Winners Announced: Business Productivity Bundle Giveaway

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Business Productivity Bundle Giveaway, and special thanks to the kind people at Marketcircle! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

Daniel Ogden
Carlo Laitano
Fabian Renner
Andrei Neamtu
Seth Hall

Well done, and happy new year, to the lucky winners – we’ll be in touch soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

It might be a mouthful, but the AppStorm Business Productivity Bundle Giveaway is here! It’s holiday season, and AppStorm has got you a real treat…

We have 5 bundles to giveaway, each including a license to Daylite and Billings Pro – it’s the perfect combination for getting your business organised and making money!

Read on to find out more about these two awesome apps, and how to get a chance to grabbing both of them for yourself.


Daylite is a business productivity manager designed to help you manage your business and your team. More than just a CRM, Daylite can be used to manage your company’s projects, sales, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, notes, and email.


Daylite can be easily customized to suit the exact needs of your business, and has an illustrious array of users all over the world. We’re big fans of the excellent software that Marketcircle has created, and I’m pleased to give you a chance to power your business with it!

Daylite is a first class solution for managing your business on OS X.

Billings Pro

We took another look at Billings Pro last year and how to make team management simple. Ian Tromp noted how;

If you’re a small or medium-sized gang of workers frustrated by the limitations of not being able to bring together your various projects, without needing to pay sometimes hefty monthly subsciptions, then Billings Pro is an excellent option.

Billings Pro is a professional, multi-user time tracking and invoicing solution for the Mac and iPhone, with a simple web interface for timekeepers. Today we’re giving you the opportunity to get a license for both Daylite and Billings Pro, two apps that could increase your business productivity and profitability by leaps and bounds!

We have 5 bundles up for grabs, each with a license for both Daylite and Billings Pro – get involved!

How to Enter

Entering the competition is really easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Post a link to this competition – either on your website, or via Twitter
  2. Leave a comment, letting me know where you posted the link and mentioning the top 2 struggles that you have with running your business

Best of luck, and I’ll be picking the winners in a couple of weeks.


Add Yours

    My biggest problems are with keeping track of all the projects I have to complete and keeping track of customer information.


    I really hate not knowing what the people on my team have done and being tangled to monthly fees.


    My stuggles are: project development progress, and customer information management

  • One of my biggest struggles in running my business in 2011 was due to Daylite. We blew over $600 for two people to use this software, and it was basically useless. Also, their support is outsourced and completely unhelpful. I would suggest you not enter this contest. Sorry, but it’s true.

    You can have our licenses if you want. We just gave up.

    • Dear Raymond,

      Sorry to hear you were so disappointed with Daylite. I demoed Daylite for a few weeks and it seemed adequate to me and so I’m wondering if I could have your licenses—or was that just a joke?

      I’d also appreciate hearing a few of the more important reasons why the software was so useless for you. Although, outsourcing support is a good reason by itself not to buy Daylite.

      Jim @ jimtop .com (email)

    • I’m sorry to hear you struggled with Daylite, and if you’re interested in re-opening the conversation at some point please get in touch.

      I do want to clarify one thing though: we DO NOT outsource our support.

      The only reason I can think of for this misunderstanding is if you dealt with our rep that lives in India. That might sound like outsourcing at first, but in fact this employee lived and worked here in our office in Toronto for over 2 years before deciding to move back home. Since they’re able to work remotely, they’re still part of our team.

      The rest of our team is located here in our office, just north of Toronto.

      Apologies once again,


    • Hi Raymond,
      I work for Marketcircle and I would like to apologize for your bad experiences with the software and support. I can verify that our support is not outsourced and is run out of our Toronto Canada based office. We do have one remote worker who covers us off-hours but every other staff member is on premises.
      Please allow me to help either in resolving the issues or for refund options. You can contact me directly.
      amin @ marketcircle . com
      Thank you


    My biggest issues are, and always have been, keeping up with repeated correspondences from customers and vendors and keeping track of the hours I or my independent contractors work.

  • My biggest struggle is to make clear to clients that when a website or a design is in the final stages that some ‘small changes’ are pretty hard to do and their for also very expensive. And with clients who will send out information asap, that I can only start when I have that information. But 90% thinks I can start after my initial contact, but sometimes that isn’t true. (Basically all communication…)


    My biggest issues are: trying to sync Billings with my laptop and desktop computers… thing that Billing Pro does easily. And keeping in one place all the customer contact information and project details… instead of having them in files and folders!

    My biggest problems are keeping track of deadlines and and keeping track of accurate hours


    My biggest struggle is keeping client information organized and staying on top of projects when things get busy.


    My biggest issue is to manage many different projects/people at the same time and keep track of the emails associated with each project!

  • My 2 biggest hassles are project tracking and tracking and billing for client changes.


    My biggest problems are the same as Andrei, just keeping track all of project and customers its not that easy. The second thing, is that i have to write down manually every invoice and the use of the programs (for ex. Billings Pro) will help me save a lot of time and in the same time money :)

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

  • Posted:!/mannypdesign/status/148851734758952964

    Top two struggles: Invoicing clients, and tax season. ;)


    My biggest struggle with my business is invoicing… seriously… telling my clients to send money via Paypal is making me look real cheap.

    Second biggest struggle is advertising myself as a designer. It becomes really difficult for me to keep up with the competition. If I could advertise or promote myself better, my business would then be real stable! :-D


    Biggest struggles: knowing what the status of our projects are at any given moment and not having redundant meetings.


    The two problems that I struggle with most often are managing my time for each project and billing.

    I use a time tracker for keeping track of my hours and a separate invoicing service for billing. Would be nice to have it all in one place along with important client info.


    My Biggest struggles are balancing time if I’m on more than one project at a time and reaching out, to new clients in newer industries.


    My biggest issue is project tracking and managing invoices, billings and contracts.

    My biggest struggle is to not be lock down to one computer to manage all the needed stuff. Just wish desktop or mobile solution which store infos in folders I can sync. Web solution lacks the friendliness of a real app and most systems are just too complex or expensive for a freelance alone.


    #1 Keepin’ track of my ongoing projects.
    #2 Manage communication w/ customers.


    In my freelance company my biggest problem is probably keeping track of all the clients and projects I have going on at once. This is a serious hinder on my ability to associate clients to projects and vice versa.

    Another one of my biggest problems would have to be the way I invoice. Even though I freelance in designs, filling in custom Photoshop invoices consumes too much time for me to do. Therefore I use PayPals request money and invoicing as my form on invoicing. I think this sends a tacky impression to my clients.

  • We run a small business offering a huge service to learners on the Autism Spectrum, Giftedness and or disengaged and disadvantaged in their learning. A a daily basis we interact with these students, their family and our support team on a world-wide basis. Such software would be invaluable to our offering.

  • Top 2 struggles :
    1. staying organized with a multitude of ideas all relating to different projects.
    2. managing client information!/astroniac/status/148962219437203456

  • – Keeping track of time spent on all aspects of projects. The ‘what did I spend time on today’ thing at the end of the day.
    – Spending too much time being organised. I spent too much time putting emails in folders, labelling files correctly, trying to find correspondence and grouping it all together … general project management stuff that I know I need to do, but I *have* to do perfectly because of what must be a level of OCD.!/danoool/status/148967077611442176

  • Struggle A – managing my freelance business as well as being the creative force behind it – my creative side doesn’t like to hear from my accounts side very often!

    Struggle B – clients. can’t live with ’em, cant live without ’em.!/codemunkys/status/149016738191785984


    my biggest problem is definitely getting up and running early in the day. I always struggle with leaving the bed and starting the work day. Once its done, there is no problem staying focused for at least a couple of hours. But the result is always the same. My last free evening was probably months ago…
    The second thing that always bugs me is finding an “all-in-one” AND “easy-to-use” solution for all my business tasks. I’m using billings for a while now and it does a good job but there is still something missing… maybe it is really just the daylite part.



    A problem I often have is with billing – it is a lot of work to keep track of the time spent, and then some more work to make every invoice look the same. It just makes work a little less fun.

    Another problem I have is with tasks, making sure I do everything at the right time, and delegating those tasks to the right people. Then I have to keep track of where those tasks are in the current process, and make sure the people I work with have the information they need for the tasks at the right time. Software alone can’t solve the whole problem for me, but it can make it a lot easier!

    My biggest problems are keep track of the contacts history, and keep in track of the timing of a project while i´m working


    Nice bundle!

    I awlays want to have Daylight and Billings Pro for my small office. Daylight seems like can resolve my contacts and tasks overload. And Billing Pro can track all my team work hour.

  • Wow. I like this bundle so much!

    Biggest struggles?
    I think for me, these are managing time and accounting. Time tracking is so important and accurate time-tracking is even more important. Also managing my Clients and the appropriate billings is difficult to handle without any good software today, especially in a business like software-developement and web-developement.

    So having this bundle is making a big difference in my workflow.
    Big chance.

    Looking forward to your decision :-)

  • Sorry forgot the Twitter-Link :-) Here it is:!/fabianrenner/status/149494244321660931



    One of the biggest challenges has been to keep track of bills, payments, quotes.. I’ve tried several apps and none of them seems up to par when it comes to desktop/mobile integration (a must)

    Tracking meetings with people I work with has always been hard..


    One of the biggest challenges has been to keep track of bills and time spent within team members according to project plannings and client expectations. Another one is to have all project management available to “show” to the client in a professional way.


    Desde España nos gustaria esta fantastico bundle para hacer más productiva nuestra empresa.

    In Spain we have sun and toros, but we also need a bundle like this :D

    Merry xristmas all. Feliz Navidad

  • Link posted at:

    My 1st big struggle with running a business is establishing a streamlined CRM process that combines marketing and invoicing/estimate capabilites. My 2nd big struggle is having those capabilities accessible online at a low cost.

  • Tweeted here:!/BeeDragonWS/status/150265872844468225

    Top 2 business struggles: Managing client expectations and Task management when there is a never ending list of tasks

  • 2 biggest challenges: Time Management and Follow-up!/adamteece/status/150269596400746496


    I am a graphic designer who, until now, has been working alone and already uses Billings (non pro).
    Now, there is something new in my life: I collaborate with other people, therefore, everything that will 1) help me to save time 2) help me stay organized is more than welcome!

  • And here is the link to the competition:

  • Only two struggle points ? ;-p
    1. Organization (Projects, Events, CRM)
    2. Project to Billing workfow

    At the moment I am starting a company. Information management and accounting are the key things I need now.
    I could do very well with the Daylite / Billings Pro combo. Have tried both applications in the past and I really liked them, but they are out of my price range.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas,


    My main problems with running small design studio is to keep cash flow ( make Clients pay on time ) and try to do everything as good ass posible but still trying to meet the deadlines.. sometimes its really hard!! I think good time manage app can really help!

    Best regards
    Merry Christmas

  • We opened our consignment shop about nine months ago. Our top 2 struggles are 1-organizing all our consignors and 2- tracking all our consignor’s info that regularly changes; amount of money in their account, notes to their accounts etc. This bundle would be a God-send to our new business. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


    2 biggest challenges:
    Keeping track of different projects for clients
    Following up with leads, and working to convert to clients


    My biggest struggles as a freelance writer are keeping track of invoicing and being able to follow up properly without having to rely on five different iCal calendars and keeping a constant record of what pitches went where, when, and what their status is.


    My number one problem is efficient time management and getting the cost right for a particular job.
    Number two I’d say is maintaining a steady relationship with existing clients


    Spend too much time consulting verbally & by email. I don’t time it and I forget to billing for it. Time really is money.


    I steuggle with recording all the time spent on each project and then billing clients for that time. I seem to be working for free a lot of the time because I feel that my work is simply not good enough (honestly, it’ll never be good enough).


    My struggle is keeping track of accounts payable! Every app seems to require too many steps and therefor I ignore it until my office is a mess.

  • My issue running small design studio is to keep track of the invoices, payments and cash flow and of course on the most pleasant way but still trying to meet the deadlines.. I think these to great apps together can make the difference!!

    Hope to be THE lucky one
    Best wishes

  • the first of the 2 biggest problems I have with my business is that invoicing for a very small business is either too expensive or not a very good fit. My time is the commodity and most invoicing software dont understand that. The second one is finding time to market the business without making too much business for the business. Being that I am the business & I only have so much time in the day, this can be a difficult task. The balance of work and time is difficult one to maintain


    Getting organised, keeping related CRM databases linked and putting that data into actionable plans remains a continuous challenge.

  • My biggest problem is that Daylite doesn’t have a PC version and that my trial has run out. I go around preaching the awesomeness of this software because I company I was with switched to it and it enhanced our efficiency massively. It would be great to have a personal copy to stay organized.
    I Posted the url under twitter: @urbanclone

  • Now Browsing: Business Productivity Bundle Giveaway | Mac.AppStorm


    I’d have to say that the top two struggles that I have in regards to running a business is: A) easy collaboration, and B) staying organized; I have so many apps that all do one thing; I need one app that does all things.


    I am SUPER STOKED about this giveaway, because both of these apps are on my wish list. My wife and I own , a Digital Media Studio specializing in film/video & web dev/design. Our biggest struggles are 1) managing quotes & invoices in a non pulling your hair out way and tracking time actually spent on a project and 2) keeping up with our client relationships…who called when, what they said, next steps etc… I am an organized dude but I just can’t get it together on these. I am tired of hacking a process together with free apps and notes.txt. These two apps would solve our main problems and help us start the new year right. Thanks for the SUPER AWESOME giveaway.

  • Nice bundle!!!/t_fukui/status/150562075901562881
    Happy Merry Christmas!!!!


    The two biggest struggles I have as a designer are keeping track of my time, so I can keep track of how much I’m making vs. how much time I spent on a project. And keeping track of project details and tasks to keep revisions to a minimum.


    Oh! For us its definitely the accounting! Managing leads, and sometimes keeping track of the projects.

  • Two biggest struggles are differentiating us from the low budget developers and the various types of invoices we send out.


    The greatest difficulties I face with my business are juggling the priorities and coordinating client relations.

  • Posted link to Twitter

    Two big problems i have are as follows. One, professional invoices and two, customer management

  • I’m just starting out as a freelance web designer/developer and my one of my biggest struggles is actually finding a decent, affordable app to manage clients and finances. I’ve been doing a bit of work but haven’t yet made a lot of money and the money that I do earn is going towards hosting and business cards! So far, I’ve been using iCal and Address Book but it’s a really inefficient way to manage a business and this would help enormously.

    Another struggle is managing finances – who has paid what, budgeting towards things like a business name and business cards and working out how much time is going into a project vs. how much I’m actually earning.

    I tweeted this link:!/sophiajeanne/status/151179830854025216
    and posted it to my blog:

  • My two biggest bottlenecks when it comes to managing my business is keeping track/holding employees accountable and tracking customers’ billing information.

  • Getting organised and professional invoices!/bouquiniste72


  • and!/gillespieza/status/151283291771781120

    My biggest 2 problems are capturing expenses — I tend to leave it till year end, then I have to take an entire weekend to go through a year’s worth of receipts and till slips — and remembering to track my time. Most time tracking apps (for iPhone, preferably) seem to be overly complicated, and I still have to manually enter that info into my invoicing system anyway…


    My 2 biggest problems are:
    Keeping all my projects under control and organized.
    Co-ordinating contact with clients


    2 points:
    to find all-in-one app, where one can mange / overview the invoices and clients and get reports out of it at the end of the year.

    since i am a billing user, its about time to extend the limitation of the non-pro version.


    Top 2 Struggles:
    1. Not having a reliable method of organizing leads.
    2. Spending TOO much $ on project management subscriptions for users of different platforms :(


    I think my biggest issue is keeping all the ‘paper work’ straight. I am currently using Quickbooks online for invoicing & to track my business finances. Then I have a make-shift CRM/Project Management in Bento. Sadly there is no way for these two environments to talk to each other. So winning this bundle would be great since they are Billings & Daylite can be integrated! One software bundle to handle the daily ins & out of my freelancing business would sure save me money on Advil.

  • My issues are time management and billing.
    I posted the link on my face book page.


    Impulsive Clients and time management.


    biggest struggles:
    – coordinating the tasks in platform-independent (and easy to understand) way
    – keeping in sync with billings (mac + android phone)


    My struggling thing is how to take care of my all to-do’s being disorganized person.

  • Running a small business always comes down to two things for me: Time management and proper record keeping on the fly…

    richardhaukka: “@richardhaukka: Business Productivity Bundle Giveaway | Mac.AppStorm”
    Time management & Record keeping…

  • Mac Business Productivity Bundle – check it out!

    I would have gone with AppStorm Business Bundle – less of a mouthful.

    Keith Lockhart

  • Two points:

    – Manage the cost-efectiveness of each project.

    – Take a quick look at the overdue bills, unbilled projects, etc.



  • Wow!!! Thanks to Joel, Marketcircle and the AppStorm Team. We are blown away and so excited to implement these apps into our workflow. We are very grateful and look forward to talking up AppStorm and Marketcircle to our online and local peeps. Happy New Year to all.


  • Yea ! it was basically useless. Also, their support is outsourced and completely unhelpful. Thanks !

  • Wow. I got it. Brilliant software. Love it. Thank you so much mac appstorm.
    Implemented it today and it was a breeze.

    Go on with your great work and reviews!!!

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