win.

  • You have found your pick!

  • I’d like to win.

  • I’ve been wanting a skin for my iPhone 4. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • I hope I weeen! (Rowan Atkinson italian accent)

  • Please, please, please!

  • these look like some SWEET skins!

  • ooooh this stuff looks pretty awesome! id love one for my macbook!

  • i would love to win!

  • count me in!

  • The iPad of mine has been in the closet (Apple’s sleeve) for awhile, time to put it into the wild and show off new skins.

  • Really need one for my iPad!

  • Would Love To Win!

  • I’d love a MacBook skin!

  • Would really be lucky to win something here.. Cheers

  • I really need one for my MacBook, please!

  • Upgradin’ mah MacBook Pro…
    Spahs better not stop meh!

  • oooo nice. Yes please :)

  • Sounds good; neat set of prizes here.

  • I’ma enter too!

  • Cool…I love you guys…follow you on Twitter…suggest you all to my friends…a skin would be appreciated!

  • Ohh lord!! I’d like to win!!!!

  • I would love one for my mac book pro – give it some awesomeness!

  • Very nice, and hope to win. Right now I’m checking what other cool stuff The Lucky Labs has to offer.

  • Awesome Giveaway

  • I’m out to win this!

  • Me, me, me!

  • I’d like one of those! :)

  • I really do have to complement you guys for some excellent offers and this is just the best.. I hope I win..

  • I’d love to win!!


  • Oh I’d love one of those! :)

  • That looks awesome. I could definitely use one for my MacBook!

  • I’d really like to dress up my MBP with one of their skins!

  • This is my first drawing to enter! I really love App Storm for great Information!

  • wow! i have a 4 year old macbook that could really use a facelift from a skin or a decal right now..thanks a tonne appstorm

  • Very COOL! it’s for me!!!

  • hey! i just got wind of this site recently….. amazing! i have a macbook pro n itl be huge if i win this!!!! fingers crossed!

  • Oh put me down as well. Though chances are quite slim :)

  • I despererately need a skin for my new iPhone :)

  • whooo iphone skins :0)

  • Nice!

  • WOW! It looks very cool ! i hope to win :)

  • I have all of these devices. Hope to win!

  • Nice! I want macbook skin.

  • Great! It would be nice to get some of these… Cool stuff they got there! :)

  • ditto.

  • I have a very good feeling about this entry.

  • fingers crossed.

  • Ooo! They have some really nice skins. Hope i can win one!

  • They look awesome! Would love to kit my devices up with these skins. :-)

  • Wow! Looks very interesting. Never heard before about The Lucky Labs. I like texture skin for MacBook most of all and Spectra Wrap 2.0 for iPhone 4.

  • Great looking products!

  • Hope I win!

  • i want these!! let me win!!!

  • A nice new MacBook Skin would be great!

  • Yay! some bling for ma’ pad.
    so many entries.

  • Nice prize, yes please!

  • looks like slim chances here :) anyway, great!

  • Would love to get one of those! Thanks.

  • Would love one of these! Great competition! :)

  • Cool giveaway… I’m an iPad guy, give back my skin!!

  • Yay! I’m excited!

  • Wow, so many coments I hope I win!

  • Hmm…What are the odd of me winning. Well there’s no harm in trying Huh?

  • awesome stuff guys :-)

  • I’m a Mac man

  • Funny how fast people react when there’s free stuff :P Well, I’d too like to win :)

  • I hope they have something for 17inch MBP!

  • Hello World :)

  • I hope to win!! Pick up! xD


  • Quite a lot of comments here.. :c

  • Being an avid user of the Macbook and iPod touch, it’s nice to see a change in colour.

    Such funky colours would be wonderful to my otherwise dull life – being the envy of all others as well as the key talking point of why they should get apple products. (compare it to the dull windows, we look like we’re the fun crowd. :D)

    Awesome stuff from the Lucky Labs – I hope I get them!

  • Gimme, gimme, gimme. Please, please, please. :D

  • It’s a good initiative. I’d like to win to skin my MBP 15″.

  • My Macbook usually loves to be naked but it won’t dismiss the idea of some nice clothing once in a while.

  • Cool prices would aboslutly love to win some of this stuff :)

  • Yes, I would like one of them. Thanks!

  • I’d like to win, pleeeeaaaase :)

  • Awesome! Count me in.

  • Cool! I’d like to win one. Never thought off a MacBook sleeve, but seeing theirs I’d like to have one :)

  • me, me, me, puh-lease! My iPhone needs some new outfit for this vicious winter

  • Thank you for your super competitions! *entered*

  • I’m in! I’ve got lots of apple products to attach the skins to! =)

  • Hi Guys, I really love all your stuff here. Would be great if i can win one of those neat skins! Cheers!

  • sounds and looks good :-D

  • Hey AppStorm, I love your site. I’m totally not just trying to kiss up to you because I want my first accessory. I’d love to win anything from that site, they seem very professional. I check up on this website for the latest on any news! Thank you so much for your time.

  • Sounds awesome. Would love to cover my early 2008 MacBook Pro.

  • I want one, toooooo!

  • I’m in on the contest!

  • I want to win one!

  • A winner from Denmark would be super ;-)

  • Iphone 4 wood style…….NICE! :)

  • Jes!…..I wan’t one!!!

  • nice!

  • Really nice !!!! I want one too

  • Hello ladies how are you? FANTASTIC!

  • Pick Me!! :D

  • wow… pick me.. pick me…

    seriously .. really good giveaway… :)
    Thanks Guys…

  • Great products ! I’d love to get one for my iPhone :)

  • This is awesome!

  • Hi. :)

  • count me in

  • Stylish wood on my iPad or MBP would be awesome. :-)

  • Cool giveaway! Thanks!!!

  • Randomly pick me please!

  • Hi,

    I reeeeeally want one. :)

  • I would put on Revolution :) at the same time playing T-Rex – Children of the Revolution

  • So cool … GL 2 every1

  • Oh yes. Fingers crossed.

  • Woah, those look really nice…

  • I could do with a bit of a change…those skins look rather ace!

  • Skins! Sign me up. :)

  • I want to win too ;)

  • Count me in ;-)

  • Looking forward to get one!

  • The Teksure Skin would be sick for my MacBook Pro!

  • Sign me up! for one of those :D thx…

  • Wow, the Wooden Teksture Skin for the MBP looks AWESOME! :D

  • I’m in :)

  • Great! I am sweet and kind so please let me win:-)

  • I’m in for the vote!

  • i hope i get it!

  • Nice skins! I want, i want!

  • Love that wood effect!

  • I’d love to win a skin ! :D

  • Seems nice!

  • let’s hope I finally win something..

  • Oh Jugga da jug dajug jug jugg jugggggg, juggernaught!

    Lucky Labs is the juggernaught, bitch.

  • These look great!

  • Soidsn like a nice deal

  • Finally some skins that don’t mess up the designs of Apple.

  • Mac.AppStorm FTW!

  • I would like to own an awesome wooden Teksure for my iPhone :D

  • Free stuff, yay!

  • I want a new cover to show of to my friends :P

  • I’d like to win too :p

  • count me in!

  • Nice lottery!

  • iWant !!!

  • I want one for iphone

  • I really hope to have one or for iphone or for ipad

  • cool!! iphone pls

  • i want of all, i have mbp ipad and iphone so pls one

  • Who wants a skin?
    I DO!!!!!!

  • I will win this!

    You will see, You will all see………

  • Sounds awesome!
    I’m in ;)

  • Cool skins :P

  • hmm…

  • I would be really happy to customize my iPhone 4 with these great stuffs.

  • I’d like one! Count me in too pleez!

  • I would like to WIN!

  • Yes please – an international comp for products – what a great new feature!

  • I just bought my first Mac last week. This would be neat to win!

  • Ooooh! I’d love to get one of them beauties! The Lucky Labs seem to really know what they’re doing.

  • awes.

  • Great, would love to receive one here in The Netherlands!

  • What a generous give away!

  • Why you should put red covers on it? That doubles my yearning. Pick me. Lucky Labs rocks. And rolls.

  • Great initiative! Hope to win :)

    Zatteo, from Italy

  • I’m the one that you want, u u u :)

  • I love that wood skin :]

  • Thanks for the contest

  • Awesome, I have always wanted one of these, but they are so expensive!

  • Good luck everybody !

  • Sounds like a good deal. Why not.

  • Nice, I want one!

  • Want!

  • <===== PICK ME

    Love to let my lovely iPhone have a new look.

  • I need this.

  • Oh! The Banksy stuff are just awesome!

  • Those things look gorgeous; not a brand I’ve come across before! I certainly wouldn’t say no :)

  • I’d love to win xD

  • Don’t mind if I do. ;)

  • Great skins!

  • Sweet! These look awesome

  • Pick me, pick me……

  • I’d love some skins…

  • Hell yes I want one

  • there’s an awful lot of hoopla
    around the iphone 4 anttenna
    when you grip it with the death grip
    and you’re call slips away
    the media loves a failure
    in a string of success
    the facts won’t ever matter
    if they can make bigger messes
    sure i can make it happen
    but in terms of daily usage
    i’ve yet to drop a call
    so this whole damn thing is stupid
    and you can call me a fanboy
    i’ve been called worse things
    but gizmodo just ridiculous
    pulling their anti-apple strings
    you bought a stolen prototype
    get over it and move on
    or hey even better
    let’s all sing this song

  • I’d like one for my MacBook ;)

  • I’m in!

  • I’m in ;)

  • i would love a macbook case! great comp.

  • Win win win!!!

  • I am a huge all things Mac guy! I have an iPhone iPad and Mac laptop and I love the products!
    I really appreciate what you guys do and am an avid reader!

    Would love to win!

  • Thats Very Cool :D would love one for my iphone

  • I want one!

  • carbon fibre, sweet!

  • that dog’ll hunt

  • oh, well.. simply leave a comment rite? okay, then.. here it is..

  • I’d like one :)

  • Random comment for the random win!

  • I want one please.

  • your give aways are always premium goods! thank you for make them often!

  • I hope the random generator picks me, this time! These skins are cool!

  • I would love one.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for years! Pick me!

  • Hi, great giveaway please count me in


  • cool! Let’s give it a try! :)

  • Me too! The look really good!

  • SKIN ME!

  • Awesome products!

  • I would love a skin for my iPad! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • pick me. pick me! please.

  • The Lucky Labs and Mac.AppStorm Rocks!

  • I’d like one.

  • They look fab! Would love one :-)

  • the wooden one looks pretty neat :)

  • Just how lucky are these labs? We shall see!

  • like this alot!

  • Well…i love mac.appstorm for these kind of give aways…..really appstorm is one of the sites that i always visit…..
    Awesome job guyss…. :D

  • me please!

  • wow!!! worldwide shipping…thts awesome for users like us… thanks mac.appstorm for this wonderful work.!!!! hoping to win….

  • I would really love to win the MacBook Teksure Skin. Carbon fiber is so cool. :P

  • Pick me :-)

  • I won’t win.

  • Nice product – count me in for the drawing

  • Awesome! Please count me in!

  • and the winner is…..

  • It look there’s fierce competition for te skins.
    I hope i get one.


  • Pick me Pick Me Pick Me :-D

  • MBP waiting…

  • I’m in!!

  • I want to win :).

  • Nice! MBP happy

  • I’d love to win one of these skins. I call the Vespa scooter for my MBP!

  • Nice, I could really use a nice MBP skin!

  • Although I never won something this way, I also give it a try. Would be awesome to restyle my macbook ;)

  • I would love a skin/cover for my iPhone 4 before I drop it :(

    Great to see give aways on Mac.AppStorm.

  • I’m way down here but pick me

  • Pick me !!! pick me!!! i’ll probably be the happiest winner of all time!

  • Sweet, get me in on this giveaway!

  • Pick me pick me pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

  • I want to marry Kim Kardashian, hope she reads this thread.

  • I love Lucky Labs!
    I’m so excited for this contest!!!

  • Nice skins! :D

  • id love something for my macbook air!
    thanks for the contest! :)

  • I wouldn’t mind winning AT ALL!! These are so cool!!!

  • Greetings!!
    Firstly, I’d like to express my appreciation for all 3 of App/Storm sites… :o)
    Huge Mac lady here…I would be humbled to win fabulous skins for any of my Apple toys :o)

    Light & L♡VE
    Aline [ArtWave]

  • Awesome!

  • You make my day with posts like this.

    I really really really want a skin for my Macbook pro.

    cross fingers :D :D

  • What a terrific giveaway. Thank you! Hurray for Lucky Labs!

  • Love makes the world go ’round! http://www.theluckylabs.com/love-hands-24.html

  • Love me some macbook skin.

  • Niiiice, finally a worldwide contest ;).
    Thanks in advance! eheh

  • Those are some nice looking skins. I’d be happy to take one of their hands.

  • Wouldn’t mind one of these!

  • Those are cool. I’d love to win one.

  • Cool, Banksy decals! :D
    I really wish I get one, they look awesome!

  • I want to marry Kim Kardashian.

  • yet another reason to <3 APPSTORM!

  • Nice iPhone4 case!! with a reasonable price :)

  • Cool! these skins are awesome – be it for mac, iPad or iPhone.

  • What a good way to look different!

  • Do you have body skins too…its starting to get cold here in NJ!!!….OK I’ll take any of your skins. Thanks for the opportunity. I wish you all luck in the contest!!!

  • Very cool! Pick me Pick Me!

  • Cool I’d like one too :)
    thx for this

  • i want a skin!!

  • Let the picking beign.

  • I’ve got a smallish-skin for my old Fujitsu and was surprised how much I liked the unique difference.

    Now, with a new Airbook as my first Mac, I’m excited to find something that helps say “Rick” in all the different places and contexts and roles where my laptop shows up.

  • Yes! I would like to win!

  • Sweet! Looking forward to winning ;]

  • Love to tell a story with these great designs,,,I hope I win.

  • Sounds great!

  • Awesome,i want a skin!

  • I would like to win! seems cool!

  • Random. Random. Random. Good looking, functional cases are always needed.

  • Pick me! Pick me! Perfect for my brand spankin’ new MacBook!

  • Would it be bad to want all of them?

  • Mmm wood

  • Im feeling lucky today!

  • Would love to show off a new cover! *hoping I win*

  • Awesome! A worldwide contest!

  • Please pick me!

  • Looks great!

  • Still haven’t found a good skin for my iPhone yet! Let’s see if this one would be The One. :)

  • I love the wood design skin! Yay Macs!!!

  • Those are amazing.

  • finally a decent looking skin for the iphone! The wood texture looks incredibly awesome.

    my psychic told me I was going to be lucky. who knows… :)

  • No wonder so many comments! Slipping my entry in the pool to get a macbook skin ;-) ..

  • Yeah, I’m in :-)

  • Ooooh the wood one!! Sexy!

  • very nice :D I would love a custom skin on my ipod touch :D

  • Looks pretty cool I would love to win one.

  • I would like to customize a bit my MacBook so pick me, pick me, plssss! :P

  • Being the proud owner of a Macbook and an iPhone, I would love a custom skin!

  • I’d love one. They look pretty awesome!

  • Count me in!

  • UuuuH! Hope I can win!

  • I want in!!

  • This looks awesome! Thanks for doing these contests.

  • I’d love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  • wow… a lot of comments… still i wanna a skin XD awesome wood texture on the pic!

  • These look so cool. Would be interested in winning one so I can dress up my Macbook, iPad or iPhone 3g and show it off a little. Now my techie gear can make a fashion statement too! YAY! :-)

  • OMG, my macbook is naked! quick I need a skin to dress it!

  • Great skins.

  • I would love to win a case for my macbook! The Teksure Skin that they’ve got looks like it would be perfect for my laptop!

  • some really cool ones that would awesome on my iPhone :)

  • Very cool. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Awesome. I’d like to grab one as well.

  • Heck yes, I’d like a skin!

  • my MBP needs clothes… its afraid to be damaged by other PCs..;) and my bag…;)

  • I love the punk rock panda. Now where did I put that credit card…

  • Awesome skins. would look cool on my macbook :D

  • Want a hand on new iPad..may be I could get one here with a cool skin…

  • Nice change of pace here at appstorm =)

  • hmm. I might be pushing my luck here… I just got a macbook pro, and its hard to get apple products down here in the Maldives.

    Here me leaving a comment, hoping to win :)

  • Nice with more classy skin brands. Been looking around for a nice skin for my iPhone 4, gonna have a look at this.

  • I’d love to win one of those for my Macbook Pro. :)

  • my macbook late 2009 will finally get pimped! woohooo!!! me me me! :D
    all the way from philippines… with love! LoL!!! :D

  • Very Cool … fingers crossed with this one ;)

  • This is a winning comment… I hope.

  • i’d love to win all :)
    thx you

  • Am in !!

  • Oh shoot, already 300+ comments? Well, bye macbook skin :(

  • Whoa, nice giveaway! I would completely dig a nice decal on my mbp!

  • Me me me! Just bought a new mbp, so I could use this :)

  • I’m in,

  • My 3yr old daughter threw my 13″ MBP off the couch the other day leaving an unsightly dent, a carbon Teksure would not only hide the dent but allow me to start speaking to her again ;o)

  • Would love to have one! The classic Pooh skin for iPad is too cute!

  • Thanks for the offer ^__^

  • I would love a skin for my macbook!

  • This sounds wonderful!

  • This is very cool I’d love to win

  • I would love to have a case for my macbook pro or iphone 4

  • would be great to carry my mac in style :)

  • Well, won’t hurt much to try. Lets see my luck.

  • I’d love to win one of these! I (finally) just got my MacBook Pro, after a year and half of scrimping and saving every extra penny!

  • Hey, this is my comment. =)

  • My Macbook is getting scratched, so would love a skin for that or for the iPad we’re getting for Christmas and even the iPhone I’m getting as soon as it’s available on Verizon. Love these giveaways!

  • Yes please.

  • I’ve always wanted one of these :o

  • Cool! Would love to have one of these – thanks!

  • that wood ipad skin looks gorgeous

  • Looking good, I want to win one!!

  • I won my iPad at CTIA, just as my company started developing apps for iPS. A skin would make it more than serendipitous!

  • cool giveaway

  • Nice, like to have

  • I hope I win!!

  • Want 1 too!

  • I’d like one of those gorgeous MacBook stickeries! :)

  • These looks really nice.
    Good luck to all of us. :)

  • Wow, great! My MacBook could really use a new touch!

  • I win

  • Sweet. Would be great to win 1 :)

  • Very nice, I’d love to win one ! :)

  • My iPad will look great in it. Now I just need to win it. (Crossing fingers)

  • Nice giveaway, Fingers Crossed

  • yes please!

  • I’d love to enter the contest too! Good luck to everyone :)

  • Those are some pretty cool skins! Count me in

  • sounds like a good deal! i’d love a skin for my mbp :D

  • Currently, I have a 1 in 439 chance of winning.

    Let’s have a crack at it then! :D

  • Sort me out boys!

  • My Mac craves such a skin :D

  • I love lucky labs! Hope I’m a winner!

  • I could definitely go a badass skin, Appstorm rules!

  • Mac customization is becoming “fashion”, with different style, bu without losing simplicity. I Like it

  • Ooo…gimme, gimme, gimme! :D

  • I would like to win thanks!

  • MBP skins look decent

  • Yes! I would love a new skin for my new iphone 4, and or macbook too :D

  • Lots of comments

    I love App Storm

  • Nice giveaway idea! Didn’t know that provider before, their skins look great ;)

  • Wow those skins look great!

  • Love it! I’m in!

  • Treat for the eyes. The designs are creative and execution exquisite (At least from what I can see XD). The Lucky Lab sure is generous with the giveaway.

  • Count me in!

  • I’m in! :-)

  • Sweet. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Let me win ! weee~

  • Yes please…glory and hallelujah!

  • Awesome!

  • This is great! *crosses fingers*

  • Uh Lala ! i wanna WIN :D

  • Let me win!

  • This would be awesome!

  • Random Comment!

  • I would love to win ;-)

  • I JUST bought my first macbookpro, it’s a present for my girlfriends birthday, a skin would just top everything off!

  • I’m from Chile, and we don’t have those kind of cool stuff in our country, so it would be awesome to get one of this for my iphone 3gs.
    Thank you Appstorm and the lucky labs

  • I hope one of these days I’ll win.

  • Cool. Thanks!

  • PICK MEEE!! I never win anything!!!

  • Count me in!

  • Really nice skins!

  • I hope this contest is not over!

  • That is just awesome! This would be a cool little gift for my girlfriend’s iPhone.

  • Nice! Would totally sport one on the macbook or iphone!

  • yes please!

  • I’m Lucky

  • I WANNA WIN!!!

  • I’m in ;)


  • I’d love one.

  • Got my new 13″ Macbook Air today! totally psyched! If I were to win this, it would be the icing!! :) Thanks!

  • yes please! my old mac is looking a bit raggedy around the edges;)

  • I would like to win the macbook pro skin because I would just like to win!!! :)
    btw do u ave to live in US to eligible for this competition!!?!?

  • Cool skins for Macbook…

  • Nice stuff indeed!

  • I would love to win one :)

  • I would love to win one!! Very cool designs!!

    G’luck everyone!

  • Nice..feelin’ lucky..:)

  • I wish I could win

  • I hope the contest is still open… and also that I win. My MacBook could use some protection.

  • I’m in hopefully!

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