AppStorm Exclusive: Get Wallpaper Wizard for Free!

We’re taking a step away from the usual weekly competition today to bring you something a little more exclusive! This week only, Mac.AppStorm readers can get a copy of Wallpaper Wizard completely free (usually $6.99).

This is an application we’ve covered a few times in the past, and our review is a great place to start if you’d like to find out more. The bottom line is that Wallpaper Wizard gives you a great solution for finding and applying thousands of fantastic wallpapers for your Mac desktop.

Read on to find out how you can grab your own free copy of the full version!

Claim Your Free Copy

Here’s what you need to do to grab your free full version of Wallpaper Wizard:

  1. Download the Lite Version from the Mac App Store
  2. Follow these instructions to get our exclusive code, then enter it into the app as shown
  3. Your copy of Wallpaper Wizard will be upgraded with access to all the paid features and full collection of wallpapers!

If you’re having problems upgrading, don’t worry. Wallpaper Wizard are working on a fix, and you can email them at [email protected] in the meantime. They’ll get you upgraded as soon as they can!

It’s that simple! We really hope you enjoy the app, and would love to read your thoughts about it in the comments.

Share the Love

This isn’t a requirement, but if you’d like to tell your friends about our offer, we’d be really grateful! Here’s a tweet that you could send out:

Just grabbed @WallpaperWizard for free instead of $6.99 thanks to @MacAppStorm: – No strings attached!

Or you could like the giveaway on Facebook:

Thanks for helping us spread the word, and I hope you enjoy some wonderful new wallpapers. This promotion will end in exactly one week on Wednesday 13th April, so act soon!


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  • awesome! u guys rawk! :D

  • Instructions doesn’t seems to be working.

    Having errors while upgrading.

    • same here

    • Same here.

    • same here

  • Same here, screenshot:

    • same here

  • Not Working for me!

    • Same here. It said it was upgraded, but it’s still the lite version. Help.

  • “Sorry, an error occurred (empty authorization data). Please, try again later”. I’m guessing they’re experiencing server overload?

  • Just worked for me…guess too many people on it at once.

  • Same here, get an error message after entering code.

    “Sorry, an error occurred (empty authorization data). Please, try again later.”

  • It doesn’t seem to work, getting the same errors as others (“Sorry, an error occurred(empty authorization data). Please, try again later.”)

  • Hey All – We’re looking into this now. Will get back to you with an update as soon as possible. Sorry!

    • Could you take a look at this please?

      I don’t even have the “click to upgrade”!!!

      • I don’t suppose you have the full version already installed?

      • no, I don’t! When I enter to applications, it shows that I have the lite version!

      • a lot of typos over there :D !

      • Just shoot the developer an email – [email protected] – and they’ll get it sorted out for you. Thanks for your patience!

  • LOL at the noot working thing why do use the CRAPSTORE ? Search for it for free on scroogle !

  • Not working :(

  • Just another heads up on a different issue!

    The app won’t load for me! when i go to start the app it just says the app has quit unexpectedly!

    Tried re-installing it and a restart but still the same!

    • Same here

  • Not working for me either.

    • Wallpaper Wizard have three developers working on a fix. They’ve assured us that it should be working again soon.

      If you’re having problems, you can email [email protected] and they’ll help you out with any issues to make sure you’re upgraded.

      You’ll be well looked after!

  • Same. Via twitter they said that they are talking to the developers about it, so I’m just gonna sit back, and relax a little.

  • Thanks :) Worked for me!

  • Same error here … :(

  • Not Working :(

  • Install worked fine but upgrade via promo code is failing.

    • Closed app, relaunched and entered promo code again. Worked this time.

  • Should now be fixed. Let us know if you’re still having any problems!

  • OK, the upgrade thing worked (although it’s still showing “LITE” everywhere, and when i click the “sign in to select wallpapers” it says “Wrong Authorization Data
    Please, open this page form[sic] APP directly”

  • I’m having the same issue as dan, the free upgrade worked, but when clicking on “Sign in to select wallpapers” I’m getting a “Wrong Authorization Data Please, open this page from APP directly” error.

    Thanks for this great giveaway nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to using this once everything has been sorted out.

  • Workssss :) uhuuuu! Thanks!!!

  • Be careful, just followed the instructions but Itunes charged me 6.99 even though I entered the code , maybe there are strings attached????

    • I think you’ll have accidentally bought the full version through the Mac App Store, John. I assure you, there’s no way that the above process could have billed you.

      Send Wallpaper Wizard a support email if you’re still concerned about the issue and they’ll be happy to help: [email protected]

  • Thanks…

  • why does this app need to know your computer name to function? seems dodgy – the face that is registered in Namibia is even more so.

  • Thanks!!! Awesome app!!!!

  • Bought Lite, upgrade it (worked flawlessly), tried it, but deleted it.

    To many questions, registration needed, to many “little snitch” requests to facebook, google, etc.

    I’ll create or find my own wallpapers.

    Thank nevertheless for making the trial possible.

  • Awesome. I having been using the lite version so this is great timing. Brilliant app, thank you all involved :)

  • Welcome screen does not even show an upgrade option!

  • Instructions are working fine!
    Thanks MacAppStore for this freebie.

  • Downloaded the Lite version, entered the code, but the upgrade didn’t work and I’m still working with Wallpaper Wizard Lite. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the upgrade window’s gone. :(

    I sent an email to support already. I hope they’ll respond to my email soon!

    • The support staff are exceptional! I got a response and the confirmed that I did get the upgraded version of the app. XD I wonder why it’s still labeled as “Lite” though.

      Thanks again Mac.Appstorm and Wallpaper Wizard for the great upgrade!

  • You guys are freaking awesome!

  • This totally rocks. Thanks to both of yall!

  • Thanks, I love this app! Only the launch icon still says that it is the “lite” version, but within the app it’s all premium now.

  • Thanks guys, this is awesome! There are so many wallpapers!

  • Thanks a lot guys! The upgrade worked and & I’m loving the app!

  • Thanks

  • A lot of thanks. It´s very nice the app and now I’am very happy :D

  • All day semen for appp this

  • Same here. i am having this i entered the code but it says code is expired. pls help