Christmas Giveaway Day 10: LittleSnapper

It’s Day 10 already, and we’re sending a little inspiration your way today with three copies of LittleSnapper. It’s full of great “snapping tools”, built for people who love to capture webpages or their desktop.

Read on for more information about the app, and to find out how to enter.

Winners Announced

Congratulations to the following three winners who will be happily snapping away very soon!

  • Andrew Houle (@myinkblog)
  • JJ (@applerumours)
  • Paul Letourneau (@paul_letourneau)

About LittleSnapper

LittleSnapper is a tool for capturing inspirational websites or any area of your screen. It’s simple to organize hundreds of screenshots, exporting to a variety of different formats for use elsewhere. Innovative vector editing functionality allows you to annotate and edit screenshots through an incredibly simple interface.



Our Review of LittleSnapper

If you’d like to find out more about LittleSnapper, I’d strongly recommend reading our review of the application. Here’s the summary of our thoughts:

LittleSnapper is wonderfully designed, provides a host of features for capturing data, and has editing tools which look good enough to eat. A couple of areas could use a little more development, but it’s a brilliant tool for capturing and organizing inspiration.

How to Enter

Entering is really easy – all you need to do is follow @webappstorm on Twitter and leave your Twitter username below. Web.AppStorm is our fantastic sister-site, focused on reviewing web applications.

They’ve previously written a great review of Ember, the companion web app that works with LittleSnapper.

The competition closes in exactly 24 hours, and we will randomly select the winner(s) shortly afterwards. This post will be updated with the winners information and we’ll get in touch!

A big thanks to Realmac Software, the developers of LittleSnapper, for sponsoring the competition. Good luck, and be sure to follow us or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!


Today’s Web.AppStorm Giveaway:

Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Web.AppStorm! Today they’re giving away a few memberships for

An automated reminder tool, can be your online virtual assistant. Stop hanging on to the little details and clear your mind — let remember for you.

Read more and enter the competition.

Our Christmas Wallpapers

In case you missed it, we’ve also created a bunch of festive wallpapers to get your desktop in the Christmas spirit. Here’s a quick preview!


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