Apple Wallpaper Design Competition

We’re kicking off a new competition today. It’s slightly different this time, and we’re partnering with one of our sister sites Psdtuts+ for this one. We’re looking for your best lightening themed wallpaper design, incorporating a Mac or AppStorm theme.

Up for grabs are numerous cash prizes, a vareity of Mac applications, and a 1-year membership to Psd Plus. It’s going to be an awesome contest, and you stand to win a copy of Things, Pixelmator, and ExpanDrive.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing some of your desktop wallpaper designs!

Read more and enter the competition!


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  • yea nice..

    ill def. take part ;D


  • Also want to clarify that your year’s membership to Psdtuts PLUS also gives you access to ALL PLUS content in the TUTS network. :)

  • any guidelines we should follow? sizes? gonna try out :)

  • I cant enter into the competition tab.

  • Sounds like a wicked competition! Shame I’m not eligible to take part though…

    Maybe I’ll just make a wallpaper for the fun of it anyway. :)

  • cuando van a dar a conocer los ganadores?

  • What happened to the winners?