Winners Announced: 5 Watts Promo Codes Up For Grabs

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have been chosen, and congratulations are in order to:

  1. Lissa O
  2. Adam Cloninger
  3. Miklos
  4. Brad Bolman
  5. Touchfreak

Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon with your license code!

Old Competition Post

To celebrate the release of Watts on the Mac App Store, I’m excited to let you know that we have five promo codes to give away today!

Watts is a simple menubar utility that regularly walks you through the process of calibrating your MacBook battery. This is something you should do from time to time, to ensure that you gain the maximum life from the notebook battery. We’ve reviewed Watts in the past, and found it to be a really helpful utility for assisting with keeping your battery in tip-top shape.

Entering the competition is really simple – all you need to do is leave a comment on the post. That’s it! Let us know why you’d like to win, tell us a funny story, or just have a short rant about your terrible laptop battery life.

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick five winning comments at random on Wednesday 6th April. Best of luck, and be sure to check out Watts in the meantime and download a trial copy!


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  • nice thanks!

  • My battery needs this, thanks!

  • woohoo!

  • Heh) Its interesting whats status of my battery?! How long he will live)

  • This thing looks rad! Want want!

  • Put me in, coach! Err, sign me up :)

  • With Watts my battery will live longer :)

  • Sounds cool.

  • I’d love to have a copy of Watts! I downloaded the demo and loved it. I put a 7200rpm drive in my MBP and I’m seeing a tiny bit of decrease in battery life. I definitely want to keep it in tip-top shape, and Watts really helps with that.

  • Oh boy, sure I would use a licence of that one…

  • One time, I was competing in a rather important collegiate debate competition. It was a round against a very good team. As I was preparing for a speech, my computer, which had otherwise been doing perfectly fine and said that it had half its battery life left, decided that it now, in fact, had no battery left and would immediately shut down. We lost, and I’ve never forgiven that battery. Ever.

  • I wonder watt is
    the life of my battery
    maybe you can help

  • Battery bad! I want WIN!

  • Always love these contests.

  • My livelihood depends on my laptop…keeping everything running tip top ensures money makes it’s way into my wallet…this would be another great tool to make sure that happens!

  • I’m on my THIRD battery, I don’t want to move on to a fourth, please help!

  • sounds awesome!

  • I love the battery icon, hope to win!

  • Hey, great site, reads it constantly!

    But i would love a Watts promo code, cause my Macbook are getting older(one year soon!!) and it’s a great utillity to know how your battery is holding up.

    Thanks for the good software, hope I’ll get it also ;),
    Oluf Nielsen.

  • My battery need this app.

  • Awesome – love to have it – I use the hell outta my macbook.

  • I’d like it!

  • Awesome! I’ve already tried the trail version. Great app!

  • Me want! Me want! Me want! Wattz rulez (or so I hear). And when I got this laptop I was promised eight hours battery life. I’m not sure form which planet Steve Jobs has come (at least it’s not earth, ‘coz on earth a, let’s face it, genius but utter and complete a**hole like him would never call himself a Buddhist without bursting out in uncontrollable laughter), but their hours are far, far shorter than ours. If Watts can help me there, I’m game.
    (You wanted a rant, didn’t you? Well, here it was)

  • Awesome, I have never looked up my battery status before :D

  • need!

  • Yes, please sign me up, too. I’d like to max out my battery.

  • Such a great App!

  • My battery condition recently starting switching to “service battery” every now and then recently.
    Now I’m super sad I don’t have on of the cool new MBPs where it doesn’t even matter, you seem to be able to just carry it around all day no matter what you are running :(

  • Need more power!

  • I’m in! :)

  • Need it!

  • Wouldn’t mind a code myself!

  • Count me in! :)

  • Hey guys, enter me in! Thanks :)

  • My battery will thank you.

  • Pick me!

  • Hmmm, battery life is quite important and yes, that would be good to calibrate it. So…funny story…

    I was about to present a new website design and I had 10 minutes of battery life left – yes, I forgot the power cord. That was the fastest and thankfully, the quickest to be approved, website design I have ever done. That will NOT happen again.

  • I’ve bought a crappy Mac battery from a chinese seller after the original one runned out. The battery is working fine, but i think that something strange is going on! Let me try using Watts, cause i think that will help me to take control of it.

  • Watts: thank you for taking care of my battery.
    Trial’s over, now I need a license, or else my battery will be extremely sad.

  • This looks like a cool piece of software!

  • I need to keep my new 2011 MacBook in tip-top shape! Thanks appstorm :)

  • Sounds awesome! I’ve been wanting a copy of Watts for a long time, ever since I first got my mac! Hope I win

  • Watts it’s a kind of program that I would love to have but at the end of the day, it’s not really that essential to have to pay for it… in other words it’s just a perfect software to win in an awesome competition… ;)

  • Bought a macbook pro 2 years ago. To date ive gone through 3 replacement batteries due to a loss of charge. Hopefully Watts can help keep my current battery running for a much longer period of time.

  • never really thought about extending the battery life with a tool. would be nice to see some results on using one.

  • Would love to recalibrate this old black macbook’s battery.

  • Great app! Just discovered thanks to your blog, for sure the best for Mac :)

  • I’d like to win so I can keep my new MacBook Air battery in tip top shape!

  • grabbing…

  • Apple has replaced my battery too many times!
    thanks for the chance to get a hold of this app.

  • My “old” Macbook Pro’s battery lasts for a little over 90 minutes (a little lower if I decide to watch movies). And that’s it. Which means I always have to sit near a power outlet when I use my computer, no matter what I do on it. In addition to this, I go on boat vacations, and since Apple has yet to release a 12 Watt power-adapter, I can’t use my Mac for more than 90 minutes – and it’s pretty far between each harbor, I can tell you that!

  • looks like a great app!!

  • Yeah, that sounds great! That is a thing that I need. Thank appstorm for all the great Articles and App Tipps. I found there a lot of useful things.

  • Does this comment count as a comment?

  • watt could be better than a free promo code?

  • My MBP’s battery life isn’t what it used to be… and I’m terrible at calibrating my battery regularly (even with reminders in OmniFocus ). Maybe this would improve my habits!

  • Count me in, this looks like a great piece of software!

  • That app could be very helpful to me when I am calibrating my macbook pro battery.

  • Wouldn’t mind to see how terrible my 2,1 Macbook battery is doing!

  • Some insight in this matter would be nice indeed…

  • Ohhh, i wanna one! =D

  • ah batteries, same sh*t, different day, never enough battery life :/

  • Great! I definetly want it…

  • Hey, can’t hurt, right?

  • Loved Watts when I demoed it a few months back, great little single purpose app that works exceptionally well!

  • O_O amazing, I had already tried this product before with a trial period and I found its really useful …

    My funny story is that the first time I used the product, follow the instructions and the program told me to use my computer until the battery ran out leaving it to go off by itself, but I had not read that you had to leave at rest for 5 hours, lol, and every time I turned my computer again restarted the process, and thus could never calibrate my battery until I read the steps carefully

  • great app!

  • Joke of the day:

    Q: Why didnt the malfunctioning circuit have any friends?
    A: His short WATT temper.


    I can really use this…

  • I tried the demo and it seemed to do the job…what does the licensed version do better?

  • It is supercalibratingfragilisticexpialidocious! (If I get that app!)

  • My Early 2008 MacBook Pro has a horrible battery. I must have reached 500 cycles now and I dont know how that happened! I think something’s wrong with the battery but Apple won’t replace it.

    Now I can use my Mac for like 5 mins before my Mac goes off without and that happens without any warning!

    Anyways I’d like to win a copy just to make me feel a bit safer about my next Mac’s battery..

  • I love you! These giveaways are cool!

  • Sounds pretty good :)

  • My MacBook will be so happy! I love this app, but I just haven’t bought it yet. This could help.

  • Looks good.

  • Good, my last macbook battery got fried, I like the concept here.

  • I need some wattage!

  • After finding myself with a dead battery, this could turn out pretty useful!

  • :)!

  • The battery of my three years old macbook pro is pretty bad, i think a calibration would help :D

  • Lovely app.

  • i gotta say, i love watts. i’ve been using the trial version of it and i can’t live without it anymore. i turned it off one day and my mac, silly mac, decided to drain all the way down to zero and shut off with nary a peep. i’d love a watts promo code if only to save myself headaches!

  • Watts up?

  • Awesome!

  • Great review… this is just the type of APP i was looking for because I really need to know why my battery is draining so quickly but only on some days….

    heck- even if I don’t win one of the promo codes… I may have to just go and purchase this app- but winning sure would start off my month good b/c last month sucked for me

  • best battery app ever !

  • Best App for Mac and best Website. :D

  • Nice!

  • my trial period just finished.. winning this would definitely nice!

  • James Watt

  • I’m guessing my battery is too old and warn out for this, but dang, I’ll give it a try. You just never know what might jump that puppy back to life. (Currently it gets down to the 40% area then dies almost instantly – yow!)

  • Why is Dracula so annoying? Because he can be a pain in the neck. Hope to get a copy :) thanks!

  • I really need help managing my macbook’s battery. should i fully drain it, should i keep it plugged in all the time. should i do this, or do that….. i don’t know…. helpz

  • Wonderful.. Can I have a copy? :)

  • I would use watts to keep my battery conditioned. My current MBP is starting to lose it’s charge quicker than it did 3 years ago. I want to keep that from happening on the next laptop I get.

  • Sign me up. Watts is great.

  • I fear for my macbook pros battery :(

  • I just got a new macbook pro and after 2 weeks my battery suddenly went from the usual 4-5hours down to 30mins and was taking 10hours plus to charge. I was like wtf and called Apple and they said I had to calibrate the battery. I installed Watts and it took me through it step by step and now my battery is as good as new again and I would love to have the full version so I never have this problem again.


  • My Macbook pro’s battery is dying slowly, maybe this tool might help me make it last a little longer.

  • Hope I win :D

  • My battery would love you :)


  • Watts is a great app, worth having on every Mac!

  • This is one nice app!!
    Why should I use it? Because I treat my battery so bad, that it deserves some help! Such as an application that reminds me to calibrate it, from time to time…

  • Oh I’d love this! I’m always trying to get more battery life.

  • This would be great for my new Mac Book Pro!

  • This would definitely simplify the calibration process for me!

  • Watts will help prevent my PowerBook G4’s battery from going om nom nom.

  • My battery will really appreciate this. Thank you!

  • Very nice app!

  • I have MacBook Pro a week ago, I want to make its battery life last for as long as possible.

  • Looks good.

  • Would love to have this. Especially with the battery calibration guide.

  • Thanks, Could use this.

  • My old white macbook battery is the worst. Need to be kept plugin to stay on power

  • I really wanna win this for my new macbook pro. Oh boy..

  • Loved the demo of ‘Watts’!
    My battery would love a watt or two :)

  • This is cool software. Who doesn’t want this? I do really wanna use it on my macbook

  • pick me please , I never ever won anything in my life!

  • My MacBook pro battery is screaming I need Watts badly

  • I would love this :)

  • Please let me win this at all cost!! I need it for my old macbook

  • I’m in!

  • Wow you guys are awesome!

  • My battery life is very short and i want this app to have a control of the cicles and have a better use of it.

  • This old macbook could really use a good recalibration for maximum work time.

  • It would be absolutely smashing if you could send that promo code in my general direction. Thankyousir! :)

  • My battery is crap. Help please!

  • I bought my Macbook Pro on december with years of savings and iStat is already showing 95% health. Watt would be an awesome addition to it!

  • I was thinking of getting my MacBook Air some Tigerblood… but Watts will probably be more beneficial.

  • Need this for my new battery,so that it doesn’t end up like the old one.

  • Nice! I need this to calibrate my battery!

  • used the trial version, loved it! hope i win! (:

  • I’ve already replaced my Macbook’s battery once. I’d like my current one to last!

  • My laptop battery is getting long in the tooth, I need to keep it in line!

  • having watts won’t hurt!!!

  • i need this because i’m an app hoarder.

  • When I had my IBM Thinkpad R52, my battery life quickly tapered off and eventually had to plug in everywhere I went. Now I love the long battery life on Mac and need Watts to help me maintain a healthy battery life for years to come.

  • This is the story of the hare who lost his spectacles!

    Owl loved to rest quietly whilst no one was watching.
    Sitting on a fence one day, he was surprised when suddenly a kangaroo ran close by.
    Now this may not seem strange, but when Owl overheard Kangaroo whisper to no one in particular,
    “The hare has lost his spectacles,” well, he began to wonder.

    Presently, the moon appeared from behind a cloud and there, lying on the grass was hare.
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    The lost spectacles were his own affair.
    And after all, Hare did have a spare a-pair.

    The end!

  • I spend too much time plugged in. Will this keep it from being fatal for my battery?

  • Just what the doctor ordered!

  • I’d love to win this utility!

  • Great way to help me remember! I’ve got enough things on my mind as it is

  • I would love this!! For the funny story; I just got the iPhone today.. at the bottom it has those two looking speakers things.. I thought both were speakers and when I covered one up the other wouldnt make any sound (obviously because only one is the speaker but I didnt know). I was about 99% about to go to the apple store and ask them wats up.. then I realized it was the microphone.. how awesome would of it been if i went and asked haha epic fail

  • Power me up. Give me some Watts!

  • I loved the demo…

  • I’d like Watts!

  • I’m frequently flying from US to Europe and back, so I always need to squeeze the maximum from my battery. I hope that this app can support me in the management of my battery life.

  • Wonderful!!!

  • I would really like to have a copy of this program. I’ve just bought the new MacBook Pro and want to ensure I get the best battery life I can for as long as possible.

  • I ruined the battery on my first laptop by never letting it drain often enough. I wish that an app like Watts were included with every laptop. Watts’ UI looks great, and after reading your review, I’d love to use it.

  • I’ll Watt the hell out of my battery!

  • Wow I want to try this in my new MacBook Pro

  • my new macbook pro ask for it….!!

  • Oh I really need that one…! My MacBook needs a PowerUp =)

  • I am not sure what battery calibration is, but I am sure what Watt is. I’m in.

  • Well, a 2 days after buying a brand spanking new Macbook after the refresh this year, I was having a great iced coffee, when I bumped it and it split all through my key board. After many tears and black outs, I managed to get it working again.

    I’ve put my Macbook through enough… It now needs the TLC of Watts.

  • best battery calibration tool….. :D

  • I’ve been trialing it and was considering buying. So far it’s great! And a free copy would be even better!

  • might be better than coconutbattery…

  • nice app :)

  • Sure wouldn’t mind anything to help my battery.

  • my battery is fine n id really like to keep it that way……… i obsess over my mac book pro n thats y i think i should win this…..

    the only ppl more deserving than me would be those whos battery is dying off…… id hate fr that to happen

    so cheers! may the 5 promo codes be distributed to the ones really in need :)

  • I would love to give this app a try

  • Sweeet! I’d love to get one, hopefully my macbook’s battery would love longer a little bit.

  • I tried a trial version of watts a while ago, worked great!

  • I would thank you, but I think that my brand new MacBook Pro would thank you even more!

  • aha! Nice App! I wanna win.

  • Go Watts – Go Green – Save Batteries!

  • i need this because being a multimedia arts student i’m usually using my mac for video editing, photo editing, animation and such. I need this so that i can keep my battery into shape

  • Long live the batteries!

  • Because Today is my Birthday :)

  • Pick Me :D

  • My MacBook from late 2008 (First Alu Unibody) has treated me great in the last 2,5 years but my precious workhorse has now started to lose its stamina and durability. I think an app like Watts would do wonders by giving my battery a proper physical and get it into shape again. Maybe I won’t have to switch battery at a cost of 150 dollars up here in cold cold Sweden!

    Thank you for a great site!

    //New follower Erik

  • Long Life for my battery with Watts .. d8-D

  • I need Watts!

  • My new MBP needs some watt :)

  • The Lion on my MBP sucks too much energy. I need more Watts. ;)

  • Definitely need this for our laptop!

  • Two guys walk into a bar…. The third one ducks.

    Ok, do I win? =)

  • She said ‘Captain’, I said ‘Watts!’

  • Tried it and liked it, hope I win.

  • My MBP + Watts = ;*

  • Pick me!

  • my Mac would be eternally grateful if I win one of the codes. I’ve been abusing my mac’s battery for almost 2 years now. Have the trial version, but it’s expiring soon.

  • Yeah!!!

  • I could use this program!

  • To maintain my MacBook pro batt to charge properly.

  • Nice giveaway!!! I’m OCD about my batttery life, lol. I check it every few min when I’m on my macbook. My first battery died on me so thats why I’m so OCD. Lol

  • I want Watts!

  • I’m up for that! but I never win anything :(

  • I’d love to have Watts on my Mac because I’m getting pretty paranoid about battery maintenance…

  • ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

    My old MacBook’s battery goes dead and such nice software is the right to push up my battery life!


  • My macbook battery is not even working anymore! I have to keep it plugged in just to run it. Its kinda ridiculous…

    Haha, I’ve also had a friend who’s battery was close to exploding… Good thing he went to the Apple store in time, they told him it was malfunctioning and could explode at any moment…

  • I need this because my old MacBook black battery is very difficult do find. I can’t afford replace it anymore!

  • This might come in handy for my old MacBook Air! Admittedly, I am sceptical though…

  • My watts trial period expired :(

  • I definitely need this. My life is my MacBook Pro and I don’t always remember to unplug it when it is sitting on my desk for a while and the battery life just ain’t what it used to. This will definitely make my life a lot easier, one less thing to worry about.

    AppStorm is awesome. Good luck everyone.

  • I love to win this app.

  • I will like to win a promo to this app, so I can laugh at the crappy batteries of my coworkers laptops/macbooks that have an uncalibrated, unmaintained battery, that only lasts for 1 hr! =)

  • Why is the price in pounds? The English don’t use macs do they?

  • Very nice app

  • My MacBook Pro is hungry for this app!

  • Cool App!

  • My macbook battery needs this! Very nice app!

  • Great app. My macbook would love this!

  • cool!

  • Good app for checking lifecycles and fuel of battery. I want this.

  • Very nice app :)

  • Excellent application, a full licence would make me feel alot better about my battery life :) Seb

  • Schweeettt! Wish me luck! ;)

  • My battery and I have communication issues, it says one thing to me then does another… this app might just save our relationship…

  • Count me in! Thanks in advance ;p

  • I can’t wait for the days when calibration is unnecessary, but until then, this sounds great.

  • Just got a new MBP, need this! Love the site!

  • [Crosses Fingers]

  • I need this desperately. Already killed two of my old 2006 macbook pro’s batteries.

  • The battery on my Mac is pretty nice, would be a shame to neglect it.

  • I tried the 30 day version of this and found it quite useful.

  • I need some Power !! That’s watts I want.

  • I need some Watts !!

  • i want to be winning

  • Watttts!

  • yes! best app!

  • I use my MacBook constantly and have been known to get through two charge cycles in a day (with a *lot* of use)!

    Since I’m now on the Early 2011 model, I want to be really sure that I keep my battery life strong to the end as since I have an SSD, the first thing to go could be the battery!

  • Sign me up!

  • This would complement my future battery purchase, the current one is almost dead now!

  • huraaay!!!

  • I’d love to win as I’ll soon have start watching my MacBook Pro’s battery life more closely. :)

    Thank you for the competition!

  • A much needed tool for those of us who leave our mac’s docked to a monitor & power source.

  • I’ve never won anything yet from mac.appstorm :(

  • 3 years uncalibrated macbook battery, I need it!

  • Congratulations to Watts devs for the mac app store release.

    Keep the good work.

  • A great program, +100 for binarytricks

  • I have trial version and i love watts. I really want one of this promo codes.

  • Nice app. Like it ;)

  • :-) thanks

  • Calibrating my MacBook’s battery is necessary from time to time and with Watts its the easiest way to do it so I hope that I’ll get one promo code.
    Best luck to everybody!

  • I have never calibrated my MacBooks battery… I’d like to do it for the first time with Watts :)

  • nice app. would like to have a promo code.

  • Wouldn’t hurt to get a little extra juice from this good’ol battery!

  • That is good mac app for us to keep the mac healthy~~~

  • great, it is a good mac app

  • I had my MacBook battery completely die one time, and it has a huge pain. If my power cord was jostled the slightest bit, the power connection might get interrupted, in which case I would have to reboot. I’m interested in reviewing Watts, and if I win a promo code, I will certainly review Watts on my blog.


    Panah Neshati

  • i want it! i need it!

  • I’ve using this test version a while now and what do you expect?
    Iv just recharged my new 5 Month old MaBook Pro 26 Times and it have only 86% remain.
    So after the first calibration is gets 87 % .. so USE IT :-)