Winners Announced: 50 Promo Codes for Photosweeper Up for Grabs

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week, and special thanks to the kind people at Overmacs! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen.

Well done to the lucky winners, we’ll be in touch by email very soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

Earlier this week we reviewed Photosweeper, an excellent tool for sorting and cleaning photo collections resulting in more useable disk space.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, hobbyist, or just someone in need of more hard disk space, Photosweeper packs a powerful punch in de-cluttering any size collection.

We’re proud to announce that we have 50 promo codes available for readers keen to clear out their photo collections!

How to Enter

Entering the competition is really easy, but we’re putting a little twist on it! All you need to do is:

  1. Post a link to this competition on Twitter, mentioning @macappstorm and the number of gigabytes of storage your photo collection consumes!
  2. Leave a comment below with your username.

Best of luck, and I’ll be picking the winners in just over a week.


Add Yours
  • cool beans

  • I have a huge photo collection which is growing daily. Photosweeper save me.

  • Hi! @marcoutsider

    Thanks :))

  • Hey. McappStorm, I have 11.88 gigs of photos and I really need PhotoSweeper!!

    • Awesome app, great competition, just what I need after I swapped from PC to mac earlier this year and am sorting out 5 years of family snaps.. HEELLLLP
      Tweeted as @zace66

  • My user : @ubiratanfsoares

  • Hi – I sure could use this!

  • @jaryre

  • Everyone always asks me how to clean up photo archives. I really should start a business in this.

  • My Twitter username is @marcelorsr. Photosweeper is just what I need!

  • Great review on the Mac App Store, I would like to try this out and finally make some room on my mac!

  • Great review on the Mac App Store, I would like to try this out and finally make some room on my mac!!!

  • My user : @JamesDrako

  • Need help sorting out my 63.42GB iPhoto library

  • Hey. I have either a lot of gigs of photos and I really need (as Hugo Hamilton) PhotoSweeper.

  • Well, my photo collection is about 33gigs, so this could be useful for me :) @MindeRad

  • @iandoremus I sure could use this. I have almost 1Tb of images.

  • tweeted hope i win – my collection takes up 20gb – @DadeWilliams

  • 1. Tweet: Check
    2. Comment: Check
    3. Fingers crossed: Check

  • @garrido 84 GB and growing…

  • @middle8media – 45GB of photos that need some serious lovin’

  • I’d be lucky this time? @visualisLU

  • with 34 Gigs of pics on my 128 GB SSD I need THIS badly!! :)!/boastboy/status/172378187421069314

  • my own collection hits 50 GB and still growing :)

  • 10 GB of photos. @zacharyabresch

  • username: @infernalcolonel

    130GB and growing…seriously!


  • @pitiphong_p

  • Would live to try out Photosweeper to clean my 160+GB collection of photos.

  • Ha, I need a house cleaning. Both the rooms and my photo collection! That would be a real help to have Photosweeper!

  • greigallen

  • Hey @macappstorm I have 20GB in my photo collection, please give one of 50 Promo Codes for Photosweeper Up for Grabs –

  • @renecum: Hey @macappstorm I have 20GB in my photo collection, please give one of 50 Promo Codes for Photosweeper Up for Grabs –

  • @jhumroo 160+GB collection of photos

  • @w2763 that’s my name. I carry around 160GB.

  • @cpantin

    93.33 GB of photos and counting @macappstorm. I need Photosweeper:)

  • My 17,962 photos consume 105.8 GB of storage.

  • Enjoyed your review of Photosweeper. Disappointed to find that it was no longer on sale. Thanks!

  •!/qliq/status/172391211754205184 – I have over 40 GB spread over 3 computers. I can sure use this program and free is always nice. I have tons of photos from the old days b4 digital cameras that I keep adding in. I even borrowed a slide scanner and scanned in 1600 slides – very tedious. Then once I get them into the iMac – help. SOS (“Save Our Slides”) :-)

  • 12GB os space eating up my drive! @chikquintans

  • @ArcticCroc (!

  • @gasport


  • Mines @dlanmaar

  • Twitter handle is @Bbrookereese. I have 48GB of images to sort thru.

  • @elevad The word is out…..

  • 150gb and counting! @kurapov

  • @jonny_whitehead
    I have over 70gb of photos

  • 400+ GB and growing at about 10 GB per month @garyafterhours

  • Tweeted. I’m nearly at 20GB.

    • Twitter is seitensei.

  • I stopped counting at 1TB @nodeGarden

  • Hey, @macappstorm I’d love help to clean out over 75 gigs of photos with a PhotoSweeper code. :) Thanks!

  • 160GB iPhoto Collection. DAMN!

  • @ckenney108
    I have 37.25 GB of photos.

  • I have more than 15GB of photo collections sitting in my hard disk. This tool will be very useful for me. just tweeted @wedesignapps

  • @jskankin

  • Well photosweeper sounds neat. My username is @euelgen but I’m more curious about how you gonna decide who wins. Will it be random or will the best comments also get a favorable mention and a promo code?..

  • My user: @robertocarbajo . Thank you!

  • I tweeted here and would love to win!!/jcmcnair/status/172437522117427200

  • 21,3 gigs and @costee

  • @screensaver78

    Hi, I’ve got over 100 GB of photos from my 2 lovely daughters.
    Hope this tool will be of help to me.


  • I have over 150GB of photos. I’m one of those people that just can’t decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete. So I generally keep-em-all :D

    Twitter username : @M3NT4LM4N

  • I have about 25 gb of photos and would love to give PhotoSweeper a try to see what it can do for me. I know I have duplicates but it is such a pain to try to go through them all manually.

  • @jakobbrowning

    I have over 20 gigs on my Mac and 12 on an external hard drive

  • So – what if you’re not a twitt? I mean, I don’t tweet. I could mention you on Facebook. And I have over 356 gigs of images stored. No – that’s not right, more like over 500 gigs. So, you know – I could use the help. So –

    I know. It’s not twitter.

  • This would be great to have.

  • @mapsklub
    (47Gb… I need this for sure)

  • @ipodxoxo 320+GB Military so we travel.!/ipodxoxo/status/172481314010824704

  • @stricklyall

  • I need my space back and the duplicates are driving my nuts!

  • great looking app, could help with the 14 gigs worth of pictures I have

  • This will be great to win!

  • @A1oki

  • @macappstorm
    35 Gb

  • @themefortress Really nice app, get it for my photos :)

  • @nathanisrandom :)

  • @m_v

    Duplicates drive me crazy…

  • @jordantjhowes

    Thanks for having the contest!!

  • @kimonostereo
    Great contest! Hope I win! :-)



    I have ~400GB, every other tool I tried is rubbish. I really need this! thanks

  • gramuel says:
    @macappstorm 143,6GB of Photos. PLEASE!! Need Photosweeper ;-)

    Really… Lightroom does a good job in managing photos… but lightroom isn’t much of a disk space saver ;-)

  • Would be glad to get this app to finally organize my 25Gb++ of photo.
    Hope I’ll also be able to reduce it greatly with Photosweeper.!/mukei/status/172600424589824000

  • @Paribasfedex
    Hope I win :)

  • @sufibravo

  • I’ve just been looking all over my hard drive for photos after a WordPress site attack, so this would be great.

  • @and314rew

  • @jo_na_an
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I posted the link @douseemeatall

  • Did the steps @prudyleaf

  • @ilumire

  • @NormanTheCalf Thanks for the chance to win!

  • @fisheye2000

  • tweeted @1stime4mealso

  • 150.4 GB of work photos and it grows every day.

  • @lukasD88

  • I responded @str8g4u2c

  • @Poporinful

  • Thanks @The_KKHN

  • Have over 400GB of photos, of which over 100GB are duplicates. Result of some panic backups over the years when I had hard drive issues.

  • Great!

  • My Twitter ID: @dtlvan with the link to my status:!/dtlvan/status/173328154683899904


  • Cheers. @sojourner4869


    this is a great app. simple but effective :)
    time saving if you have took a lot of pics from one event and want to get the best.

  • @bquorning

  • Username: @EazyPurple

  • @fede_ferrarelli