Winners Announced: Beautify Your iPhone With a Free Ensoul License

Winners Announced

I’m excited to let you know that we’ve chosen the ten lucky winners! Did you make the cut?

  1. Zhe
  2. Sébastien Lavoie
  3. Stefan
  4. Bryan
  5. Toby Adams
  6. Aeox
  7. Florian L.
  8. Quine
  9. Ewan
  10. Glyn

Congratulations – we’ll be in touch soon with your promo code!

Competition Now Closed

As well as sponsoring the site this week, the lovely developers behind Ensoul have been kind enough to donate ten licenses for our awesome readers.

Ensoul is a great application for creating and preparing beautiful iPhone backgrounds and contact images. It has a stunning interface, a simple workflow, and even handles the process of transferring the images across to your phone (you can read our full review here).

Entering the competition is really easy. All you need to do is leave a comment below, telling us how often you change your iPhone background! Is it every month? Every week? Or every day?

The competition will run for one week, and I’ll pick ten winning comments at random on Thursday, 24th March. Best of luck, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say in the comments!


Add Yours
  • Every week!

  • I change my backbgound every day.

  • I change mine ever month, but i should change it more often!

  • Every Week :)

  • About a month~

  • I change It up every couple of days with a eboy fixpix puzzle. Would be nice to try something new

  • Never! (Because I don’t have ensoul? Probably because I love my current one so much).

  • I change it every 3days, 13 hours, 28 minutes. If I miss an appontment then I break down and cry.

  • Every month! I think. :P

  • I change mine every couple day. ^ ^

  • Once a week or so.

  • Once a month. I would usually change it more often with the help of my 1,700 wallpaper library, but I’m too lazy to actually cut them up for the iPhone.

  • Once every two weeks or so.

  • I change my homescreen background twice a month and my lockscreen every week. I honestly just look for wallpapers and, once I find one I love, I make the changes.

  • I update mine every time I take a photo of our beautiful 4 month old boy.

  • Once a month

  • Close to every hour sometimes. I can be really indecisive at times. ;)
    Drives my wife nuts sometimes hehe.

  • Every month

  • Every… couple weeks, I normally use it as a reminder, so beautifying it would be a nice change. :D

  • The lock-screen-background gets changed every couple weeks, the main background is steady for months now since I found the Pac-Man wallpaper ( It’s hard to find something similarly awesome :)

  • sometimes every week
    but mostly every two weeks

  • Sometimes weekly.
    Sometimes every 20 minutes. :)

  • Once in a while but really need Ensoul for my contact pictures.

  • I change it whenever i find a better one than of which i currently have. Which is about 1 time every month.

  • Every month.

  • I have two wonderful pictures of my kids decorating my background, changing every day ;-)

  • it depends on my mood or the weather :-) mostly when i find a new one it becomes my background image :-) greetings!

  • Every day. I’m very indecisive.

  • I change my background when I am in the mood:-)

  • I change my backbgound every Month but if i’ll win it can be change.

  • I often change my background depending on my mood, photos I take or things I just have in my mind. It’s also the same with my contacts, with some new shots, friends often get some new contact pics ;)
    Depending on those facts I change those things once a week or more often during a month. But sure there’s an easier way ;)

  • I change my wallpaper about 5 times a day :) I can’t choose the right one. The same happens on my desktop. Really.

  • changing them every anime season or favorite game release :3

  • I change my background almost everyday, whenever I like something I put it as my background.

  • I change my lockscreen wallpaper almost every month, but my homescreen is here to stay until I find something better…

  • Usually every week or two, sometimes longer than that. Really depends on the season though, so I won’t leave a snowy background if there’s no snow outside :)

  • Every time a find a better/funnier one. So it varies, but it should be between a week and a month.

  • Weekly :)

  • i change my background as often as i find new good ones :-p maybe weekly!

  • Since the user @skrufve started sharing his daily backgrounds for his iPhone/iPad i have been doing the same, starting to get quite a few not :)

  • I would say about twice a month

  • Whenever I come across an image that is better than what I had as my background before.

  • I change it about twice a month. But it mostly depends on the wallpapers I see… so it is more a radom thing.

  • Every few months.

  • I change it every time I take a nice picture of my wife or my son. Usually twice a week ;-)

  • I hardly ever change my background, but I would if I had Ensoul!

  • Depends on mood ;) But also if I find a good one, I do it straight away :)

  • I change my iPhone contact images and wallpaper literally every day, but it’s sooo annoying as it takes so long!

  • Daily…. I have to switch it back everytime my girlfriend changes it to something funny.

  • Every once in a while. Depends of my current mood!

  • I never change mine because it’s not worth the hassle of finding a good image, resizing it, and transferring it – which is exactly why I need this app!

  • Whenever I get bored of the current one which happens weekly

  • i try every week, but if i like a particular one i try to keep it for a bit longer.

  • I change my background every week.

  • once every month – depending on so much

  • every day

  • Every week. Whenever i see something inspiring and wish to keep that for a longer time.

  • At least once a week

  • Every month… ish…. I often feel the need to change it but can never find one good enough to replace the last…

  • I change it about every week… until now, I’ve made 40 iPhone backgrounds…

  • I change my iPhone background on a monthly basis….

  • Lets try

  • Whenever I feel like doing it.

  • I change my Wallpaper more often then I change my Underwear. FACT.

  • Every Week~

  • When I get tired of the one I am looking at.

  • I change mine whenever I come across sweet and awesome looking wallpapers online! ;)

  • I change every time I need to change

  • Everytime I change my mood :)

  • I’ve made dozens of very beautiful photographs and would like them on my iPodTouch. Ensoul is really great software. Changing backgrounds almost every week.

  • Every month!

  • Every month!

  • Every time I change the wallpaper on my macbook. That’s why I’m quite interested in Ensoul.

    (By the way, thanks for the licenses!)

  • I change mine every phase of the moon

  • Every Week!

  • Almost every week. :)

  • Every fortnight.
    I like to enjoy the time and effort I put into selecting a good backdrop, but I’m constantly preparing new ones for future weeks.

  • Almost every week. When on holiday, new mood, new photo shoot… these piece of software would really make things a lot easier!

  • Every week

  • Every month!

  • About a month.

  • About every weekend at first, now more or less every month

  • 1 or 2 times every month. :)

  • I change mine every other day!! I’m always looking for something to fully customize my phone. I would absolutely love to have ensoul!!!

  • If I find mine, never again. But I have yet to find it. Although now I really like using all same colour.

  • Every week! Ensoul would help me with this job :)

  • about 2 weeks

  • I want a licenseeee !! :)

  • I change my wallpaper according to the mood I’m currently in, in fact, every day or so…
    I found Poolga to be a great resource for beautiful walls…

  • Every week :)

  • Every single DAY I WANT THAT LICENCE IS A MUST ! thnk u very much

  • Monthly!

  • Once in a blue moon.

  • I usually change mine every couple of weeks… but with this app, I could see myself doing it quite more often!

  • Weekly, and I love that Ensoul allows you to change your contact photos to HD quality. I tried the demo, but Ensoul has a bug where is doesn’t recognize Aperture libraries correctly. I emailed the developers and they responded right away that they are working on the problem for the next update = pretty cool. But I haven’t purchased yet, so a free license would be awesome, esp. when they fix that bug.

  • Every Week! Currently rotating Abduzeedo wallpapers on a regular basis.

  • Change it twice a week.

  • At one point I was doing it every day, but my wife was getting annoyed so I finally settled on one. I now have the Clown Fish background from the original iPhone.

    If I win a copy of Ensoul, than I will happily go back to annoying my wife.

  • Once every two weeks.

  • Every week !

  • I change my background every 1 or 2 months. Sometimes more- sometimes less- frequent. Depends on how much I like it :)

  • I change the images on my phone every week :) I like to make changes :)

  • I Love change. I switch my background once per week

  • Every month or so. If it’s truly beautiful, it’ll stay for months.

  • Almost never

  • I change my iPhone background screen about once a year.

  • Every month

  • I change mine about once or twice a week. Ensoul would help me tweak it just right (I’m slightly OCD when it comes to my backgrounds), but the real beautiful comes from the ability to manage the contact pictures. I mean honestly who doesn’t love to see who’s calling in a custom picture.

  • I change mine at least once a week.

  • I change mine about once a month.

  • Lockscreen: weekly
    Homescreen: around once a Month

  • Every week!

  • It depends on many factors like my mood, the weather, etc. I tend to change both my mac and iphone’s wallpaper at the same time so they look good together. This may happen once a week or every two weeks. Sometimes the same wallpaper stays for as long as one month but that’s pretty rare :)

  • My girlfriend will, more often than not, change the background of my iPhone so I get “surprised” when I unlock it. I would say this happens once every two weeks or so :)

  • I change both at least weekly, sometimes twice per week.

  • When I restore

  • Lately, I’ve been changing my lockscreen and home screen every day, often multiple times a day! I could use this :)

  • I change mine every few weeks, and this app looks terrific! Hopefully, iPad will be supported in the future :)

  • Every Day

  • Twice a week. Sometimes more.

  • I don’t seem to change my background in a periodic way. I change it when the design or flare of my current one doesn’t quite give the same effect that it had when I first changed to it. My background changes anywhere from every week to every 2 months.

  • Wow i like the app!

  • I am always changing my iOS device’s backgrounds and lock screens. Maybe a week or two at the most is how long I’m content with any given combination.

  • Every once in a while

  • I need ensoui. I have not changed my background. Have pitty.

  • Haven’t changed mine in almost a year time… It’s a picture from the New York skyline I took when I was there in may 2010.

  • I don’t have a regular schedule. I choose a certain background and change it when i don’t like it anymore or when i’ve found something else. Too bad there aren’t all that many original wallpapers anymore.

  • Once a month, maybe? I’m picky about my backgrounds, and often they change, irritate me, and get immediately changed back.

  • Almost never… and whenever I do, I wish I’d get round to it more often!

  • Once.

  • Mine changes after every Columbus Blue Jackets game – I put a picture of the previous nights match (hopefully a win)! My home screen changes a little less often – probably once a month.

  • I usually change it every moth but sometimes every two weeks.

  • I change it every week !

  • I could really use Ensoul, I change my background every few days. And I would love a program were I could make my own really easily, because making shelf wallpaper is hard to do.

  • Weekly…

  • Quite often I think… Every month or so is usual but sometimes I do it copule of times a day.

  • I change my background every week

  • Not that much. I think it’s hard to find a good wallpaper for the iPhone :/

  • I haven’t changed mine in ages. Maybe this is a good time to start?

  • I just got my iPhone a couple of months ago, but I’ve been changing the background when I find another one I like.

  • Every week for me!

  • About a month :-)

  • Generally, its once every 2 weeks or so… not very often.

  • I’m waiting for Ensoul to do it!

  • Once every 3 to 5 weeks.

    I tend to go through my pics and stash of inspirational pics about 2 times a month in search for a fitting wallpaper. But there are a few pics I keep returning to after getting fed up with something I decided to be cool.

  • About once a month!

  • Once or twice a month.

  • I change mine about every 1 – 3 Months

  • Every day because I have an obsession with quotes :D

  • It’s always different. I keep an eye on Poolga and depending what they have to offer I’ll change it up every few days.

  • I change mine everyday.i cant help myself,it just has to be done!

  • At least once a week, preferably with one of my own designs or a pic of my gorgeous children :)

  • At least once a week, but sometimes more often (depending on how much I like the wallpapers I’ve chosen). :)

  • Well…… Whenever I am on a train I don’t have a book with me. That happens about oce a week.

  • Once a month or so…

  • About every two weeks.

  • once.

  • 3x a week since i’m obsessed with design.

  • I change my background according to my mood, pretty much every week. What takes a long time is the search for a suitable background.

  • I change my background at least every week.

  • Once or twice per month.

  • Twice a week.

  • you know how you can change your mac’s desktop picture every time it wakes? i’d do the same thing with my ipod if i could

  • I don’t have an iPhone)

  • I haven’t changed it for five solid months now, and feel it’s about time again soon.
    So the software would come handy… :-)

  • Two-three times a year.

  • I change it every month or so, but I only use the backgrounds that were provided with the iPhone. I would probably change it more often if I had Ensoul!

  • Three to four times a year

  • Monthlyyy

  • Seems like once or twice a month, whenever I get fed up enough at my current wallpaper.

    New challenge: Change it every other day. Challenge accepted. :)

  • Almost never, just like ringtones. Though lately I’ve been meaning to find a new one. Since I wait for so long between changes, it almost feels like I’m injecting new life into my iPhone when I do!

  • I change mine twice a month or more if i find a background i really like.

  • I change my backdrop about as often as I change my phone itself, i.e., once a year.

  • I don’t change my iPhone or iPad background very often due to how challenging the process can be to get the right image in the right size. This app look s like it can make that much simpler.

  • I think I changed it sometime in 2008…

  • Every Week !!!

  • never

  • I change my iphone wallpaper like my wife changes shoes!

  • I change my wallpaper only when I find a better one than the one I am currenlty using . As simple as that !

  • Every week for me !

  • I only change backgrounds about every month, primarily because it’s a bit of a pain to go through the whole Photoshop process!

  • I change mine a few times a month but only cycle between a few that fit…would do it more if I had a solution for that! Thanks!

  • Every week!

  • I change mine everyday, some days even twice (esp. If I’ve taken great pix with my iPhone that day).

  • I change my iphone 4 wallpaper regularly. I especially like to change my contact avatar, I like to see the face first, before I read the contact name when they call me.

  • Not nearly often enough…

  • Every week. ;)

  • Frequency changes based upon availability of decent backgrounds, but I’d say I average 1 change a week.

  • I change mined about once a week. :D

  • Twice a month with actual photo of my cute little niece :)

  • I change my background every week or so!

  • Can I still win this?
    Free stuff is cool…

  • Pick me me me! :)

  • In changed it only once since ios gave the possibility. Bus thats cause i dont have ensoul;)

  • I change it only once a month because I don’t have any other wallpapers to change to. But with ensoul, its a whole different story. I would change it everyday with the app :D

  • Still taking comments? Have no fear, the 11th hour hero is here.

    Yeah, here’s my deal. If I get the license, I’ll update the background everyday.


    Panah Neshati

  • Every Month